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Seda Sayan
The much-married
superstar wins coveted
Golden Buttefly award

Seda Sayan -- The much-married superstar wins the Golden Buttefly award for 'Best Talk Show Host' in 2006
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Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Seda Sayan and Kadır İnanır --
starred in the crime film
İmparator (Emporer) 1984.
The son of a tribal leader (Kadır İnanır)
takes on the Mafia with Seda Sayan
as his erotically attentive nurse.

Seda Sayan plays the erotically attentive nurse to the son of a tribal leader (Kadır İnanır) who takes on the Mafia.
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Kamer Sadık

See Kamer Baba. 
Ata Saka
While the authenticity of his (stage?) name remains in question, it's definite that Ata Saka made (at least) 49 films in his 10 year career, between 1973 and 1983.
Ata Saka
in Gece Yaşayan Kadın
(Woman of the Night)

Ata Saka in 'Gece Yaşayan Kadın' (Woman of the Night) 1979.

Ata Saka and Tülin Tan
in Çıldırtan Kadın - Sevmek mi Ölmek mi?
(A Woman Driven to Madness - Will it be love or death?)

Ata Saka violates Tülin Tan and then strangles her to death in 'Çıldırtan Kadın - Sevmek mi Ölmek mi?'  (A Woman Driven to Madness - Will it be love or death?) (1978).

Ata Saka and Begüm Bahar
in Kadersizler
(The Unfortunate Ones)

Ata Saka violates Begüm Bahar in Kadersizler (The Unfortunate Ones) 1979.

A male 'erotik' movie star of the 70's and 80's, who often paired-up with Zerrin Egeliler (the undisputed queen of 'erotik' Turkish movies, who made a record-setting 37 starring-role 'erotik'-film performances in 1979 alone). However, Ata Saka's film-debut in 1973 was in a 'conventional' movie, Kara Orkun (Black Orkun), an adventure-film directed by Yücel Uçanoğlu. In all, he acted in as many as 15 'conventional' Turkish films, across at least 3 movie genres.

Take 1976, for instance... While it's true that he appeared in Naki Yurter's 'erotik' movie, Elmanın Alına Bak (Pay Attention to the Redness of Your Apple) that year -- he also made 5 other 'conventional' films. And, it's indicative of his range as an actor (Turkish movie historians say) that in 1976, Ata Saka appeared in such conventional movies as...

  • Tosun Paşa (General Tosun), a comedy directed by Kartal Tibet, which starred Kemal Sunal and Müjde Ar (née Kàmile Suat Ebrem).
  • Taksi Şoför (Taxi Driver/Chauffeur), a drama starring Kadir İnanır and Banu Alkan, directed by the renowned Serif Gören. (Since breaking into the movie business as a sound technician in 1968, Gören [now in his 60's and still working] has so far directed 48 films, written screenplays for 9, and produced 4.)
  • Ben Bir Garip Keloğlanım (I'm One Bizarre Baldboy), a Turkish folktale -- reportedly one of the best in the Keloğlan (Baldboy) series -- directed by the legendary Süreyya Duru (who besides directing 52 films between 1961 and 1988 [the year he died], is also credited with 4 major screenplays, and 24 movie productions.)
  • So, Ata Saka wasn't just a 'pretty face'...He also had genuine acting ability, it seems. Unfortunately, that acting ability is hard to appreciate if you only consider his 'erotik' movies, in which he tended to 'overact' -- presumably because that's what the audience wanted to see. Still, it's puzzling why (after 10 successful years) he just up and quit acting in 1983 -- and simply disappeared into the woodwork...

    In his 'erotik' movies (about 35 films all told), Ata Saka usually performed in 'bad guy' roles.
    Ata Saka and Zerrin Egeliler
    in Zevkhane (House of Joy)

    Ata Saka gets acquainted with Zerrin Egeliler in Zevkhane (House of Joy).
    a grainy 16mm loop
    from the 1970s

    Ata Saka and Dilber Ay
    in Gece Yaşayan Kadın
    (Woman of the Night)

    Ata Saka goes up-skirt with Dilber Ay in 'Gece Yaşayan Kadın' (Woman of the Night), 1979.
    in which Ata Saka
    played a good-guy
    (relatively speaking)
    for once.

    sansür; censor
    Çıldırtan Sansür
    (The Insanely Silly Censor)

    Movie censorship in Turkey -- 2 July 2008
    Thanks to
    Sözcü Gazetesi
    2 July 2008
    The newspaper article above -- Çıldıtan sansür (Censor Gone Insane) -- bemoans the censorship of classic Turkish movies by AKP government censors on the staff of the government-owned TRT Television channels. The article's author focuses on TRT censors' mutilation of Cüneyt Arkın's 43-year-old Kırık Hayatlar (Broken Lives)...to make his/her point. Arkın plays a doctor in that film (made in 1965) -- and in one scene he uses a stethoscope to examine a female patient in her underwear. The film was shown in its entirety on TRT in 1988, but, in June 2008, heavy-handed religious-right censors cut the scene out... so that the female patient's underwear is no longer visible -- before showing it on TRT's 'Classic Movies' segment. The article quotes the director of the film, Halit Refig, "It's very distressing to see what the modern-day government censor has done to my film. When the film was first shown on TRT in 1988, it was completely uncensored." The article concludes with, 'Viewers too have raised their voices against such reactionary censorship, but TRT officials won't listen."

    Insanely Silly Censorship...
    If you needed further evidence that Turkey is slowly sinking into a mind-controlled mire since the takeover of the AKP religious-right minority government, please take note that, as of today (19 March 2010), it has been 23 full months since the government officially banned YouTube from the Turkish Internet because of alleged YouTube videos that are/were critical of Atatürk and "Turkishness". RTÜK (the government's heavy-handed censorship organ) refuse to name the offending YouTube videos, however... lending credence to goverment critics who say that the real target of the government censorship is the ever-growing number anti-AKP vidoes appearing on YouTube.

    Just how the YouTube ban within Turkey was supposed to punish 'wrong-doers' outside of Turkey escapes anyone in their right mind (which obviously excludes the AKP government censors). But you can be sure of two things... A) Angry critics of Turkey have been coming out of the woodwork since the ban has been in effect -- and B) the number of multi-lingual anti-Turkish videos (viewable by millions of Internet surfers throughout the rest of the non-Turkish world) has multiplied geometrically on YouTube (and lookalike websites). Isn't this a clear 'victory' for the foreign 'wrong-doers'? Could they have dared hope for a better outcome?

    The Future of Censorship in Turkey
    - joking on the level -
    The future of censorship in Turkey
    "Pretty soon they'll want us to pay a special premium
    to view ancient works of art."

    Thanks to
    Sözcü Gazetesi
    26 November 2007

    Censorship of old Turkish films
    Another AKP government complaint against YouTube is that it freely displays uncensored Turkish movies from the 1970s.

    We're not talking hard-core porn movies here, were talking about video-films that display french-kisses, fade-to-black love-scenes, women in revealing bathing suits, topless women (even in non-sexual situations), or women (and men) in their undies.

    The AKP thinks these films of yesteryear are indecent -- and it has found a way (using the "anti-Turkishness" law) to discourage Turkish eyes from seeing or hearing them on YouTube. (We use the word 'discourage' here because anyone in Turkey who knows what a 'Proxy Website' is, can access YouTube with ease -- something the AKP Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan admitted to doing himself -- in reply to a news-reporter's question in November 2008.)

    At home within Turkey, the AKP doesn't need to be so inventive when it comes to exercising censorship...especially film censorship. The AKP simply tells the State-owned TRT TV Channels (as per the article shown at far left) or RTÜK which films to censor and they do the government's bidding. Publicly-owned film and TV companies who resist, face suspension or loss of their licenses, instantly.

    Also see:
  • Şener Şen is censored in Turkish-TV version of 'The Woman in Red', but not in the original film...
  • Censorship and the RTÜK...
  • Censorship of Turkish Movies: Dağınak Yatak
  • Censorship and DigiTürk Cable/Satellite TV

  • Sarışın Tehlike (Danger in Blonde)
    Cüneyt Arkın leads a cast of well-known Turkish actors/actresses of the 1970's through a murder mystery that's more memorable for its parts than for its whole... in a sort of reverse synergy. By the way, the film, released in 1980, also stars Christine Haydar (billed as Kristin Haydar), a notorious blonde bombshell of the time (who claimed to be the grandchild of Haydar Paşa) in one of only two Turkish films she made. (She made the other one, a drama entitled Bedel (The Price), in 1983. Bedel was directed by Melih Gülgen and starred Kadir İnanır, Bahar Öztan, Ekrem Bora, Sevda Ferdağ and, Kristin/Christine Haydar.)

    Metin (eventually)
    saves Christine.

    Christine Haydar wears soggy (but pretty) pink panties for the rescue scene...

    LMA - Cüneyt Arkın (as Metin Tuncu, a philandering, devil-may-care actor); LFA - Christine Haydar (also seen as Christina, Christian, Christien, Kristin Haydar) (as herself, Christine Haydar, a stage singer-dancer); MA - Metin Serezli (as both Nedim and Osman Okçu); MA - Hadi Çaman (as Naci, a small-time agent who becomes Metin's booze-hound buddy); MA - Yüksel Gözen (as Nürettin Sözer, stage actor); FA - Gülten Ceylan (as Emel, Nürettin's wife, a stage actress); FA - Aynur Akarsu (as Nedim's 'wife'); MA - Nejat Özbek as Refik, Nedim's man; MA - Yadigar Ejder (as Emile aka 'King Kong', one of Nedim's Thugs.); MA - Çetin [Tarzan] Başaran (as another of Nedim's Thugs); MA - Yusuf Çetin (as the advertising organizer); MD - Aram Gülyüz; W - Aram Gülyüz; C - Orhan Kapkı; P - Abdurrahman Keskiner; PC - Umut Film

    'Twas a very good year...
    Kristin Haydar -- reveals for the paparazzi
    Kristin Haydar reveals
    for the paparazzi
    circa 1979
    Plot Summary: The Okçu Confectionary Company wants to make a 45 second TV commercial -- and, through talent agents, it hires 4 high-profile actors/actresses (at extraordinarily good pay) to play roles in it. But there's one condition to the lucrative pay-day for the actors/actresses and their agents... They must all be the guests of the Confectionary Company's owner (Nedim Okçu played by Metin Serezli), at his deserted-island home for the week, for planning purposes, before the commercial is made. The commercial's leading male, the devil-may-care Metin Tuncu (played by Cüneyt Arkın) [who is known for his karate, scuba-diving, and bedroom skills] is the least cooperative of the bunch, threatening to quit at the expense of the others if anyone tries to rein in his testosterone-heavy behaviour. Once everyone is assembled on the island, Nedim Bey (the owner) begins setting rules that cramp Metin's style but Metin plays along reluctantly (up to a fateful point) due to the private urging of Nedim's wife, who makes her 'availability' to him well known. On the other hand, the blonde bombshell female-lead Christian (played by Kristin Haydar), seems impervious to Metin's charms, showing an active dislike of him -- especially after he employs his 'Tactic #7' by mocking her private dance-rehearsal on the beach. (See movie-clip link, further below.) When Nedim Bey hears of the incident, he challenges Metin's chauvinistic behaviour -- and, rather than buckle under, Metin opts to fight it out with 'King Kong' as his 'punishment'. (See movie-clip link, further below.) To everyone's surprise, Metin cleans King Kong's clock -- and that makes Christian all wobbly in the knees. But soon, members of the cast and island-crew start showing up dead. To be continued...
    Movie clips from 'Sarişın Tehlike'
  • Tactic #7 -- Contemplating their plight, Metin and Naci take a seaside stroll -- and come upon Christian practicing her dance routine (in a 1970's thong-style bathing suit) on a strip of deserted beach she thought safe from prying eyes. Turkish language-learners alert: The boys get quite an eyebath before Metin remarks (just loud enough for Kristin to hear) that her routine isn't much to shout about (while pinching Naci in the neck so that he'll agree). After Christian storms off in a huff, Metin explains to Naci that he's using "Tactic #7" on the beautiful blonde, to get her 'head working' -- and he'll teach the tactic to Naci later that night. Naci is all ears at the prospect. A 1.8 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • Metin beats all odds -- and wins the hearts of two ladies-fair -- When Metin (Cüneyt Arkın) opts to fight rather than to buckle under, his evil host Nedim (Metin Serezli) pits the 'unbeatable' Emile (aka 'King Kong' played by Yadigar Ejder) against him. Before the battle royale commences, Metin extracts a jokey promise from the heretofore snooty Christian (Kristin Haydar) to have a beer with him if perchance he somehow manages to win. But, when Metin surprises everyone by emerging victorious, guess who's first in line with congrats? Why, none other than the evil host's wife (Aynur Akarsu). And that makes Christian jealous... A 2.7 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file

  • Seda Sayan
    Real Name: Aysel Gülaçar, born 4 January 1964.
    Actress (in 13 conventional films from 1981 thru 2008), Singer, TV Personality/Talk Show Host
    Seda Sayan -- Turkey's
    most popular all-round entertainer?
    Turkish Time Tunnel
    1985 and 2005

    Seda Sayan... argueably Turkey's most popular entertainer -- Turkish Time Tunnel, 1985 and 2005

    Seda Sayan
    gave a revealing treat to
    in a scintillating photoshoot for
    Playmen Magazine in 1986


    Seda Sayan won the heart
    of singing star Ibrahim Tatlıses
    in the musical drama
    Yorgun (Tired)
    directed by
    Ibrahim Tatlıses in 1983


  • Seda Sayan -- of the appealingly
    'sensitive' overbite...

    Seda Sayan displays her
    in İmparator (Emperor) 1985

  • Much-married (and oft-romantically involved) Superstar... Seda Sayan was married 6 times between 1987 (when at 23 she married Ridvan Kılıç, a soccer player) and 2008 (when at 44 she married Onur San, a Turkish folk singer, who was 17 years her junior.) But that's nowhere near Sayan's whole adult-life story, which actually took flight (if we are to believe Mehmet Şehirli's published account) when she was just 11 years old.

  • When the Turkish Media Named Seda Sayan Turkey's #1 Entertainer (includes musical clip)
  • When Seda Sayan yielded to the 'charms' of Svengali (Ibrahim Tatlises) -- Coming soon...

  • Seda Sayan and Gökhan Güney
    made passionate whoopie
    in Aşk Adası (Love Island)
    written and directed by
    Remzi Jöntürk in 1983


    Seda Sayan's filmograghy:
    İmparator (Emperor) directed by Melih Görgün in 1985 (see movie poster at right page-top). Plot Summary: Kadır İnanır (as Kadır) is the heir apparent to his clan's wealth and power -- which he plans to use for good. But a rival mafia-like clan seeks to bring Kadır down by force, take his fortune, and use it for criminal purposes. When the rival clan discovers Kadır in a love-affair with the wife (played by Bilun Nazlıhan as Emel) of one of its members, the clan attempts to assassinate him. Gravely wounded in the assassination attempt, Kadır comes under the nursing care of Seda Sayan (as Nevin) in hospital. Sayan's care becomes affection, and then much more -- in this 2.3 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) film-clip...
    A not-so-secret joke... When Seda Sayan was guest-star on Gülben Ergen's TV contest-show, Eve Doğru (Straight Home) in January 2002 -- the two entertainers refused a reporter's request for a seated pose before they went On Air. Ergen said, "It's not possible in this dress." As the two stars assumed a standing pose, reporters overheard them whispering and giggling to each other. "I'm not wearing any panties," Ergen giggled under her breath, "the panty-line would show." When Sayan replied, "Don't tell anyone, but neither am I"...the two famous women nearly fell down laughing -- as seen in the article-photo below.
    Seda Sayan and Gülben Ergen
    Not-So Secret


    Thanks to
    Hürriyet Gazetesi
    26 Jan 2002


    Zafir Seba
    An alternative spelling of Zafir's surname is Saba, seen at a number of internet websites, most notably Sinematurk.com -- and in (at least) one reference book, Erotik Türk Sineması150. Furthermore, as the opening credits roll in the 1979 movie Tamam Mi Canım (Is it OK, dear?), Zafir's surname is even seen spelled as Sebah. So, if you're planning to further research this beautiful actress on your own, keep in mind these surname variations.

    Zafir Seba/Saba/Sebah
    in an early publicity shot
    Zafir Seba/Saba/Sebah, Erotic Movies/Films Actress of the 1970s and 80s
    Click for enlargement!

    Thanks to
    Erotik Türk Sineması150

    A sultry brunette with bedroom eyes, Zafir Seba (Saba/Sebah) got her start as an 'erotik' movie-star in 1979. She was modeling at the time and had made a short bar-room movie-loop that caught the eye of an 'erotik' movie film producer -- who immediately signed her to a 10 film contract. She completed her film roles in all 10 movies in just 3 months!

    Aşk Penceresi
    (The Love Window)
    Erotic Movie poster for 'Aşk Penceresi' starring Hadi Çaman and Zafir Seba (1979)
    Erotik Türk Sineması150

    Together with Zerrin Doğan in Öyle Bir Kadın Ki, Zafir Seba (Saba) played a major, though secondary, role in the first legally produced and distributed hard-core 'erotik' movie in Turkish cinematic history. In a film career spanning 1979-1989 she acted in 19 feature films. Of the 19, at least 13 of them deserve an R+ to X-Rating, even by today's more lenient standards. A few of them, like Enişte, were made 'on the run' in low-budget 16mm format.

    Zafir Seba (Saba/Sebah) was discovered and signed to a 10 film contract after an 'erotik' films producer caught her act in a short bar-room movie-loop, Zafir Hanım's career took off right away. With a total of 19 leading-lady or supporting actress roles to her credit between 1979 and 1989, she was the 2nd highest-paid 'erotik' filmstar during that era (just behind Zerrin Egeliler).

    After the stunning success of her first films won her a renegotiated contract -- Zafir demanded and received 100,000 Old Turkish Lira per film. That was equivalent to about $10,000 per movie, at a time when per capita Turkish incomes were less than $1,000 a year.

    Film historian Cihan Demirci149 quotes Zafir Hanım as saying, "I was quite self-conscious and uncomfortable about undressing on the movie set of my first two films. The dress came off, then the bra, then the various undergarments they had me wear -- it felt awkward at first. But, I soon got used to it. And afterwards, they had trouble getting me back into my clothes after a lovemaking scene. During one movie shoot I remember our director saying, Once you finally get undressed, it's hell getting you dressed again. Come on now, move it. We've got a clothed movie scene to do!"

    Memorable Movie Quotes:
    Zafir has always claimed to be comfortable, proud, and happy with her 'erotik' movies -- some of which "were family films," as she is still fond of saying, "if you take out the 'erotik' scenes." Her favorite leading man was Hadi Çaman -- and, in another memorable movie quote, Zafir Hanım said..."Hadi Bey was from a real theatrical background, and we did 'it' 7 times for the filming of Aşk Penceresi (see the movie poster in column two). He was the consummate gentlemen off-camera -- and always loved helping others."

    See also:

  • Öyle Br Kadın Ki 2/4
  • Enişte
  • Yılmaz Şahin
  • Hadi Çaman
    Click following to access a 1.74 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file -- for a G-Rated, though nonetheless interesting, movie-video clip
    from Öyle Bir Kadın Ki, featuring Zafir Seba and co-star Yılmaz Şahin in a youthfully exuberant romp along the shoreline of a deserted sandy beach...
  • Sekreter
    (The Secretary)
    A moralistic film-story that gets its reputation from no less than 6 provocative Peeping-Tom sequences, plus scenes of lesbianism and attempted-rape. Made in 1985, Sekreter stars Hülya Avşar in 35mm living color. Movie Length/Duration: approx. 94 minutes.
    The film's opening title...
    Hülya Avşar is 'The Secretary'
    Click for enlargement

    Love in bloom...
    along the snowy slopes of Bursa's Uludağ

    The rich and the working class
    live world's apart...

    Christening Erkut's Birthday Villa
    "Don't be afraid," Erkut says, "We'll marry soon..."

    Hülya's boss is a
    systematic 'Peeping Tom'...
    What's worse, he lies...
    telling Erkut's father Sadık that Hülya is a willing exhibitionist
    and much more...
    LFA - Hülya Avşar (as Hülya); LMA - Tolga Savacı in his very first film (as Erkut); MA - Muhip Arcıman (as Erkut's greedy unsympathetic father, Sadık); MA - Yüksel Gözen (as Faik Bey, Hülya's lying braggadocios peeping-tom boss [röntgenci müdür] who dies, finally confessing her innocence); FA - Aynur Akarsu (as Belkis Abla -- who has a lesbian yen for Hülya, but who provides much needed friendship and support throughout Hülya's ordeals); MA - Nejat Gürçen (as Belkis Abla's boss, whose harassing hands she tolerates as being part of her secretarial job-description.); MA - Ali Sururi (as Ragıp Saka -- who arrives late in the film to become Hülya's well-meaning sugar-daddy, and who assists in putting things right finally); MA - Selahattin Fırat (as Hülya's working-class father. When his small retirement pay isn't enough to support the family, Hülya has to become a secretary.); FA - Neriman Köksal [née: Hatice Kökçü] (as Erkut's usually sympathetic mother); FA - Güzin Doğan (as Filiz, Erkut's cousin/wife); FA - Gül Vergon (as Hülya's always-faithful working-class mother); MD - Temel Gürsu; W - Suphi Tekniker; C - Ertunç Şenkay; P - Kadir Turgut, Ferit Turgut; PC - Uzman Film
    Taking liberties
    Belkis Abla (Aynur Akarsu) lets her boss (Nejat Gürçen)
    get away with blatent harassment...
    and she advises Hülya to do the same.
    Sekreter -- Belkis Abla (Aynur Akarsu) has to make a leggy stretch.
    Sekreter -- Nejat Gürçen (as Belkis Abla's boss) observes her stretch with interest.
    Sekreter -- Belkis Abla (Aynur Akarsu) is taken by surprise at first... by her boss's harassing hands.
    Sekreter -- Belkis Abla (Aynur Akarsu) recovers her composure...
    Sekreter -- Nejat Gürçen takes aim...
    Sekreter -- Her boss slimes his way up Belkis Abla's leg.
    Click individual pics for enlargement!

    'Twas a very good year...
    Hülya Avşar -- 1985 Erkekçe Magazine Cover
    Hülya Hanım also revealed herself
    for 'Erkekçe' Magazine
    in 1985

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Ads by HepsiBurada
    Plot Summary: Beautiful (but working-class) Hülya and handsome (rich-boy) Erkut fall in love on a winter holiday at Uludağ -- and begin making plans to marry. Erkut's father Sadık disapproves of his son's choice -- desiring a more 'suitable' family tie, which he believes will solidify the family fortune. When father Sadık (convinced by the lying sexual-innuendos of Hülya's Peeping-Tom boss) presents Erkut with 'the facts' about her, it sets in motion a string of heart-wrenching events that brings misery to everyone...
    Plot Details: Two young people (working-class Hülya [Hülya Avşar] and wealthy heir-apparent Erkut [Tolga Savacı]) meet and fall in love while on winter holiday at the popular Turkish ski resort on Mt. Olympus (Uludağ) near Bursa, Turkey. It's not a flash-in-the-pan romance either...continuing to gain momentum after the two return home to Istanbul. When Erkut reveals his love for Hülya to his mother (played by Neriman Köksal) she's pleased for him, but warns him off telling his dour business-magnate father (played by Muhip Arcıman) until she lays some groundwork. But her good intentions are still-born because Erkut's father has other, unwholesome plans...for Erkut to marry his kissing-cousin Filiz (the daughter [played by Güzin Doğan] of a related business-magnate) -- in a move that will supposedly consolidate the family fortune. Initially Erkut, his mother, and Hülya are clueless about Erkut's father's plans... And, until she and Erkut can marry, the ever-honorable Hülya feels that she must find work as a secretary (in spite of Erkut's implied offer to help her financially in the interim) -- because her father's retirement pay doesn't cover her own family's basic living expenses. But, though she has no trouble finding secretarial jobs, her bosses (one after another) sexually harass her -- and she quits them (one after another) in a huff, without reporting the incidents to Erkut. When Hülya seeks the seasoned professional advice of family friend Belkis Abla (a highly successful executive-secretary in her own right [played by Aynur Akarsu]), she's surprised to learn that Belkis tolerates the harassing hands of her own boss (played by Nejat Gürçen) -- and Belkis Abla advises Hülya to try to do the same. But, when she realizes that Hülya isn't 'that kind of girl', Belkis Abla arranges a secretarial job interview for Hülya with Faik Bey (played by Yüksel Gözen), supposedly a businessman of impeccably high moral character. The day before the interview, Erkut's father Sadık (in a move to ingratiate himself before forcing his arranged-marriage plan on Erkut and cousin-Filiz) presents Erkut with a snazzy new villa (as a birthday present) -- and it's there that Hülya and Erkut (both still ignorant of Sadık's vile marital intentions for Erkut) seal their own-marital intentions, in a love-making scene on lush carpeting in front of a blazing fireplace as the music rises romantically. Next day, Hülya's job interview appears to go swimmingly -- with one exception. Faik Bey high-mindedly declares that his is a professional business environment -- which requires her to be dressed in the latest fashions during office hours. When Hülya (then in bluejeans) replies that her personal wardrobe is meager, Faik Bey offers her a large well-appointed office connected to its own private changing room that is complete with a collection of company-owned designer clothes (which are not to leave company grounds). When he also offers her a pay rise (provided that she change clothes and start work that very moment), Hülya quickly accepts. Faik Bey (who, behind his high-toned rhetoric, is nothing but a common Peeping Tom) rushes back to his office where (hidden behind his high-backed chair) he unplugs the peephole... that provides a clear view of Hülya's entire 'strip show'. [See link to film-clip further below.] Faik Bey's peeping on Hülya (who is innocently unaware of it) becomes a daily routine, and he begins to brag about it to visiting customers -- indicating that Hüya willingly exhibits herself for him. One day, Erkut's father Sadık pays Faik Bey a business visit. Coming upon Hülya (in an outer office) as she stretches on a ladder to replace a top-shelf book, Sadık gets an eyeful of leggy feminine pulchritude. When he mentions it to Faik in their inner office meeting, Faik surpasses himself -- concocting a fanciful story of his sexual exploits with Hülya that leaves Sadık in open-mouthed admiration. Soon thereafter, a doctor confirms Hülya's growing suspicion that she's carring Erkut's child -- but she keeps the information to herself... To be continued...

    Movie clips of controversial scenes from 'Sekreter'
  • Why Hülya 'fired' her first boss...a 1MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • "Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly... Faik Bey appears as if he may be the perfect boss for Hülya, but appearances deceive...a 1.4MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • Boss (Faik Bey) tries to forcibly have his way with Hülya -- and, arriving in the wrong place at the wrong time, Erkut gets the wrong impression (already planted by Sadık, Erkut's devious father)...a 1MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • Badly mistreated by the 2 main men in her life (her boss and her presumed-fiancé), Hülya seeks solace in the arms of her lesbian friend Belkis Abla...a 1.5MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • Not for the faint-hearted...
    Hülya Avşar's Free-Kick Collection .
  • Also see Hülya Avşar in the Turkish Who's Who.

  • Seks Furyası
    The Turkish erotic movie boom years, between 1972 and 1979.

    For more info, see 'The Rise of Turkey's Erotik Films Industry'

    Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım
    An enduringly popular Turkish film classic love-story, released in 1977. When translated to English, the film's title is usually simplified, indicated as The Girl with the Red Scarf. The actual Turkish title has far more colloquial meaning, as we describe near the end of our article, Ten Best Turkish Films.

    LFA - Türkan Şoray (as Asya), LMA - Kadir İnanır (as İlyas, romantic but flawed), LMA - Ahmet Mekin (as Cemşit, dependable but unexciting), FA - Nurhan Nur (as Gülşah), FA - Elif İnci (as Gürbüz), MD - Atıf Yılmaz, W - Ali Özgentürk [adapted from a fictional work by renowned Turkic Kyrgyzstani writer Chingiz Aitmatov (Cengiz Aytmatov)], C - Çetin Tunca, M - Cahit Berkay, P - Arif Keskiner, PC - Yesilçam Film
    Movie/Film Awards for
    "The Girl with the Red Scarf"...

    Best Director, The Golden Orange Award, 15th Annual Antalya Film Fesitval, 1978
    Best Film -- Runner-up, The Golden Orange Award, 15th Annual Antalya Film Fesitval, 1978
    Best Cinematographer, The Golden Orange Award, 15th Annual Antalya Film Fesitval, 1978
    Best Actress, Taşkent Film Festival, 1978
    Just how popular was/is this movie in Turkey? Well, even Turkish philatelists were smitten by it... and commemorated the making of Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım with a lively set of postal-stamps and a special First Day of Issue envelope/cover -- a high philatelical honor indeed.
    Plot summary: A beautiful young köylü (Asya played by Türkan Şoray) catches the eye of a 'world wise' long-haul truck driver (İlyas played by Kadir İnanır) when he gets stuck in the mud near her small village. He quickly nicknames her Al Yazmalım; My Woman in the Red-tinged Head-cloth because he doesn't know her real name at first and because a red-tinged yazma is what she is wearing over her head when they first meet by the muddy roadside. Once İlyas (known as 'İstanbullu' to his work mates) manages to break down Asya's initial village-girl's reticence, a whirlwind romance ensues. The young lovers marry -- and at the celebration following the nuptials, their short dance of marital joy is memorable in Turkish cinematic history. (So memorable in fact that a movie-still taken from the dance scene became iconic of the movie, even inspiring [years later] one of the postal stamps in the commemorative set seen at left.) And as the happy couple depart the ceremony for their honeymoon, we see that İlyas has changed the name of his 'beloved' truck (from Aldirma Gönül;Cheating Heart to Al Yazmalım;My Woman in the Red-tinged Head-cloth) in Asya's honor -- displayed for all to see, atop the driver's cabin.
    All seems well, until...
    In the love story movie 'Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım' (The Girl with the Red Scarf), young lovers İlyas and Asya contemplate a bright future.
    Click for enlargement!
    Asya is soon pregnant, a son (Samet) is born, and all seems well with the world. But since nothing stays good (nor bad) forever, İlyas (a flawed handsome devil of a man if there ever was one) begins succumbing to his baser instincts, with the help of some lubricating alcohol. And in a scene that Asya inadvertently glimpses through an uncovered window, İlyas beds another woman...Continue following the movie plot of "The Girl with the Red Scarf" to its bitter-sweet end
    watch a film clip of the final climactic scene of Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım (The Girl with the Red Scarf) -- a 1.8MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file. Thanks to Noyan Tuzuner, Ankara.

    Mine Soley
    'Vamp' Actress in Conventional and (a few) Erotik films of the 1970s -- and an erotik-photo pinup-girl of that age. Mine Soley is still active as a conventional actress...
    Born Emine Gül -- 1946, Trabzon. The niece of actress Nezihe Güler.
    Mine Soley's erotik photos --
    on display at a Canadian Sex Fair
    in the 1970s.

    Mine Soley's Canadian Sex-Fair Photos.
    Thanks to

    Bad Girls of the 1970s Turkish Cinema
    Mine Soley, (light-weight) Seks Bombası

    She was born Emine Gül in the Akçaabat district of Trabzon, but known to Turkish movie fans by her show-business name, "Mine Soley".
    Mine Soley
    if looks could kill

    Mine Soley sings 'Ankara Ruzgara' and gives her competitor the evil-eye.

    Thanks to
    RamJam Nostalgia
    Especially during the 1960s and '70s, Ms. Soley belonged to Yeşilçam's notorious group of 'Bad Girls' which also included: Suzan Avcı, Aliye Rona, Neriman Köksal, and Sevda Ferdağ. But, in comparison to the other 'Bad Girls' of that cinematic age, Soley wasn't nearly so naughty... though she once shocked the trial Judge in a court case about her 'lewd photos' saying, "Your Honor, I'm not your ordinary Ayşe or Fatma...I'm Mine Soley, the seks bombasi!"
    Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
    Mine Soley
    Sings The Turkish Blues

    In this film-clip
    (a 1.9 MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file),
    Soley's performance is spoiled by a
    spectator whose gown is
    identical to Soley's own!

    Mine Soley sings the Turkish Blues (Ankara Ruzgaralar).

    Thanks to
    RamJam Nostalgia

    Mine Soley
    plays second-fiddle (as Neriman)
    while Murat Soydan and Serder Gökhan compete for Mine Mutlu's love in Kaderimsin (You Are My Destiny) 1969.

    Mine Soley played second-fiddle to Mine Mutlu in the classic Turkish film 'Kaderimsin' (You Are My Destiny)-- directed by Nuri O. Ergün in 1969.

    Two 'Bad Girls' for the price of one!
    Mine Soley and Suzan Avcı
    teamed up to play dandik roles in
    2 of the 3 'Kiling/Kilink/Killing' films -- directed by Yılmaz Atadeniz and written by Çetin İnanç in 1967.

    Mine Soley and Suzan Avcı in 'Kilink' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

    Derya Sonay
    Learn more about famous transsexual Turkish movie-stars like Emel Aydan, Aylin Berkay, Bülent Ersoy, and others on the 'Brief History of Transsexual Turkish Film/Movie Stars' page...
    Derya Sonay --
    sexy transsexual actress in
    Komşunun Tavuğu
    (The Neighbor's Hen/Chicken) 1979

    Derya Sonay starred with Kazım Kartal in 'Komşunun Tavuğu' (The Neighbor's Hen/Chicken) directed by Savaş Eşici in 1979.
    Derya Sonay's Filmography:

    Erotik Films --
  • Komşunun Tavuğu (The Neighbor's Hen/Chicken) 1979 -- a film-title based on the proverbial Turkish idiom, Komşunun tavuğu komşuya kaz, karısi kız görünür. Plot Summary: The story of a double deception - in which a fortune is at stake.
    More on the way...

  • Süpermen Dönüyor (The Return of Superman or Superman Returns )
    Dubbed the 'Turkish Superman' by English-speakers, this 'Fantastik' cult classic movie was made in 1979. It is one of the most popular of the Dandik Türk Filmleri -- the Trashy-but-nice 'family' of Turkish films.
    Süpermen Dönüyor
    ('The Return of Superman' aka 'Turkish Superman') 1979
    starring Tayfun Demir (as 'Clark') and Güngör Bayrak (as 'Lois')
    DVD container case for 'Süpermen Dönüyor' (The Return of Superman) starring Tayfun Demir as 'Tayfun' and Güngör Bayrak as 'Alev'
    Click for enlargement!

    Thanks to

    Kudret Karadağ
    as Turkish Superman's
    tooth-challenged real father Jor-El
    in Superman Returns -- 1979

    Tayfun Demir
    (in the Clark Kent role)
    changes to Turkish Superman
    LMA - Tayfun Demir (as Tayfun, in the Clark Kent/Superman role), LFA - Güngör Bayrak (as Alev, in the Lois Lane role), MA - Eşref Kolçak (as Prof. Çetinel, Alev's father), MA - Yıldırım Gencer (as the evil mastermind, Ekrem) - (Note: Gencer is initially referred to in the movie as 'Ekrem' by a colleague, but later, near the end of the movie, when Alev discovers his true identity, she exclaims, "Haki". So, either he had a name-change between the beginning and end of the movie, or else she uses the name as an expression of disbelief), MA - Kudret Karadağ (as Superman's real father, Jor-El -- in need of dental work), MA - Nejat Özbek (as Haydar, Ekrem Bey's right-hand man), MA - Reha Yurdakul (as Superman's adoptive father), FA - Şeref Çokşeker (as Superman's adoptive mother), MA - Turgut Özatay (as a henchman of Ekrem Bey) MA - Yadigar Ejder, as a henchman of Ekrem Bey, MA - Çetin Başaran, as a henchman of Ekrem Bey, MD - Kunt Tulgar, W - Kunt Tulgar and Emel Tulgar, C - Abdullah Gürek, M - Stolen from the Hollywood versions of the Superman and James Bond series of films, P - Kunt Tulgar, Editor - Necdet Tok, PC - Kunt Film (Yes, we realize that Kunt is an 'unfortunate' sounding name to English-speakers' ears -- but it's a very respectable personal name in Turkish. Besides, English-language delivers several eye-brow raisers of its own to Turkish-speakers' ears -- such as the English word sick or the American company-name Amway... So c'est la vie.)
    See the heading 'Example of a Dandik Turkish Movie' for interesting movie trivia about Süpermen Dönüyor.
    Film Clips
  • How to represent 'outer space' in a low-budget Turkish movie: Hang some Christmas-tree ornaments in front of a piece of black felt, and shine a dim light on them -- as director Kunt Tulgar did for the opening to Süpermen Dönüyor (Superman Returns) -- a 700KB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file.
  • Walking arm-in-arm unabashedly with Naci (the Jimmy Olsun character), Tayfun Demir (in the Clark Kent role) discovers he's got X-ray vision -- a 272KB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file.
  • Superman storms the bad guys hideout to save Professor Çetinel. He does a pretty good job of it too -- until 'The Last Son of Krypton' gets a powerful electric shock that knocks him for a loop. And, he falls unconscious on a moving conveyor belt that leads to a guillotine -- a 1.5MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file.
  • Superman is on the way to save the day again, but evil Ekrem (now in possession of the Kryptonite) has been trying out his photo-slide-projector cum Kryptonite-ray-gun on inanimate objects (which the ray gun turns to gold) and animate objects (which go up in flames). And when Ekrem turns the 'gun' on Superman, 'The Man of Steel' appears down for the count for the second time in the movie -- a 2.5MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file.

  • (Movie/Film clips thanks to
    DigiTürk and TürkMax)
    Plot summary for Süpermen Dönüyor ('Superman Returns' aka 'Turkish Superman') coming soon...

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