• Hülya Avşar's notorious skinny-dipping scene from an unnamed film of the 1980's, a 2.9 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file, 50 seconds duration. Thanks to SinemaTürk.
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    Turkish Who's Who
    Hande Ataizi, Sezen Aksu, Müjde Ar (Mujde Ar), Dilber Ay, Pınar Altuğ (Pinar Altug), Asena

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    Hande Ataizi
    Angelic Devil-In-Disguise
    Hande Ataizi - Angelic devil-in-disguise.
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    Sezen Aksu
    Young and in a contemplative mood...

    Sezen Aksu -- in a contemplative mood in a younger age...
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    Mehmet Ağar

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    The mouth that roars...
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  • 12 March 2004 -- In the run-up to local elections (to be held 28 March), Ağar speaks out against Turkish Army plans to create an intelligence data base on certain categories of Turkish citizens (ie. those in 'High Society' -- and those with strong European or US ties). See photo-article at left. Army Joint Chiefs Chairman Özkök soon apologizes for the 'procedural mixup'.
  • Ağar replaced Tansu Çiller as DYP party chairperson in 2002 -- after her stinging defeat in the national elections.
  • His overzealous style causes consternation in some centrist circles, but it's cringingly accepted as the price that may have to be paid in order to stop the AKP juggernaut.
  • Tarık Akan

    On Trial
    after the
    1980 military coup

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement.
    Film and TV star, Film Director
    Book of 'Hard Times'
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for images enlargement
    and legibility.

    The ups, the downs, and the ups: In the midst of a burgeoning film career, Akan was seized, tried, and jailed for subversive activities after the 1980 Turkish military coup. When he was freed in 1983, he resumed his flourishing film career -- and since then, he's remained at the top of his profession. In 2002, he wrote a book, Anne Kafamda Bit Var (There's a flea on my head, mother) -- about his 'Hard Times' during the 1980's. Now (in 2005) after 120 films in front of the camera, Akan has signed to direct 9 Nokta 10 Nokta (9 Point 10 Point) -- a film adaptation of his book.
    Learn more about Tarik Akan in the Catalog of Turkish Movies, TV, etc.
    Aydemir Akbaş
    Aydemir Akbaş
    as he appeared in
    Oooh Oh! (1978)
    Movie Photo: Aydemir Akbaş (Aydemir Akbas) in the erotik-comedy classic 'Oooh Oh!' (1978)
    Click for enlargement!

    See his entry in The Catalog of Turkish Movies, etc.'  
    Deniz Akkaya
    figure model turned high fashion model, deniz akkaya
    Former figure-model turned High Fashion Model, one of Turkey's most famous...

    Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
    Famous Turkish fashion model Akkaya turns her back on the world,
    in the buff...

    Deniz Akkaya turns a back to the world, in the buff...
    ...is notorious for her romantic escapades, which most always leave her on the short end of the stick. Suffers from a sleeping disorder that she claims is responsible for her night-crawling lifestyle.
    In the News: 19 April 2006 -- Two weeks after traffic police confiscated Fashion Model Deniz Akkaya's driving license on a DUI charge, Turkish paparazzi found her... Continue reading at "To Detox or He-tox, that's the question" »...
    Fatih Aksoy TV-series Producer,
    owner of MED Yapım (MED Production Company)
    In the news: May 2005 -- Is it Deja vu, all over again? A couple of days after the news broke about Fatih bey's romantic involvement (with the much younger Aysun Kayacı), Hincal Uluç offered up some highly personal advice in his Sabah Gazetesi news and opinion column. Uluç's column bore the headline, Sakın Fatih! (Beware Fatih!), which was followed (in part) by the words, "In recent days, the most fashionable lover's names I hear are Fatih and Aysun. Fatih, they say, has told Aysun, 'I'll make you a star.' Let me offer some heart-felt brotherly advice, Fatih my friend... Beware! The day that you deliver on that promise is the day you'll find yourself at the door marked 'exit'. So, get out now -- while the gettin' is good..." Sounds to us as though Uluç was singing the blues about his own recent experience with a younger woman -- the enticing Ece Görsel. Don't ya' think so?
    Sezen Aksu

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Her fans call her
    Minik Serçe
    (Little Sparrow)

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Song-writing singer
    She's #1
    in the summer of 2004

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for enlarged photo article.
  • One of Turkey's most famous and prolific songwriting performers -- Aksu wrote songs for Zeki Müren in a bygone era, and, these days, she even writes songs for Tarkan!
  • She caused a scandal among Turkish nationalists and received a rebuke from high-ranking military officers for singing Kurdish songs at an outdoor concert held in the ancient amphitheater at Ephesus in the summer of 1999.
  • February 2004 -- An avid table-tennis player, Aksu won the celebrity mini-tournement she organized at the Kanlica studios -- without losing a single set! (See photo-article at left.)
  • October 2004 -- In a media popularity poll taken among 894 Turkish journalists at the end of the tourist season, Aksu beat some pretty tough competition, without even breaking a sweat. Judging by the massive amount of column-inch coverage she got during the summer, Aksu easily finished first in the seasonal poll -- followed by Hülya Avşar and Tarkan. Placing 4th and 5th respectively were comedian Cem Yılmaz and singer/actor Özcan Deniz. Gözcü Gazetesi, 8 October 2004 (See photo-article at left.)
  • Alişan Pop-music heart-throb
    Finger Feud
    -- enters its 6th month --

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    In the news: 10 May 2005 -- Why you should avoid using 'hand signals' with Turks... Be careful, by God, about the game of 'stealing the nose' (from a Turkish child or friend)... The sign made when you insert your thumb between your index and middle fingers is used for 'flipping the bird' or 'giving the finger' in Turkish sign-language. And using the sign, even accidentally, is a quick way to become persona non grata among Turks. For example, the 'finger feud' between Alişan and Yıldız Tilbe (the sexy female singer-songwriter) is in its 6 month! Just last week, Alişan tried once again to explain to Yıldız that she was mistaken -- and ought not be angry with him. What he'd displayed in her presence, he said, had just been a hand puppet. He'd playfully created it, he said, on the spur of the moment -- to amuse staff and friends, on that night last December when he went to Tilbe's studio. "I went there to buy a song from her; why would I flip her the bird," he said in frustration. Tilbe still ain't buying that...Guess you'll have to be the judge, when you check out the news-photo at left.
    Banu Alkan

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Turkish Suzanne Somers?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for
    image enlargement.
    80's film star turned singer, product rep, and general celebrity -- who wants to be the 'curator' of her own museum...
    Banu's 'doppelganger'?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Alkan's sexy hit single Nere mi, Nere mi? (heavy with intended double-meaning) stirred the ire of conservative critics in the late 1990s. Alkan reminds us of the American celebrity-performer Suzanne Somers -- both in her public personna and in her looks. As regards these two celebs' physical similarity...? Well, at least they're both real blondes...
    they say.

  • Turkish Movies -- "Desire" is Banu Alkan's name and claim to fame (1985)
  • Banu wins Bikini Poll
  • Banu squares of against Hülya Avşar in a battle of bulges
  • Fatih Altaylı

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Debunking specialist...
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement.

    Click following to
    learn the idiomatic derivation of
    Teke Tek
    the name of Altaylı's
    newspaper column...
    Influential TV/newspaper columnist/critic

    Does heavy taxation
    reduce intoxification?

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
  • In the news: Hürriyet Gazetesi, 7 February 2005... Altaylı exposes the AKP's overbearing sin-based taxation policies -- Before the AKP came to power in December 2002, the USD$ price of a 70 centilitre bottle of Turkish rakı was $5.40 (at today's conversion rate). Since then the AKP-controlled parliament has steadily increased taxation on rakı so that the same bottle today costs $17 -- an increase of 215%. (See mini-article at left.) And that's not all... Taxation on other types of alcoholic drink (and cigarettes) has been increased substantially too -- to reflect the religious-right orientation of the AKP... Not surprisingly, smugglers of illegal alcoholic drink and cigarettes are having a 'field day' with the windfall opportunity provided them by the AKP's sin-tax policies -- and the flow of smuggled (and counterfeit) goods into Turkey to meet the growing demand for low-priced sin-products is at an all time high. The result is that: 1) Turkish drinking and smoking habits have remained unchanged 2) there's been a big drop in income for Turkish alcohol and tobacco producers [which has got them howling] 3) 'smuggling' and associated crimes run rampant in the country and 4) counterfeit alcohol products (made by incompetent crooks) are killing people
  • Emre Altuğ

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Sexy Turkish Pop Singer -- who is (almost) universally admired by critics and fans alike -- for his music and his lifestyle

    The way to a woman's heart...?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for enlarged photo article.

  • In an unfamiliar limelight: January 2006 -- The way to a woman's heart...? Emre shed his heartthrob image (momentarily) this month when Sofra Food Magazine focused on his skills as a budding 'Master Chef' (along with 11 other Turkish celebrity gals and pals) -- in a special-edition magazine supplement. His two recipe contributions were Sütlü Fasulye (Beans in Milk) and Ballı Tavuk (Honeyed Chicken) -- the latter of which gets Peri's Special-P approval rating, as you'll be able to see when you enlarge the illustration at left...

  • Mr. Nice Guy... Here's the paraphrased hype his publicist promotes (on a website we visited recently)..."Stay just as you are, Emre! Your last two albums, Sıcak (Hot) and Sevecen (Tender) topped the pop charts. You're a complete star, and a real and unspoiled musician! You've got an extraordinary voice and your between-song commentary is super. The performance you deliver is exciting and skilled. Your charisma matches your good looks! And you're a very successful composer and song writer too. An adorable giant of a man, you become more gigantic on stage -- a musician who even does a beautiful 'duet' with your dog 'Viki'. Whatever happens Emre, please don't change. You're perfect!"

  • But, with feet of clay... Here's a paraphrased excerpt from an article by entertainment columnist Mehmet Şehirli... "Emre Altuğ's last album, Sıcak zoomed up the pop music charts [in the summer of 2003] -- and the young girls continue to chase after him. He broke off with his most recent romantic partners (Didem Uzel and Nehir Erdoğan) abruptly and unpleasantly. Emre recently said, "My hand hasn't touched the hand of a woman in nine months. Everybody thinks I'm a womanizer, but it's not true." Emre's words surprise me. Because, I got to know him when he performed in Bodrum two years ago. In those days, he didn't have a steady lover either. But, I was a witness when call-girls visited his suite of rooms on many a late night. Has he changed so much in such a short time? Gözcü Gazetesi, 2 June 2004
    (See photo-article at left.)
  • Pınar Altuğ

    speaker icon

    She behaves
    in a civilized way...

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Left click for image enlargement.
    Television personality and sitcom actress
  • In the news: 12 April 2004 -- Believe it or not! Pınar Hanım marries 8 years-younger baby-faced actor Yağmur Atacan...
  • In the news: 2 April 2004...Altuğ had an affair and dumped her then-husband not much more than a year ago -- while he was off doing his obligatory national military duty, no less! In the messy public scandal that followed, her popularity among fans plummeted -- and, as a result, she lost her lucrative sitcom job. But time cures all ills, it seems -- especially among show-biz types. These days, she's working profitably again in TV -- and when asked to comment about Demi Moore's appearance with her many-years younger boyfriend Ashton Kutchner at ex-husband Bruce Willis' recent birthday party, Altuğ said, "It doesn't make me uncomfortable to be around my ex-husband and his new girlfriend. In my opinion, it's quite civilized behaviour." We wonder what her ex-husband thinks about it...
  • Apo

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Click to see
    Abdullah Öcalan.
    Müjde Ar
    Movie and TV Actress, TV Talk Show host
    Born as Kämile Suat Ebrem May 1954 in Istanbul -- the 'love child' of 'rebellious feminist' Aysel Gürel.
    Müjde Ar
    Time Tunnel
    1981 and 2005

    Müjde Ar in a 'then and now' photo comparison -- between 1981 and 2005
    Thanks to
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    7 April 2005
  • Müjde Ar in the Turkish Movies Catalog
  • Müjde Ar's steamy film-career... achievement and controversy

  • Müjde Ar
    collage of hot films

    Müjde Ar -- an erotic films collage

    Müjde Ar
    looking good in the 80s
    Müjde Ar -- looking good in a publicity shot from the 1980s

    In the news: 29 November 2008, Still Feisty... Müjde Ar's husband (politician Ercan Karakas whom Ar married in 2005) recently left the
    Heated Exhange
    Müjde Ar and Çiğdem Anad exchange words on Ar's Talk Show about Deniz Baykal -- November 2008
    AKP religious-right party to join the CHP, the party that Ataturk founded... now the weak opposition party in Parliament -- which is endlessly (and poorly) led by over-the-hill Deniz Baykal. And it bought about a heated exchange between Ar and guest co-host Çiğdem Anad on Ar's daytime TV Talk Show, Haydi Gel Bizimle Ol (Come Be With Us). When Anad (a vocal Baykal critic) made snide remarks about Ar's recent conversion to the Baykal camp, an on-air spat between the two women ensued. According to Anad, the girls later kissed and made up -- but Ar had 'no comment' about that for inquistive reporters.

    Bülent Arınç

    speaker icon
    Only on CD

    of the Turkish Parliament

    from 2003

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    February 2004
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Blurting truths without thinking...
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
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    and legibility.

    Up the şey
    without a şey!

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Click for image enlargement and legibility.

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de
    Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

  • Arınç is now Deputy Prime Minister... a scary prospect indeed!
  • Arınç served as the President of the TBMM between 2003-2010 with the AKP administration.
  • In the news: 1-7 May 2005... Arınç's self confessed 'shoot from the hip' style (Odun gibi hakikat sözler söylerim. I blurt out truths without thinking. Hürriyet Gazetesi, 6 May 2005) got him unfavorable press coverage twice this week... Firstly, in a hot exchange with Court President Mustafa Bumin over the issue of turban-wearing by female students in state universities, Arınç declared that his AKP controlled TBMM could abolish the Constitutional Court (with a consitutional amendment) -- and put Bumin out of a job... Four days later, at the opening of a photo show depicting 85 years of the Turkish Parliament, Arınç managed to stir the 'turban pot' again. In conversation with reporters that got round to Merve Kavakçı's provocative turbaned-entrance to her first parliamentary session in 1999, Arınç pointed at her picture and said, "Isn't it interesting... The ones who shouted 'Get out!' [to Kavakçı] are now 'out' themselves."
  • In the news: 15 April 2004...
    TBMM President Arınç's uneventful TV press conference was coming to an end when a female reporter got up to ask him a loaded question. "Why," she asked, "isn't your wife's name on your invitation to the upcoming governmental ball?" The ball is held every 23 April to publicly celebrate Atatürk's Youth Commemoration Day -- and the reason why Arınç's wife had been excluded was well-known to everyone in the room. She hadn't been invited [by the Turkish Republic's current President Ahmet Necdet Sezer] because she's Türbanlı -- and President Sezer strictly enforces 'separation of church and state' for public events. So, members of the press corps readied their pencils to make note of Arınc's standard 'diplomatic' reply...
    But the slangy, off-color zinger that jumped out of the mouth of the usually super-smooth talking Parliamentary President -- knocked everyone for a loop. The answer he gave was, "Bunun karşılığı şeyini şey ettiğimin şeydir." The literal meaning of what he said is downright nonsensical and almost meaningless -- it's something like, "My reply to that is 'the thing of the thing that I did thing'." But to those who know the off-color vernacular of Turkey (which, on that day like all others, included everyone at the press conference as well as everyone in the national TV audience watching at home), Arınç's figurative meaning was as clear as a bell... "That's a dumb f*cking question," is what he really meant -- in the strongest possible off-color Turkish slang...
    A sudden, brief silence fell over the press conference attendees. Then, all hell broke loose -- and, with the noise level rising, TRT-2 (the Turkish TV station that provides live press conference coverage) cut the live transmission feed -- and the Anadolu News Agency (responsible for preparing press-conference film-clips) erased that segment from its highlight tape. The meeting ended abruptly in disarray and reporters dashed for phones. About an hour later, AKP staff members recalled the press-corps to the conference room and Arınc issued an apology for his 'slip of the tongue'. But, the damage had been done -- and the incident will provide fodder for newspaper columnists and TV commentators for weeks to come. Hürriyet and Gözcü Gazetesi, 15 April 2004
    (See Gözcü photo-article at left.)

  • Cüneyt Arkın

    Born 1937, real name: Fahrettin Cüretlibatur
    Mine Mutlu
    was Cüneyt Arkın's co-star
    in Ala Geyik
    (The Light-Brown Deer)
    in 1969

    Cüneyt Arkın and Mine Mutlu co-starred in the Turkish adventure movie, 'Ala Geyik' (The Light-Brown Deer) in 1969
    Click for enlargement!
    Legendary Turkish Actor, Director, Producer, ScreenwriterSee Cüneyt Arkın's more revealing entry in the 'Turkish Movies, TV, etc Catalog'.
    Ayşe Arman

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

    Wacky but wise...
    Ayşe Arman -- Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Audacious Newspaper Columnist/Interviewer and TV presenter
  • Writer of the popular "Ayşe's Eyeglasses" newspaper column for Hürriyet Gazetesi. Her column often addresses off-beat subjects or common subjects from an off-beat angle (eg. She covered the state-subsidized wedding reception held for Prime Minister Erdoğan's son in 2003 -- a common enough topic for a newspaper writer. But, when she entered the main reception hall and found herself in a distinct minority [because she wasn't adorned in a religiously symbolic turban like more than 80% of the 5,000 female guests she found there], she wrote about her initial negative reaction to it. But also [not wishing to appear overly negative] she finished her column with some positive fashion impressions about the various turban styles she had seen.)
  • In the news: 7 August 2004... Ayşe's prego! Three month's gone, to be exact (according to the announcement she made in her own daily Hürriyet Newspaper column). The unmarried Ayşe hasn't told us who the father is yet, only that he's Turkish -- and that he has business interests in Dubai, where she's been spending every other week for the passed 6 months. (She's been able to mix business with pleasure on her trips to Dubai -- using her own daily experiences in that oil-rich country as fodder for many of her recent columns.) Never one to miss the chance set her readers a'tittering, Ayşe closed her pregnancy-proclamation column by saying, "One of my favorite side-effects of being pregnant is that my breasts have gotten bigger. What the heck, I've become like the statue of Kibele (the ancient Anatolian 'goddess of nature'). I wish they'd always stay like this. They've become like stones. So, there it is...I'm pregnant, OK? I eat what I like, I write what I like...and you're not allowed to give me a hard time...or I'll cry!" Hürriyet Gazetesi, 7 August 2004
  • In the news: It's a girl...
    named Alya Mey -- 51 centimeters in height, weighing in at 3 kilo 330 grams! Mother in fine condition... Hürriyet Gazetesi, 2 February 2005
  • Aytaç Arman
    He's the Entertainment
    Aytaç Arman in
    'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
    Movie Photo -- Poor-man (Not!) Aytaç Arman fiddles his way into Türkan Şoray's heart in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
    Click for Movie Catalog!

    Thanks to
    TürkMAX Channel
    and DigiTurk for the movie-photo above.

    Aytaç Bey
    in middle age
    Actor Aytaç Arman in middle age
    Click for Enlargement!

    Male actor in Conventional Turkish Films/TV between 1971 - 2008. One of the very few who managed to stay employed in the 1970s, without having to act in erotic movies.
    Aytaç Bey was born in 1948 in Adana (the province/city on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey). He got into films when he won a magazine contest. As a young actor he played romantic lead roles. More recently, he's starred in several 'socially conscious' films.
    Also see 'Catalog of Turkish Movies': One of two lead male actors in 'Yalancı / Çok Yalnızım' (Liar / I'm so lonely).
    His most 'important' films are considered to be: Bedrana ('Bedrana' is a female Turkish name -- directed by Süreyya Duru, 1974), Düşman ('The Enemy' -- d: Zeki Ökten/Yılmaz Güney, 1979), Biri ve Diğerleri ('Someone and Another' -- d: Tunç Başaran, 1987), Gece Yolculuğu ('Night Journey' -- d: Ömer Kavur, 1987), Av Zamanı ('Hunting Time' -- d: Erden Kıral, 1988), and İz ('The Trail' 1994 -- d: Yeşim Ustaoğlu). Most recently (2005-2007) he's appeared in a number of TV Series: Kelebek Çıkmazı ('No Way Out for the Butterfly' - 2007), Hacı ('The Pilgrim' - 2006), Candan Öte ('Beyond Life/Soul' - 2006), and Düşler ve Gerçekler ('Dreams and Realities' - 2005).

    speaker icon

    Learn Turkish Online from Who's Who in Turkey (2MB)
  • Exotic dancer

  • Asena is the most famous 'oriental' dancer of the current day (in 2005) -- partially due to her beauty and dancing skill, but also partially due to her stormy headline-catching on-again-off-again romantic involvement with controversial pop-star Ibrahim 'Ibo' Tatlıses.
  • In the news: April 2005, Asena finds a new love in a cold clime... Casting unpleasant memories of İbo aside, Asena announced today that her heart has a brand new owner... Sporting a healthy-sized (and previously-unseen) diamond ring during a live TV variety show the other night, she said, "Yes, I'm in love and I'm going to be happy from now on." But she wouldn't disclose the name of her new lover -- only saying that he was a pediatrician in Finland, whose mother is Turkish. Gözcü Gazetesi, 26 April 2005 (See photo-article at upper left.)
  • In the news: Finally returned from her self-imposed exile in Germany (where she ran to get away from Tatlıses), Asena waited until 'Ibo' finished his gig at the Keops nightclub in the Etiler district of Istanbul...before beginning her own performance run at Cilveli Meyhane in the same district. There, she quickly captured the hearts of audiences with her stunning, trademark 'exotic' dance routines -- and left her legion of new fans whispering, "Ibo is out, Asena is in". Hürriyet Gazetesi, 13 March 2005 (See photo-article at left.)
  • Emre Aşık

    speaker icon

    Football (soccer) player -- key member of the Turkish National Team that won the 3rd place trophy at the 2002 World Cup (in Japan/South Korea).

    Aşık's Pro Teams History
  • 07/03 - 06/05 Beşiktaş (İstanbul)
  • 07/00 - 06/03 Galatasaray (İstanbul)
  • 07/96 - 06/00 İstanbulspor
  • 07/93 - 06/96 Fenerbahçe (İstanbul)
  • Click following for May 2005 gossip concerning Aşık's 7-year relationship with live-in girlfriend Aysun Kayacı.
    Because it made him look a foolish cuckold, Aşık was angry about how the news of Kayacı's new lover (Fatih Aksoy) came out with such a bang, in the press. Subsequently though, he was seen soothing his 'nerves' (see near left) in Antalya, together with another Aysun [This one's surname is Tüfekçi.] -- and saying, for the record at least, that he wished Aysun #1 well (see far left).
    Yağmur Atacan
    Guess he's got
    what it takes...

    Pınar Altuğ
    displays hubby
    Yağmur Atacan
    in tight jeans...

    Yağmur Atacan displaying his asset, alongside of Pınar Altuğ.
    Click for enlargement!
    This baby-faced actor's chief claim to fame is that he's Pınar Altuğ's main-sqeeze. After 'living in sin' for a couple of years, the unlikely couple were married on 12 April 2008.In The Doctors TV Series, he stood numbly in the background as Aysun Kayacı stripped to the bare essentials.
    Hande Ataizi

    speaker icon

    Mature in 2005?
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo

    Intemperate Days

    (courtesy starsclub.org)
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Click Intemperate!

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de
    Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)
    Clothes and no-clothes model, film and TV actress

    Hande hanım's free-kicks!
  • at the Poli-Clinic (June 2003)
  • when she got flashed! (Feb 2005)
  • as a publicity stunt? (May 2005)

  • TV and Film Credits...
  • Gilgamesh (2005) -- Ataizi played Haban
  • Anne babamla evlensene (2005) (mini) TV Series -- Sema
  • Melekler adası (2004) TV Series -- Zinnur/Serbert
  • Estağfurullah yokuşu (2003) (mini) TV Series -- Gazel
  • Bayanlar baylar (2002) (mini) TV Series -- Şahane
  • Vaka-i Zaptiye (2002) (mini) TV Series -- Bihter
  • Melekler Evi (2001)
  • Kahpe Bizans (2000) -- Mağdure Bacı
  • Rusar (1999) (mini) TV Series -- Ruhsar
  • Mum Kokulu Kadinlar (1996)

  • In a recent interview for Hürriyet Gazetesi (in 2005), the 30-something Ataizi [whose latest boyfriend (a la Demi Moore) is 5-years her junior] said that her self-indulgent, intemperate days are behind her. Well... that may be true, but as the photo-articles at left show clearly, she'll not be retiring to a nunnery just yet. At top-left she fulsomely frikiked photags while leaving a bar with her boyfriend. And, at lower-left, with flash guns a'popping at a recent gala, Hande hanım's broad-weave transparent dress didn't hide much...
    Though no one denies her growing talent as an actress (or her great looks), Ataizi's personal and public life over the years has been the focus of some pretty scathing media criticism -- not all of it undeserved. We recall, for example: 1) her extravagant taste in showy automobiles as a rising starlet in her early 20's; 2) her spoiled feud with then co-star Cem Davran, on and off the set of their hit comedy series Ruhsar in the late 90's; 3) her weepy self-pity (about a nose-job she didn't like) -- displayed for all to see from the bathroom window of her vacation flat while the press photogs snapped away; 4) a marriage to Fethi Pekin that didn't even last the weekend -- just to name a few. But in the interview she granted to Armağan Cağlayan for Hürriyet Gazetesi's Kelebek entertainment supplement, 22 March 2005) she blamed her past mistakes on 'youthful exuberance'. Against the charge that young-Hande was a selfish 'gold digger', she replied, "It seemed that way because I was a 23 year-old Jaguar owner. In one crazy moment, I acted like a spoiled Hollywood starlet, and I bought a Jaguar. And when people saw me living like that, they assumed I was a 'gold digger'." And to the suggestion that her flakey past-image was almost entirely self-inflicted, she replied, "I didn't live for others in those days. Always for myself, as I chose. Nowadays I'm more mature; I drive a more traditional car, for example. Those days of intemperate behavior are finished and in the past. Look...if a 20-year old comes into a bunch of money like I did, what do you expect her to do. Why... to go and buy a Jaguar, of course!"


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    Victor in the
    War of Independence

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    in the
    Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary.

    Events of particular interest...
  • Atatürk Bans The Use Of Arabic -- teaches modern Turkish to villagers himself, in 1932...
  • Hülya Avşar

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  • Still cutting the mustard, at 44...
  • Turkish Movie Star Wars -- Hülya Avşar vs. Banu Alkan
  • Hülya's 2007 Spring season 'opener'
  • Hulya bashers...Unite!
  • More of Hülya Avşar frikik (free-kick)...
  • Hülya's competitor's frikik (free-kick)
  • Swimsuit 'Professor' - burned in beauty battle
  • Show business
    Learn Practical Turkish Language color iconHülya Avşar was a sexually precocious teenager, marrying for the first time when she was just 16.
    Hülya Avşar
    -- precocious teen --
    Hülya Avşar was sexually precocious, marrying for the first time when she was just sweet-16.
    As Avşar revealed in Part 3 of the Turkish Kinsey report, "I didn't feel any nervousness the first time I made love, I felt excitement. That's got much to do with the partner you're with -- and how the man makes you feel. I didn't suffer a bit at the crucial moment. Afterwards, I had to hear it from him that I was no longer a virgin." As for her first husband, Avşar says, "I was a loafer back in those days. I met Mehmet Tecirli (a 25 year-old student at Ankara University at the time), we loved each other, and got married immediately. But I couldn't take married life for long -- and I divorced him after a year and a half."

    Sex for One
    in 'Berlin in Berlin'...

    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Only on CD.

    See Hülya
    then (1985) and now (2005).

  • Hülya Avşar's notorious skinny-dipping scene from an unnamed film of the 1980's, a 2.9 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file, 50 seconds duration. Thanks to SinemaTürk.
  • Hülya in a dog-fight with Banu Alkan...
  • Avşar is arguably Turkey's best and most versatile performer, with award-winning credits from stage, film, and TV -- as an actress and as a singer/dancer.
  • And, on the other positive side, she has had a smile-evoking proclivity for offering up free kicks -- throughout her sparkling career. Please, beware our off-color warning before clicking that link!
  • Hülya is affectionately known by her adoring public as Avşar kızı (which translates roughly in English as 'that Avşar girl')

    In the news: 12 April 2004...
    Avşar's soulful masturbation scene in the award-winning Turkish film Berlin in Berlin (see mini photo-article at left) wowed international audiences 10 years ago -- and sent box office receipts through the roof. Just two years ago, however, she decided to use a body double for a nude scene in the film Yeşil Işik [Green Light] -- and when she quite prudishly declared that decision in public (just before the film's release), she got blasted by the press for 'false and belated modesty'. And film-audiences stayed away in droves. (We reckon Hülya's body-double decision had more to do with her vanity than it did with any serious concern about her modesty. That near-perfect body of her effervescent youth is showing signs of age, after all -- and it seems to frustrate her. Still... where we're concerned at least, she never looked better.) What's up with Hülya nowadays, you ask? Well, stop the presses! It seems the former (and bolder) Hülya is 'back in town'... At a news conference called to announce her next film, Yalan Dünya [Lying World], Hülya said there'd be a sexy, soulful masturbation scene in it too -- like the one in Berlin in Berlin. And she added, "I don't feel any shame about doing sexual-love-making scenes. I'm more mature now and can do such scenes without worrying [about public reaction]." Gözcü Gazetesi
  • Dilber Ay [1]
    This is not the same Dilber Ay as in the next entry.
    Dilber Ay in the 'Erotik' Movie
    'Sevginin Bedeli'
    written and directed by
    Naki Yurter
    Movie Photo: Kesbah (Dilber Ay) and her mother (Emel Canser) explore the boundaries of physical love in 'Sevginin Bedeli' written and directed by Naki Yurter
    Click for enlargement!
    'Erotik' Films Actress with 24 'erotik' movie roles to her name between 1978-1980.See this Dilber Ay's more revealing entry in the 'Turkish Movies, TV, etc Catalog'.
    Dilber Ay [2]
    This is not the same Dilber Ay as in the previous entry.
    Dilber Ay [2]
    in a movie scene from
    Beynelmilel (2006).
    Dilber Ay [2] in a movie scene from the film 'Beynelmilel' (2006)


    Singer/Actress --
    Memorable film appearance in Beynelmilel (2006).
    Nur Ay
    Real name Nuray Özpınar.
    Turkish-born strip-tease artist who performed internationally in the 1960s. In the mid-1970s she redirected her career towards the movies and became one of the most popular erotik Turkish film stars of the seks furyası era.To: Karaca Kaan, The Dirty Dancing Diva -- in the Turkish Movies Catalog.
    Karaca Kaan
    Dirty Dancing Diva

    Karaca Kaan in a pair of publicity photos from the 1970s.

    Thanks to
    Erotik Türk Sineması150
    Aynur Aydan [1]
    Singer with a flair for scandal.
    Aynur Aydan [1]
    Is she the same person as
    Aynur Aydan [2]?
    All the other Internet film-base sources seem think so... but, to us,
    the facial features and the hair
    just don't match up.
    What do you think?

    Yasemin Ünlü's fame got a boost from her appeareance in 'Köylü Kızı' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

    Thanks to
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    5 March 2005
    Aynur Aydan
    Marina Moonbeam

    Aynur Aydan seated in the marina.

    Aynur Aydan's
    Minister Lover
    Hasan Fehmi Güneş

    Yasemin Ünlü's fame got a boost from her appeareance in 'Köylü Kızı' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.
    Aynur Aydan's
    most famous scandals

    Aynur Aydan brought Minister Hasan Fehmi Güneş down
    Click for a summary of the details!

    Aynur Aydan [2]
    Actress... One hundred and three films (so far), in a career spanning 1966-2008.
    Aynur Aydan
    performs with Kudret Sandra.

    Aynur Aydan performs with Kudret Sandra.
    Aynur Aydan
    comes on strong to Erol Büyükburç -- and gives frikik in the process.

    Aynur Aydan (actress) gives frikik next to a shy Erol Büyükburç.

    Aynur Aydan
    in Tarkan (1969)

    Aynur Aydan is bedded by Kartal Tibet in 'Tarkan' 1969.

    To: Aynur Aydan in the
    Turkish Movies Catalog.
    Coming soon...
    Süreyya Ayhan

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    Running wild...
    Learn Practical Turkish Language -- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Who's Who in Turkey, news photo
    Middle distance-running athlete
  • In the news: 2 February 2005... Another 'fall from grace' --
    the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has suspended Süreyya from competition for two years after she failed to comply with the Agency's anti-doping rules. The Agency found that she had: 1) Rejected a request to undergo a doping test, 2) Broken an anti-doping continuous-monitoring-period requirement, 3) Used prohibited procedures and made changes to her urine samples. It's reported further that, if the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) has its way, the Turkish Amateur Athletic Federation will be penalized for Süreyya's non-compliance too, in an as-yet-unspecified manner. Hürriyet Gazetesi (See photo-article at left.)
  • 2003 Female European Champion and World Runner-up for the 1500-meters run -- and beloved by the entire Turkish nation, at that moment...
  • But after these stunning achievements, when she asked for $500 to appear at the start of a marathon run in Istanbul, the media was critical saying, 'How soon she's forgotten her fans'...
  • In 2000, when it became known that she'd had an affair with her then-married trainer (Yücel Kop), the Turkish Muslim population reacted against her in the best traditions of 'Christian puritanism' -- and the Turkish media gave her (and her trainer) a mighty great thumping for the better part of a month. But when, in February 2004, the then-divorced Kop made an honest woman of her, the fickle Turkish public once again embraced her. <sigh...>
    Hürriyet Gazetesi, 17 February 2004
    (See photo-article at left.)

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Ads by HepsiBurada

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Turkish movies, Türk filmleri


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