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For English-speakers
who wish to understand Turkish Newspapers
World regions, bodies of water, land masses,
mountain ranges, countries, cities, nationalities and languages --
plus notable persons, places, and things
from current events and modern history, politics, art, law, business, etc.

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Examples, supplements, and explanations
BabilBabylon [Iraq]Babil Kulesi; Tower of Babel
BağdatBaghdad [Iraq]
bakan[a] minister 
Bakanlar Kurulu The Turkish 'Cabinet', called the
Council of Ministers
[ancient city in central Afghanistan, northwest of Kabul]
Bamian was first mentioned in Chinese history around 400 AD. The Chinese made it a center of commerce and, also, of the Buddhist religion. Prior to their destruction by the Taliban in 2000 AD, two great statues of Buddha (dating from 630 AD) overlooked the city -- sculpted in bas-relief from the massive flat rock-surface at the base of the Hindu Kush mountain range. The larger one was 175 feet high and the smaller was 120 feet. The two statues, together with numerous ancient man-made caves in the cliffs north of the town, once made Bamian a major Afghan archaeological site. The town's rulers first accepted Islam in the 8th century. After changing hands several times, it was destroyed and its inhabitants exterminated in 1221 by the Mongol invader Genghis Khan. But even the brutal Khan was 'civilized' enough to leave the Buddha statues intact.66
Bangladeş (Bangladeşli, Bengali)
Bangladesh (a Bangladeshi person/thing, the language of Bangladesh) 
Barents Denizithe Barents SeaSea named for Dutch navigator Willem Barents who searched for a northeast passage from Europe to Asia. The Barents Sea forms an outlying portion, 800 miles long and 650 miles wide, of the Arctic Ocean.66
barışpeaceNobel Barış Ödülü;
[the] Nobel Peace Prize

In the news: 13 October 2001, the UN and Secretary General Kofi Annan jointly win the 100th Nobel Peace Prize.

Barış Gücü Peace-keeping Force 
Barselona Barcelona [Spain]
Touristic Turkish map of
Barcelona and environs...

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Barcelona in Turkish
Left click for image enlargement.

barut fıçısıpowder-kegIn the news: 19 November 2003...As depicted in the following political cartoon (which appeared in the religious-right newspaper Zaman), Istanbul was still a powder-keg after the simultaneous suicide bombings of a Jewish synagogue (on 15 November). And, just one day later (on 20 November), suicide bombers struck Istanbul again.
About to explode,

Left click for image enlargement.

Zaman Gazetesi (19 November 2003)

Also see example sentence on
the Idioms Letter-B page.
Basra KörfeziSee İran Körfezi 
BaşbakanPrime Minister, Premier 
Başbakan YardımcısıDeputy Prime Minister 
BaşkanPresidentBaşkan George W. Bush;
President George W. Bush
Başkan YardımcısıVice PresidentBaşkan Yardımcısı Dick Cheney;
Vice President Dick Cheney
başkentcapital city 
başkonsolos Consul General, Head ConsulIn the news: Istanbul, 20 November 2003...A terrorist suicide bomber waited patiently until the British Consul General, Roger Short, entered the consulate building before ramming his explosive-laden vehicle (disguised as a food-dispensing truck) into the consulate wall. The massive explosion that followed killed the Consul General (along with the bomber and at least 14 others) -- and wounded hundreds.
BaşsavcıAttorney General 
Batı dünyasıthe 'Western World' 
Batı Şeria[the] West Bank...is the area of the former British-mandated (1920-47) territory of Palestine west of the Jordan River, claimed from 1949 to 1988 as part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan but occupied from 1967 by Israel.66
bayrak flagbayrak çekmek; to hoist a flag
bayrak yarıya indirmek; to fly the flag at half-mast
bayrak yarıya indirilmek; for the flag to be to flown at half-mast
BBP Büyük Birlik Partisi (Big Unity Party)...is a Turkish political party with religious-right affiliations -- which is led (in January 2003) by
Muhin Yazıcıoğlu.
[the] equivilant of, equal in value [to]bedelli; someone who has paid to be exempted from Turkish military service
Belçika (Belçikalı, Hollandaca, Fransızca, Flamanca, Almanca)
Belgium (a Belgian person/thing, the languages of Belgium [Belgian, French, Flemish, German]) 
Belediye BaşkanıMayor
[of a city, town, province]
BelucistanBalochistan, the western-most province of PakistanIt is bordered by Iran (west), by Afghanistan (northwest), by North-West Frontier and Punjab provinces (northeast and east), by Sindh province (southeast), and by the Arabian Sea (south).66
Benin [Cumhürriyet]
(Beninli, Fransızca)
[People's Republic of] Benin
(a Beninese person/thing, the language of Benin [French])
Benin's Vital Statistics
in Turkish

Left click for image enlargement.
From 1625 until it passed to the hegemony of France in 1899, the country was continuously known as the Dahomey Kingdom. The name Dahomey (meaning "on the belly of Dan") derives from...
Continue reading "The Belly of Dan"...»
Map of Benin
and neighboring countries
in Turkish

Left click for image enlargement.
benzin petroleum, gasoline
Map showing petroleum
fresh water resources in

The Middle East
in Turkish

Left click for image enlargement.
Beyaz RusyaBelarus [White Russia] 
Beyaz Saray[the] "White House"...term used to represent the U.S. Presidency (aka the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government)
...or the building complex where the
U.S. President lives and works...
also see "Köşk"
BeyrutBeirut [Lebanon] 
Beyt Lahia[a town in Palestinian territory] 
[a town in Palestinian territory]
(Bhutanlı, Dzongkha)
[Kingdom of] Bhutan
(a Bhutanese person/thing, the official language of Bhutan [Dzongkha -- a dialect of Tibetin])
April 2006 -- The country has no written constitution or bill of rights at the current time, but the king commissioned the drafting of a constitution in 2001, and in March 2005 he publicly unveiled it. It now awaits a national referendum.147
bilanço balance, balance sheet 
'Bir Milyon Insan Yürüyüşü' 'The Million Man March'...the event in October 1995 in Washington, D.C., in which some 835,000 participants 'marched' peacefully, to demonstrate solidarity among black males and to instill a sense of personal responsibility for improving the condition of African-Americans. The event boosted the 'reputation' of Louis Farrakhan, leader of The Nation of Islam -- previously considered a compelling but marginal racial demagogue -- who was the event's principle organizer.66
One of the convicted 'Beltway Snipers' John Allen Muhammad was reportedly employed to provide 'security' during the event for the participants.
Birinci Dünya Savaşı[the] First World War 
Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri (Birleşik Arap Emirliklerili, Arapça)
United Arab Emirates (a person/thing from the United Arab Emirates, the language of the United Arab Emirates [Arabic]) 
Birleşmiş Milletler[the] United NationsOften seen as the acronym BM.
birlik[a] [military]
Birmanya Burma --
former name of Myanmar
bitki örtüsü
biyolojik silahlarbiological weapons 
[the] Bosphorus/Bosporus...is the watery strait passing through Istanbul, that separates Turkey into its (northern) European and (southern) Anatolian sections.
boreal ormanı[the] boreal forest
[AKA, taiga]
...is forest vegetation that spans broad belts of Eurasia and North America (from Canada to Alaska). There is no true boreal forest in the continental USA. The taiga of Asia extends across Russia and southward into northeastern China and Mongolia. In Europe most of Finland, Sweden, and Norway are covered with boreal forest -- as is an isolated area in the Scottish Highlands. Boreal forest is typical in regions that have long winters and moderate to high annual precipitation. Vegetation is composed primarily of cone-bearing, needle-leaved, or scale-leaved evergreen trees. 66
boru hattı [a] 'pipe line'önerilen boru hattı; a proposed 'pipe line'

Iraqi Oil Pipelines
illustration and commentary
in Turkish

Left click for image enlargement.
Bosna-HersekBosnia and Herzegovina 
BretanyaBrittany...is a region in northwestern France. The Bay of Biscay lies to the southwest and the English Channel to the north.66
Brezilya (Brezilyalı, Portekizce)

Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Learn Turkish sounds
(Only on CD)

Brazil (a Brazilian person/thing, the language of Brazil [Portuguese]) 
BrükselBrussels [Belgium] 
Bulgaristan (Bulgar, Bulgarca)Bulgaria (a Bulgarian person/thing, the Bulgarian language) 
buhran crisis buhran fonu; crisis fund
burkini the name [given jokingly to the Muslim woman's swim suit at right, by its Australian designer Aheda Zanetti], mixes the words 'bikini' and 'burka'
Designer Swimwear
for Muslim Women

Click for enlargement!

Thanks to Radikal Gazetesi
BükreşBucharest [Rumania] 
Büyük Okyanus
Also see
Pasifik Okyanusu...
[the] Pacific Ocean
Map of
Pacific Ocean near San Francisco
in Turkish
Turkish newspaper dictionary -- Pacific Ocean near San Francisco
Left click for image enlargement.
Büyükelçi (Büyükelçilik)Ambassador (Embassy) 

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