Swelled-Head Bülent Arınç Threatens To Shut Down the European Human Rights Court - Turkish Political Cartoon
Self-Important Bülent Arınç (Bulent Arinc), Egotist Bülent Arınç

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Bülent Arınç Political Cartoon
Town Crier in atavistic Ottoman costume sez:
(figuratively translated)
Hear ye, Hear ye...
Parliament President Arınç
does hereby decree that...
anyone saying anything negative on
the subject of the religiously symbolic Türban
will have to answer to him...

Bulent Arinc issues a decree condemning negative statements about the religiously symbolic turban
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Thanks to Latif Demirci
Hürriyet Gazetesi
5 May 2005
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Bülent Arınç
'under the microscope' special

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Turkish Politics, Turkish History

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Bülent Arınç
has got bigger fish to fry...saying that he'll also shut down the
European Human Rights Court (AIHM) if he deems it necessary!

If you need help with the cartoon translation, please contact us directly.
Thanks to:
Latif Demirci
Hürriyet Gazetesi
2 May 2005

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Swell-Headed Bülent Arınç Threatens To Shut Down the European Human Rights Court - Turkish Political Cartoon

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