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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • For English-speakers
    who wish to understand Turkish Newspapers
    World regions, bodies of water, land masses,
    mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
    plus notable persons, places, and things
    from current events and modern history, politics, art, law, business, etc.

    If you don't find the names, terms, or phrases you need here...
    click to let us know and we'll add them.
    Site visitors may navigate the News Reader pages using
    the News Readers Index Page.
    Examples, supplements, and explanations
    saat dilimi
    time zone 
    Saddam Hüseyin El Tikriti [full name of] Saddam Hussein...who was the infamous dictator of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. He was ousted by coalition forces in 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'.
    Saddam's Biography
    in Turkish
    with 'commented' English translation
    Saddam Huseyin biography
    Left click for image enlargement.

    Globus Dergisi
    Özel Sayi -- Nisan 2003

    sahte paracounterfeit money 
    Sakız Adası
    [the Greek] island of Chios 
    SaksonyaSaxony or
    Ger. Sachsen
    [territory in eastern Germany]
    saldırı aggression, attack Cobra saldırı helikopteri; Cobra attack helicopter
    samanyolu the Milky WayIn Turkish, is usually written in
    all lower case letters.
    Click following for its use in a romantic SMS (cell/mobile phone) example.
    sandık [a/the] ballot box 
    [capital and cultural centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina]
    Sarajevo was the proud site of the 1984 Winter Olympic games. But, after Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence in 1992, Sarajevo became a focal point of fierce civil war as Serb militias drove thousands of Bosnian Muslims from the countryside to take refuge in the city. Sarajevo suffered considerable damage as Serb forces encircled the Bosnian capital in 1993. From Ottoman centuries, the city retains a strong Muslim character -- having many mosques, wooden houses with ornate interiors, and the ancient Turkish marketplace (the Bascarsija); much of the population is Muslim.66
    Italian Sardegna[Mediterranean island belonging to Italy]
    ...is an island and regione of Italy, second in size only to Sicily among the islands of the western Mediterranean. It lies 120 miles (200 km) west of the mainland of Italy, 7.5 miles (12 km) south of the neighbouring French island of Corsica, and 120 miles (200 km) north of the coast of Africa. The capital is Cagliari.66
    SARS See Akut Solunum Yetersizliği Sendromu. 
    savaş (savaşçıwar (fighter, warrior) savaş alanı;
    savaş ekonomisi;
    war economy
    savaş esiri;
    prisoner of war
    (also see this panel, below)
    savaş ganimeti;
    spoils of war
    savaş hukuku;
    law of war
    savaş ilanı;
    declaration of war
    savaş suçları;
    war crimes
    savaş tutsağı;
    prisoner of war
    savcı public prosecutor, attorney general, district attorney 
    savunma defense [defence]Savunma Bakanı; Minister of Defense
    savunma hattı; defense line
    Maps of War
    The defense line
    [savunma hattı]
    with 6 barriers in front of Baghdad
    Maps of War - Baghdad military defense-line war map
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    26 March 2003
    seçim[an] election

    seçmen [a] voter 
    sefaletextreme poverty 
    seferberlik mobilization 
    Senegal (Senegalli, Fransızca)The Republic of Senegal (a Senegalese person/thing, the language of Senegal [French])A finalist country for the 2002 Football/Soccer World Cup tournament...
    senet [an] act
    [e.g. an act of international law]
    free trade zone 
    serbest ticaret free trade 
    sermaye capital (for investment)
    sessiz diplomasi
    [note the 'non-harmonious' but correct spelling]
    quiet diplomacy 
    [capital city of South Korea]
    Sevgililer günü [The Turkish equivalent of]
    Valentine's Day
    (The day is usually referred to as Lover's Day in Turkey -- because there is no Muslim equivalent to the Christian, Saint Valentine.
    seyirci rekoru [an] attendance recordseyirciler
    sıcaklıkwarmth; temperature variation 
    Sırbistan (Sırp, Sırpça)Serbia (a Serbian person/thing, the Serbian language) 
    'sığınak delen' bomba'bunker buster' bomblazer güdümlü 'sığınak delen' bomba; laser-guided 'bunker buster' bomb

    Such bombs can puncture up to 6 meters of cement (or up to 30 meters of earth) before exploding.

    In the News: 11 October 2001... Originally developed during the Gulf War of 1991, this bomb was first used against Taliban and al Qaida deep-cover troops and materiel in Afghanistan on this date.

    sıkıyönetimmartial law 
    Also seen as sıkma baş(lı)
  • (woman) wearing a headscarf (for reasons of propriety)
  • (woman) wearing a religiously symbolic turban
    'President' Erdoğan in 2007
    A fait accompli?

    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Erdoğan, the next Turkish President?
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    Fashion consultants' split-decision
    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- fashion designers split 3-2
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
  • In the news: May-June-July 2005 --
    Bubble, bubble, more turban trouble... Some Turkish news columnists (like Ahmet Hakan, at left) and opposition-party politicians have begun to awaken to the likelihood that Emine Erdoğan will become the Presidential first-lady in April 2007. And that she'll want to wear religiously symbolic headgear at (and invite her turban-wearing companions to) state-sponsored events in the Presidential Residence for the first time in the Turkish Republic's history. Early support for Emine hanım's "style" of headcovering came from an unexpected source (in late June 2005) -- from female Turkish jurist, Kezban Hatemi. In a peculiar statement during her appearance on CNN Türk, Kezban hanım opined that what Emine hanım wears is not actually a turban...it's just, errrr, an ordinary head scarf. "If it wraps around the neck," Hatemi said, "it's not a religiously symbolic turban." Jurist Hatemi's 'myopic' viewpoint became further confused when 5 fashion consultants entered the fray -- and promptly split inconclusively 3 (turban) to 2 (not turban) on this headline-grabbing issue. That left it up to Gözcü's Erdoğan Tokmakçıoğlu to set things straight, as he did when he wrote, "Right...If Emine hanım isn't wearing a turban, then the sparrow that lives in my garden plum-tree isn't a passer domesticus (the Latin name for 'sparrow')." Kidding aside...any attempt by prospective first-lady Erdoğan to mix 'Church and State' in such a high-profile public place as the Presidential Residence could bring secularist Turkey to her boiling-point -- and beyond. And, the possibility of such an attempt is less than 2 years down the road.
    Cutting through the bird doo-doo...
    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- cutting through the bird doo-doo
    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    sınır [a] border, borderline, boundarySınır Polisi; Border Police, Border Patrol
    sınırlı savaş limited war 
    SibiryaSiberia [Russia] 
    silah(lar) weapon(s), arm(s)silahlı kuvvetler;
    the armed forces
    silahlanma armament 
    silahların denetimi arms control 
    silahlanma yarışı [the] arms race 
    silahsızlanma disarmament 
    sinagog synagogue 
    Singapur (Singapurlu, Malay dili, Çince, Tamil dili, İngilizce)Singapore (a person/thing from Singapore, the languages of Singapore [Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English]) 
    Sisam Adası
    [the Greek] island of SamosBirthplace of Pythagoras -- the philosopher, mathematician.
    sivilciviliansivil savunma; civil defense
    siyasal rejimler political regimes 
    siyasal sistem political system 
    siyaset (siyasetçi)
    politics (politician)siyasal; political
    Zionizm Siyonizm Hareketi; Zionist Movement
    Slovenya (Slovenyalı, Slovence)Slovenia (a Slovene person/thing, the Slovenian language)A finalist country for the 2002 Football/Soccer World Cup tournament...
    Soğuk Savaş
    [the] Cold War 
    Sonsuz Özgürlük Harekatı or
    Sonsuz Özgürlük Operasyonu
    Operation 'Enduring Freedom'

    See also
    Operation 'Infinite Justice'...

    The name of the military-side of the 'War on Terrorism' -- that began in Afghanistan in 2001...

    Sovyetler Birliği (Sovyetler)the former Soviet Union
    (the Soviets)
    See also Rusya.
    soykırım genocide

    Presidential Candidate
    USA Senator John Kerry

    A spinner in the works...
    First ya' say ya' do...
    27 May 2004

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    ...an' then you don't.
    9 October 2004

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.

    Then ya' say ya' will...
    and then what?

    17 October 2004

    Left click for image enlargement
    and legibility.
    soykırım suçu; crime of genocide
  • In the News: February 2005 --
    Click the following for: The Orhan Pamuk bombshell.
  • In the News: 17 October 2004... Under pressure from well-funded, powerful (and threatening) Armenian 'activist' groups around the world, a growing number of national and local parliamentary bodies (in countries like France and in states like Maryland, USA) have passed condemnations of genocide against the modern Republic of Turkey -- condemnations that those parliamentary bodies were 'persuaded' to believe took place in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 during WW I.

    The Armenian activist 'evidence' of the so-called genocide is biased at best, based on paid-for revisonist 'history' which has been repeatedly debunked -- shown to be nothing more than evidence of typically atrocious acts of war between governmental and rebel forces, carried out by both sides equally, long before the Geneva Convention was even a glimmer in the eye of its fore-fathers. Furthermore, the equi-culpable actions took place 90 years ago, well before Atatürk won the Turkish War of Independence which established the modern Republic of Turkey -- and buried the 700-year-old multi-national Ottoman Empire 'dinosaur', once and for all.

    So, what's the point of modern-day witch-hunting parliaments reaching back nearly 100 years to condemn non-existent Empires? Is it just so they can get a liberal 'feel good high' in celebration of how far humanity has come in the past century? (Ha! Let's not kid ourselves, please...) Or is there something more politically sinister afoot -- meant to single out Muslim-but-secular Turkey for some 'special' attention, as she is made to suffer one indignity after another in her ever-elusive quest for membership in the all-Christian, ultra-clubbish European Union?

    Because, if one were to take on the task seriously (ie. to truly investigate and formally condemn every deserving [and 'historically' documented] case of man's inhumamity to man), then there'd be modern parliamentary condemnations fluttering down from the sky like snowfall -- originating from events that took place long before the time of ancient Greece all the way up to and including noon yesterday. (And... without doubt, one of most damning of such parliamentay condemnations would have to be the one against the USA for its very own state-sponsored policy of genocidal 'Indian Warfare' that lasted from earliest colonial times until late in the 19th Century83, spurred on by the rascist rallying cry, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."
    Still... such a parliamentary condemnation of the USA is not about to happen in our lifetime, now is it?

    But, when cash-rich Armenian terrorist groups in the 1970's and 1980's were finally able to 'persuade' a few liberal revisonist historians to take a charitable view of their pathetic 'historical' tale, it started a snowball rolling -- that left a lot of blood and gore in its wake. During those horrific decades alone, the deadliest Armenian terrorist groups (eg. ASALA) took credit for murdering more than 80 modern-day Turkish diplomats, citizens, and foreign nationals in 38 cities of 21 countries in revenge for the failed WW I Armenian rebellion of 1915 -- more than 50 years after the "War to end all wars."

    So, today's Armenian activist groups (thinly veiled reincarnations of their terrorist forbears) are not to be taken lightly -- as one can readily understand. (And their worst 'remnents' keep resurfacing at highly embarrassing moments -- to taint the so-called 'civilized' image of their modern activist brethren...Just last year, for instance, an extant Armenian terrorist-group-member got sentenced to a healthy stretch in the slammer by a California court who found him guilty of making bombs intended for Turkish-American citizenry and business interests.)

    And these same Armenian activists have now attached their cause to the Democratic Presidential hopeful, Sen. John Kerry -- as poll-popping a politician as Bill Clinton ever was. But, Kerry keeps losing his 'page' on the so-called Armenian genocide issue (just like Clinton) and changing his public stance (just like Clinton)...to suit the audience he happens to be addressing at the moment (just like Clinton). Which confuses and frustrates the faithful, though hard-pressed, group of pro-Americans in Turkey, while it provides damaging ammunition for the growing number of American ridiculists. See photo articles at left which document how Kerry spins, and spins, and spins again -- on this highly senstive issue...

    For those with more than a passing interest in the subject, click following for the Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry's meticulously researched and documented (but rarely heard) Turkish-side-of-the-story entitled 'Armenian Allegations'...Or click following for the Amazon.com link to Stanford Shaw's 'History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey -- Volume 11' (The Rise of Modern Turkey 1808-1975) -- which covers the fractious WW I Armenian rebellion, in interesting and enlightening detail...
  • sömürgecilik colonialism 
    sözcüsüspokespersonBeyaz Saray Sözcüsü Ari Fleischer;
    White House Spokesperson Ari Fleischer
    sözleşme agreement [affecting many] 
    spiker TV anchor-person 
    SSCB (Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetleri Birliği) the former Soviet Union See also Rusya.
    statüko status quostatüko politikası; status quo policy
    Stratejik Savunma Girişi Strategic Defense Initiatives 
    Stratejik Silahların Sınırlandırılması Görüşmeleri Strategic Arms Limitation Talks [SALT] 
    suçluların geri verilmesi extradition 
    Sudan (Sudanlı, Arapça)Sudan (a Sudanese person/thing, the language of Sudan [Arabic])
    • assassination
    • assassination attempt/plot
    suikastta bulunmak;
    to assassinate, to attempt/conspire to assassinate

    suikastçı; assassin

    Suriye (Suriyeli, Arapça)
    Syria (a Syrian person/thing, the language of Syria [Arabic])
    Susam Sokağı Sesame Street [the long-running award-winning international children's-program, originated in America]In the news: 20 May 2003...It's revealed that US forces in Iraq play music from the heavy-metal band Mettalica and also from the 'gang' at Sesame Street -- in order to soften Iraqi POWs prior to interrogation sessions. According to the POW's own words, the music is pure torture -- and some authorities agree...
    Suudi Arabistan (Suudi Arabistanlı, Arapça)
    Saudi Arabia (a Saudi Arabian person/thing, the language of Saudi Arabia [Arabic]) 
    süper gücü [a] super power 
    sürgünde hükümet government in exile 
    Süveyş Kanalı
    [the] Suez CanalSüveyş Krizi; the Suez Crisis, 1956

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