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Turkish Newspaper Readers
Encyclopedic Dictionary

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Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

For English-speakers
who wish to understand Turkish Newspapers
World regions, bodies of water, land masses,
mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
plus notable persons, places, and things
from current events and modern history, politics, art, law, business, etc.

If you don't find the names, terms, or phrases you need here...
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Examples, supplements, and explanations
Macellan Boğazı The Strait of Magellan

Magellan (artist unknown);
Uffizi Gallery, Florence
...is the waterway linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, between the southern tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego island. It was 'discovered' (Oct. 21-Nov. 28, 1520) by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese sailing for Spain, who eventually completed the first circumnavigation of the world. Although the strait meanders widely through numerous smaller islands and has an unhospitable cold and foggy climate, it was an important sailing route before the Panama Canal (completed in 1914) shortened the Atlantic-Pacific passage by several thousand miles.66
Macaristan (Macaristan or Macaristanlı, Macarca)
Hungary (a Hungarian person/thing, the Hungarian language) 
mağara savaşıcave warfareSee following
'Black Comedy' Cartoon...
Political Cartoon War
'Black Comedy' Cartoon

The sign over the terrorists' hiding-place says "Twin Caves".
[a 'thinly' veiled reference to the World Trade Center's "Twin Towers"]

Thanks to 'Bülent çiziyor'
Hürriyet Gazetesi
9 October 2001

mahkemelaw court, trial, legal hearing 
Makedonya (Makedon, MakedoncaMacedonia (a Macedonian person/thing, the Macedonian language) 
mal varlığını
assets, worldly possessions, estate 
Malezya (Malezyalı, Malayca)
Malaysia (a Malaysian person/thing, the language of Malaysia) 
Maliye Bakanı[the] Minister of FinanceMarch 2006 -- The current AKP Finance Minister, Kemal Unakitan, is in hot water for easing taxes on egg products -- which gave his son windfall profits. Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
MançuryaManchuriaThe historical region of northeastern China. The Chinese call Manchuria the Northeast Provinces, or more simply, the Northeast.
Manş Denizi
La Manche or
[the] English Channel
manşet [news] headline 
[port city on the
Mediterranean coast of France]
mart kedi(ler) tomcat; male catThe literal translation of mart kedi(ler) is month-of-March cat(s) and it undoubtedly alludes to the strong, Spring mating-urge of the male Felis catus -- with which the female must put up, until she catches him...
  1. sb used by another to gain an end; a cat's-paw
  2. a pair of tongs

maşa gibi kullanmak; to use (someone) as a cat's-paw
maşası olmak; to be (someone's) tool, be someone's cat's-paw
maşlık; being someone's tool/cat's-paw

In the News: Gözcü Gazetesi, 19 November 2003... Within 3 days of the simultaneous terrorist bombings of the Beth Israel synagogue in Istanbul (on November 15), Turkish police (in cooperation with seven ZAKA Israeli bomb-squad members already stationed in Turkey) had identified the wired remains of the two home-grown suicide-bombers at far left -- and their two co-conspirators at near left (who are believed to have fled to Dubai). El Kaide quickly 'took credit' for the bombings (via the Arab-based media) -- which thereby established all 4 as cat's-paws of Osama Bin Ladin's so-called organization.
News update: Gözcü Gazetesi, 22 November 2003... Residents of Bingöl province (where the two suicide bombers were born) have begun banding together to block burial rights to the body-parts of the two deceased. A Bingöllü businessman said, "Because of these terrorists our dialog with Western capital sources has been cut. They identify us with the terrorists. We've already suffered enough from devastating earthquakes in our province, we don't need any more trouble. It'll kill what's left of our local economy."
[explosive weapon]
mayın tarlası; mine field
mayınlı arazi; mine fields
mayın tarama gemisi; minesweeper
parliamentTürk Büyük Millet
Meclisi (TBMM)
[the] Turkish Parliament (lit. [the] Turkish Grand National Assembly)

Meclis Başkanı;
Speaker of the House

MedineMedina [Saudi Arabia] 
medrese a Muslim religious-school (attached to a mosque)
Dismantling Turkish Secularism
One step at a time...
dismantling Turkish secularism, one step at a time
Left click for political cartoon enlargement.
medya [the] Media ...is the newspaper and magazine press, Radio & TV, et al.
See the following 'Critics of the Media' political cartoon...

Critics of the Media

Turkish Democracy cries out: Please help me!!
Islamic Fundamentalism growls: Be quiet! Don't alarm the public about this...
Turkish Media: [observes with trepidation]
Caption in right hand corner reads, 'The Media is guilty again'.
Thanks to:
Gözcu Gazetesi, 1 June 2003
Cartoonist: Ergin Asyalı
Mehmetçikthe nickname used by the Turkish people to refer to any enlisted man in the Turkish army... 
mekik shuttlemekik kazası; (space) shuttle accident
mekik faciası; (space) shuttle disaster
MekkeMecca [Saudi Arabia] 
Meksika (Meksikalı, İspanyolca)
Mexico (Mexican, the language of Mexico [Spanish]) 
connected to, affiliated with, someone with a connection to, [a] member, [an] employee 
Mezar-ı ŞerifMazar-e Sharif
[city in north-central Afghanistan]
Mezoamerikan uygarlıklar Mesoamerican civilizations [that dominated large parts of Mexico and Central America -- long before Spanish exploration and conquest in the 16th century. Dating from 1500 BC, the major cultures include the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs.]
MHPSee Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi... 
Mısır (Mısırlı, Arapça)Egypt (an Eygyptian person/thing, the language of Egypt [Arabic]) 
Midilli Adası
[the Greek] island of Lesbos 
miğfer [battle] helmetIn the news: 28 March 2003... In fierce fighting on the Iraqi war front, British Royal Marine Eric Walderman (see below) was saved from certain death by his helmet made of 'Kevlar' (by Du Pont). Walderman's helmet deflected four direct hits to his head from enemy fire.

Royal Marine Walderman
and his super helmet...
milli nationalmilli güvenlik stratejisi; national security strategy
Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- mhp logo
MHP logo...

Party nickname --
Boz Kurtlar
The Gray Wolves

National Movement Party
[usually referred to by its MHP acronym]

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- hand-sign of the gray wolves
Supporters identify themselves with
a hand-sign that looks like
the head of a 'Gray Wolf'...

Hover your cursor for a figurative translation
(of the comment below the picture)
Turkish newspaper dictionary -- A Tactical Change --- [MHP leader] Devlet Bahçeli has dropped his moderate stance (because his party is swiftly losing votes) and has rolled up his sleeves to resume the attack. [Gözcü Newspaper, 5 June 2002]
MHP leader,
Devlet Bahçeli
A distinctly conservative Turkish political party with an unsavory past...The MHP supports the court-decreed death sentence (in 2000) for Kurdish terrorist and PKK-leader Öcalan (aka, Apo) -- and, at odds with its governing coalition partners, would like to see the execution carried out.
The MHP situation as of June 2002... The party, led by Devlet Bahçeli, placed a surprising second in Turkey's last General Election in 1999 (with 18% of the votes cast). The MHP is the 'deputy' member of the 3-party coalition (together with DSP and ANAP) that struggles to govern Turkey at this time.

The MHP situation in October 2002... In the lead-up to next month's election, the MHP seems to be losing ground and may not be able to achieve the required 10% minimum vote-count to qualify for representation in the post-election Parliament.
milletvekili[a] Turkish parliamentarian, member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey 
milli gelir[the national] per capita income 
milyar[a] billion 
milyon[a] million 
Moğolistan (Moğul, Moğolca)
Mongolia (a Mongolian person/thing, the Mongolian language) 
  1. Peloponnese
    [peninsula of southern modern Greece]
  2. Morea
    [Medieval name]
Site of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) -- between Athens and Sparta with her allies, won by Sparta. won
Moscow [Russia] 
mösyö [The Turkish phonetical way of saying and writing the formal French address...]
...is sometimes used to address English-speakers, to mean 'Mister'.
See example usage in the cartoon at yabancı.
[a political] conservative
When does
Conservative Prime Minister Erdoğan
distress the AKP party faithful?

Left click for image clarity and enlargement.
bir muhafazakar demokrat;
[a] conservative democrat
Muhafız Taburu [the] TBMM's Battalion of Guards...has a history dating back to the Turkish War of Independence. After the war, and upon Atatürk's own directive, the battalion became the Parliament's official guard.
In the News: 29 December 2003...in a statement to Milliyet Gazetesi, AKP Member of Parliament Husrev Kutlu said, "From morning til evening in my office, even at prayers at mealtime, I have to listen to the sound of marching soldiers. It's like I'm in the field [of battle], not in the Parliament." Kutlu's remarks (and another he made disparaging a portrait of Atatürk that hangs in the TBMM) lead Orgeneral Hilmi Özkök to be "deeply concerned".
muhalefet[the] opposition muhalefet partisi; opposition party
ana muhalefet partisi;
main opposition party
[a] battle, military engagementmuharebe grubu;
[a] [naval] battle group
muhtar the elected head of a village or of a neighborhood -- within a town/city in Turkey

Elected Leading Lady
from the USA

Left click for image enlargement.
In the News: 24 April 2004... Tip O'Neil's now famous proverbial quote, "All politics is local", couldn't have been truer in this case... A long-time USA citizen has been elected muhtar in Turkey. Ms. Gülay Dayican, who was born in Turkey but who has been a citizen of the USA these past 25-years, has been elected township leader for Aktaş village (in Balya township of the Balıkesir province) in the 2004 local elections -- and she may tell her village's story soon on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) at Akbas.com.tr. (Attibuted to Hürriyet Gazetesi in the complete photo-article at left.)
In other places, however, there is
No Girl Power...
  • Jew
  • Jewish
  • Musevilik;
  • Musevi Cemaati;
    Jewish Congregation
Musul Mosul [Iraq]In the news: 11 April 2003, Oil-rich Mosul falls to coalition forces in the Iragi Freedom conflict.
mücahit 1. fighter for the Islamic faith
2. fighter (for a sacred cause/ideal)
  1. [a] Muslim
  2. Muslim, Islamic
müttefikally, alliedMüttefik Devletler;
the Allied Powers
[in WW II]
Myanmar (Myanmarlı, Birmanca)
Myanmar [formerly Burma] (a person/thing from Myanmar, the language of Myanmar) 

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