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Türkan Şoray
Movie and TV Actress played in
Siyah Gül (The Black Rose)
in 1966

Turkish Movie Poster... Türkan Şoray -- Movie and TV Actress in 'Siyah Gül' (1966)...

Click for enlargement!

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Language Pronunciation Guide

A, B, C, D, E, F, G...H, I, J, K, ell-em-en-opee... !

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

Our feeble attempt
to make anew this tiresome subject...

Pronouncing the Turkish Alphabet -- for Yanks
Letter Türkçe Telaffuz (Turkish Pronunciation) American-English Pronunciation
(These tips actually work, if you try 'em.
Really they do...)
But if you're in search of Native Turkish pronunciation, your prayers are answered --
on the The Spoken Turkish Alphabet page...
A a a as the o in Godawful...
B b be as the b's in Bed 'n breakfast...
C cceas the j in Will you please stop jading my balldiser!
Ç ççeas the Ch in Chesty Starbuck, ma hero...
D ddeas the D in De don't make'm like de yusta...
E eeas the first a in Lay you down beside the still waters...
F ffeas the f in Well, fancy that!
G ggeas the G in Getoutta here!
Ğ ğYumuşak GThis letter is soundless. It's purpose is to elongate the nearest preceding vowel. As a capital letter, it is only seen in words that have been written in all capital letters -- such as company names. And -- when written in upper or lower case -- it never starts a word.
H hhe, ahshas the H's in Hurry up Humbert, I can't wait all day...
[Will the real Lolita please lie down?]
I ıımore like the second i in Luscious Lips...
İ iias the first two i's in
Don' want no stinkin' pronunciation guide...
J jjeas the s in It's a pleasure to meet ya'...
K kke, kaas the c in A case of beer and thou...
L lleas the L's in Labyrinth of Lies
M mmeas the m's in the The merry month of May...
N nneas the n's in Never say never, never say always...
The un-documented
N-letter Exception...
O ooas the O in Oh, Yeah? Sez who?
Ö ööas the ö in Die Götterdämmerung
P ppeas the P in Prestidigitator...
R rreas the R in Risky Business!
S sseas the S in So you're new to IRC, eh?
Ş şşas the sh's in Shazam, sheriff!
T tteas the T in Tie 'er down, boys. She's headin' for the barn!
U uuas in the second set of double oo's in Flat foot floozy... You're wrong if you think we just dated ourselves. We couldn't be that old and still be writing this. We're just well-read.
Ü üüas the U in I'm SO conFUSED...
V vveyou'll find the right sound somewhere between the V in Virginity and the W in Wedlock...
Y yyeas the y in Do ye wanna dance...?
Z zzeas the z in She shot me her best zinger!
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Pronouncing the Turkish Alphabet -- for Brits, Aussies, n' Kiwis...
Our Australian friend Phil sent us a message
letting us know that American-pronunciation of Turkish
has certain limitations.

[Actually he's not the first to point that out, but we've been dodging the truth...]
So, we asked him to prove it!
And, he did!
See below...
Letter Türkçe Telaffuz
(Turkish Pronunciation)
"Real" English Pronunciation
(If you're in search of Native Turkish pronunciation, your prayers are answered --
on the The Spoken Turkish Alphabet page...)
A a aas the a in the French avoir -- somewhere between the u of sun and the a of father. Not as long as the a in Pa...
B b beas the b's in Buttered bread is best...
C c ceas the j sound in jam, and That jockey is a joker!
Ç ç çe as the ch in church.
D d deas the d in Deadly and dangerous...
E e eas the short e sound in Ready, get set...
F f feas the f 's in Fowl feathered friends... or should that be foul feathered friends?
G g geas the g in Go get gaiters...
Ğ ğYumuşak G (soft g) This letter is soundless. It's purpose is to elongate the nearest preceding vowel. As a capital letter, it is only seen in words that have been written in all capital letters -- such as company names. And when written in upper or lower case it never starts a word.
H h heas the h in Hang on -- help is on the way...
I ı ıas e in glasses, or the a in serial. Try spreading the lips to say easy then say cushion -- this gives the Turkish word kışın; in the season of winter...
İ i i as the short i sound in hit, kit, bit, sit...
J j jeas the s in treasure, and measure for measure...
K k ke, kaas the c and the k in a couple of kittens...
L l leas the l 's in lot's of lovin'
M m meas the m 's in Mary Martin
N n neas the n 's in Not nice, Nellie, not the ng sound of pink...
The un-documented
N-letter Exception...
O o oas the Oh in the French Oh la la! -- like the short English o in You're a hotshot, Scott!
Ö ö ö as the 'oe' sound in Goethe, or the ir in bird -- the English word dirt is very close to the Turkish word for four -- dört
P p peas the p 's in Pretty in pink...
R r reas the r 's in Red Rooster...
S s seas the s in So long, Sam...
Ş ş ş as the sh 's in Short Sweet Sherry...
T t teas the English t in tongue, but with the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth rather than at the top of the mouth.
U u uas the u in put or the oo in foot, not like the u in butter...
Ü ü ü like the ü in Führer, or the French u in tu. Say itch with rounded lips (really rounded as if to say 'oo') and you have the Turkish word for three - üç.
V v veas the v 's in very vexed virgin -- except that it is sometimes much softer than the English v, especially between vowels...so that tavuk; chicken is almost pronounced tawuk.
Y y yeas the y 's in Yes, it's yellow...
Z z zeas the z in zip

Learn Turkish language

When you pronounce whole words in Turkish...

Rule one: Be careful about pronunciation of the consonant combinations ph, sh, and th.
For example, ph in müphem; vague is pronounced as in our flophouse;
sh in ishal diarrhea as in our glasshouse;
and th in ithal; imported as in our cathouse.

Also, notice how Turks -- when speaking English -- have a tendency
to pronounce W as V and vice versa.
Try to emulate that when you speak Turkish.

As an additional note of interest, observe that Turks can't naturally pronounce th --
there's not an equivalent sound in Turkish.
So when they are just beginning to learn English, they have a tendency
to drop either the t or the h.
Instead of Thank you, they may say Tank you;
instead of This is the one, they may say, Dis is de one.
But English speakers can't pronounce the Turkish ı, so I guess we're even!

Learn Turkish language

Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
The un-documented
N-letter Exception
When the n-letter appears in a Turkish word or phrase
followed by the b-letter,
then the n-letter is pronounced
like the m-letter
[by native Turkish speakers].
  • The correctly written word for Turkey's largest city is İstanbul,
    but it's pronounced İstambul (Ees-tahm-bool)
    by native Turks...
  • The correctly written phrase for the number fifteen is on beş,
    but it's pronounced om beş (ohm behsh)
    in the streets of Ees-tahm-bool...
  • In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

    Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
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