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Azra Akın (Azra Akin)
Braless Miss World from Turkey

Azra Akın -- Miss World 2002
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Modern Age
Turkish Who's Who

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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The Famous Person
The person's occupation, vocation, activity, calling, career, job, metier, rank, preoccupancy, craft, profession, sport, trade, profession, work, organization, etc.
Famous/infamous events
in the life of
[Mustafa] Bülent Ecevit

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

Bülent Ecevit

left-wing politician
Click to see
in the
Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.
Zerrin Egililer

Turkish 'erotik' Movie Actress -- who made 58 such genre films in the 2-year period, 1978-1979. Born in 1952, Egeliler claims that she was married for the first time at age 14. Currently (according to our shaky records) she is married and lives with her husband [Fahri Bahcı (or Balcı)] who was/is the owner of the Köşk Gazino in Bursa -- one of the most religiously conservative cities in Turkey. Their union produced 1 child, whose name, gender, and whereabouts are unknown (to us). Related Pages:
  • Zerrin Egeliler - (most of) everything you always wanted to know about the Queen of 'erotik' Turkish Movies...
  • Selma Emiroğlu

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    The first-published Turkish-female caricaturistBorn in Istanbul in 1928, Emiroğlu could draw recognizable likenesses of family members when she was only one-and-half-years old. With encouragement from Cemal Nadir, she began drawing caricatures at age 12. Her first published caricature appeared in Amcabey magazine when she was just 14 -- and, in the years that followed, Selma hanım was lead caricaturist for magazines like Doğan Kardeş, Tef, and Akbaba. See photo-article at left.
    Necmettin Erbakan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Is there a jail
    in his future, yet?

    necmettin erbakan
    Necmettin Erbakan121
    Long-time religious-right politician
    Click to see
    in the
    Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.
    Mehmet Ali Erbil
    All-round comedic entertainer --
    and audacious cut up!

  • See the TV Blooper that almost ended Mehmet Ali Erbil's career...Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
  • If not the greatest comedian, gameshow-host, singer, dancer, comedic-actor (on stage, film, and TV) that Turkey has ever seen, the life-loving Erbil is by far the most energetic. For example, he sometimes appears in a taped comedy series and a live nightly 'game show' on different TV stations... the two shows timed by station-managers so that they intentionally compete with each other! Then, there are his headliner musical-comedy acts, which frequently break attendance records at nightclub venues throughout Turkey, as well as Germany and Northern Cyprus (where his losses at the gaming tables have been prodigious, it's said). Additionally, he's starred in 7 'big budget' films since 1999 -- 20 films in all since his film debut in Harakiri (1975). Besides all that, he still 'finds' time for an active (and steamy) love life, in and out of wedlock. Even after 3 divorces, Erbil continues to rank high on the list of Turkey's most eligible bachelors -- as the line of his female 'admirers' continues to grow and to 'form at the rear'. It's not his good looks, the ladies say... but his 'youthful' charm (as he approaches 50) and his witty repartee that slays 'em. Proving once again that laughter can be a powerful aphrodisiac.
    Emine Erdoğan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    The Turkish First Lady
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    February 2004
    Turbanlı spouse of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip ErdoğanIn the news: May-June-July 2005 -- Click for the latest turban 'crisis' news...
    [Necmettin Bilal] Erdoğan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    State-subsidized son
    Prime Minister Erdoğan's son
    Click to see
    Erdoğan, the younger
    on his wedding day
    in the
    Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.
    Nehir Erdoğan
    At the
    Eric Morris Actors Workshop
    July 2005
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    "I want to be a star..."
    In her first season playing Nazlı -- the romantic female-lead in the TV Series, Yabancı Damat (Foreign Bridegroom) -- Erdoğan has been a smash hit. Filming for the second season of the comedy-drama (concerned with intercultural [Turkish and Greek] lovers) begins next month. In the meantime, Erdoğan (formerly a love interest of Emre Altuğ) has resumed classes in the USA at the Eric Morris Actors Workshop (where clients have included Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

    Picked-up by Greek TV...
    When the first episode of the 'Foreign Bridegroom' aired on Greek TV, it went through the ratings roof -- proving once again that government-level tensions between Greece and Turkey aren't necessarily reflected at the personal level. Now...with a bona fide 'international' TV hit under her belt (and film proposals beginning to pour in) it looks as though Erdoğan's quest for stardom is off to an excellent start. Compiled 24 July 2005.

    [Recep] Tayyip Erdoğan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Thinks he knows
    what's good for you...

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de
    Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)
  • Religious-right Politician
  • 2002-2012 -- Leader of the ruling AKP Political Party

    PM Erdoğan's
    Press Corps demeanors:

    Dr. Jeykl abroad, Mr. Hyde at home

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

  • Click to see Erdoğan in the NRED.
  • Political Cartoon, 27 October 2005 -- According to the Gözcü Gazetesi cartoon at left, Prime Minister Erdoğan has one (rosy) demeanor for the foreign Press Corps and quite a different (thorny) one for the domestic crew...
  • 2003-2005 -- Some of Erdoğan's religious convictions become Turkish law. Click following for Fatih Altayli's exposé of the AKP ruling government's sin-taxation policy. And, click following to see the crime-increasing effects of those policies. What's next?
  • In the news: 5 March 2005... While he enjoys a lavish tour of Africa on public funds (see cartoon at left), Erdoğan comes under fire for AKP sin-tax policies as the death toll due to counterfeit rakı increases to 23, including 3 women restaurant goers. Twenty-nine more hospitalized-victims remain in serious condition.
  • 3 March 2004 -- The PM fesses up to exploiting religion for political gain.
  • 'Learned' political prognosticators predicted the AKP would break the all-time Turkish vote-getting record in the March 2004 local elections. Click here to see how the Erdoğan-led AKP really fared in those elections.
  • [Reyyan Uzener] Erdoğan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Turbanlı Diana?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Wife of Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan
    Click to see
    the wife of Erdoğan, the younger
    on her wedding day
    in the
    Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.
    Sertab Erener

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Show business
  • Erener shot to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 -- with a fast-paced English-language number she wrote entitled 'Any way that I can'.
  • She released an all-English language album in February 2004. When she introduced the song 'I Believe' from the new album in Belgium (on a VRT TV program hyping the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest), her Belgian fans greeted her (and the song) with great enthusiasm. Gözcü Gazetesi, 16 February 2004
    (See photo-article at left.)
  • Gülben Ergen
    Curvaceous singer, and talk show host

    In the news: 20 May 2005 -- The Fingernail-polish War! The other evening, performer Petek Dinçoz disclosed piously to the press that she prays for 5 minutes before beginning her nightclub act. The thought must have curled Gülben Ergen's toes, because she was quoted soon-after saying, "It seems artificial to me for someone to pray with fingernail polish on." Reaction was a little slow in coming, but come it did... from an unexpected source -- Ms. Bülent Ersoy. The 'grand dame' drew battle lines saying, "Now that Gülben's fued with Hülya Avsar is over (see 'Peace between mountains' at left), is it Petek's turn? Publicity seeking by Gülben in this way is inappropriate. Petek can pray however and whenever she likes. Worship is something that is between God and supplicant." Ergen bristled upon learning of the remark (as she returned to Turkey after a 5-day holiday trip to Egypt with husband Mustafa Erdoğan) and she let loose a cannon shot across Ersoy's formidable bow, "It's a good thing I wasn't here to hear that. My nailpolish remark wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. What's Bülent Ersoy sticking her nose in for?" Watch this spot for further developments...
    Bülent Ersoy

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    1980 --
    A very youthful Ersoy
    'looking good' in bikini...
    just before 'the op'

    Bülent Ersoy, Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

    'Perfect Lady' Ersoy in 2000
    Bülent Ersoy, Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey

    Renowned singer of Turkish 'Sanat' music -- and activist for the rights of transsexuals
  • Film clip, 'Beddua' (The Curse) -- Bülent Ersoy's last film as a man (with Mine Mutlu)
  • Bülent Hanım is a deeply superstitious gal about...
    Editor's sidebar: In the only one of her films in which we've seen Bülent play the woman's role (I Want to Live), she's a cancer victim who appears ready to resign herself to her demise when, all of a sudden, she meets the 'perfect man' (who doesn't know of her illness) -- and the couple fall madly in love. Turkish films of that era and genre were never short of soap-opera melodrama. But, notably, the passionate pair in I Want to Live don't even manage a single on-screen kiss during the entire movie.
    Bülent Ersoy's hang ups: She can't stand the thought of the number 13. She won't stay in a hotel room with the number 13, even if it's the Presidential Suite -- and that goes for rooms with numbers whose digits add up to 13, for example 148, 256, 166, etc. And, because of her fear of germs, she tries not to kiss anyone's cheeks upon greeting or bidding them farewell (in the usual Turkish manner)... Generally, she shakes hands in such cases.

    Politicians quake in Ersoy's wake...
    Bülent Ersoy and Deniz Baykal, Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
  • To: Brief history of the transsexual Turkish film/entertainment stars (with pics and film-clips).
    In the news:
  • Bülent Hanım's daring frikik...18 February 2007
  • Bülent Ersoy's Wild Years...
  • 31 August - 7 September 2005 -- The straw that broke the RTÜK camel's back!
  • 20-25 August 2005 -- The embarrassing Deniz Baykal allegation... While Bülent Hanım was being interviewed live on the Can'lı Hayat TV program, the subject came round to the stage-performance ban that she endured during the 'Kenan Evren Age' of the 1980s. And, all of a sudden, she dropped the 'revelation' that, "Ünlü bir siyasetçi o dönem yasağı delmek için servet istedi. O şimdi bir partinin genel başkanı." ("During those trying times of mine, a well-known politician met with and asked me for a big 'payoff' in order to have the ban lifted. And, he's now the Chairman of one of the political parties.") The allegation caused a 'seismic disturbance' in political circles and sent the Turkish press corps into a tizzy. And after a flurry of investigative activity, a surprising claim emerged... that the politician in question was none other the CHP Party Chairman, Deniz Baykal! When asked for his comment, an agitated Baykal (who is a lawyer by trade) admitted to an 'advisory' 2-minute phone converstation with Ersoy at the time, but denied that there was ever a meeting between the two -- nor any mention of money. The real (and the whole) truth will probably never be known, but, for the moment at least, Baykal is looking like a 'boob' -- as much for his unconvincing denials as for anything else. After all... lawyers routinely meet with potential clients -- and they often ask big fees for their services. So what? Nonetheless, Mustafa Sarıgül (Baykal's rival for the CHP Party Chairmanship) can barely contain his unseemly gloating, saying, "Allah'in sopası yok, ama Bülent Ersoy'un var!" (God doesn't have any clout, but Bülent Ersoy sure does!") Gözcü Newspaper (See photo-article [from the time when the story first broke] at left and click the following link for the latest Baykal-Ersoy claims and counterclaims.)
    Ersoy is still one of Turkey's most popular Türk Sanat Müzik singers in 2008... But, now in her 50's (and in no need of money), she limits the number of his public performances to a handful each year.
  • 1981 -- a very popular male singer and film star of his day, Ersoy undergoes sexual 'reassignment surgery' in London. When she returns to Turkey it is as a female singer/actor.
  • Also in 1981, the Turkish military regime adopts a particularly inflexible stance against all forms of 'social deviance' -- with pointed reference to Ersoy. A battle of wills between Ersoy and Kenan Evren (the Turkish military regime leader) begins, and lasts until 1988 (even though Evren officially leaves office in late 1983).
  • 22 January 1982 -- the Turkish Supreme Court denies Ersoy's application to change her sexual status to female.
  • 31 January 1982 -- Ersoy attempts suicide
  • 8 January 1983 -- Ersoy leaves the entertainment business, vowing not to return again until she's recognized as a woman.
  • 1988 -- after an enormous amount of drama (in which Kenan Evren continues to play a background role), the Ministry of Justice drafts and backs a law to modify the Turkish Civil Code. It's passed by parliament and establishes a medical-legal procedure for male citizens who wish to undergo sex-change. Those who complete the procedure receive a pink identity card (which confers on its holder the full legal status of a woman) -- to replace the blue identity card held by men.
  • 1988 -- Ersoy returns triumphantly to stage and screen as a full-fledged woman. Male and female fans support and 'adore' her.
  • 3 April 1998 -- 48-year-old Bülent Ersoy marries her 27-year-old toyboy, Cem Adler. The majority of Turks denounce the union -- because of the loving couple's age difference!
  • A year later they divorce and Ersoy says, "He's been cheating on me. He preferred a call girl to me. Probably I can't forgive a person who will act in such a manner for a call girl -- and for just 5 minutes of pleasure.'
  • Itır Esen
    Then and now...

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement.
    Film and TV Actress 
    Mehmet Ezici
    Peeping Tom
    Mehmet Ezici
    The randy Mehmet Ezici character peeps on the big city girls, in Erotic Movie/Film 'Enişte'
    Click for enlargement!
    Actor (conventional and erotic movies), Director, Screenplay Writer, Producer Also see the
    'Turkish Movies, etc. Catalog'
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Turkish movies, Türk filmleri


    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Tüm akademik kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

    Turkish Turkish Food, Turkish Drink
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  • Celebrity Superstitions
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  • Lesser-Known, Still Famous Turkish Femmes
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