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Ayşe Arman -- Newspaper Columnist and Interviewer
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The person's occupation, vocation, activity, calling, career, job, metier, rank, preoccupancy, craft, profession, sport, trade, profession, work, organization, etc.
Famous/infamous events
in the life of
Fatma Girik
Film and TV actress (194), producer (4), and screenwriter (1)
Fatma Girik (as Funda)
strutted her stuff in
Ben Bir Sokak Kadınıyım
(I'm a street Woman) 1966

Fatma Girik (as Funda) strutted her stuff in 'Ben Bir Sokak Kadınıyım' (I'm a street Woman) in 1966.
Fatma Girik's Cups Ranneth Over...

  • Fatma Girik in the
    Turkish Movies Catalog

  • A Fatma Girik Interview
    In 2005 at age 62, Girik gave this interview reflecting
    Fatma Girik's interview about her then-latest film 'Gurbet Kadın' (Woman Far From Home) with Kadır İnanır in 2005.
    Thanks to
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    3 June 2005
    on her final episode of the TV-Series Gurbet Kadın (Woman Far From Home) that co-starred Kadır İnanır -- directed by Şahin Gök (beginning in 2003). Near the end of the interview, she disclosed the little known fact that...though she had never married nor had children of her own, Girik had adopted a 12-year-old girl (Ahu Karaback) in 1995 -- with whom she was still living in 2005.
    Okay Gönensin

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    A 10-year 'Reign of the Religious Right'?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    Newspaper writerIn the news: Mid-March 2004...In the run-up to Turkish local elections (held 28 March 2004), Gönensin (who writes for the secularist Vatan Gazetesi) made two startling predictions -- that would have been unthinkable a year ago. By his reckoning, 1) the AKP would capture a whopping 60% of local voters across the country -- enabling easy victories in more than 90% of Turkish cities, towns, and villages (Note: Gönensin was mistaken in that prediction -- see the pre-election polls and the final election results) -- which, he opined, would pave the way for 2) a 10-year 'Reign of the Religious-Right', at both the national and local levels. (Note: the jury is still out on this point...) According to Gönensin, the only problem the AKP will face, after its certain victory later this month, is its own 'complacency'. [See the Haftalik Dergisi mini photo-article at left.] And 'the writing seems to be already on the wall' because, at the national level, the ruling (and supremely confident) AKP has already begun piling double-taxes on 'products of sin' (such as beer, wine, liquor, and cigarettes -- favorite targets of fundamentalist Turkish Muslims) while blaming the exorbitant tax-rates on harsh IMF loan-repayment requirements. With its 60% religious-right majority in hand (if true), the AKP may feel free now to enforce its version of morality on the remaining 40% of the population.
    Selma Gönüllü

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Beautiful and Brainy
    Belidiye Başkanı
    to be?

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    Municipal politician
  • In the news: 19 March 2004...
    Thirty-five-year-old business college-grad Gönüllü is the MHP candidate for mayor of Bakırköy in local elections to be held 28 March. While campaigning on a platform to vastly improve city services, she has won the 'hearts and minds' of her potential constituents with her politeness, industriousness, and elegance. (See photo-article at left.) In spite of the fact that she's already married (and a mum), we especially like her chances with male voters of that fair city. (See photo-article at left.)
  • Notwithstanding high-profile political success-stories like the one enjoyed by former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller, successful female candidates for public office are few and far between in Turkey. (Click here to learn more about the dearth of female politicians.) Will Gönüllü 'score a goal' for the fairer-sex on election day? Stay tuned. We'll let you know.Update, 30 March 2004: We're sorry to report that Selma hanım bit the dust at the hands of the CHP candidate, Ateş Ünal Erzen.
  • Ece Görsel
    When 'Spanish Man' magazine
    published Görsel's
    "Most Beautiful Turkish Body"
    Hıncal Bey's  face turned white!

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    clothes (and no-clothes) model
    At this time (April 2005), Görsel's life is entertwined with that of Hıncal Uluç -- whose entry is found at 'U'..
    Abdullah Gül

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    The Deputy PM
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Religious-right Politician
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • In the news: May-August 2007...When his AKP majority party tried to force D-PM Gül's nomination for Turkish Republic President in May, it caused 1) massive protests by secularists, 2) a Supreme Court nullificaton of the nomination, and 3) a stern Turkish military warning to the AKP about anti-secular intentions. -- all because of Gül's Turban-wearing wife Hayrünnisa... And that resulted in a call for an early national election. Now (in August) after its resounding repeat victory in the early election, the AKP appears ready to nominate Gül again. Speculation as to the Turkish military's reaction, should Gül actually win the nomination, runs rampant.
  • Served as lame-duck Prime Minister after the AKP National Election victory, in November 2002. Relinquished the post to Tayyip Erdoğan in 2003 after Erdoğan was pardoned and then won a parliamentary seat from Siirt.
  • Served as Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in 2003-2007
  • His Türbanlı wife is the militant Hayrünnisa Gül
  • Hayrünnisa Gül

    The Turkish Second Lady
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    February 2004
    Türbanlı spouse of Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gül

    Lower profile case,
    same outcome...

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    In the news: 2 March 2004... Hayrünnisa Gül withdraws her 'Türbanlı' case from the European Human Rights Court (AIHM). Her High School education interrupted by marriage at 16, Ms. Gül belatedly received a non-attending High School Diploma in 1997. When in 1998, she submitted her application to enter Ankara University's Arab Language and Literature Department, she provided her application photo bedecked in a religiously symbolic turban. Because wearing of the turban is strictly forbidden in all of Turkey's secular state-sponsored educational institutions, her application was denied. In response, she sued in Turkish court to overrule the University -- but lost her case there too. Still itching for a fight, she petitioned the AIHM -- declaring that her educational rights had been denied. Her AIHM case languished untried until today, when she (finally) withdrew it, saying, 'I did it for my husband. When he became Turkish Foreign Minister, it put me in the position of being both plaintiff (against Turkey) and defendant (of Turkey) in my case. But, I still believe I was right.' (See photo-story at left.) That may all be true Hayrünnisa hanım, but the general Turkish public is glad to see the back of you on this issue -- and wonder if the recent French Government decision to also ban wearing of religiously-symbolic Muslim turbans in the secular French school system had anything to do with your decision. Eh?
  • The words above were no sooner out of our mouth than the AIHM signaled its readiness to rule (in April 2004) on the issue of religiously-symbolic turbans in public institutions. The court has picked another 'long-languishing' case -- the one of Turkish university student Leyla Şahin who began wearing her turban after she'd fooled admittance authorities to gain entrance. And the early betting is for a 4-3 or 5-2 decision against Turbanlı Leyla. Hurriyet Gazetesi, 12 March 2004
    (See photo-article at left.)
    Update: 18 May 2005 -- As it turned out, Leyla Hanım lost her case by a unanimous vote of all 7 judges..."The European Court of Human Rights today notified in writing its judgment in the case of Leyla Şahin v. Turkey (application no. 44774/98). The Court held unanimously that 1) there had been no violation of Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (freedom of thought, conscience and religion); and 2) no separate question arose under Articles 8 (right to respect for private and family life) and 10 (freedom of expression), Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) taken together with Article 9 of the Convention, and Article 2 of Protocol No. 1 (right to education)."
  • Ebru Gündeş
    Prissy Ebru Hanım
    has a short memory...

    Ebru Gündaş (Ebru Gundes) makes prissy comment about Sibel Can
    Click for enlargement!
    Pop/Arabesk Singer,
    born 12 October 1974 in Istanbul.
    Had much ballyhood breast implants in 2005, which 'boosted' her already burgeoning career. In her public statement to the press after the op, Ebru Gündeş said, "I feel better about myself now, and my friends like my looks better too."
    In the news: 13 July 2006...After the Turkish paparazzi caught Sibel Can in a revealing Tanga 'popo' shot, Ebru Gündeş felt compelled to make the following (very prissy) statement: Beni kimse o şekilde görüntüleyemez. Bu konuda çok dikkatliyim. Evde soyunurken bile perdeleri kapatıp, ışıkları söndüren bir insanım. Çünkü karşıdan biri beni çeker diye çok korkarım. Benim yetişme tarzım bu. Biz öyle öğrendik. Sahne kıyafet de çok dikkatliyim. No one can every see me (in a tanga) like that. I'm very careful about such things. I'm the kind of person who even shuts the blinds and turns off the lights before undressing at home. It's because I'm very afraid that someone might photograph me. It's the way I was educated, the way I was taught. I'm also very careful in the way I dress on stage. Ed. Note: Ebru Hanım's statement is as hollow as a doughnut's hole when you consider the fact that she has bragged in public about how she joined the 'Mile High Club' as a teenager -- and in view of her 2005 breast-implantations, which she shows off whenever there's a camera in range.
  • Other Mentions #1
  • Other Mentions #2
    Other photos (on CD/Broadband):
  • Performance Photos #1
  • Performance Photos #2
  • Reşat Nuri Güntekin Novelist and playwright of 'core' Tukish literature, such as Yaprak Dökümü.See also:
    Reşat Nuri Güntekin on the Turkish Movies, etc. page.
    Aysel Gürel
    Born 1928, passed away Sunday, 17 February 2008.
    Actress, Songwriter, Feminist Individualist -- and mother of iconic actress Müjde Ar.
    Well-known for her 'outrageous' public and private costumes, Aysel Gürel wasn't that much fun at home during her daughter's formative years..


    Thanks to
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    10 August 2005
    "It was difficult being one of my daughters [Müjde Ar and Mehtap Ebrem]," says Gürel, "They got spanked a lot. And when they got older, they started calling me 'Dictator', 'Hitler', 'Fascist." And still today when I ask them, 'Do you forgive me?' They still say 'NO!'" Her naughty wedding pose seen in the above article also appeared after her passing on the back-cover of Leman Dergisi comedy magazine in Turkey (see at right), as part of a spoof of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan -- who had commented negatively about revealing photos in the Turkish Press.
    Aysel Gürel
    spoofs the PM
    even after death...


    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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