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Encyclopedic Dictionary

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Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

For English-speakers
who wish to understand Turkish Newspapers
World regions, bodies of water, land masses,
mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
plus notable persons, places, and things
from current events and modern history, politics, art, law, business, etc.

If you don't find the names, terms, or phrases you need here...
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Examples, supplements, and explanations
Habeşistan (Habeşi, Habeşistanlı)Ethiopia (an Ethiopian person/thing, someone/something from Ethiopia)habeşi (in lower case) --
[someone] who looks like an Ethiopian...
Ethiopia is also known as Köleler Ülkesi (Slaves Country).
Bilal-i Habeşi (born 581, died 641) is a legendary figure in Islamic history.

haciz repossession, confiscation [due to unpaid debt]
  • haciz memuru;
    [a] repossession agent, [a] repo man
  • haczetmek;
    to sequester
  • haciz koymak/konmak;
    to place [goods] under a sequestration order
Hahambaşı Chief Rabbi 
[ancient city in
north western Syria]
HaliçThe Golden Horn
[the waterway inlet that separates two parts of Istanbul, on the European side]
halife caliphhalifelik; caliphate
[a military] operation 
See harem
in the
Ottoman Empire Encyclopedia.
Also see haremlik
in the
Ottoman Empire Encyclopedia.
haremlik selamlık [olmak][for] men and women [to be] sitting separately -- due to enforced modesty based on Islamic principles; [for] men and women [to be] occupying separate quarters (in a house) -- due to enforced modesty based on Islamic principles
[a] map 
[capital of Sudan]
hasardamage, loss 
hastane hospital1000 yataklı hastane gemisi;
[a] 1,000-bed hospital ship
haşema/haşeme baggy, calf-length swimwear for fundamentlist Muslim men

Haşeme-style fashion for women and children

Left click for image enlargement.

We're told by a reliable source that the word haşema is actually an acronym made from three other words --
mayosu (bathing suit)

In the news: 15-18 May 2003... Intent on projecting a more modern public-image at the first-annual AKP political 'working camp' (held at the beach this year in Antalya), Prime Minister (and AKP party leader) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared the 'haşema' to be unsuitable attire for attending parliamentarians. Most party-members complied with his edict, but a few of the more religiously-orthodox members defied him -- which fueled rumors of an AKP party rift.
Swimwear fashion-show
at the 2003 AKP 'work camp' in Antalya
Hürriyet Gazetesi, 18 May 2003

Right click or use Print Preview
for image enlargement
hava air, weather, atmosphere, climatehava tahmini; weather report
hava akını
hava baskını
air raid
Japanese air raid
on Oahu, Hawaii

December 7th, 1941

Left click for image enlargement.
hava küvvetleri air force(s) 
havale Known for centuries in the 'oriental' world as hawala -- its meaning in the original Arabic-language is 'the transfer of money [or information] between two parties using a third party'. Havale (or hawala) money transfers may be quite legitimate and/or fully traceable within well-controlled banking systems and procedures. But they are frequently made outside of the 'traditional' banking system, in markets and bazaars throughout the world -- via an underground system that is very conducive to money laundering...In fact it is one of the safest methods for money launderers [such as Osama bin Ladin] to transfer large sums of money without a trace.
See 'Why Osama bin Ladin doesn't need the traditional banking system....
Hawaii Adaları [the] Hawaiian Islands; usually shortened to Hawaii
Map of the
Hawaiian Islands

in Turkish-Hawaiian-English

Left click for image enlargement.

hayalet uçağı'stealth' aircraft 
Hayber Geçidi
[the] Khyber Pass Khyber also spelled Khaybar, or Khaibar, most northerly and important of the passes between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pass connects Kabil with Peshawar. 66
'haydut devlet' [a] 'rogue state'...a country deemed antipathetic to US interests. After terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001, the list of such countries included Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and North Korea. Afghanistan was removed from the list following 'Operation Enduring Freedom', and Iraq was removed from it following 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'.
See also 'axis of evil'...
Hayyam'dan rubailer The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
... refers to the collection of free poetical adaptations by Edward FitzGerald of quatrains (with a rhyme scheme aaba) attributed to Omar Khayyam (11th Cent. Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet). These quatrains have been translated into almost every known language and are largely responsible for European ideas about Persian poetry. The quatrain was a popular means of expressing pieces of mystical wisdom.119
Hazar Bölgesi[the] Caspian Region
Wide-view map of the entire Caspian region in Turkish --
showing natural gas and petrol beds plus existing and proposed pipelines...
Turkish newspaper dictionary -- map of caspian region
Left click for image enlargement.
Hazar Denizi
[the] Caspian Sea 
Hazar Çukurluğu
[the] Caspian Lowlands/Depression...north of the Caspian Sea in parts of Kazakstan and Russia
  1. [military] target
  2. [political] goal
(c. 484-420 BC)
Bodrum citizens honor the
'Father of History'

Left click for image enlargement.
...was the Greek author of the first great narrative history produced in the ancient world, the history of the Greco-Persian Wars.119
heykel statuehekel ayaklığı; plinth [an architectural support for a statue]
Political Cartoon War
'Black Comedy' Cartoon
Sawed-off Saddam

-- Figurative translation --
Saddam whispers to his two sons:
Psssst... Uday, Kusay.
Let's beat feet, boys.
They've all gone home.

Hıristiyan/Hristiyan (Hıristiyanlık/Hristiyanlık) [a] Christian (Christianity)  
Hırvatistan (Hırvat, Hırvatça)

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Learn Turkish sounds
(Only on CD)

Croatia (a Croatian person/thing, the Croatian language) 
Hindu Kuş or
Hindukuş Dağları
the Hindu Kush mountain range [spans west to east from northern Afghanistan, thru Pakistan, to Jammu and Kashmir]The high passes of the Hindu Kush provided a gateway for Central Asian invaders bringing Indo-European languages into South Asia about 1500 BC. The passes have always been militarily significant, providing access to the northern plains of India for such conquerors as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane -- and to Babur, the first Mughal emperor. During the period of British rule in India, the Indian government was concerned with the security of these passes and of an associated corridor to the south, the Khyber Pass. One source says that name Hindu Kush derives from the Arabic for "Mountains of India."66 Another source says that it means "Hindu Killer"91 -- presumably because it has acted as a barrier against Hindu invaders throughout history. In any case, its earliest known usage by that name occurs on a map published about AD 1000.
Hindistan (Hint, Hintçe/İngilizce)
India (an Indian person/thing, the languages of India ['Indian'/English]) 
Hint Okyanusu [the] Indian Ocean 
HiroşimaHiroshima...is where the first atomic bomb was dropped near the end of the Second World War.
Hollanda (Hollandalı, Hollandaca)The Netherlands
aka Holland
(a Netherlander, a Dutch person [place or thing]; the Dutch language)

Dutch Tourists safer in Turkey
when compared to the rest of Europe

Left click for image enlargement
and legibility.
In the News: 31 August 2005 -- Dutch tourists rate 'Euro Zone' countries, for safety... Despite a steady increase in the Turkish crime rate during the past 3 years (a result of increased unemployment since the AKP came to power), Turkey remains Europe's safest country for Dutch tourists -- when compared to its 'competition'. That's according a spokeperson for Central Beheer (Holland's largest insurance company) -- as reported in the Telegraaf Newspaper recently. The same spokesperson listed France as Europe's un-safest country, followed closely by Spain and Italy.
Hürriyet Gazetesi, (See photo-article at left.)
A 'Personal Experience' with a nice Dutch twist...
hortum or hortumculuk [slang for] embezzlementhortumcu; an embezzler
hücum [an] assault, charge, attack 
Hürmüz Boğazı[the] Straits of Hormuz 
hükümetgovernment, administration, regime 
HYP Halkin Yükseliş Partisi --
The People's Ascendancy Party
The HYP party-chairman in 2005 is:
Yaşar Nuri Öztürk.

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