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Famous Turks Series...Gül Gölge --- Actress, Model, Program Hostess/Presenter
Famous Turk...
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Turkish Rugs, Carpets, and Kilims

A magical Turkish Carpet ride
thru the world of
a modern day

Çetin Küçük
(cheh-teen koo-chook)

Purveyor of fine Turkish carpets,
kilims, ceramics, onyx, and souvenirs

Gümüldür -- Izmir, Türkiye
Learn Turkish language

Days in a life...

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Çetin unabashedly says, "I love my carpets."

Learn Turkish language

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If you see anything of interest
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please click here and leave Çetin a message.
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Repeat clients fly in from all over Europe --
and, sometimes, even from you-know-where...

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And you can bring the kids, mate. No worries.
The more the merrier...

Learn Turkish language

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Çetin, Jim, and Brother Nuri say peynir...

Learn Turkish language
Brief Biography
Çetin Küçük was born (1959) into a family of carpet merchants in Beyşehir, west of Konya -- the resting place of the famous dervish and poet, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273). Soon after Çetin's birth his father moved the family to Izmir where, later, the teenager attended the prestigious Atatürk Lisesi. It was there that he discovered his love of languages and he excelled in both English and German classes. He then returned to Konya where he completed his degree in English at Selçuk University in 1980. Inspired by his University experience, Çetin decided on a teaching career and took a high-school English-teaching position in Sivas at the well-known Gemerek Lisesi. But, slow advancement within the educational system (and a dismal salary plan) cleansed him of his teaching aspirations rather quickly -- so within 3 years he was back in Izmir. And when he learned of a Bazaar 54 train-to-work program in Kuşadası -- he jumped at the chance. He was one of only seventeen (out of more than 100 original candidates) to survive the rigorous 3-month training ordeal, but the experience confirmed his 'professional calling' once and for all. After 4 years with Bazaar 54 (during which time he became fluent in 'commercial' French) -- he sought opportunity and advancement by moving to Pamukkale. But the calls from home proved too much of a draw and within 2 years he was back in Izmir again. This time, however, he returned as an experienced Turkish handcraft merchant in his own right. After his father retired, Çetin moved the family enterprise to Gümüldür (an "altogether more pleasant place", he says) -- and, together with his younger brother Nuri, he has established a thriving local business. "I've got more time, here in Gümüldür, to work more closely with my clients -- to meet their needs better. That's my favorite part of the business. It's very satisfying when, together, we get it just right..."

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Çetin Küçük --
Purveyor of fine Turkish carpets, kilims, ceramics, onyx, and souvenirs

E-mail: galerieturqoise@turk.net

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