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Turkish Language Verb Tenses

Gelmek --
Present Dubitative Continuous,
Compound Turkish Verb Tense

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Indicative Mood

    Present Dubitative Continuous, Compound Tense (hearsay)**

    Türkçe -- Bileşik Eylem ZamanlarI; Şimdiki ZamanIn, Rivayeti

    Present Dubitative Continuous, Compound -- Negative Present Dubitative Continuous, Compound -- Interrogative Present Dubitative Continuous, Compound -- Negative Interrogative
    geliyormuşum --
    it is said that* I'm coming, I was coming, I use to come, I come
    gelemiyormuşum --
    it is said that I'm not coming, I wasn't coming, I didn't use to come, I don't come
    geliyormuş muyum?--
    Am I supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyormuş muyum?--
    Am I not supposed to be coming?
    geliyormuşsun --
    it is said that you're coming, you were coming, you used to come, you come
    gelemiyormuşsun --
    it is said that you're not coming, you weren't coming, you didn't use to come, you didn't come
    geliyormuş musun?--
    are you supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyormuş musun? --
    aren't you supposed to be coming?
    geliyormuş --
    it is said that he's coming, he was coming, he used to come, he comes
    gelemiyormuş --
    it is said that he's not coming, he wasn't coming, he didn't use to come, he doesn't come
    geliyormuş mu? --
    is he supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyormuş mu? --
    isn't he supposed to be coming?
    geliyormuşuz --
    it is said that we're coming, we were coming, we used to come, we come
    gelemiyormuşuz --
    it is said that we're not coming, we weren't coming, we didn't use to come, we don't come
    geliyormuş muyuz? --
    are we supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyormuş muyuz? --
    aren't we supposed to be coming?
    geliyormuşsunuz --
    it is said that you're coming, you were coming, you used to come, you come
    gelemiyormuşsunuz --
    it is said that you're not coming, you weren't coming, you didn't use to come, you don't come
    geliyormuş musunuz? --
    are you supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyormuş musunuz? --
    aren't you supposed to be coming?
    geliyorlarmış (geliyormuşlar) --
    it is said that they're coming, they were coming, they used to come, they come
    gelemiyorlarmış (gelemiyormuşlar) --
    it is said that they're not coming, they weren't coming, they didn't use to come, they don't come
    geliyorlarmış mı? (geliyormuşlar mı?) --
    are they supposed to be coming?
    gelemiyorlarmış mı? (gelemiyormuşlar mı?) --
    aren't they supposed to be coming?
    Related Examples:
    Uçakla geliyormuş.
    It is said that she is coming by plane.
    Ahmet şimdi otele
    Ahmet is reportedly going to the hotel right now.
    Bu sabah Ahmedi gördüğü zaman otele
    When she saw Ahmet this morning, he was reportedly going to the hotel.
    Derse saat sekizde
    They supposedly start class at eight o'clock.
    Eskiden derse saat sekizde
    They apparently used to start class at 8 o'clock.
    Ahmedin sölyediğine göre gelemiyorlarmiş.
    According to what Ahmet said, I gather that they're not coming.
    She reportedly doesn't laugh at all.
    Eskiden hiç
    She reportedly didn't use to laugh at all.
    Bu sabah onları gordüğü zaman otele
    When she saw them this morning, they apparently weren't going to the hotel.
    I gather that they don't go by bus.
    yardım etmiyormuş.
    I'm told that he doesn't help Ali.
    Kim Ankara'ya gidyormuş?
    Who is supposedly going to Ankara?
    Jim acele acele
    nereye gidiyormuş?
    Where is Jim supposedly going so quickly?
    Patlıcan salatası
    seviyorlarmış mı?
    Are they supposed to like egg-plant salad?
    Almanya'ya tatil için gidemiyormuş musunuz?
    Aren't you supposedly going to Germany for holiday?
    Hiç Ankara'nin havasına
    alışmiyormuş musunuz?
    Don't you supposedly ever get used to the Ankara weather?
    * The phrase It is said that... may also be treated as I hear (or heard) that..., I understand that..., I'm told that..., They say that..., I gather that..., It seems that..., It looks like..., Reportedly..., Apparently..., Supposedly..., Allegedly at different places in translated sentences to make the translations smoother.

    ** Note: As shown in the examples, this verb tense (depending on the context of the sentence) may be used for expressions in the past or the present.

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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