Bulent Ersoy (Bülent Ersoy) -- Bülent Ersoy has a Potty-Mouth
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Bülent Ersoy holds an
obscene tongue for
these his and her
'Time Tunnel' photos
from 1980 and 2005

Famous Turks Series -- Transsexual Diva Bülent Ersoy (Bulent Ersoy), then and now 1980-2005
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Famous Türk Picture Series
In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Bülent Ersoy's potty-mouth earns a RTÜK TV Suspension
Ersoy's off-color On-Air slip of the tongue receives a RTÜK slap in the face
RTÜK's harshest punishment

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A Turkish Who's Who
'under the microscope' special

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Bülent Ersoy's off-color gaffe
breaks the RTÜK camel's back...
and earns Ersoy a TV-appearance ban, until further notice!

"Bak boyu sana uygunmuş, onu rahat becerirsin."
'Look, her height is just right for you. You'll f*ck her quite comfortably.'
If you'd like help with the following photo-article please contact us directly.
Click for further enlargement.
Thanks to:
Gözcü Gazetesi
31 August 2005

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