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Turkish Language Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Subjunctive Mood, Past Compound Reportative
(a tense for literature)
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Subjunctive Mood
    Past,Compound Reportative Tense
    (A tense for literature)
    Past Compound Reportative -- Negative Past Compound Reportative -- Interrogative Past Compound Reportative -- Negative Interrogative
    geleymişim -
    I wished I had come
    gelmiyeymişim --
    I wished I hadn't come
    geleymiş miyim? --
    what if I wished I had come?
    gelmiyeymiş miyim? --
    what if I hadn't wished I had come?
    geleymişsin --
    I wished you had come
    gelmiyeymişsin --
    I wished you hadn't come
    geleymiş misin? --
    what if I had wished you had come?
    gelmiyeymiş misin? --
    what if I hadn't wished you had come?
    geleymiş --
    I wished he had come
    gelmiyeymiş -
    I wished he hadn't come
    geleymiş mi? --
    what if I wished he had come?
    gelmiyeymiş mi? --
    what if I hadn't wished he had come?
    geleymişiz --
    I wished we had come
    gelmiyeymişiz --
    I wished we hadn't come
    geleymiş miyiz? --
    what if I wished we had come?
    gelmiyeymiş miyiz --
    what if I hadn't wished we had come?
    geleymişsiniz --
    I wished you had come
    gelmiyeymişsiniz --
    I wished you hadn't come
    geleymiş misiniz? --
    what if I wished you had come?
    gelmiyeymiş misiniz? --
    what if I hadn't wished you had come?
    geleymişler --
    I wished they had come
    gelmiyeylermiş --
    I wished they hadn't come
    geleymişler mi? --
    what if I wished they had come?
    gelmiyeylermiş mi? --
    what if I hadn't wished they had come?
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    Note: This verb construction is more normally encountered in literature than in conversation.
    We are in search of good examples…

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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