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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Language Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Optative Mood, Simple Tense...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Simple Tense*
    (Dilek-şart kipi)
    Simple -- Negative* Simple -- Interrogative* Simple -- Negative Interrogative*
    gelsem --
    if I come, if I would come, if I came
    gelmesem --
    if I don't come, if I wouldn't come, if I didn't come
    gelsem mi?--
    what if I come? what if I would come? what if I came?
    gelmesem mi? --
    what if I don't come? what if I wouldn't come? what if I didn't come?
    gelsen --
    if you come, if you would come, if you came
    gelmesen --
    if you don't come, if you wouldn't come, if you didn't come
    gelsen mi? --
    what if you come? what if you would come? what if you came?
    gelmesen mi? --
    what if you don't come? what if you wouldn't come? what if you didn't come?
    gelse --
    if he/she/it comes, if he would come, if he came
    gelmese --
    if he/she/it doesn't come, if he wouldn't come, if he didn't come
    gelse mi? --
    what if he/she/it comes? what if he would come? what if he came?
    gelmese mi? --
    what if he/she/it doesn't come? what if he wouldn't come? what if he didn't come?
    gelsek --
    if we come, if we would come, if we came
    gelmesek --
    if we don't come, if we wouldn't come, if we didn't come
    gelsek mi? --
    what if we come? what if we would come? what if we came?
    gelmesek mi?--
    what if we don't come? what if we wouldn't come? what if we didn't come?
    gelseniz --
    if you come, if you would come, if you came
    gelmeseniz --
    if you don't come, if you wouldn't come, if you didn't come
    gelseniz mi? --
    what if you come? what if you would come? what if you came?
    gelmeseniz mi?--
    what if you don't come? what if you wouldn't come? what if you didn't come?
    gelseler --
    if they come, if they would come, if they came
    gelmeseler --
    if they don't come, if they wouldn't come, if they didn't come
    gelseler mi? --
    what if they come? what if they would come? what if they came?
    gelmeseler mi?--
    what if they don't come? what if they wouldn't come? what if they didn't come?
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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Yaz gelse! Kış bu sene çok uzun sürdü.
    If summer would only come! Winter has lasted a very long time this year.
    Param olsa, güzel bir ceket alırım.
    I would buy a nice jacket if I had (if it be) the money.
    Yağmur dinse o
    She will come if it stops raining.
    Hemen gitsen, görür mü?
    Would he see you if you went right away?
    Bugün eve gitse de görse.
    Would that he would come home today and see!
    Beni görse, şasar.
    If he were to see me, he'd be amazed.
    Yemeğe gelmese, ne iyi olacak.
    If he doesn't come to dinner, how nice it will be.
    Kar yağmasa, kartopu oynayamayız.
    If it doesn't snow, we won't play with snowballs.
    Bu akşam sinemaya gitmesen, iyi olur.
    It would be better if you didn't go to the movies this evening.
    Şimdi anlatmasam, daha iyi olur.
    It's better that I not (if I don't) explain now.
    Çocuklar erken kalkmasalar da, uyusalar.
    Let's hope the kids don't get up early, but get (some) sleep.
    Ona sorsak mı?
    What if we were to ask him?
    Taksiyle gitseniz kaç dakika sürer?
    How many minutes would it take if you went by taxicab?
    Şimdi uğrasam mı, acaba?
    I wonder, what if I drop in now?
    Perihana sorsam, tarif eder mi?
    Were I to ask Perihan, would she explain?
    Acaba sormasanız mı, daha iyi olur?
    I wonder if it'd be better if (what if) you didn't ask?
    Bugün daireye uğramasam mı?
    What if I didn't stop by the office today?
    Bunu okumasak mı, acaba?
    I wonder, what if we didn't read this?

    * there is similarity in meaning between the Optative Mood (shown here),
    Present Continuous Conditional, and the Present Simple Conditional

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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