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Yeşim Yükselen
plays a wicked plotting vamp
in Örumcek (Spiderman) 1972
Yeşim Yükselen (a 
Turkish movie actress and a Gina Lollobrigida look-alike) -- plots evil in the Turkish 'dandik' movie 'Örümcek' (Spiderman) 1972
Famous Turk...
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A Yeşim Yükselen Film
SüperAdam İstanbul'da
(SuperMan in Istanbul)
starred Erdo Vatan (as Clark Kent)
and Safiye Yankı (as Diana)
- a 1972 'dandik' Turkish film -
written and directed by Yavuz Yalınkılıç.
A Yeşim Yükselen Turkish movie poster -- 'SüperAdam İstanbul'da' (SuperMan in Istanbul) 1972, a 'dandik' Turkish film

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Yalancı / Çok Yalnızım

(Liar / I'm So Lonely)
A romantic comedy movie/film, made in 1973.

Enjoying the Entertainment
Türkan Şoray in
'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
Movie Photo -- Türkan Şoray enjoying the hotel entertainment program in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
Click for enlargement!

He's the Entertainment
Aytaç Arman in
'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
Movie Photo -- Poor-man Aytaç Arman fiddles his way into Türkan Şoray's heart in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
Click for enlargement!

He's the Rich Guy
Orçun Sonat in
'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
Movie Photo -- Rich-man Orçun Sonat wants to win Türkan Şoray's heart in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
Click for enlargement!

Thanks to
TürkMAX Channel and
DigiTurk for the movie-photos above.

LFA - Türkan Şoray (who gets jilted), LMA - Aytaç Arman (The Poor Boy), LMA - Orçun Sonat (The Rich Man), MA - Tufan Giray (in his last film), MD- Mehmet Dinler, W- Safa Önal, C - Kriton İlyadis, PC - Melek Film (Şahan Haki)
Movie plot summary: The story of young beauty (Türkan Şoray) who has to make her mind up between a young, handsome fiddler and a mature, rich hotel magnate. Movie plot highlights: When she gets stood up at the altar by a fiance who runs off to marry a wealthy society-babe, working-girl Türkan Şoray vows it will never happen again -- and sets out to entrap a rich husband... with the help of her girlfriends/workmates. She uses her life savings to buy a new wardrobe -- and posing as a rich foreign princess, she gives herself two weeks in a posh hotel for the purpose of winning a rich suitor. She is well on the way to snaring the hotel owner (a rich business magnate played by Orçun Sonat), until love delivers a body block (in the form of the hotel's handsome young fiddler, Aytaç Arman) and knocks her plans flat. In a reversal of what happened to her at the beginning of the film, Türkan leaves Orçun at the altar and goes to seek her true love, Aytaç. She finds him but doesn't recognize him -- disguised as an old man living in a grand mansion. She spills the beans about her marriage scheme gone wrong -- and about her love for the poor fiddler, Aytaç. Joy abounds when he removes his white wig and beard -- and it turns out that he's richer by far than Orçun. Aytaç had been posing himself, fiddling at the hotel, in order to find a woman who could love him -- even if he were poor. He kisses Türkan once on the forehead, once on the chin, but not on the mouth -- in keeping with her 'no kissing on camera' rule, and it's... The End!

Yaprak Dökümü

(Shedding Leaves)
Two Turkish movie/film (Türk filmleri) adaptations - in 1958 and 1967. Two TV Series (dizi, dizisi, diziler) adaptations in 1987 and 2006. All based on the original 1939 novel by Resat Nuri Güntekin, an essential work of Turkish literature.
Movie Poster for the
1967 Film Version
Yaprak Dökümü (Shedding Leaves)
Click large!
A clip (1.92MB Windows Media Video .WMV file) from the 1967 movie version of Yaprak Dökümü (Shedding Leaves) featuring the two flighty Tekin sisters, Leyla (played by Fatma Girik) and Necla (played by Semiramis Pekkan) together with their solid but wall-flowery sister Fikret (played by Nurhan Nur).
The 1967 Movie/Film
LMA - Ediz Hun (as Şevket Tekin, son), LFA - Fatma Girik (Leyla Tekin, daughter), LFA - Semiramis Pekkan (as Necla Tekin, daughter), MA - Cüneyt Gökçer (as Ali Riza Tekin, father-husband), FA - Nurhan Nur (as Fikret Tekin, oldest daughter), MD - Memduh Ün, W - Orhan Kemal and Halit Refiğ
The 2006-2007 Season TV Series
(KanalD dizi, KanalD dizileri, Kanal D dizi)
LMA - Halil Ergün (as Ali Riza Tekin, husband-father), LFA - Güven Hokna (as Hayriye Tekin, Ali Riza's wife), FA - Bennu Yıldırımlar (as Fikret Tekin, oldest daughter), MA - Caner Kurtaran (as Şevket Tekin, only son), FA - Deniz Çakır (as Ferhunde Tekin, scheming wife by marriage with Şevket), FA - Bedia Ener (as Neyyir Hanım, good neighbor and mother of Sedef), FA - Gökçe Bahadır (as Leyla Tekin, plain young daughter), FA - Fahriye Evcen (as Necla Tekin, pretty young daughter), FA - Seda Demir (as Sedef, young sweet neighbor, who holds a torch for Şevket), MA - Tolga Karel (as Oğuz Ayhan, mesmerizing and womanizing villain who firstly impregnates and then marries Leyla, then later runs off with Leyla's sister Necla -- but not before embezzling cash from his boss's company and making his boss's wife pregnant!) [Ed. The Oğuz Ayhan character is am budalası even though actor Tolga Karel is reportedly gay in real-life...]

General Plot Summary: Movie and TV adaptations of the Resat Nuri Güntekin novel concern the decent but maddeningly naive Tekin family (husband, wife, son, and 4 daughters -- including an adolescent actress in a minor role) who all move to big-city Istanbul upon the retirement of patriarch Ali Riza Tekin from his Kaymakan post in rural Anatolia. The move results in disaster for the entire unsophisticated family, as the life of each family member begins to slowly (then more rapidly) unravel.

2007 TV Season Finale
Movie/TV Actors in a tear-jerking TV season finale of 'Yaprak Dökümü' -- Halir Ergün (as Ali Riza Bey) manages to bid daughter Bennu Yıldırımlar (Fikret) farewell, just before she departs for AdaPazarı to fulfill unloving marital vows with a man 
she barely knows.
Click for enlargement!

Summary of the 2007 Season TV Series Final Episode: Tekin family ties break down -- upon realization that the affair between Oğuz (Leyla's husband) and Necla (Leyla's sister) might have easily been prevented. In a fit of frustrated anger, Ali Riza Bey 'erases' beautiful daughter Necla from his life, and damns daughter Fikret for not voicing her suspicions about the affair to him... With the help of scheming 'double-agent' Ferhunde (wife of Şevket Tekin), Yaman (Oğuz's boss and his embezzlement victim too) is still hot on Oğuz's trail -- having learned that Oğuz and Necla are in Istanbul, making preparations to leave for Germany, and a new life... Leyla's mental state deteriorates further, as more details of the treacherous affair between her husband Oğuz and her sister Necla come to light... Without informing other Tekin family members, unappreciated daughter Fikret (who's been subjected once too often to unbalanced and humiliating family criticism), leaves home to marry the Sakaryalı relative of the next door neighbor -- a widowed man with 3 adolescent children, whom she hardly knows nor cares for romantically, just to get away from the rest of the Tekin clan. After her loveless marriage ceremony, Fikret makes a final visit to the Tekin homestead where she is met by an apologetic Ali Riza, who has finally come to his senses about his insensitive and wrong-headed treatment of his best, least appreciated daughter. But he lashes out at her again, when she sheepishly informs him of her marriage -- and she departs for the train station alone. In the final moments of this TV season finale, Ali Riza Bey is overcome with regret about his behavior towards daughter Fikret and he rushes off to the train station -- where he is only in time to bid a tearful farewell just before she departs for Sakarya to fulfill an unloving marital commitment with a man she barely knows...Click following for a video clip of highlights from the TV series season finale of Yaprak Dökümü (Shedding Leaves) -- a 2.9MB Windows Media Video .WMV file.

Yedi Kocalı

Also seen as: 7 Kocalı (The Woman with Seven Husbands)
A 1979 erotik comedy film, written and directed by Ülkü Erakalın -- starring Zerrin Egeliler and many well-known Turkish actors of the day. A 16mm movie.
VCD Movie Cover --
Zerrin Egeliler leads the cast of actors in Yedi Kocalı
(The Woman with Seven Husbands) -
an erotik movie comedy.

Movie poster -- 'Yedi Kocalı' (Woman With 7 Husbands) starring Zerrin Egeliler, 1979

Husband #5
Kamer Baba
(Kamer Sadık)
can't believe his good luck...

Husband #5, Kamer Baba (Kamer Sadık) ogles Zerrin Egeliler -- his new wife.

Despite the comic design of this movie, it's real purpose is to act as a delivery-tool -- enabling Zerrin Egeliler to display her multiple physical charms in as many simulated seks scenes as possible... some of which are raucously funny, others of which are highly erotik.
You pays yer money and
you takes yer choice...
Turkish movies... Zerrin Egeliler has got them comin'... in Yedi Kocalı (Woman with Seven Husbands)
Turkish movies... Zerrin Egeliler has got them comin' or goin'... in Yedi Kocalı (Woman with Seven Husbands)

Husband #1
After a night of wedded bliss,
Tevhit Bilge is sorry to leave,
but he'll be back in 7 days...

Husband #1, Tevhit Bilge has to leave for work -- and Zerrin Egeliler (his new wife) pouts. But he'll be back in 7 days...

LFA - Zerrin Egeliler (as Zerrin, a sensuous hooker and hustler -- until she falls in love with her gynecologist), LMA - Tarık Şimşek (as Zerrin's 'Monday' husband), LMA - Enver Çokgör (as gynecologist Ayhan Ayhanoğlu), FA - Aliye Rona (as the gynecologist's mom), MA - Tugay Toksöz (as Zerrin's Wednesday husband) Note: A few Turkish movie websites identify this actor (incorrectly, we believe) as Bülent Kayabaş - so you may want to click this link to compare his picture [from Rezalet (Disgrace) - 1989] with this picture of Tugay Toksöz from Yedi Kocalı... and make up your own mind, FA - Handan Adalı (as Handan Abla, Zerrin's madame), MA - Renan Fosforoğlu (as the phoney marriage magistrate), MA - Tevhit Bilge (as Zerrin's first husband), MA - Nizam Ergüden (as Husband #4), MA - Kamer Baba [Kamer Sadık] (as Husband #5), MD- Ülkü Erakalın [who has directed an incredible 180 movies since 1961, written screenplays for 73, produced 34, written the music for 2, and even acted in one, Kanlı Firar (Bloody Getaway) -- way back in 1960], P - Müfit İlkiz, W - Ülkü Erakalın, C - Salih Dikişçi, PC - Birlik Film
See and learn a lot more about Zerrin Egeliler on the following pages:
Plot Summary: Zerrin's got a successful scam going... in cahoots with her brothel madame, Handan Abla (played by Handan Adalı). Male customers can only get their hands on the hot-blooded Zerrin if they marry her (in a bogus ceremony), and cough up extra cash for the privilege. Though only five husbands appear in our copy of the film, Handan Abla informs us that Zerrin's seven husbands include a lorry driver, a barber, a vegetable salesman, an owner of a supermarket, a coffee house proprietor, and an old (presumably rich) codger -- and they all come to visit her on different days of the week. Eventually, scheduling conflicts arise -- and to further complicate matters, Zerrin falls in love with her unmarried gynecologist (and he with her). The situation requires a drastic solution...
How Zerrin Snares A 'Husband': Once a man enters Zerrin's Place, he's a goner. First she comfortably seats him next to her on the overstuffed couch and gives him flirtatious looks. Then, to the accompanment of the lively mostly-female band, the half-clad dancing girls up the tempo of the music -- so that, long before the girl's have worked up a sweat, the man is dead meat. And with some urging from Handan Abla (Zerrin's madame played by Handan Adalı), up the stairs Zerrin takes her new fiancé for the phoney quickie-marriage ceremony (performed by Renan Fosforoğlu), before the 'newlyweds' trundle off to bed for a night of fun and passion. We've rather heavily doctored the latter portion of the following movie clip for the sake of propriety... Undoctored, it leaves precious little to the imagination. But we're sure you'll get the idea of what happened the night Zerrin snared her first husband (played by Tevhit Bilge) -- a 1.9MB Windows Media Video .WMV file.
Note: Turkish-language students who listen closely to the speech-pattern of Husband #1, will detect that he speaks Turkish... with a Laz accent.
Hande Yener
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey
Yener (who is frequently referred to as Turkey's Lady Gaga) is mainly a (very popular) singer. But, she has occasionally appeared in films and on TV, as a guest star/actress. For example:
  • Geniş Aile [Large Family], (TV Dizisi - TV Series, 2010), appearing as herself
  • Kraliçe Fabrikada [In The Queen Factory], a 2008 film directed by Ali Kemal Güven, appearing in a cameo role
  • Dadı [Nanny] (TV Dizisi - TV Series, 2000), appearing as a guest star
  • 5 Maymun Çetesi [5 Monkey Gang] (TV Dizisi - TV Series, 1999)
Click to the Turkish Who's Who for the latest gossipy low-down about Hande Yener, including her breast-flying 'occupational accident' at the 80th Izmir Int'l Fair (80. İZMİR ENTERNASYONAL FUARI) in 2011.
Hande Yener has an
'occupational accident'
(iş kazası)
at tbe 80th International Fair
in Izmir 2011
Hande Yener's left breast floats on air at the 80th İzmir Enternasyonal Fuarı in 2011
Click to Hande's entry
on the Turkish Who's Who page!


Turkey's Hollywood-like film capital located in Istanbul


Nurgül Yeşilçay

Born Afyon, Turkey 1976
Completed Middle and High School in İzmir
Graduated Eskisehir Anadolu Üniversitesi, Drama Department
Turkey's Angelina Jolie
Was married to actor Cem Özer October 2004 - January 2010. Nurgül gave birth to a son, Osman Nejat, in May 2005. The couple starred together in the award-winning film Adem'in Trenleri (Adam and the Devil) 2007
Yeşilçay shot to fame in her first starring film-role in 2001, when she apppeared topless in Semir Arslanyürek's feature Şellale, (The Waterfall).
Nurgül Yeşilçay
has been chased through the forest
and is about to be despoiled...
when own-lust overcomes her
in Şellale (2001).
Nurgül Yeşilçay (Nurgul Yesilcay) is despoiled in 'Sellale' (The Waterfall) -- written and directed by Semir Aslanyürek in 2001.
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Award-winning Turkish Cinema and TV Series Actress
  • Altın Koza Film Festivalı (Adana Golden Cocoon Award), Best Actress, Eğreti Gelin (Borrowed Bride) 2005
  • Cinema Writers Association (SIYAD), Best Actress, Adem'in Trenleri (Adam and the Devil) 2007
  • ÇASOD - Çağdaş Sinema Oyuncuları Derneği) [Modern Screen Actors Guild Awards], Best Actress, Adem'in Trenleri (Adam and the Devil) 2007
  • Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Actress - Vicdan (Conscience) 2008

About Nurgül Yesilçay's long-rumored affair with Özcan Deniz...
Turkish Sexuality Survey Showcase:
On 7 August 2005, husband Cem Özer and wife Nurgül Yeşilçay were interviewed... as part of Hurriyet Gazetesi's
on-going country-wide Sexuality Survey

Turkish Sexuality Survey -- Nurgül Yeşilçay and Cem Özer (her husband) talk about their lovemaking-frequency.
Click Large

On the subject of their weekly love-making frequency, Cem Özer began the interview with a joke. "It's OK, isn't it...", he said, "We made love last month." With that, the interview began in earnest: Survey: Do you remember your first kiss? Nurgül: "I failed. We extended our lips, mouths open wide. There's a book about kissing, isn't there? I started studying it. But, I couldn't find any useful information. So, we learned by 'trial and error'." Cem: "I managed it pretty well, actually. Simply 'trial and error'." To be continued...

Yeşim Yükselen (Yesim Yukselen)

Yeşim Yükselen in
Örümcek (Turkish Spiderman) 1972

Yasemin Ünlü's fame got a boost from her appeareance in 'Köylü 
Kızı' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

Conventional and Erotic film and TV actress -- who is credited with significant 'second banana' roles in more than 100 Film and TV productions between 1968 and 2006 (when she died unexpectedly at 62 years of age).
Born 20 February 1944 in Istanbul, passed away there on 15 March 2006.
Real name: Hamiyet Yükselen.
Yeşim Yükselen
with Atilla Ergün (left) in Hacıağalar Kralı (The King of Hacıağalar) -- the story of a man who serves the prison sentence of another, for money.

Yeşim Yükselen with Atilla Ergün at left, in 'Hacıağalar Kralı' (The King 
of Hacıağalar) directed by Yunus Yılmaz in 1972.
Yeşim Yükselen --
The Wicked Witch of West Istanbul

Hamiyet Yükselen (stage-name Yeşim Yükselen) only managed to graduate from elementary school in the yokuş of Istanbul where she was born in 1944. She began her film career in 1960 at the age of 16 as a walk-on 'extra' - and she spent the following 8 years in cinematic obscurity. But Yükselen caught a break in 1968, when she was cast in Yılmaz Atadeniz's 'Western Movie' spoof, Maskeli Beşler (The Masked Five) -- in which she played a Mexican dancing girl. Because of her exotic looks she soon became a fixture in the 'Black and White' adventure movies of that era. And, in such films, she usually played the sleazy girl-friend of the villain, or the ruttish lover of the main-male character, or the oft-untrustworthy friend of the lead female-character. In short, Yeşim Yükselen played seductively sinister roles, usually...and she was good at it!
Yeşim Yükselen Film Clip! The Seduction of Turkish Spiderman: Watch while 'Witchy Woman' Yükselen wends her wily way past Spidey's wilting defenses. [A 1.5 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file]
Yeşim Yükselen's Filmography:
Conventional Films --
  • Örümcek (Turkish Spiderman) starred Hüseyin Zan (as Spidey and Erol), Hülya Darcan, and Yeşim Yükselen. Plot: Spidey propels himself by motor-bike while spoiling the bad guys (and girls) nefarious treasure-robbing plans -- in this film written and directed by Taner Oğuz 1972
  • Hacıağalar Kralı (The King of Hacıağalar) starred Atilla Ergün and Yeşim Yükselen... in the story of a man who agrees to 'take the rap' for a crime he didn't commit and serve the prison sentence of the real criminal, for money -- written and directed by Yunus Yılmaz 1972

Erotik Films --
  • Tokmak Nuri (Solidly Built Nuri) starred Sermet Serdengeçti (as Tokmak Nuri), Nur Ay (as Pakize), Yüksel Gözen (as Pakize's cuckold husband), Ülkü Ülker (as a seks-therapy hospital nurse), Ceyhan Cem (as a fast motor-cycle girl), Muzaffer Hepgüler (as a father trying to marry-off his pregnent daughter), and Yeşim Yükselen (who is identified in the film's opening credits and on the movie-poster, but whose scenes are mysteriously missing from our copies of the movie -- perhaps left on the cutting room floor) -- written and directed by Aykut Düz 1975

Yeşim Yükselen
Publicity Photo from the 1970s

Yeşim Yükselen poses in the buff for publicity in the 1970s.

More coming!

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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