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Examples, supplements, and explanations
yabancı(lar) foreigner(s)

The British are coming!
The British are coming!

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The news in Turkish or in English,
if you please...

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yabancı korkusu, xenophobia
yabancı düşmanlığı, xenophobia
  • Mid-March 2005 -- A xenophobic turn? In a troubling move today (which put Home Depot expansion plans for Turkey on hold), the Turkish Constitutional Court struck the government's extant law permitting real-estate purchases by foreigners -- the striking to take effect in 3 months. Which means that ordinary foreigners aspiring to purchase or build their own Turkish dream-homes along pristine Mediterranean/Aegean shores are going to have to look elsewhere (eg. in far more expensive Greece)... unless they can complete Turkish home ownership legalities within the looming 3-month grace period. Or, unless a new law is forthcoming. The Turkish news media jumped on the surprise announcement with both feet -- calling the decision old-fashioned (implying that it was xenophobic), while comparing it unfavorably to the more generous private ownership policies of genuine first-world countries. (See cartoon [Hürriyet Gazetesi, 19Mar05] and mini-article [Gözcü Gazetesi, 15Mar05] at upper left.)
  • Learn Practical Turkish Language color iconIn the news: Mid-February 2005 -- British Didim -- British 'foreigners' beat a path to Turkish shores... They first came as tourists, loved what they found here, and decided to stay a while -- a few even settled in places like Marmarıs, Fetiye, and Kuşadası. Now, four-thousand Brits in Bodrum plus six-thousand in Didyma/Didim are also seeking to settle permanently in Turkey. Five-thousand have already bought homes and another three-thousand await buying-permission from the local Jandarma. The rest of the 'settlers' are content to rent for the time being. In Didyma, the city mayor (Mümin Kamacı) recently threw a welcoming party for the latest British arrivals (see photo-article at middle left) -- and he's decreed that bills for city services shall henceforth be issued in English as well as Turkish... Some Brits have already begun 'tuning in' to the Turkish-language (see Liza Burdett reading Gözcü Gazetesi in the photo-article at lower left), but others are able to fall back on the locally published English-language rag, The Didymian (that's Gill Eren reading  it, next to Ms. Burdett). All in all, the future looks plenty bright for these blissful Brits. The only thing that might spoil their fun would be an influx of too many more of their compatriots! Such newcomers (it's secretly feared) might 'pave paradise and put up a parking lot'... Thanks for the articles go to Hurriyet Gazetesi (15 Feb 2005) and Gözcü Gazetesi, (18 Feb 2005).
  • yabancı sermaye foreign capital 
    Yağmur orman(ları) rain forest(s) 
    yağma lootingyağmacılık; the topic of looting
    yağmacı; looter
    yağmalamak, to loot
    yağma etmek, to loot
    yağmalanmak; to be looted
    Political Cartoon War
    'Black Comedy' Cartoon
    Petrol Priority

    -- Figurative translation --
    Uncle Sammie sez:
    Go ahead and loot what you want.
    You're free...
    Except for this...

    Thanks to 'Bülent çiziyor'
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    14 April 2003

    Jew, JewishSee also Israil.
    yakıt ikmalifuel supply 
    yalnızcılık isolationism 
    yanardağ volcanoSee Vesüv.
    yardım paketiaid package 
    YargıtaySupreme Court 
    Yargıtay BaşkanıChief Justice of the Supreme Court 
    [a] hemisphere 
    yas mourningIn the News: 2 February 2003, News Headline, Bush: Ulusça yastayız; President Bush: We are in national mourning (because of the space shuttle accident in which 7 astronauts lost their lives).
    yasa[a] law, code of laws yasadışı; illegal, unlawful
    yasadışı örgütü; illegal organization
    yasak; prohibition, ban; forbidden, prohibited, off-limits
    yatıştırma politikası appeasment policy 
    Yeni Delhi
    New Delhi [India] 
    'Yeni Dünya Düzeni' [the] 'New World Order'...is the phrase coined by President Bush (the elder) after the Gulf War of 1991 -- to describe his 'vision thing' about relationships in the world community subsequent to the war...
    yeni sömürgecilik neo-colonialism 
    Yeni Zelanda (Yeni Zelandalı, İngilzce/Maori Dili)
    New Zealand (a person/thing from New Zealand, the languages of New Zealand [English/Maori]) 
    Yeni Türk Liraşı See New Turkish Lira. 
    Yenihisar Learn Turkish Language -- New Icon See Didim and British Didim. 
    yerel localyerel uyuşturucu; local anesthetic
    yerel uyuşturum; local anesthesia
    yerel seçim(ler)

    2004 Election Results --

    Left click for image enlargement.

    2004 Election Results --

    Compared with
    2002 National Elections

    Left click for image enlargement.
    LPT Commentary --
    Local Elections 2004

    Elections reveal Turkish-voter 'horse sense'... As local vote counts started rolling in on election night, Turkish pre-election pollsters started running for cover. All of them had grossly overestimated the extent of the AKP's winning margin -- by as much as 26% in one case! The AKP (Turkey's already-ruling religious-right national majority party) won a comfortable plurality victory, to be sure (capturing 42% of the ballots cast). But, the real winner was the Turkish voter -- who sent 2 important messages about national politics to any Turkish politico who was 'within shouting distance'. The first message was that Turks like the efficiency of a majority rule government. (Weak coalition governments have sadly disappointed the Turkish people for nearly two decades -- proving pitifully inept, scandalously corrupt, and woefully inadequate to the task of dealing with the dynamic Turkish economy.) The second message was that the independently-minded Turks don't want any single political philosophy to dominate them completely -- especially not a philosophy like that of the AKP, with its well-known religious agenda. (The AKP's 42% plurality victory was well short of the 50+% needed to call early national elections in an attempt to lock in another 6 years in power, at the national government level. With only 42% of the electorate's support, the AKP is forced to shelve that idea.) So how will the AKP use its considerable (although, incomplete) power now? As pro-secular newspaper columnist Rahmi Turan commented warily before the election..."If they can refrain from using it to push political programs obstinately without regard to secularism in favor of their own primary religious agenda, if they use it to repair the economic imbalances in Turkey, if they can create an excitement for development -- it will be a big service to the country. We can only hope..."

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Ads by HepsiBurada
    local election(s)

    Previous Vote-getting Champs

    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    19 March 2004

    Big-city Mayoral Polls
    with only 9 days 'til March 2004 election-day

    Left click for image enlargement.

    Not the polls,
    the people will decide,
    he says...

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    What's an undecided voter to do?
    Why... follow the polls, of course!

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    [On our CD]

    Afyon citizens
    won't know AKP plans for them
    until after the election

    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    20 March 2004

    No Girl Power
    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- no women in politics
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    23 February 2004
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Ads by HepsiBurada
  • In the news: 30 March 2004... 2004 Local Election Winners! What's the future for political polling in Turkey? About the only thing the domestic (and foreign) polling organizations got right in these local elections of 2004 was the AKP's plurality victory -- but our 4-year-old grandson and his Montessori Pre-School classmates accomplished the same thing in a mock poll a week ago last Tuesday with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their backs! Let's see now...in the pre-election, all but one of the supposedly-bipartisan poll takers said the AKP would capture more than 55% (and as much as 68%!) of the vote-count. And most of them also predicted that the Erdoğan-led AKP would smash the 50-year-old vote-pulling record set by the Menderes-led DP all the way back in 1954. (See the still-standing vote-pulling record and some 2004 pre-election polls at left.) The actual AKP total was 41.8% of the votes -- somewhere between 14% to 26% off the pollsters prognostications. (See actual results at far left.) That's a statistical poll-taking miscall of embarrassingly high magnitude. And while the AKP's margin over its nearest competitor (CHP - 18%) was wide enough to claim a big win, it wasn't enough to bury the rest of the opposition (MHP - 10.5%, DYP - 10.2, Other Parties - 19.3%). Which means that in a national coalition government, the AKP could be ousted from power -- by a wide margin. That sobering thought has put a damper on the AKP's immediate empire-building plan...which was proffered in a not-very-covert AKP inner-circle meeting prior to the election. According to the plan, had the AKP netted more than 50% of the local election vote, they would have called early national elections -- to clock up another 6 years of national governance. Had that materialized, it would have given the AKP a virtual head lock on Turkish domestic and foreign policy for the foreseeable future. But, assured of only 42% the vote in such a hypothetical national election, an early call now would be just too risky for them -- and could even see them suffering defeat at the hands of a hypothetical coalition opposition-party. So the AKP will have to be content with what they have -- which is 4 remaining years in control at the national government level and, running concurrently now, 5 years in control at the local government level. For Turkey's secularists, that's an ominous enough thought on its own, however they slice it.
  • In the news: 23 Feb 2004... No Girl Power! In the run-up to local municipal elections this year, a striking fact has come to light. There are (virtually) no women in local politics. As indicated by the chart at left, there are now 3,215 local city and town mayors in Turkey. Of that number just 17 are women. That's barely one-half of one percent. And while there are more than 34,000 city and town council members, only 559 are women. That's barely 1.5 percent. Will those numbers 'improve' once the upcoming March 28 election results are in? We doubt it. In the male-dominant Turkish Muslim society, a woman's place remains firmly at home....
  • 19 March 2004...Pollster predicts landslide AKP victory! Tarhan Erdem (a senior manager at A and G Company -- a polling organization that accurately predicted the winners of the last two Turkish National Elections) released his company's election forecasts today indicating that the AKP will capture 58.2% of the local vote on election day (28 March). That would confirm Okay Gönensin's estimate made earlier this month and shatter Adnan Menderes' 50-year record for election-day vote-getting percentage. (See chart at left.) And, only a strong showing by the popular incumbent (CHP's Ahmet Piriştina) in Izmir appears likely to prevent the AKP from a clean sweep of the 3 big-city mayoral elections. (See polling charts at left.)
  • 20 March 2004... Opposition parties light firestorm of protest! Angrily denouncing A and G's release of polling data so near election day, CHP parliamentarian Bülent Tanla insisted that, 'The people will determine the winners, not the polls.' Spokespersons for all the other competing parties weighed in with protests of their own -- some even accusing A and G of collusion with the AKP in a blatant 'last-minute' attempt to hoodwink undecided voters into the AKP camp. See photo-article and political cartoon at left.
  • 20 March 2004... Supremely confident! The AKP candidate for mayor in Afyon is so confident of victory that he has even refused to publicly declare his post-election plans -- lest he be drawn into a 'contentious' debate with opposition candidates. See mini-article at left.
  • yerle bir etmek See Y-idioms... 
    Yeşilçam Turkey's Hollywood-like film capital located in Istanbul 
    [an] authority, authorization 
    yıldırım savaşı blitzkrieg...a lightening-fast attacking battle-tactic, identified with German Army forces -- used to great effect during the early days of World War II
  • religious fanatic/fundamentalist
  • fanatic; bigot
  • fanatical
    Furious professor
    ousted by fundamentalists!

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
  • yobazca, religiously fanatical
    In the news: 5 March 2005... Religious fanatics win the day! When a religious right-wing speaker at a conferance in Şile began to malign Atatürk, Professor Ahmet Ercan (a recognized earthquake expert and language researcher) stood up to protest. At that point, türban-clad religious-fanatics (and their companions) heckled him so loudly that they drowned out his protestations. Frustrated and furious, the Professor 'gave up the ghost' and stormed out of the conference room -- to the self-satisfied cheers of his detractors.
    Gözcü Gazetesi, 5 March 2005 (See photo-article at left.)
    yok etmek See Y-idioms... 
    yol road, path, wayyol haritası; the roadmap -- This is the term used by its authors (the US and others) to describe the latest Middle East peace plan in May 2003 -- to end the violence between Israel and the Palestinians.
    yolsuz improper, unlawful, disreputable, illegal
  • yolsuzluk; impropriety, unlawful action, misuse of authority
  • Yolsuzlukları Araştırma Komisyonu; The Improprieties Research Commission
    For additional meanings,
    see 'Essential Turkish' page.
  • YÖK See Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu 
    YSK See Yüksek Seçim Kurulu 
    YTL Yeni Türk Lirası --
    New Turkish Lira
    See more at Lira.
    yumuşama detente...the easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries
    Yunanistan (Yunan or Yunanlı, Yunanca)Greece (a Greek person/thing, the Greek language) 
    Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu
    Often seen in its abbreviated form, YÖK.
    Higher Education Committee -- which administers the official guidelines and rules for all State run (or supported) higher educational institutions in Turkey...It has a secular mandate -- which is under threat [in 2004] from the ruling religious-right AKP in ParliamentIn the news: In May 2004, the ruling religious-right AKP government (in keeping with its campaign promise in 2000) passed a controversial new YÖK bill, which would have allowed Imam Hatip high school graduates to (theoretically) abandon their religious 'calling' and enter secular State universities to take degrees in non-religious subjects. Proponents of the bill claimed it allowed 'freedom of choice' for religious students. Opponents (among other harsher comments) said it was a sure way of turning secular State universities into hotbeds of religious fervor. Leading up to the day of the Parliament's vote, thousands of protesting State University students and faculty members held rallies across the country to demonstrate against the bill -- claiming that it would undermine the secular educational purpose of universities, and even taint the credibility of university degrees for all future graduating students... Paying no head to the protesters, the Parliament (with its lop-sided AKP majority), passed the bill handily. But, just as handily, several days later, the Turkish President (Necdet Sezer) vetoed it -- much to the relief of Turkey's secularists. And, although the AKP could easily push the bill a second time through Parliament (in which case it would automatically become law), it has made no sign that it intends to do that. We opine that the AKP (having fulfilled its pre-election campaign promise to bring an Imam Hatip bill to a Parliamentary vote) is grateful for Sezer's veto -- which lets the AKP avoid a no-win constitutional confrontation with the Turkish Supreme Court, while permitting it to retain its pious posture among its religious-right constituency. So, the AKP may be content to let this sleeping dog lie -- for a while, at least...
    See related Turkish Idiom example.
    Yüksek Seçim Kurulu Supreme Election Committee [often referred to by its acronym YSK]...a governmental body with power over Turkish electoral issues and proceedings.
    In the news: 30 October 2002 -- In the run-up to the 2002 Turkish National Election, the news-media complain that the YSK has suspended their right to criticize candidates for 'lying'...
    In the news: 1 September 2003 -- In 10 days time, the Turkish Supreme Court will decide whether or not to nullify votes cast in the 2002 national election for the also-ran DEHAP political party -- due to alleged ballot-box fraud. If the DEHAP votes are nullified, it opens the way for the YSK to award 66 local election victories to the second place finisher, the DYP party...

    Such a YSK decision would result in a significant redistribution of parliamentary power. The DYP (which is presently without a single parliamentary member) would enter parliament for the first time since the 2002 elections -- while the ruling AKP party and the main-opposition CHP party would lose 44 and 22 seats, respectively. Not surprisingly, AKP and CHP 'backers' are furiously lobbying YSK members to maintain the status quo -- no matter what the Turkish Supreme Court decides.

    yürütme anlaşmaları executive agreements... agreements made by the President of the United States of America and foreign governments that are less formal than treaties and are not subject to the constitutional requirement for ratification by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate66
    yüzdepercent; percentage 

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