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For English-speakers
who wish to understand Turkish Newspapers
World regions, bodies of water, land masses,
mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
plus notable persons, places, and things
from current events and modern history, politics, art, law, business, etc.

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Examples, supplements, and explanations
VarşovaWarsaw [Poland]Varşova Paktı -- The Warsaw Pact or The Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO). The Soviet Union's answer to NATO during the 'Cold War' years...
vatan (vatandaş)one's native country (citizen, fellow citizen)vatandaşlık citizenship
Önce vatan...
Country first...
[a motto, frequently displayed publically in Turkey]
VenedikVenice or
Italian Venezia [major port city in Italy]
...is capital of both the provincia of Venezia and the regione of Veneto, northern Italy. An island city, it was once the centre of a maritime republic. It was the greatest seaport in late medieval Europe and the continent's commercial and cultural link with Asia.66
vergi(ler) tax(es) varlık vergisi -- luxury tax
  • In the news: 7 February 2005... Overbearing religion-based taxation -- click following for Fatih Altayli's exposé of the AKP ruling government's sin-taxation policy. And, click following to see the crime-increasing effects of those policies.
  • vesayet rejimi trusteeship system...is a type of government mandated by the United Nations. It became essentially obsolete by the 1990s because of the independence of most former trusteeships. They were originally established on the principle that colonial territories taken from defeated enemies should not be given to any victorious nation. Instead, they would be governed by mandatory (or trust) power under international supervision until determining their future disposition.66
    Vezüv Mount Vesuvius
    ...is the volcano in southwestern Italy on the Mediterranean coast which erupted in 79 AD and buried Pompeii; last erupted in 1944.136
    Vietnam (Vietnamlı, Vietnamca)
    Vietnam (a Vietnamese person/thing, the Vietnamese language) 

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