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Şener Şen is
Eşkıya (The Bandit) 1996
şener Şen is bandit that time forgot in Eşkıya (The Bandit) 1996.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Who's Who

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The Famous Person
The person's occupation, vocation, activity, calling, career, job, metier, rank, preoccupancy, craft, profession, sport, trade, profession, work, organization, etc.
Famous/infamous events
in the life of
Ebru Şallı
(and Spokesperson)
Şallı raised eyebrows when she declared publically that her husband came before her child...
Continue reading, "Fashion Model"...»

Despite being a genuine food hound, Ebru Şallı manages to keep her slender figure. One of her weight watching secrets involves her own foolproof 'recipe' for yogurt...
Continue reading, "Homemade Yogurt Recipe"...»

Şener Şen
(Sener Sen)

Şener Şen gets a frikik
in Aşık Oldum (I Fell In Love),
the Turkish movie version of
Gene Wilder's The Woman In Red

Şener Şen (Sener Sen) gets an eyeful of Şehnaz Dilan (Sehnaz Dilan) in 'Aşık Oldum' (I Fell In Love - 1985), the Turkish film version of Gene Wilder's 'The Woman In Red' 1984.

Turkish movie and TV series star.
See more detail, more photos, and a film clip at the Şener Şen entry in the Turkish Movies Database.
Demet Şener
[former] film star and modelŞener's 'talents' spilled-out onto the Turkish big screen in the much ballyhooed period comedy film, Kahpe Bizans (Double Crossing Byzantium) in 2001. (See Galaxy Magazine cover at left.) At the time, she was Beyazıt 'Beyaz' Öztürk's love interest, but when he announced their break-up on national TV, Demet hanım cast her eyes skyward -- in the direction of pro-basketballer Ibrahim Kutluay. Disappointed when his promising NBA career was stillborn (in 2004), the unmarried couple now (May 2005) share digs in Greece where he stars on one of the pro teams there.
İlhan Şeşen

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"Hair's the thing..."

Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
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singer, songwriter, musician, actor... is the 'maturing' Turkish Pop-singer nicknamed 'Uncle' by his fans. In 2004-2005, Şeşen took up acting, for a popular TV drama series, Aliye.
Türkân Şoray

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The 'Sultan' --
about to be sultry 60

in 2005

Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
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and legibility.

And in her sexy late-teens
Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
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Former beauty-queen -- then film and TV Actress

See more detail and a 'Time Tunnel' photo at the Türkan Şoray entry in the Turkish Movies Database.
Her married lover, Rüçhan -- and his family
Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

Out on the town --
Sultan and Rüçhan

Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

With her husband, Cihan and their daughter, Yağmur
Türkan Şoray (Turkan Soray) with husband Cihan Ünal (Cihan Unal) and their daughter Yağmur.

No kissing --
well, just this once...

Türkan Şoray (Turkan Soray) kisses on camera.
  • Lead actress in 'Yalancı / Çok Yalnızım'
  • Known as 'Sultan' by her loving and respectful fans (of all ages), Türkan Şoray is a Turkish icon. [Note: Türkan Sultan's nickname may have an historical origin. In Ottoman history during the final years of the so-called Reign of Women, it was Sultan Mehmed IV's mother Turhan Sultan [supported by the palace black eunuchs] who arranged to have Kösem Sultan strangled -- in a violent coup.]
  • Türkan lived as a 'kept woman' for many years with her married lover, movie-mogul Rüçhan Adlı (see left) before marrying and later divorcing movie-actor Cihan Ünal (see left), with whom she had a (wayward) daughter, Yağmur (which means Rain in English).
  • Türkan's on-screen "no kissing" rule... In her early film career Türkan only had one on-screen kiss (see left) -- with Ayhan Işık. After that she refrained from on-screen kissing in deference to a high 'decency standard' with which she wished to be identified. Or at least that's what she said. In fact, the real reason for the 'no kissing rule' was because her lover at the time, Rüçhan Adlı (who died in 1995), was insanely jealous. And, although they broke up later, she could hardly then change her 'decency' story. So even after they parted, she remained unkissed on-screen for a long while. But, in recent years, she has modernized her 'standards' -- and, in her current TV roles, for example, she frequently 'puckers up'.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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