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Who's Who in Turkey
Turkish Pop Singer
Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu)
vocalizing on stage

Tarkan, Whos Who in Turkey -- Turkish Pop Singer Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu) vocalizing on stage
Famous Turk...
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Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Modern Age
Turkish Who's Who

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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The Famous Person
The person's occupation, vocation, activity, calling, career, job, metier, rank, preoccupancy, craft, profession, sport, trade, profession, work, organization, etc.
Famous/infamous events
in the life of
Necmi Tanyolaç (Tanyolac)
Born 1928
Necmi Tanyolaç (Tanyolac) - Turkish news columnist
News columnist
(Gözcü Gazetesi -- 2003-5)

One of many...
Warning of Governmental Censorship

necmi tanyolac's censorship warning
Click for image enlargement.

In the news: 9 June 2005... Necmi bey's op-ed column (see left) echoed the feelings of the majority of his professional colleagues -- as he warned about the dangers of governmental news censorship, which have increased since the new TCK came into effect on 1 June.
See related entry on the NRED page.

Tarkan Tevetoğlu

Bad-boy of Turkish Pop --
can't find the needle
in the haystack...

Tarkan - Turkish Pop Music phenom Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu) can't decide which female-model to use in his upcoming video commercial.
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-- then (1991) and now (2005) --

Tarkan - Turkish Pop music star Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu) as seen in 1991 and in 2005
Click large.
Pop Singer-Performer

Rich, famous, unhappy...
Tarkan - Turkish Pop Singer Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu) may be rich and famous, but he's unhappy.
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The recurring rumors about Tarkan's sexual orientation...

Is Tarkan a closeted gay man? Did his 'live-in' arrangement for so many years with Bilge Öztürk serve to cloak his real sexual preference? Or, perhaps he's AC/DC? Tarkan himself won't (convincingly) confirm or deny the rumors...leaving the impression that, in any case, he's not exclusively heterosexual.
In 2008,
Tarkan and Bilge Özturk called it quits, publicly...

Tarkan -- Popstar Tarkan Tevetoğlu (Tevetoglu) ends his live-in relationship with Bilge Ozturk (Öztürk) for good in 2008.
In the news:
  • 2009 -- Tarkan's concerts in Russia break all Russian entertainment-attendence records...
  • 2008 -- Tarkan and Bilge Öztürk separate... for good, in July
  • 28 March 2006 -- Tarkan's First All-English-Language Album is about to be released...
  • April 2005 -- Still wowing his fans, but... In a Turkish entertainment popularity-poll taken among nearly 900 journalists at the end of the 2004 tourist season, Tarkan placed a highly respectable 3rd -- behind his super-star musical collaborator Sezan Aksu and the multi-talented Hülya Avşar. But despite all the success (which he has worked so single-mindedly to achieve), Tarkan says he's not as happy as you'd expect. In his latest interview, he made the standard complaints one often hears from the 'rich and famous' -- that fame is too demanding, that he lacks privacy, etc. In his own words, "My life was more fun before, fame has driven me to isolation. I've had to see a psychiatrist." Awww. Ain't life hard? Gözcü Gazetesi, 24 April 2005 (See photo-article at upper left.)
  • See mini-article about Media Poll in October 2004 that placed Tarkan third, behind his mentor Sezen Aksu.
  • Mid-February 2004 -- Couldn't find the needle... Even in İstanbul's rain and snow, hundreds of hopeful models came out for auditions to appear in Tarkan's new OPET commercial. Sadly, none quite had the spark -- as the popstar sent them all home in the slush. Gözcü Gazetesi (See photo- article at far upper left.)

Pakize Tarzi Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon

Stylish, pioneering woman
in 1932

Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

Medical doctor
...obtained her medical degree from Istanbul University Medical School in 1932 (during Ataturk's era). Besides being Turkey's first female gynocologist, Tarzi was also a successful medical entrepreneur -- and, though now retired, she still owns a clinic and 7 laboratories that bear her name.

İbrahim Tatlıses

(also seen, without Turkish characters, as: Tatlises or Ibrahim Tatlises. His nickname İbo (Ibo) is the standard Turkish nickname for someone named İbrahim... much like Jim is the standard nickname in English for someone named James.
then and now

Ibrahim Tatlises (İbrahim Tatlıses) in 1978 and in 2005
Click pic to enlarge.
Tatlises (Tatlıses) is an enormously successful, rich, and influential Turkish pop-singer -- oft-accused of unsavory underworld connections a la Frank Sinatra; he's also a sometimes movie and TV actor, a TV host, and a never-married notorious ladies-man
15 March 2011 -- Shot In The Head At Close-Range... Apparently because of his involvement in a long-standing Turkish 'blood fued' (a sinister throwback to the Ottoman Era), Turkish singer Tatlises was shot in the head at close-range and seriously wounded. His slow recovery continues thru August 2011.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey

Ibrahim Tatlises (İbrahim Tatlıses) is very popular with a certain segment of the population but almost equally unpopular with another segment. (Examples: On the one hand, a particularly devoted group of Tatlıses (Tatlises) fans have been trying for years to erect an over-sized national statue in his honor. On the other hand, one of his 'detractors' pulled a gun and fired at Tatlıses (Tatlises) while he was performing on-stage during a 2004 nightclub gig. Tatlıses's response was to pull his own concealed weapon and to ready it for returning fire - before security guards brought both 'shooters' under control.) His highly public love-affairs (which began with the teenaged Hülya Avşar during production of their first film together) have kept the tabloids humming for at least two decades. His illegitimate now-teen-aged son (who was mothered by songstress now-turned talk-show host, Derya Tuna) is nick-named Ibo like his father and is often seen at Tatlıses's frequent public appearances -- and on Tatlıses road-trips, when school is out. [BTW... Ms. Tuna (whose relationship with Tatlıses (Tatlises) has veered between extreme love and hate over the years) was actually wounded in 2004 by a crazed 'audience member' in a post-performance shooting -- to which some wags tried to connect Tatlıses himself!] He and a recent lover Asena (the exotic Turkish belly-dancer) have had more public rows than you can shake a stick at. And, from Germany in 2004-2005 where she retreated 'in fear for her life' (she insists) -- she proclaimed to the news media that she couldn't get nightclub work anymore because of a Tatlıses black-listing that had frightened potential employers.

Ferdi Tayfur

Ferdi Tayfur
- then and now-
Ferdi Tayfur - Turkish Movie Star, then (1979) and now (2005).

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi

Tayfur and Necla Nazır (Nazir)
with illegitimate daughter Tuğce
in happier times

Ferdi Tayfur and Necla Nazır (Necla Nazir) pose with their 
illegitimate daughter, Tuğce.

Arabesque Singing Sensation
Turkish Singer (in the Arabesk-style); Turkish Movie Actor (40+ films), Film Director (6), Screenplay Writer (5). Film Music Writer (3)

What's Arabesk (Arabesque) Music?

Arabesque (Arabesk) is a Turkish style of music with an Arabic root - that was particularly popular in Turkey during the 1960s-1990s. Like Arabic music itself, its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's melodies are passionate and its subject matter sentimental. Its rhythms were influenced by Arabic-pop music -- with a dash of Turkish oriental dance and Ottoman classical music thrown in for good measure. It's still appreciated in Turkey by older audiences, but its popularity has waned with the younger generation, who have gravitated in the direction of Western music with a Turkish pop-music twist.

Ferdi Tayfur's upside-down love-life

Before proceeding further, let's make it clear that Ferdi Tayfur is still legally married to Zeliha Bayburt. They were wed in 1974, and quickly managed to produce two daughters (named Tuğba ve Funda). But, Tayfur's eye began to wander thereafter. In 1976, during the filming of Çesme, leading-actor Tayfur's eye fell upon his co-star Necla Nazır (Necla Nazir) - who at the time, was a modern 'açıkla' actress of some fame. They soon moved in together and in 1989, Nazır (Nazir) gave birth to their only child, Tuğçe (Tugce). Click following to get the full scoop on Ferdi Tayfur's Upside Down Love-life... in the Turkish movies catalog.

Erdoğan Tokmakçıoğlu Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo Secular Newspaper Columnist
(Gözcü Gazetesi)
Cutting through the bird doo-doo...
Erdogan Tokmakçioğlu (Tokmakcioglu) approves Emine Erdoğan (Erdogan) and her religiously symbolic turban (türban)
Click for image enlargement.
In the News:
27 June 2005 -- Cutting through the bird doo-doo... In a sidebar to his personal-interest column today, Erdoğan bey cut right through the latest craziness concerning the never-ending Turkish turban-issue, when he wrote, "Right...If Emine Erdoğan doesn't wear religiously symbolic turbans, then the sparrow in my garden plum-tree, isn't a sparrow."
Click here for
the complete story.
Rahmi Turan

Rahmi bey
covering a political rally
in Adıyaman

23 March 2004

Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
Left click for image enlargement
and legibility.

Daniel in the Lion's den...
Interview with the PM
Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
Left click for image enlargement
and legibility.
Newspaper General Manager, Opinion Editorialist, Comic-strip Creator
What Rahmi Bey had to say about:
A true-believer in Ataturk's "founding principles" and a staunch supporter of a secular Turkish state, Turan currently heads operations at Gözcü Gazetesi (within the Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaaçılık A.Ş. family of companies). In that capacity, his self-assigned duties run the gamut -- from writing a daily front-page editorial column (on almost any topical subject) to overseeing the preparation of a daily comic strip. (The comic strip follows the swash-buckling action adventures of a fictional pre-Ottoman Turkish-hero named Kara Murat. [See Kara Murat comic strip Example 1 and Example 2.] And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that the comic strip is downright bold when it comes to Kara Murat's active sexual adventures too! [See example coming soon to this page.])
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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