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in the life of
Ercan Saatçı

Born Istanbul, 1968
Ercan Saatçı
before 'his boat came in'...
in 1989 and after he'd made it big
in 2005
Turkish Time Tunnel

Ercan Saatçı (Ercan Saatci) - Turkish Singer, Record Company executive, Sports-Writer.

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
The Music Man...
Turkish Singer, Lyricist, Music Arranger, Music Producer, Music Company Executive at Derman Müzik Grubu (DMG), former 'TV Pop Star' Jury Member - and sometime sports-writer
Saatçı is married to the daughter of Ertuğrul Öztürk, the obnoxiously self-promoting OpEd writer for Hürriyet Gazetesi.
The duo
Izel & Ercan

1992 Album Cover for
İşte Yeniden (Here we are again!)

Ercan Saatçı, 'İste Yeniden' muzik album cover

Thanks to
4 Dec 1992

Ercan Saatçı performs
Eller Havaya (Hands in the Air),
with İzel in the 90s...

Ercan Saatçı (Ercan Saatci) performs 'Eller Havaya' (Hands in the Air) in the early 1990s -- with İzel Çeliköz.

Thanks to
TRT Int Television

While a member of the trio İzel º Çelik º Ercan in the 1990's, Saatçı was involved in a torrid love affair with the lead female singer (İzel Çeliköz). The affair continued during the time they performed as a duo, İzel & Ercan - until the couple split, after she caught him cheating on her in 1993.
The trio
İzel º Çelik º Ercan

1991 Album Cover for
Özledim (I've Missed You)
Ercan Saatçı at front-center
in both photos.

Ercan Saatçı, 'Özledim' muzik album cover

Thanks to

Ercan Saatçı performs
Allahim Bitmesin Bu Ruya
(God, Don't Let this Dream Stop) -- with
İzel (off-camera) in the early 90s. Ercan Saatçı (Ercan Saatci) - Turkish Singer, performs 'Allahim Bitmesin Bu Ruya' (God, Don't Let this Dream Stop) in the early 1990s.

Thanks to
TRT Int Television

Mustafa Sarıgül
CHP Party Politician;
rival of Deniz Baykal
Interview with a Politician
'I want to be Prime Minister.' Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
Left click for image enlargement
and legibility.
  • In the News: 24 July 2007 -- Mustafa Sarıgül, who can still wow local contituents in
    Şişli (but who remains a CHP national party pariah after his unsuccessful strong-arm attempt to unseat Deniz Baykal in 2005) whines about what might have been to a starry-eyed local constituent. "If I'd have been running," he whinged, "I'd have won 30% of the votes." Sounds to us like the pipe-dreams of just another politician who's "a day late and a dollar short."
  • (Once) Political Rising-Star? Sarıgül is the populist Provincial Mayor of Şişli -- who now seeks a national constituancy. When Mustafa Bey tried to unseat Party Chairman Deniz Baykal at the CHP Party Conference in January 2005, Baykal became so furious that he had Sarıgül expelled from the party. Sarıgül took Baykal to court on the matter and won official reinstatment to the party in June 2005. But it may have been a Pyrric victory because Sarıgül looked pretty inept in the process.
  • Seren Serengil

    Born Istanbul, 6 April 1971
    Seren Serengil
    As a virginal 17 year-old wannabe in 1988
    and a Botox plump-lipped pro of 34
    in 2005
    Turkish Time Tunnel

    Seren Serengil - Controversial Turkish Actress and Singer.

    Thanks to
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    April 2005
    Controversial Thrice-Married Caberet/Stage Singer and TV/Film Actress
    Chip Off The Ol' Block?
    Seren at age 4 with
    famous film-star father Öztürk Serengil with whom she performed (as Mine) in
    the popular 1977 Turkish movie
    Sarhoş (Drunk).

    Öztürk and Seren Serengil (age 4).

    Thanks to
    12 Jan 2012

    Sarhoş (Drunk)
    1977 Movie Poster
    1977 Sarhoş (Drunk) Movie Poster -- starring Özturk and Seren Serengil

    Seren Serengil as she appeared in Sarhoş (Drunk)
    Seren Serengil starred in Sarhoş (Drunk) -- with father Özturk Serengilin 1977

    Thanks to Cine 5

    Sampling of comments from Seren Serengil's faintly-adoring fan base...
  • She's nowhere near as successful as her father was. Her voice is inferior, her beauty artificial. And she doesn't compare favorably to artists like Hülya Avşar or Gülben Ergen...
  • Seren Serengil is always different. I remember her in the TV series 'Başka Olur Ağaların Dügünü'...in which she played the role of Menekşe. She was quite good.
  • I don't find her that bad as an actress or singer. Overall, I give her 3 of 5 as an artist. And, I give her credit for her independence -- not trying to capitalize on her father's fame.

  • Seren Serengil
    Gives Great Groveling Growl!

    Sexy publicity photo of Seren Serengil -- in leopard-spotted leotard.

    Thanks to
    14 Jan 2012

    Serengil's provocatively entitled memoir, Nefret (Hate),

    Seren Serengil's Memoir, Nefret (Hate)
    highlights childhood recollections of her life as the daughter of a celebrity father, Öztürk Serengil.
    Failed Marriages and Ill-Fated Motherhood Attempts
  • Serengil has been married to (and divorced from): Ozan Kaçmaz (a partner in a Köfte (meat patty) Fast-Food enterprise), singer Cengiz İmren, and Musa Aytun (a sales and marketing construction-firm executive)
  • She lost two near-term infants and suffered at least one miscarriage (while married to Musa Aytun) between 2006 and 2010

  • Ill-Fated Serengil
    with then-husband Musa Aytun
    Seren Serengil -- one of her ill-fated pregnancies with Musa Aytun

    Originally published in
    Kelebek Supplement
    Hürriyet Gazetesi

    14 September 2006

    Ömer Seyfettin

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Turkey's Mark Twain?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Anadolu'yu Aydınlatanlar130
    Short-story and novella writer
  • In the News: 19 March 2004...
    We have a winner! The winner of the 15th Annual Ömer Seyfettin Turkish Literary Award was announced in Balıkeşir (Gönen province) yesterday. This year the award goes to Prof. Dr. Şansın Tüzün -- for her story Cumhuriyet Çiceği (Republic Flower). As reported in Gözcü Gazetesi (See photo-article at left.)
  • Turkey's Mark Twain?
    Ömer Seyfettin (also seen as Omer Seyfeddin, in English) ranks as one of modern Turkey's greatest writers of fiction. He was born in 1884 in the city of Balıkeşir (in the then-Ottoman Empire) -- and he died young on 6 March 1920 in Constantinople [now Istanbul], just before seeing the birth of Atatürk's new Turkish Republic. [In contrast, Mark Twain was born in 1835 and died in 1910. Which makes us wonder...to what extent, if any, did Twain's works influence Seyfettin?] Seyfettin completed high school in Edirne and graduated military school at Harbokulunu as an army officer, eventually taking part in the Balkan Wars. After leaving the army, he went to Selanik for a short while, where he taught and wrote (for the magazine 'Young Pens', which he established). When he returned to Istanbul in late 1913, he became a full-time writer. Like Twain, "Seyfettin wrote in a unique style and drew his stories from his personal experience, from history, and from popular traditions. His use of colloquial language gave his stories a vivid and charming quality. He was a popular and widely read author who was independent of the literary movements of his day. Seyfettin's works cover a wide range of themes and include satires, polemical dramas, comical situations, and social commentaries. His Bahar ve Kelebekler (1927; Spring and the Butterflies) examines the generation gap between an old-fashioned grandmother and her more modern granddaughter, who imitates Western ways and knows nothing of her own culture. Bomba (1935; The Bomb) is the story of the cruel and grisly murder of a young Bulgarian socialist when he refuses to cooperate with a group of his revolutionary compatriots -- and is considered Seyfettin's masterpiece."119
    Other favorites include: Pembe İncili Kaftan (The Thin Pink Kaftan), Falaka (The Bastinado Trap), Kaşağı (The Grooming Comb), Yalnız Efe (Lonely Efe), And (The Oath), and Diyet (Blood Money).
  • [Ahmet] Necdet Sezer

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    One man opposition party
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

    Was Hatemi even listening?

    Left click for image enlargement.
    Originally a Supreme Court Judge -- who became President of the Turkish Republic in 2000
  • A strong proponent of secularism in Turkey, Sezer is often the only thing standing in the way of the ruling religious-right majority party (the AKP).
  • Sezer has been called a 'one man oppostion party', because Deniz Baykal's CHP doesn't seem up to the task.
    Click to see
  • Sezer battles AKP Cronyism
  • Sezer vetoes AKP bills
  • Sezer's Koran School action #1
  • Sezer's Koran School action #2
  • His 'Imam Hatip Bill' veto
    in the
    Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.

  • Sezer is seen bottom left speaking (in the foreground) at the D-8 (Developing-8) Country Conference in February 2004. Unfortunately, his call for 'democracy and peace instead of conflict' seemed to fall on deaf ears with Iranian President Muhammed Hatemi (shuffling papers in the background) -- who refused to go along (probably on strict orders from the hardline mullahs in Tehran) with the rest of the D-8 member nations (which include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Pakistan) in agreeing to label the PKK a terrorist organization.
  • Orçun Sonat
    He's the Rich Guy
    Orçun Sonat in
    'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
    Movie Photo -- Rich-man Orçun Sonat wants to win Türkan Şoray's heart in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
    Click for Movie Catalog!

    Thanks to
    TürkMAX Channel
    and DigiTurk for the movie-photos above.
    Actor in Conventional and Erotic Turkish films between 1970 - 2006.One of two lead actors in 'Yalancı / Çok Yalnızım' (Liar / I'm so lonely).
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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