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Examples, supplements, and explanations
dağ mountain

National Mountain Climbing Team --
ready for Everest...

National Mountain Climbing Team of Turkey
Left click for image enlargement
and legibility.
dağcı; mountain climber
dağcı ekibi; mountain climbing team
In the news: 23 March 2006 -- First time ever! Turkish mountain climbing team set to ascend Mount Everest... Continue reading, "Mountain Climbing"...»

Mountain Climbing Team Sponsor -- Petrol Office
Danimarka (Danimarka/ Danimarkalı, Danimarkaca)

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Learn Turkish sounds
(37k bytes)

Denmark (a Danish person/thing, the Danish language)A finalist country for the 2002 Football/Soccer World Cup tournament...

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Learn Turkish sounds
(14k bytes)

[the] Office/Title of the Director of Finance for a Turkish province 
delilproof, evidence 
demografik yapı demographic breakdown
demographic breakdown

by religion and ethnicity
just before
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Left click
for image enlargement

demokrasi (Demokrat, demokratik)

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Learn Turkish sounds
(29k bytes)

[a] democracy (a member of the [American] Democratic Party, democratic) 
Demokratik Sol Parti

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- DSP party logo
DSP logo...

Democratic Left Party
[usually referred to by its DSP acronym]

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Bulent Ecevit
DSP leader
[and Turkish Prime Minister]
Bülent Ecevit

...is a left-leaning Turkish political party that seems less effective in power (when it must compromise many of its founding principals in order to govern) than in opposition -- when it can be truer to its liberal ideals. The DSP favors abolishing Turkey's death penalty and can probably take recent credit for the fact that the court execution order (in 2000) for Kurdish terrorist and PKK-leader Öcalan (aka, Apo) has been put on indefinite hold. Note: there have been no state-executions in the country since the 1970's -- which, coincidentally, was when the DSP's current leader (Bülent Ecevit) was Prime Minister (and, then-leader of the CHP).
The DSP situation as of June 2002... The party, led by the ailing 78-year-old (Prime Minister) Ecevit, 'won' Turkey's last General Election in 1999 (by garnering just 23% of the votes cast). The DSP is the 'lead' member of the 3-party coalition (together with MHP and ANAP) that struggles to govern Turkey at this time.

The DSP situation as of October 2002...Ecevit's public appeals to bring him to power 'one last time' seem to be falling on deaf ears -- and according to pre-election popularity-polls, DSP may not even achieve the required 10% minimum vote-count to qualify for representation in the post-election Parliament.
denet inspectiondenetçi; inspector
silah denetçi; weapons inspector
deniz kuvvetlerinaval forces 
deprem earthquake
The most and least
earthquake-prone provinces
of Turkey

Left click for image enlargement.

Derin GırtlağıLearn Practical Turkish Language color icon'Deep Throat'...was the code-name that Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein used for their informant, FBI-agent William Mark Felt, Sr., who provided clues that helped bring down the Nixon Adminisration (in 1974) as a result of the Watergate Scandal or the Linda Lovelace X-rated film by the same name.
devlet[a] state, country government 
Devlet BakanıMinister without portfolio 
Devlet Başkanı[a] country's leader, PresidentRusya Devlet Başkanı
Vladimir Putin
Russian President
Vladimir Putin
Devrimci Afgan Kadınları DerneğıRevolutionary Afghan Women's Association
[the only women's group in Afghanistan as of November 2001]
Seher Saba, an RAWA member, declared recently, "From the point of view of women's rights, there isn't much difference between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban. Both of them have religiously fanatical elements. It's those elements we're afraid of. Today they'll let us remove our burqas but tomorrow they'll treat us just like the Taliban."
Hürriyet Gazetesi
16 November 2001
DGM Devlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi -- the State Security Court...addresses court cases that concern Turkish national security.
the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front
[a terrorist organization]
dış foreigndış basın; the foreign press; foreign newspapers; foreign news media
dış ticaret
foreign tradedış ticaret açığı -- foreign trade deficit
dış ticaret karı -- foreign trade surplus
Dışişleri BakanıMinister of Foreign Affairs 
Dicle Nehri The Tigris River...originates in Turkey and flows through the country's Diyarbakır province. It is an important source of water for both Syria and Iraq.
Didim Didyma -- ancient ruins of a town on Turkey's Aegean Coast, near modern Yenihisar -- almost equidistant from Kuşadası and Bodrum.Didim Harabe; the ancient ruins of Didyma
...a thriving community of ex-patriot UK homeowners and renting holiday goers has developed in the environs of Didyma since the year 2000. The accomodating mayor of Yenihisar (who personally hosts welcoming parties for the newcomers) soon began printing bills for city services in English, in order to ease the transition to Turkish life of the incoming Britons.
dikenli tel barbed wire 
[archaic name for]
Damascus [Syria]
Damietta [Egypt]
  • Damietta (a.k.a. Phatnitic, in ancient times) is the Egyptian port at the mouth of the Nile whose market has always featured high quality rice.
  • Click following to see how it's used in a famous Turkish idiom...
  • din(ler) religion(s)
    Map showing religious interactions in
    The Middle East
    in Turkish

    Left click for image enlargement.
    Dinyester Nehri or Dinyester Irmağı Dniester River [Moldavia] 
    Dinyeper Nehri or Dinyeper Irmağı Dnieper River [Ukraine] 
    Diyanet İşleri Bakanlığı[the Turkish] Department of Religious Affairs
    Broad Horizons?
    Turkish youngsters
    rote-memorizing Arabic
    in Koran School

    Left click for image enlargement.
    In the News: 10 December 2003, The Koran Schools Affair... Opposition from secularists and Kemalists has been growing steadily to the Religious Affairs Department's back-door attempt to ease regulations governing Koran Schools -- since the affair came to light a few days ago. (Such Koran Schools 'teach' adolescent male and female students [in separate classes of course] to rote-memorize original Arabic versions of the Koran -- which opponents say is little more than brain-washing.) Previously, the regulations had stated (among other things) that the Koran Schools could only be opened in summer when State Schools were closed, could only hold classes 2 hours per day -- and that a school could not be formed with less than 15 students. But with surreptitious backing from 'certain' members of the (religion-based) AKP majority party, the Religious Affairs Department Head (Ali Bardakoğlu) secretly prepared a legislative plan to permit Koran School formation at any time of the year, with as few as 10 students -- with no daily class-time limit. That would have put the Koran Schools on equal footing with the Turkish State Schools and undermined the entire secular education system of the country. When the regulation-weakening plan was exposed just before it was enacted, the Turkish Republic's President (Ahmet Necdet Sezer) summoned the Religious Affairs Department Head, and told him to quit his legislative shenanigans immediately -- or face further public exposure and a certain Presidential veto. Caught in the act, the red-faced Mr. Bardakoğlu scurried off to huddle with AKP leaders to see if they could come up with an alternative plan to achieve their anti-secular goal.

    In the News: 18 October 2001, Milliyet Newspaper reports that the Department recommends against short 'manly' haircuts or hair-coloring for women -- without the permission of their husbands...

    also seen as: Diyarbakir, Diyarbekir or Diyarbakr...
    [the] historic province of southeastern Turkey -- which is also the name of its provincial capital cityThe name means "district (diyar) of the Bakr people". Its most important natural resource is the Tigris River. Besides its capital city, the province's principle cities include: Bismil (in the northeast), Çermik (in the southwest), Çınar (in the south), and Dicle (in the north). The region's historical past stretches back at least to the 3rd millennium BC -- it has even been argued that it was the original jumping-off point for the Indo-Europeans and that they gradually spread east and west after about 7000 BC, carrying with them not only their language but also the invention of agriculture. Certainly, the presence of the life sustaining waters of the Tigris was attractive to early agrarian civilizations, such as the Hurrians (3000 - 1700 BC), the Mitanni (1500 BC), The Hittities (1700 - 1180 BC). Currently, the province is home to a significant population of Turkish Kurds [381,144 in 1990].66
    doğalgaz yatağı'natural gas' bed 
    dolmuş the original Turkish short-range passenger vehicle (usually a fairly modern minibus, nowadays)...And, without much trouble, fuss or planning, you can travel quite easily anywhere you like (North, South, East, or West) throughout the whole of Turkey -- even coast to coast -- by the loosely-linked system of dolmuş vehicles.
    The word dolmuş itself means (approximately) 'it has been filled' -- in reference to the fact that, in the old days, the dolmuş vehicle would depart on its travel route as soon as 'it was filled' with passengers...
    Prepared September 2004 --
    Starting back in the 1940's and 50's, when they first became really popular, each dolmuş was often independently owned -- a business unto itself. [Sadly (?), these days, the independent dolmuş şofur business-man-driver is a dying breed (especially in the larger Turkish cities) -- as conglomerates take over.]

    Those original dolmuş vehicles consisted mainly of oddly repaired American gas-guzzlers that were often rescued and resurrected from auto-graveyards of the time. In the original days, too, dolmuş drivers traveled according to no set time-schedule, but departed from the dolmuş durağı (mini-station) as soon as all the vacant seats had been occupied.

    As mentioned, the dolmuş system has been modernized of late (since the turn of the century). These days, the vehicles travel according to a (sort of) set time-schedule -- are better maintained and (usually) adhere to a strict no-smoking policy. (Though as recently as last year, the early-morning driver of our dolmuş couldn't stand the nicotine-strain and frantically 'lit up' as we approached our final destination.) The 'no smoking' policy was forced on drivers when foreign tourists became downright militant in the late 90's, refusing to travel in any 'smoking permitted' dolmuş vehicle. And when dolmuş profits began to drop dramatically during the generally lucrative tourist season, so did the number of 'smoking permitted' dolmuş vehicles -- until the 'no smoking' dolmuş became the norm. And, in the year 2000, that 'norm' was formalized into law -- for the entire Turkish travel industry!

    Disputes about dolmuş routes are still apt to lead to violence in the provinces, though... Around where we live (off the beaten track in Gümüldür near Izmir, along the Aegean seacoast) a dolmuş route-war erupted shortly after we returned for good in 1992. The Gümüldür dolmuş drivers (predominantly of Kurdish descent) became incensed because dolmuş drivers from other municipalities were entering Gümüldür to drop off and (as they left) to pick up passengers.

    The Kurdish dolmuş driver response to this was to have family members roam the Gümüldür streets with wooden clubs -- to intimidate passengers so they wouldn't use the outsider mini-busses to leave Gümüldür.

    This led to a confrontation between the Kurds and roughnecks from the MHP (old Turkesh's party) in which the roughnecks beat the crap out of the Kurds in a street battle. The next day a band of Kurds (approximately 200 in number) showed up in full battle gear and were about to charge the MHP roughnecks, when the Gümüldür town mayor stepped between the factions and declared that if any more violence occurred, he would revoke the Kurdish dolmuş driver's licences and shut down the MHP Gümüldür Headquarters. So the war was averted.

    Doğru Yol Partisi

    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- dyp logo

    True Path Party [Turkish political party usually referred to by its DYP acronym]

    Turkish newspaper dictionary -- tansu ciller -- DYP
    Long-time DYP Leader, Tansu Çiller -- until the 2002 national election debacle.
    The 'official' party portrait of a younger (much slimmer) leader...

    Çiller was replaced by Mehmet Ağar after the DYP 2002 national election defeat. See details at right.
    [Prepared 13 October 2002...]
    Tansu Çiller -- once Turkey's brightest political-star, DYP-leader Çiller has been revealed over the years to be no more 'respectable' than her worst political rivals. Government contract award irregularities (related to her husband's business activities while she was Prime Minister in the mid-1990's) still plague her public reputation (among all except die-hard Çiller followers). Dooms-day predictions (if she is not returned to power) and strident personal attacks on political opponents have become hallmark features of her increasingly-negative political-style. But, she is still a power to be reckoned with in the run-up to the November 2002 national-election.

    [Updated 31 August 2003...]
    After the DYP's stinging defeat in the November 2002 national elections, Tansu Çiller (who resigned as Party Chairperson, vowing never to return) was replaced by Mehmet Ağar...
    The DYP's 2002 national election failure was so bad that the party couldn't even reach the 10% vote-count barrier -- so, it has no representation at all in the current Turkish Parliament. But, in theory, that could all change on 11 September 2003, when the Turkish Supreme Court rules about an alleged 2002 national election fraud. And, if the ruling favors the DYP, it could (with YSK approval) propel the party over the 10% barrier and allow 66 DYP members to take seats in the present parliament. By the same ruling, the AKP and CHP would lose 44 and 22 parliamentary seats, respectively. The AKP would still maintain its ruling majority and the CHP would still be the main opposition party, but the Turkish 'political psychology' would see a major shift. And what about Tansu Çiller? Would she feel vindicated by the Supreme Court ruling, and seek to be reinstated to her DYP Party Chairmanship position? Oh my...

    [the] east, eastern,
    the East,
    the Orient
    Doğu Timor East TimorIn the news: 28 November 2002, The world's newest country (East Timor) gains independence.
    dokunulmazlık immunity'dokunulmak' istenen vekil; governmental representative(s) who want immunity from prosecution
    donanmafleet, naval force, navy 
    DSPSee Demokratik Sol Parti... 
    [the] World, Planet Earth 
    Dünya Bankası
    [the] World Bank 
    Dünya Sigarayı Bırakma Günü World 'Quit Smoking' Day 
    Dünya Ticaret Merkezi
    [the] World Trade Center
    [New York City]
    Click following to see
    'Black Comedy' Cartoon...
    DüşesDuchessYork Düşesi Sarah Ferguson;
    Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York
    DYP see Doğru Yol Partisi 

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