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Turkish Love Words, Love Terms, and Love Phrases for speaking romantic Turkish

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Turkish Love Links as dipicted in
Movie Actress Arzu Okay (top left) with Movie Actor Sermet Serdengeçti... Sermet Serdengeçti with Actress Arzu Okay again (bottom, left)... Actor Serdengeçti again - this time with Actress Ceyda Karaca in 'Şipşak Başareım'
the 1970s Turkish movie,
'Şipşak Başareım'

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Love Phrases - Ottomans romancing in Spring...

Romantic Turkish -- ready-made for SMS/Twitter
Turkish Love Words, Love Terms, and Love Phrases of Affection and Endearment
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish is the loving tongue...
Sexuality Survey of Turkey 2005 -- In the mood for love

Selected Turkish Quotations of Love and Friendship for a variety of romantic and friendly personality-types

Turkish love links and phrases galore...
with Turkish voice recordings included...

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey


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