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Examples, supplements, and explanations
Oğlak dönencisi Tropic of Capricorn 
ofsayt or
ofsayt pozisyonu
World Cup Football | Soccer | Referee signals 'ofsayt'
[a rule that favors the defensive team, in Association Football (soccer)] offside or
offside position
As Football World Cup 2006 fever starts to build, we thought it appropriate to include selected World Cup Football terms, in Turkish. The "Offside" rule (invoked when an Offensive Player is closer to the Defensive goal line than both the soccer ball and the next to last Defenseman) is one of the most thrill-killing and annoying to be invoked in Association Football. And, while it's not a very classy World Cup Football maneuver, the 'offside trap' is...
Continue reading "Football World Cup Terms, Offside Trap"...»
olimpiyat Olympic
  • olimpiyat oyunları; the Olympic Games
  • olimpiyatlar; the Olympics, Olympic Games
    The 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece -- the original ancient home of the Olympic movement. The general venue for the Winter Games of 2006 is Turin (Torino), Italy. Specific competition venues include: Oval Lingotto, Torino Esposizioni, Palasport Olimpico, Olympic Stadium, Palavela, Bardonecchia, Cesana, Pinerolo, Pragelato, Sauze d'Oulx, and Sestriere.
    In the news: 24 December 2005 -- according to a report by Stuart Condie (Associated Press) a misplaced vote may have given the 2012 Olympic Games to London. Alex Gilady, a senior Olympic official, said that a fellow International Olympic Committee member voted for Paris by mistake -- rather than Madrid in July for the right to host the games. Another vote for Madrid might have stopped London from winning. The financial repercussions of such a mistake are huge, but it's water under the dam now...
  • orgeneral (full) general [in the Armed Forces] 
    Orta Afrika
    Central Africa 
    Orta Amerika
    Central America 
    Orta Asya
    Central Asia 
    Ortaçağ the Middle Ages 
    Orta Doğu
    [the] Middle East 
    orta sınıf middle class, bourgeoisie 
    ortadoks othodox 
  • partner, associate
  • ortak almak; to take into partnership
  • ortaklık; a company, partnership, association
  • ortak pazar; a common market
  • Ortak Doğrudan Saldırı Mühimmatı Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)...a guidance kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurately guided smart weapons. The JDAM kit consists of a new tail section that contains an Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (GPS).
    ortalama average
  • ortalama fiyat; average price
  • ortalama istihsal; average output
  • ortalama sarfiyat; average consumption
  • ortalama senelik verim; mean annual efficiency
  • ortalama yük; average load, mean load
  • Osmanlı İmparatorluğu[the] Ottoman EmpireSee Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire...
    otomatik automatic
  • otomatik ayar donanımı; automatic regulator
  • otomatik ayarlı; self regulating
  • otomatik çalıştırma; self starting
  • otomatik işletme; automatic feed
  • otomatik kontrol; automatic control
  • otonomi autonomy 
    otorite authority, influenceotorite sahibi; authoritative person
    Overlord HarekatıOperation Overlord...was the amphibous military operation that took place at Normandiya on the coast of France on D-Day (June 6, 1944). AKA, [the] Normandy Landing or the Normandy Invasion. It initiated Allied-force invasion of western Europe near the end of WW II.
    oydaşma doktrini doctrine of consensus
    (in accordance with international law)
    oyun teorisi game theory 

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