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Yasemin Ünlü gets worked-up
in Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate)

Yasemin Ünlü is a madame in 'Cemile nin Kaderi' (Cemile's Fate) -- an erotic Turkish film with Cemile Hoşgeldi and Kemal Emir 
in 2004.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Erotic Turkish Movies

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Erotic Filmstar Yasemin Ünlü
posed for the painting
on the cover of the book about her life,
Benim Adım Yasemin (My Name Is Yasemin)
written in collaboration with
İnci Fügen Yılmaz in 2005.

Yasemin Ünlu was the model for the portrait painted by Yaşar Çallı that appears on the 
cover of the book about Ünlü's life -- written together with İnci Fügen Yilmaz in 2005.
The painter was none other than
the famous portrait artist Yaşar Çallı.

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Yasemin Ünlü
Erotik films Turkish actress, born 1969 in Zonguldak. Known for her enthusiastic on-screen AC/DC antics and her elaborate upper-left-arm tattoo.
Yasemin Ünlü's hiatus from films during 2002-2003 was due to a conviction for cocain possession and trafficking that landed her in the 'hoosegow'.
Motherless Child, Yasemin Ünlü
Yasam Gazetesi's columnist Murat Demir sees a tragic disconnect between Yasemin Ünlü's youth and the poem written by Turkish poet Melih Cevdet Anday, about a köylü kızı. "If I'm a guest at a neighbor's house, and they offer me a clean bed. And if I sleep..." Columnist Demir laments, "If only little country-girl Yasemin Ünlü could have risen from such a friendly neighbor's bed next morning to a beautiful world..." But it was not to be. Instead, Ünlü was motherless at age 6, raped at age 7, married by force to a relative at 15, a mother herself at 18, a bar girl at 21, and a erotik film star at age 24 -- with aspirations of surpassing Zerrin Egeliler.
Ünlü posed dishabille for the artist's rendering on the book cover of Benim Adım Yasemin (My Name Is Yasemin) --
Yasemin Ünlü
Life-story 2005

Yasemin Ünlü life-story book cover

Thanks to
Yasemin Ünlü's life-story based on her diary while she was in prison for a drugs conviction, published 2005 in collaboration with İnci Fügen Yılmaz.
Ünlü's fame crossed a significant cultural boundary when she starred in the first legally produced Kurdish erotic film in 2003. The video [Kurdish Title: Xaşhiki Kaliki, Turkish Title: Dedenin Fantaziler (Grandfather's Fantasies)] would have been banned before 2003, not for its content but for being in the Kurdish language.
Yasemin Ünlü
Kurdish Erotica 2003

Yasemin Ünlü - Kurdish Movie cover
The film presents the sexual fantasies of an aging womanizer living in Istanbul. All the spoken dialogue in the film is Kurdish, though the cover is written in both Kurdish and Turkish languages -- above/below each other. When the film came on sale it smashed expected sales projections -- selling 25,000 copies the first week. Ünlü claims she had no idea the film was a Kurdish production. "Everyone spoke Turkish when I was on the set," she says in the TV interview she gave on 32nd Day in 2004 (see right)...
How Yasemin Ünlü's Köylü Kızi got an unexpected publicity boost... Ünlü's erotik film Köylü Kızı (Innocent Village Girl) was filmed in the foothills of Kaz Dağı --
Yasemin Ünlü
in a breakout-role

Yasemin Ünlü's fame got a boost from her appeareance in 'Köylü 
Kızı' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.
and as the credits roll onscreen, up pops a surprising note of appreciation from the film's director (Kadir Akgün) to the Mayor of Güre and other ranking government individuals in Balıkesir province. It reads (figuratively),"Thanks to the Mayor of Güre, Kamil Saka, and his staff for granting us permission to film Köylü Kızi in the scenic foothills of Kaz Dağı." When told about the 'thank you' note, the red-faced Mayor Saka said, "They told me they were shooting a 'village' movie. I didn't know it was an erotic film." The news of the Mayor's embarrassing 'endorsement' spread out like an eruption of bees from a beehive in peril -- and the ensuing fanfare provided a significant marketing boost to the film, and gave leading lady Yasemin Ünlü the break-out fame she'd been seeking... proving once again that, "in Show Business, there's no such thing as bad publicity."

Yasemin Ünlü quotable quotes:
  • "I've achieved my goal of becoming the Queen of Turkish Erotic Films in my era... I am much better than all the other female seks stars put together. For this reason, if someone sets out to produce a erotik film, he will come to me first -- offering me a leading role."
  • "I got into this business for the money. I make a million Turkish Lira per film -- for 1-2 days work. When I was an exotic dancer, I'd have a hard time making that much in 2 months."
Yasemin Ünlü as she appeared
(looking eerily like Michael Jackson)
on Mehmet Ali Birand's late night show,
32nd Day in 2004.

Yasemin Ünlü, as she appeared on Tukish TV program '32nd Day'

Yasemin Ünlü's filmography:
In her TV interview for 32nd Day, Ünlü claims to have made only 20 or 30 movies during her film career -- not hundreds of films as repackagers have produced in her name. So the following alphabetic Real True List of Yasemin Ünlü Films is presented with some uncertainty -- especially about the films with 'Unknown Publication Date'. And, therefore, you shouldn't bet the farm on its accuracy.
  • 3 Gün 4 Gece (3 Days 4 Nights) - 2001, Antrapoz (Male Menopause) - 2004, Aşk Üçgeni (Love Triangle) - 2003, Aşklarım Ve Anılarım (My Loves And My Memories) - 2005, Ateşli Kızlar Kampta (Hot Girls At Camp) - 2000, Ateşli Yatak (Bed On Fire) - 2003, Bacanak (Brother In Law) - 2004, Biterim Üçlü (Clever Triplets) directed by Yasemin Ünlü - 2005, Bu Baba Başka Baba (Some Kind of Father) - 2003, Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate) -- 2004, Çıldırtan Arzu (Crazy Arzu) - Unknown Publication Date (UPD), Çiğliğin Dağlarda Yükselir (Raised Wild In The Mountains) - 2003, Dedenin Fantazileri (Original Kurdish Title: Xaşhiki Kaliki -- English Title: Grandfather's Fantasies) - 2003, Diş İzi (Hickey/Bite Mark) - 2003, Dört Gün Beş Gece (Four Days, Five Nights) - 2001 Doruk Noktası (Climax Point) - 2000, Doyumsuz Kadınlar (Unsatisfied Women) - 2003, Dul Bir Kadın Şermin (Widow Named Şermin) - 2004, Evlilik Yildönümü (Wedding Anniversary) - 2000, Gülizar (Girl Named Gülizar) - 2006, İki Kadın (Two Women) with Cemile Hoşgeldi and Kemal Emir - 2003, İki Kadının Esrarı (The Mystery of Two Women) - 2000, Kadersi (Destiny) - UPD, Kotrada Üç Güzel (Three Beauties on Board) - 2000, Köylü Kızı (Innocent Village Girl) - 2000, Korkunç Tacız (Frightful Carnal Abuse) - 2004, Köylü Kızı Düşleri (Innocent Village Girl's Dreams) - 2003, Köylü Kızı İstanbul'da (Innocent Village Girl in Istanbul) - 2001, Köylü Kızı, Hizmetçi (Innocent Village Girl, The Service-Maid) - 2002, Körebe (Blind Man's Bluff) - 2000, Şahane Kızlar Tatilde (Splendid Girls On Holiday) - 2003, Seks Anılarım (My Sexual Memories) - 2005, Seks ve Çiğlik (Sex and Rawness) - UPD, Sürpriz (Surprise) - 2004, Tavla Beni Komsu (Come Charm Me Neighbor) - 2004, Yüksek Ateş (High Fever) directed by Yasemin Ünlü - 2004, Zevkli Saatler (Joyful Hours) - UPD

Yasemin Ünlü Film Plots:
Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate) starring Yasemin Ünlü (as Madame Yasemin), Cemile Hoşgeldi (as Cemile), and Kemal Emir (as Cemile's boyfriend Murat) -- with screenplay, direction, and music rip-offs by Tamir Yıldız in 2004.
Yasemin Ünlü
and Cemile Hoşgeldi

Yasemin Ünlü is the brothel Madame and Cemile Hşgeldi the young innocent in 'Cemile'nin Kaderi' (Cemile's Fate)-- directed by Tamir Yıldız in 2004.
Fun-loving Cemile (played by Cemile Hoşgeldi) lives at home with her mother and drunken lecherous stepfather. When the stepfather spies on and then tries to assault her, Cemile wounds him with a knife and escapes. (Site visitors may remember similar plot elements in the original Cemile'nin Kaderi aka Sokak Kizları, which starred Dilber Ay in 1979. Similarities between the Ay and Ünlü film-versions end there, however.) Cemile seeks the help of her boyfriend Murat (played by Kemal Emir)...who isn't any better than her stepfather. The boyfriend offers Cemile to his 'teyze' Yasemin, the Madame (played by Yasemin Ünlü) of a small brothel -- and together they entrap Cemile in a life of prostitution. Subsequently, Cemile (Hoşgeldi) and Yasemin (Ünlü) indulge in a little lovin' before Cemile hits the streets (to make a few extra bucks on the side) -- where she meets her final fate.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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