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Young Hülya Avşar -- multi-talented star of Cinema, Stage, and TV
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Famous/infamous events
in the life of
Feri Cansel
Movie Publicity photo of
Feri Cansel in the 1970s
Movie Publicity photo of Feri Cansel in the 1970s

Feri Cansel realizes that
she's blind in
Benimle Sevişir Misin
(Will you make love with me?) 1972
Movie photo of Feri Cansel from 'Benimle Sevişir Misin'
Turkish conventional and erotik movie actress
  • Rose to fame as an Istanbul stripper. But when she was spotted and contracted by a Yeşilçam movie producer, Feri Cansel's film career took flight.
  • According to Turkish movie historians, Feri Cansel's career spanned 18 years during which she acted in 136 films -- 120 of them listed as belonging in the 'erotik'-films category. But Cansel herself claimed in 1978 that she had already appeared in 350 'erotik' movies by then. So who's right? Find the answer at the Feri Cansel Center...
  • Born, Feriha Cansel, on 7 July 1944 in Lefkoşa, Kıbrıs. Feri Cansel was knifed to death on 2 September 1983 in Izmir by her businessman lover/fiancé -- in the presence of her horror-stricken teen-aged daughter Zümrut Cansel (née İlter Özcan)

  • Known for her truck-driver mouth in private, Feri Cansel was the picture of purity when the movie camera turned her way. Even when she made passionate (though simulated) love on camera, the most that usually escaped her lips was, Sev Beni (Love me).
  • Feri Cansel made news in the 1970s when she underwent aesthetic breast surgery -- one of the first Turkish actresses to do so. According to then-current publicity reports, the surgery was such a success that her breasts rated 'The Best in Turkish Show-biz' title.
  • Had a steamy affair with Yılmaz Güney around the time in 1969 when they co-starred in Bir Çırkın Adam (An Ugly Man) -- a movie that was also written, produced, and directed by Güney.
  • To the Feri Cansel Center in the Turkish Movies Catalog.
  • Meltem Cumbul

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    Much admired actress
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    Stage, screen, and TV actress
  • In 2004, Meltem Cumbul drew a lot of attention at the 54th Berlin Film Festival for her role in Director Fatih Akın's Golden Bear Award-winning "Against the Wall". (She's seen at left at a Berlin press conference with Director Akın and her fellow players, Güven Kıraç, Birol Ünel and Sibel Kekilli.)
  • Her audiences (and the media) love her 'down-to-earth' performances.
  • Married to interior architect/decorator, Çağlayan Tuğul in 2003, Meltem Cumbul attracts attention because of her simple private life.
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