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Turkish Language Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Past Definite, Compound, Conditional...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Indicative Mood Past Definite, Compound Conditional Tense* (Türkce -- Bileşik Eylem Zamanları, Belirli geçmiş zamanın şartı) Past Definite, Compound Conditional -- Negative Past Definite, Compound Conditional -- Interrogative) Past Definite, Compound Conditional -- Negative Interrogative
    geldiysem --
    if I came, if I have come
    gelmediysem --
    if I haven't come
    geldiysem mi? --
    [what] if I came?
    gelmediysem mi? --
    [what] if I haven't come?
    geldiysen --
    if you came, if you have come
    gelmediysen --
    if you haven't come
    geldiysen mi? --
    [what] if you came?
    gelmediysen mi? --
    [what] if you haven't come?
    geldiyse --
    if he came, if he has come
    gelmediyse --
    if he hasn't come
    geldiyse mi? --
    [what] if he came?
    gelmediyse mi?--
    [what] if he hasn't come?
    geldiysek --
    if we came, if we have come
    gelmediysek --
    if we haven't come
    geldiysek mi? --
    [what] if we came?
    gelmediysek mi? --
    [what] if we haven't come?
    geldiyseniz --
    if you came, if you have come
    gelmediyseniz --
    if you haven't come
    geldiyseniz mi? --
    [what] if you came?
    gelmediyseniz mi?--
    [what] if you haven't come?
    geldiyseler --
    if they came, if they have come
    gelmediyseler --
    if they haven't come
    geldiyseler mi? --
    [what] if they came?
    gelmediyseler mi? --
    [what] if they haven't come?
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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Bill Bey size geldiyse, bize de uğrasın.
    If (Mr.) Bill has come (to see you), tell him to call on us, too.
    Bu kitabı okumadıysanız, lutfen okuyunuz.
    If you haven't read this book, please read it.
    Jane dün okula gelmediyse, mutlaka hastadır.
    If Jane didn't come to school yesterday, she must have been sick.
    Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used, but may be seen infrequently in the following type of conversation between two people...

    Person #1: Dolapta biraları içtiyseniz yandınız!
    If you drank [all] the beer in the fridge, then you'll be 'wiped out'.
    Person #2: Içtiysek mi? Ne olmuş yani, alt tarafa 8 - 10 şişe bira.
    If I drank it [all]? What's the big, deal...It's only about 8 or 10 beers.

    Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used, but may be seen infrequently in the following type of conversation between two people...

    Person #1: Ocağı kapatmayı iyiki unutmadın, ben herzaman unuturum.
    You didn't forget to turn off the oven [did you?]. I'm always forgetting.
    Person #2: Ya kapatmadıysam?
    And if I didn't turn [it] off?
    Person #1: Kapatmadıysan mi? Bütün evi havaya uçururuz!
    If you didn't turn it off? Why we'll lose our house [it will disapper]!
    Person #2: Şaka, şaka...Kapatmaz olur muyum hiç, tabii ki kapattim.
    I'm just kidding! Would I forget to shut [it] off? Of course I shut it off...

    * compare this tense with the Optative Mood Simple Tense...

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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