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Eski Türk Filmleri - Older Turkish Films
Seyyal Taner
and Aytekin Akkaya in
Bounty Hunter 1972

Eski Türk Filmleri - Seyyal Taner and Aytekin Akkaya starred in 'Haydut Avcısı' (Bounty Hunter) 
directed by Melih Gülgen in 1972
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Erotic Turkish Movies

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Eski Türk Filmleri
Turkish Movies/Films Catalog
Older Turkish Movies/Films/TV
for English Speakers

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish Films of yesteryear - Eski Türk Filmleri
Seyyal Taner's pose on this poster for Kalleşler (The Backstabbers)
also graces the book cover of Erotik Türk Sinemasi
(The Erotic Turkish Cinema) --
seen further below.

Türk Filmleri - Seyyal Taner's pose on this poster for 'Kalleşler' (The Backstabbers)' also serves as the book cover for 'Erotik Türk Sinemasi' (The Erotic Turkish Cinema) -- seen on this page, further below.

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Seyyal Taner

Pop Singer, Conventional and erotik Turkish movie star, born 28 October 1952 in Şanlıurfa.
Seyyal Taner
planting erotik-film seeds
opposite Tamer Yiğit in
Vahşi Aşk
(Wild Love) 1972
Famous Turks Series -- Tamer Yiğit and Seyyal Taner in Vahşi Aşk (1972)
Thanks to
Erotik Türk Sineması150

Besides Turkish, Seyyal Taner is fluent in German, Spanish, and English languages.
Seyyal Taner, a graduate of the Amerikan Kız Koleji (The American College for Women and Girls) who received ballet training at İstanbul Devlet Konservatuar (The State Conservatory in Istanbul), was tutored during her formative years in the musical arts by Şerif Yüzbaşoğlu.
Taner got her start in show-biz as a pop singer. And, she was a rising star in the musical world... initially as a vocalist with the Kanat Gür Orchestra in 1965, then as a member of the Los Bravos singing group -- before deciding to redirect her natural talent (and physical beauty) to movie making. And, after getting her cinematic feet wet in Spain, Taner made her conventional Turkish film debut, co-starred with Tamer Yiğit, in Kara Güneş (Black Sun) - a dramatic action-adventure film directed by Kemal Kan in 1968. She made two more films in 1968, but when Los Bravos' lead guitarist proposed marriage, Taner dropped everything and flew to Germany to rejoin him -- and the group. The marriage was short-lived, however, and before her wedding ring had time to leave much of a mark, Taner returned to Turkey to resume her film career in 1972...just as the seks furyası (sex-movie boom) years were commencing.
Seyyal Taner
A publicity photo
from the 1970s

Seyyal Taner - A publicity photo from the 1970s
Eroticism crept into Turkish films with conviction in 1972 after the very successful release of the erotik action-adventure movie Parcala Behçet (Tear Me Up, Behçet) directed by Melih Gülgen, starring Behçet Nacar, Gülgün Erdem, Tijen Doray, and Danyal Topatan. Thereafter, erotik Turkish movies succeeded in pulling paying-male-audiences away from lacklustre TV fare at home, back into big city movie theaters... in droves. Seyyal Taner was among the first of the conventional movie actresses to catch the erotik movie wave -- and to benefit from it.
Co-starred with Salih Güney and Feri Cansel, Seyyal Taner made the full transition to erotik-film making in the role of the evil vamp Sibel in Benimle Sevişir Misin? (Will You Make Love With Me?) directed by Nazmi Özer in 1972.
Sayyal Taner
reveals her other best side in
Benimle Sevişir Misin?
(Will You Make Love With Me?) 1972

Türk Filmleri - Seyyal Taner reveals in 'Benimle Sevişir Misin?' (Will You Make Love With Me?) with Salih Güney, 1972
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The erotik-films 'warming-up' period (that began in 1972) came to full-fruition in 1974 with the release of such films as Beş Tavuk Bir Horoz (Five Chickens And A Rooster) in which Seyyal Taner got equal billing with established stars of the Turkish cinema like Sermet Serdengeçti, Mine Mutlu, Nebahat Çehre, and Fatma Belgen.
The Seyyal Taner pose
[that she struck in Kalleşler (The Backstabbers) in 1972] served as the focal point for both the movie-poster at top-of-page and the book cover [for Erotik Türk Filmleri150 in 2000] seen just below.

Seyyal Taner's pose in 'Kalleşler' (The Backstabbers) graces the book cover for 'Erotik Türk Sinemasi' by Scognamillo and Demirhan, 2000.

More coming...

Seyyal Taner
Conventional Movies:
  • Haydut Avcısı (Bounty Hunter) -- a Turkish spaghetti-western directed by Melih Gülgen in 1972, starring Seyyal Taner and Aytekin Akkaya (see poster, upper left).

Seyyal Taner
Erotik Movies:

When Seyyal Taner realized that Turkish cinema was heading in the direction of explicit eroticism (a situation that she helped create), she suddenly got cold feet -- and, in 1975, she quit film-making altogether in favor of her singing-career. Meaningful fame as a singer eluded her for a while, until 1976 when she recorded her first #1 hit single, Son Verdim Kalbimin İşine (I Put An End To My Heart Function) -- a song-title that demonstrates the power of Devrik Cümle in Turkish... In 1980, Seyyal Taner's first album, Lider (Leader), was also a success, but after its release she faded into the backgound. When she reappeared in 1986 with the release of two popular singles (both song-titles with female names), Naciye and Leyla, she also managed a second-place finish in the Turkish national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. (In the Turkish finals, Taner lost out to Klips ve Onlar, a 5 person band, whose rendition of Halley (in reference to the comet) gained the group a 9th place finish at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway -- a finish which, up to that time, was Turkey's best-ever showing.)
Seyyal Taner --
Movie Publicity Photo
from the 1970's

Seyal Taner publicity photo from the 1970s

Tarkan Superhero

Tarkan, Altın Medalyon
(Tarkan and the Gold Medallion)
starred Kartal Tibet, Eva Bender,
Birsen Ayda, and Yeşim Tan
in 1972.

'Tarkan, Altın Medalyon' (Tarkan and the Gold Medalion) starred Kartal Tibet -- directed by Mehmet Aslan in 1972.

Superhero Tarkan
(as portrayed by Kartal Tibet)
and his faithful companion,
the Alsatian Kurt

Superhero Tarkan (Kartal Tibet) and faithful companion Kurt.

The Tarkan comic-strip hero became so popular and admired by Turkish readers in 1967 that a jump to the silver-screen was inevitable. The head-long rush to be first to make a Tarkan film, caused director Mehmet Arslan to wrongly bypass creator Sezgin Burak in the production process of the first 'unofficial' Tarkan film in 1968. To avoid Burak's rightful copyright claim, Arslan changed the hero's name from Tarkan to Targan -- which enabled the release of Bozkırlar Şahini Targan (Targan, The Falcon of the Plains) starring Tanju Korel as Targan. But, director Arslan and creator Burak subsequently reached a working-agreement, and Arslan went on to direct 4 of the 5 films which are considered to comprise the 'official' Tarkan movies-series -- which were all written by creator Sezgin Burak for Kartal Tibet starring as Tarkan, spanning the years 1969-1973.

Tarkan, Viking Kanı
(Tarkan and the Vikings)
starred Kartal Tibet, Eva Bender,
Fatma Belgen, and Seher Şeniz
in 1972.

'Tarkan, Viking Kanı' (Tarkan and the Vikings) starred Kartal Tibet, Eva Bender, Fatma Belgen, and Seher Şeniz -- directed by Mehmet Aslan in 1972.

Historic and Erotik-Heroic -- The Tarkan historical-superhero was originated by Sezgin Burak (1935-1978) who wrote and began drawing the Tarkan comic strip in 1967 for Hürriyet Gazetesi. Tarkan traveled light... with just his horse and faithful dog, Kurt (Wolf) -- and the ladies adored him wherever he went. From lowly (and lonely) inn-keeper's wives to (kinky) Queens of powerful kingdoms --

Superhero Tarkan
beds Aneta (Aynur Aydan)
the inn-keeper's wife 1969

Tarkan (Kartal Tibet) beds the inn-keeper's wife (Aynur Aydan) in 'Tarkan' directed by Tunç Başaran in 1969.

Erotik-Heroic Tarkan
beds Queen Evdoksia
(Birsen Ayda) 1969

(Kartal Tibet) beds Queen Evdoksia (Birsen Ayda) in 'Tarkan' directed by Tunç Başaran in 1969.
he attracted everything in skirts, and he made love to them all. But he was a super-hero above all else -- and between amorous interludes with a bevy of foreign and domestic beauties the plot always provided him, he fought injustice in all its forms.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

The Tarkan Movies
fantastik stuff!

The Tarkan Series of 
Turkish Movies -- Kartal Tibet in the title role, 1969.

Tarkan Movie-Series Filmography
Unofficial Tarkan Films (i.e. screenplay not written by Tarkan-creator Sezgin Burak)
  • Bozkırlar Şahini Targan (1968) -- starring Tanju Korel (as Targan/Tark-Han), Sezer Güvenirgil, and also Sevgi Can. Movie-title sometimes seen as: Bozkırlar Şahini Tark-Han The film was made without consent of Sezgin Burak (creator of the Tarkan comic-strip superhero), and in order to avoid a lawsuit, Director Mehmet Arslan slightly altered the film's title and its hero's name to Targan/Tark-Han.

Official Tarkan Films (i.e. screenplay by Tarkan-creator Sezgin Burak)
  • Tarkan (1969) -- starring Kartal Tibet, Zuhal Aktan, Sevgi Can, Lale Belkis, Birsen Ayda, and Aynur Aydan. This film should be sub-titled: Mars'ın Kılıcı (The Magic Sword of Mars)... because pursuit of the sword is the main subject of the film.
  • Tarkan Gümüş Eyer 1970
  • Tarkan Viking Kanı (Tarkan Viking Blood aka Tarkan and the Vikings) -- written and directed by Mehmet Aslan in 1971. The film starred Kartal Tibet -- with erotic interest provided by a Swedish ex-stripper, Eva Bender (as Ursala, the voluptuous Viking princess), a traditonal Turkish beauty Fatma Belgen (as Yonca, daughter of the Turkish chief), and an exotic Turkish beauty Seher Şeniz (as the evil Chinese spy, Lotus)
  • Tarkan Altın Madalyon 1972
  • Tarkan Güçlü Kahraman Kolsuz Kahraman'a Karşı (Tarkan The Powerful Hero vs. The Armless Hero) -- written and directed by Mehmet Aslan in 1973. The film starred Kartal Tibet along with bed-partners Hülya Darcan (as Alonya) and Semra Yıldız (as the Chinese Emporer's wife)

To: Tarkan, the modern-day Turkish popstar

Ferdi Tayfur

Real name: Turan Bayburt,
born 1945 in Adana, Turkey.

Ferdi Tayfur
in Derbeder 1977
Ferdi Tayfur - Turkish Movie Star, then (1979) and now (2005).

Tayfur is also known as Tayfun, jokingly in Turkish...to sound like the English-language word 'Typhoon'. And, he's busy these days outside the Turkish movie industry. He's been building affordable housing in Adana, where Tayfur has rather extensive land holdings.

Ferdi Tayfur is famous both as a singer and a Turkish movie maven. As of this writing, he has directed 6 Turkish movies (1985-1988), written screenplays for 5 other Turkish films (1977-1988), the music for another 3 Turkish films -- and has acted in 40 other Turkish movies (between 1976 and 2008).
Click following for more about Ferdi Tayfur, in the gossipy Turkish Who's Who.

Ferdi Tayfur Filmography

  • Debeder (An Untidy, Disorganized Person, 1977) - stars Ferdi Tayfur (as Ferdi) and Canan Perver (as İpek). Sevda Ferdağ (Sevda Ferdag) also appears, in a secondary role (as Sevda). The film was directed by Temel Gürsu with music written by Ferdi Tayfur. Movie Plot Summary: Abbas Aga's daughter İpek and the poor villager Ferdi are in love - but their relationship is fraught with difficulty. In love since childhood, the two grew up together in the same village. When Ipek moves with her family to a large city, the lovers are separated, but their passion remains as strong as ever. Despite there being a family tie between Abbas Aga and Ferdi's father, the Aga's wealth places a barrier between them. Ferdi won't listen to a warning from his father about pursuing his romance. And he goes to the Ipek's city believing that he'll be able to persuade the Aga to allow Ferdi and Ipek to marry. The Aga is outraged by Ferdi's proposal and subjects him to a barrage of insults. Ferdi, a common laborer, gets the message... that, while he remains poor, the Aga will never allow the lovers to unite. So, Ferdi sets out for Istanbul, to seek fame and fortune...
    Movie-Music Video, coming soon!

Ferdi Tayfur's upside-down love-life,
continued from Tayfur's entry in the gossipy Turkish Who's Who.

Ferdi Tayfur and Necla Nazır (Necla Nazir) pose with their 
illegitimate daughter, Tuğce.
In the photo at left, Tayfur and örtülü Necla Nazır (Nazir) pose with illegitimate daughter Tuğce in happier times. After giving birth to Tuğce in 1989, Tayfur's live-in girlfriend Necla Nazır (curiously) adopted a religious style of dress -- including a türban. Negative rumors about the couple's relationship abounded, through the years. But it wasn't until 2007, that daughter Tuğçe raised a pubic stink when Tayfur cast off her mother Necla -- Tayfur's imam nikahlı wife, of 30-years. (At the time of the separation from Nazır, Tayfur declared that it was a 'gift' to his two children, by Baykurt. And, that caused the waters to roil. Oh my!) In 2008, Emine Erdoğan (the wife of Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) reportedly tried to play 'cupid' in an effort to reconcile Tayfur and Nazır. But, the cupid-inspired 'deal' broke down shortly after it wes announced. Ferdi Tayfur remains at odds with his (officially illegitimate) daughter Tuğçe and with his illegal imam nikahlı wife Necla Nazır. Tugçe has said bitterly, "Ferdi Tayfur had been with my mother for 30 years. It's not right that she should have to suffer such pains." And the recriminations continue to run hot and hotter, on all sides...

Kartal Tibet

Kartal Tibet
displays Tarkan superhero's famous
forelock in Tarkan (Mars'ın Kılıcı)
(Tarkan and the Sword of Mars)
Kartal Tibet displays his famous forelock in Tarkan (Mars'ın Kılıcı) 1969.
Actor in 123 films (1965-1988), director of 66 films (1980-2009), scriptwriter for 9 films (1980-1990).
Kartal Tibet
as he appeared in
Zambaklar Açarken
(When The Lilies Open) 1973
opposite Filiz Akın
Kartal Tibet in 'Zambaklar Açarken' (When The Lilies Open) -- 
written snd directed by Nejat Saydam in 1973.

See more about Kartal Tibet in the entry further above, Tarkan superhero movie hero series. Tibet is considered the 'official' Tarkan superhero, though he was not the first.

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