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Turkish Movie Poster
Tükan Şoray and Kadir İnanır

Türkan Şoray strokes Kadır İnanır's brow before they marry (as indicated by the sign on his truck-cabin still displaying 'Aldırma Gönül' (Cheating Heart) in 'Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım' (1977).
starred in
Girl in the Red Scarf 1977
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish movies...
and Turkish film stars including:
Şener Şen (Sener Sen) and Türkan Şoray (Turkan Soray)

Database/Catalog of
Turkish Movies/Films
for English Speakers

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

In 1985, Şener Şen starred
with Şehnaz Dilan in
Aşık Oldum
(I Fell in Love)
directed by Ertem Eğilmez.
The Turkish comedy film was
a blatent copy of a blatent copy,
but it was very ably and entertainingly done.
See more, further below...

Şener Şen can't resist Şehnaz Dilan in 'Aşık Oldum' (I Fell In Love - 1985) -- the Turkish version of the 'The Woman in Red'.

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LMA - Lead Male Actor/Player, LFA - Lead Female Actor/Player, MA - Male Actor/Player,FA - Female Actor/Player, MD - Main Director, P - Producer(s), C - Cinematographer, W - Screenplay Writer, Dan - Dancer, M- Music by, AD - Art Director, PC - Production Company
Name of Person, Place, Thing
Details About
Descriptions, examples, supplements, and explanations

Şaban Pabucu Yarım

This 87-minute-long comedy film (released in 1985) was one in a running series -- all of which starred Kemal Sunal as the artless Şaban. The figurative translation of this movie's title is 'Come out and play with us Şaban'. It's rooted in the ditty that Turkish children chant in a group to entice a house-bound friend to come out to play with them. Starting with a Person's Name (in this case Şaban) the ditty goes: Şaban pabucu yarım, Çık dışarıya oynayalım. That bit of childish banter means: Hey Şaban with the half-shoe, come outside, let's play.

LMA - Kemal Sunal (as Şaban), MA - Halit Akçatepe (as Ali), LFA - Adile Naşit (as Şaban's sister-in-law Adile), FA - Müge Akyamaç (as Pemra), MD - Kartal Tibet, W - Halit Akçatepe, Aydemir Akbas P - Yahya Kılıç, M - Cahit Berkay, C - Rafet Şiriner
According to the Hürriyet Gazetesi TV listing for 4 December 2007, this film was given a rating of 2 stars out of 3 the day it was shown on the ATV Channel.
Kartal Tibet was a swashbuckling hearthrob in his acting days, but when he turned to directing he was instantly successful with comedy films. Tibet was one of Kemal Sunal's favorite comedy film directors, as exemplified by the two following posters, and his comedies often included the character-actress Adile Naşit in the cast...
Directed by
Movie Poster for 'Davaro' with Kemal Sunal, Pembe 
Mutlu, Adile Naşit -- directed by Kartal Tibet (1981)
Kartal Tibet (1981)
Click for enlargement!
Directed by
Famous Turkish Movies Series -- Movie Poster...'Deli Deli Küpeli' - a comedy directed by former matinee idol Kartal Tibet and starring Kemal Sunal (d. July 2000), veteren actor in 87 films
Kartal Tibet (1986)
Click for enlargement!

Plot Summary: In this particular comedy film of the Şaban-series, our guilelss namesake hero (played by Kemal Sunal) can't hold a job for love or money and is forced to live together with his older sister-in-law, Adile Hanım (played by Adile Naşit). Adile Hanım is very fond of the neghborhood children and builds a park for them in the garden next to her home. But the happy scenario is shortlived -- because news surfaces that a soulless building contractor is making ready to sieze and raze Adile Hanım's home and garden to make way for a modern apartment building. That's when Şaban and best friend Ali get cracking, take matters in hand, and save the day.

Yılmaz Şahin

Yılmaz Şahin
frightens Zerrin Doğan
with this withering look
in Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
(A Woman Like That)
Yılmaz Şahin, Erotic Movies/Films Actor of the 1970s and 80s
Click for enlargement!
Yılmaz Şahin
was a murdering maniac in
Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
Erotic Movie poster for 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' starring Zerrin Doğan, Levent Ünsal, Zafir Seba, and Yılmaz Şahin (1979)
Thanks to HepsiBurada.com
Apart from a bit part in the 1973 film production of Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Tourist Omer In Space) Yılmaz Şahin's entire movie career took place in 1979 - when he acted in 8 'erotik' movies/films (starting with Öyle Bir Kadın Ki -- A Woman Like That) opposite such 'erotik' leading actresses as Dilber Ay, Meltem Isık, Zafir Seba (Saba), and Arzu Okay. All 8 of those films were directed by the same prolific Director, Naki Yurter (real name: Yani Veligradino) -- who never made another movie/film after 1980 (subsequent to his arrest for making pornographic movies by the 1980 military government of Turkey). And, Yılmaz Şahin made no other films after 1979 -- he seems to have dropped off the map altogether, without a trace. Was the arrest in 1980 of his favorite Director the cause of his shortened career? Probably.
See also:

Yılmaz Şahin's Entire Movie Career:
  • 1973 - Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Tourist Omer in Space), in a conventional movie acting-role
  • 1979 - Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (A Woman Like That), lead 'erotik' supporting actor to actress Zafir Seba (Saba)
  • 1979 - Anasına Bak Kızını Al 16mm (Look to the Mother, Take the Daughter), lead supporting actor to actress Dilber Ay
  • 1979 - Beklenen Kadın (Expected Woman), leading actor to actress Arzu Okay
  • 1979 - Tehlikeli Kadınlar (Dangerous Women), leading actor to actress Meltem Işık
  • 1979 - Esmer Bomba (Brunette Bombshell), leading actor to actresses Zafir Seba (Saba) and Meltem Işık
  • 1979 - Yudum Yudum Sev (Love, In Small Swallows), lead supporting actor to actress Dilber Ay
  • 1979 - Sıcak Sıcak (Very Hotly), leading actor to actress Meltem Işık
  • 1979 - Sevginin Bedeli (The Equivalent of Love), leading actor to actress Dilber Ay

Şener Şen

Şener Şen is a Turkish film, TV, and stage actor with more than 60 movies to his credit.
Born Ali Haydar Şen on 26 December 1941 in Adana, Türkiye (Turkey) - the son of a well-known film actor (also named Ali Şen).
Şener Şen is
Eşkıya (The Bandit) 1996

şener Şen is the bandit that time forgot in Eşkıya (The Bandit) 1996.

Thanks to
Digiturk Degisi
February 2006

Actor of Woeful Countenance

Şener Şen (who has been compared with Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Stan Laurel) began acting in 1958 as an amateur - on stage at the Yeşil Sahne (Yesil Sahne) theater in Amasya. Between 1964-1966, he taught elementary school in the villages of eastern Anatolia. In 1966, he took to the stage again at the City Theater in Istanbul. Şener Şen always preferred the legitimate stage to the silver screen but when he couldn't make ends meet, he made his movie debut in 1967, with a small role in the drama film Sözde Kizlar (So-Called Girls). His first leading film role was in the comedy, Şalvar Davası (The Shalvar Trouser Trial) 1983 - opposite Müjde Ar. Note: The Şener Şen bio on Vikipedia is incorrect in identifying his first leading actor film as Namuslu (High Principled) in 1984. In 1983, a few 'Film and Stage' print publications even named Şener Şen 'Best Film Actor', for his leading portrayal of Ömer Ağa in Şalvar Davası.
Şener Şen
- then (1979) and now (2005) -

Şener Şen (Sener Sen) - Turkish Time Tunnel photo, then (1979) and now (2005).

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
29 March 2005
And, Şen truly came to prominence in 1984, with his portrayal of Mutemet Ali Rıza in Namuslu (High Principled). In 1985, Ertem Eğilmez directed Şen in Aşik Oldum, the Turkish ripoff version of Gene Wilder's tour de force, The Woman in Red (itself a ripoff of the French film Un éléphant ça trompe énormément (An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive) also known as Pardon mon affaire, directed by Yves Robert. Şener Şen (as Şakir Bostancı) ably played Gene Wilder's lead role in the Turkish version of the film.

Şener Şen and Şehnaz Dilan
have the hots for each other
in the Turkish version of
'The Woman in Red'.

Şener Şen and Şehnaz Dilan go for each other in 'Aşık Oldum' (I Fell In Love - 1985) -- the Turkish version of 'A Woman in Red'.

Şener Şen Filmography
  • Şalvar Davası (The Shalvar Trouser Trial - a comedy made in 1983) The women of the village, led by Elif (Müjde Ar), are fed up with the macho behaviour of the men, led by Ömer Ağa (Şener Şen)...
  • Namuzlu (High Principled - a comedy made in 1984) When he can't convince friends and family of his innocence in a robbery, Mutemet Ali Rıza (Şener Şen) gives a false confession and gains the admiration heretofore denied him...
  • Aşık Oldum (I Fell In Love - a comedy made in 1985) The very-well-done copy-cat Turkish version of The Woman In Red...
  • Eşkıya (The Bandit - a drama made in 1996) After more than 30-years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Baran (Şener Şen) returns seeking revenge and the woman he once loved...

Movie film-clip: Şener Şen (and Şehnaz Dilan) in the opening scene of the original version of Aşık Oldum (I Fell in Love, a 1.8MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file) -- a blatent imitation of the opening scene of Gene Wilder's The Woman In Red, though an equally entertaining one. Turkish religious-right AKP government censors cut the entire scene from the version that appeared on Cine5 TV, thus removing the main plot point of the film. Nice work RTÜK!

Seher Şeniz

Conventional and erotik Turkish movie star, born 1948 -- real first name, Zora. Comitted suicide in May 1992.
Movie Publicity Photo --
The Dead-pan Seher Şeniz
in the late 1970s

Seher Şeniz, Dead-pan publicity photo in the late 1970s
First taste of stardom came in 1965 when İzmirli (Izmir-born/raised) Seher Şeniz won a Beauty Contest while vacationing at an Aegean beach resort. She got started in show biz as a stripper (as did Feri Cansel at nearly the same time). Şeniz's trademark dead-pan expression, while she danced, intrigued audiences and the Turkish entertainment press alike. She only made 23 films in total -- all but 5 of them were conve ntional. But in 1975 she made the move to erotik movies when she starred opposite Mete İnselel and İlhan Daner in Muz Sever Misin? (Do You Like Bananas?) written and directed by Oksal Pekmezoğlu. Of those 5 erotik films that Şeniz made, 3 were released in 1975 -- the other 2 in 1976. After the Turkish Army coup of 1980, Şeniz attempted to make a comeback by 'revealing' for several men's magazines (e.g. Erkekçe, Bravo -- see at right). But her time in that limelight soon faded -- and she made just one more film, the conventional comedy Uyanıklar Dünyası (Sharpwits World) directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1985. Afterwards, she slipped slowly into depression and ended her life with sleeping pills in 1992 at the age of 44 -- leaving behind this poignent suicide note for her older brother:

I've finally succeeded in leaving this disgusting life. Don't bury me as a Muslim. Wrap me in a white bathrobe and cover me over in my grave, letting no one see my face or body.

Seher Şeniz
Erotik Movies:
Seher Şeniz
semi-Erotik Movies:

Seher Şeniz
Magazine Pictorials:
Seher Şeniz in Erkekçe Magazine
Bu Seher Şeniz kimse inanmiyor!
(This Seher Şeniz is unbelievable!)
May 1981

Seher Şeniz, Erkekçe Magazine pictorial, 1981

Seher Şeniz in Bravo Magazine
Gündemde (My Agenda)
July 1982

Seher Şeniz, Bravo Magazine pictorial, 1982

Türkân Şoray

Türkan Şoray is arguably the most famous Turkish film (and TV) actress of her time - with more than 200 movies to her credit. Additionally, she has directed 4 films and written the screenplays for another 2.
Şoray, who has been nicknamed Sultan by her adoring public, was born 28 June 1945 in Istanbul. She finished high school at Fatih Kiz Lisesi (Istanbul) in the middle of her class.

Sultan of the Turkish Silver Screen

See the Türkan Şoray entry in the Turkish Who's Who for more detail and photos.
Türkan Şoray
- then (1971) and now (2005) -

Türkan şoray (Turkan Soray) - Turkish Time Tunnel photo, then (1971) and now (2005).

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
Türkan Şoray Filmography

In 1971, Türkan Şoray starred
with Salih Güney and Tanju Gürsu
in Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz
(Hürmüz And Her Seven Husbands)
directed by Atıf Yılmaz.
In 1979, Zerrin Egeliler starred
with Kamer Baba in Yedi Kocalı
(Woman With Seven Husbands),
an erotik film with the same theme
directed by Ülkü Erakalın.

Movie photo from 'Kadersizler' (The Unfortunate Ones) starring Zerrin Egeliler and Oktar Durukan, 1979

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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