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Turkish Language Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Present Simple Compound
Conditional Turkish Verb Tense

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Indicative Mood Present, Simple Compound Conditional Tense (Timeless)*
    (Türkce -- Bileşik Eylem Zamanları, Geniş zamanın şartı)
    Present, Simple Compound Conditional -- Negative Present, Simple Compound Conditional -- Interrogative Present, Simple Compound Conditional -- Negative Interrogative
    gelirsem --
    if I come, if I should/would come
    gelmezsem --
    if I don't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless I come
    gelirsem mi? --
    what if I come? would come?
    gelmezsem mi? --
    what if I don't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    gelirsen --
    if you come, if you should/would come
    gelmezsen --
    if you don't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless you come
    gelirsen mi? --
    what if you come? would come?
    gelmezsen mi? --
    what if you don't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    gelirse --
    if he comes, if he should/would come
    gelmezse --
    if he doesn't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless he comes
    gelirse mi? --
    what if he comes? would come?
    gelmezse mi? --
    what if he doesn't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    gelirsek --
    if we come, if we should/would come
    gelmezsek --
    if we don't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless we come
    gelirsek mi? --
    what if we come? would come?
    gelmezsek mi? --
    what if we don't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    gelirseniz --
    if you come, if you should/would come
    gelmezseniz --
    if you don't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless you come
    gelirseniz mi? --
    what if you come? would come?
    gelmezseniz mi? --
    what if you don't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    (gelirseler) -- if they come, if they should/would come
    (gelmezseler) --
    if they don't (won't, wouldn't) come, unless they come
    gelirseler mi?
    (gelirlerse mi?) --
    what if they come? would come?
    gelmezlerse mi?
    (gelmezseler mi?) --
    what if they don't (won't, wouldn't) come?
    Related Examples:

    Perihan Hanım de gelirse, memnun oluruz.
    If (Ms.) Perihan comes too, we'll be pleased.
    Gelirsek, mektubu getiriz.
    If we come, we'll bring the letter.
    Size yazarsa, bana haber veriniz.
    If he writes to you, let me know.

    Verdiğiniz sözde durmazsanız, çok ayıp olur.
    If you don't keep (stand by) your word, it's a shame.
    Anlamazsa onu tekrar okuyacak.
    If he doesn't understand it, he'll read it again.
    Şimdi gitmezse gecikecek.
    Unless she goes now, she will be late.
    Gengiz Bey vaktınde gelmezse, sadece beş dakika bekleriz.
    If (Mr.) Gengiz doesn't come on time, we'll only wait 5 minutes.
    Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used, but may be seen infrequently in the following type of conversation between two people...

    Person #1: Vazoyu kırdığım görürlerse, ne diyeceğim.
    What will I say if they see that I broke the vase.
    Person #2: Görürlerse mi? Hiç bir şey. Sadece bir kaza.
    What if they see? [Don't worry. You'll have to say] Nothing. It was an accident.

    Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used, but may be seen infrequently in the following type of conversation between two people...

    Person #1: Bu akşam parti düzenliyoruz. Eğer Luigi ve Safronella gelmezlerse, ne yapacağız?
    We are having a party tonight. If Luigi and Safronella don't come, what will we do?
    Person #2: Gelmezlerse mi? Partiyi iptal ederiz!
    What if they don't come? [Well, I suppose] We'll cancel the party!

    * Compare this verb tense to Optative Mood Simple Tense...

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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