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mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
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Examples, supplements, and explanations
LaheyThe Hague
[the seat of government for the Netherlands/Holland]
...is situated on a coastal plain 4 miles (6 km) from the North Sea. The Hague is the administrative capital of the nation and the home of the court and government, though Amsterdam is the official capital.66
Guardians of the secular Turkish Republic?
Gözcü Gazetesi, 29 October 2003

Left click for legibility and translation.
Laos (Laoslu, Lao Dili/Fransızca)
Laos (a Laotian person/thing, the languages of Laos [Laotion/French]) 
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey

1. (a) Laz (person). 2. pertaining to the Laz people 3. the language of the Laz people The Laz language is spoken by the Laz people, living on the Southeastern shore of the Black Sea. It is estimated that there are between 50,000 and 500,000 native speakers of Laz in Turkey, and about 30,000 in Georgia. The strip of land on which the Laz peoples live (which was officially known as Lazistan until 1925), extends from Melyat on the Black Seacoast -- eastwards to the borders of Georgia.
  • Hear the Laz-accented speech-pattern -- in the movie-clip found at Yedi Kocalı (The Woman with Seven Husbands).
  • See a Laz accented joke -- on the 'Regional Accents' page.
  • lazer güdümlülaser-guidedlazer güdümlü bombası; laser-guided bomb
    [the Turkish name]
    [the Greek name]
    The divided
    capital city of Cyprus.
    LDP Liberal Demokrat Parti -- Liberal Democratic Party 
    Lehistan[old name for] Polonya 
    Lenin Dağı
    Lenin's Peak...located in the former SSCB. Though Lenin's Peak is not as well-known as Mount Everest, it is still one of the world's 10 highest mountain peaks -- at 7,134 meters. First ascended in 1928 by a German-Soviet Mountain Climbing Team led by Rickmers...
    Continue Reading "Turkish mountain climbers set to ascend Mount Everest"...»


    A French tourist's tears
    give way to courtroom relief

    Courtcase of 'Old Currency' blues

    Click large for this
    amusing tale in Turkish.

    English translation
    on our CD

    Filmler, Filmleri, Turkish Movies, Türk Film, Türk Filmi, Tük filmler, Türk Filmleri

    The [New] Turkish Lira
    (of 2005)
    Yeni Türk Lirası (YTL)
    Turkish Lira Currency Gyrations -- After 1 January 2009...The Turkish word yeni (new) was erased from the YTL, the currency simply renamed again to "Lira". New coins were issued without the word yeni, and the inner and outer alloys of the 'problem' coins were changed.
    YTL Coinage Problems (2005): The YTL coin sizes and physical composition (of the 50 yeni [new] kuruş [kurus] and 1 yeni lira coins) were very similar to the €1 and €2 coins respectively. The similarity 'confused' vending machines in the eurozone (especially at airports). Wily Turkish travelers soon realized that those vending machines took the 1 new lira coin as a €2 coin. At the time, €2 was worth about four times the Turkish coin, requiring vending machines owners to upgrade their machines at their own expense -- or take the loss.
    The 2005 New Turkish Lira (also seen as YTL) is the official currency of the Turkish Republic (as of 1 January 2005). Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the YTL is that 6 trailing zeroes will be eliminated from its 'Old' numerical-value system. For example, one million (1,000,000) 'Old' Turkish Lira will be equal in value to one (1) 'New' Turkish Lira. So, if you buy a knick-knack in the Turkish bazaar for 10,000,000 (Ten Million) 'Old' TL on 31 December 2004, then the same knick-knack will cost you 10 (Ten) 'New' TL on 1 January 2005. The value of your knick-knack remains the same, it's just that 6 of the trailing zeroes disappear from the 'New' currency. Naturally, at first, there'll be some confusion between the old/new currencies (because of their similar appearance) -- until the old currency finally fades completely out of existence (in 2006). So, a word to the wise... 'Buyer Beware..." Note: Small amounts of Turkish money (less than one YTL) are akin to pennies and pence -- and will be counted in kuruş, from 1 to 99.
    See more detail about
    the new Turkish currency at left.
    There is no relation between Turkish and Italian Lira -- (or other such) currencies.

    Litvanya (Litvanyalı, Litvanyaca/Rusça) Lithuania (a Lithuanian person/thing, the languages of Lithuania [Lithuanian, Russian)In the News: 20 March 2006 -- Lithuanian fashion model aspirant catches first break in Turkey and finds true love in the process...
    Continue reading "Fashion Model Aspirant" »

    Lithuanian Fashion Model Aspirant
    Lithuanian fashion model aspirant
    Londra London [England] 
    Lordlar/Lortlar Kamarası[British] House of LordsSee also Avam Kamarası...
    Loy-i Cirge Loya JirgaThe traditional Afghan Grand Assembly.
    [the capital of Vaud canton in western Switzerland on the northern shore of Lake Geneva]
    The Treaty of Lausanne (1923) -- final treaty concluding World War I. It was signed by representatives of Turkey (successor to the Ottoman Empire) on one side and by Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Romania, and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) on the other. The treaty recognized the boundaries of the modern state of Turkey. Turkey made no claim to its former Arab provinces and recognized British possession of Cyprus and Italian possession of the Dodecanese. The Allies dropped their demands of autonomy for Turkish Kurdistan and Turkish cession of territory to Armenia, abandoned claims to spheres of influence in Turkey, and imposed no controls over Turkey's finances or armed forces. The Turkish straits between the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea were declared open to all shipping. 66
    Lübnan (Lübnanlı, Arapça/Fransızca/İngilizce)
    Lebanon (a Lebanese person/thing, the languages of Lebanon [Arabic (official)/French/English]) 
    Lüksemburg (Lüksemburglu, Almanca, Fransızca, Lelzeburg Lechçesi)Luxembourg (a person/thing from Luxembourg, the languages of Luxembourg [German, French, Letzeburgesch])An original member country of the Benelux Economic Union (1944), which linked its economic life with that of The Netherlands and of Belgium and would subsequently form the core of the European Community (EC), which evolved into the European Union (EU).66
    Lut Denizi or Lut Gölü the Dead Sea
    [a landlocked salt lake between Israel and Jordan]
    ...is the lowest body of water on Earth, which averages about 1,312 feet (400 m) below sea level. Its northern half belongs to Jordan; its southern half is divided between Jordan and Israel. 66

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