İngilizce Bilenler İçin Dini Motifli Filmleri - Religious Turkish Movies for English-speakers
Best and worst Turkish films with a religious theme starring:
Nilüfer Koçyiğit (Nilufer Kocyigit), Hülya Koçyiğit (Hulya Kocyigit), Fatma Girik, and Aliye Rona

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Dini Filmleri
Turkish Religious-Movie Star

Nilüfer Koçyiğit
in the 1970s
Religious film-star Nilüfer Koçyiğit was a hit in  'Sarı Kız/Kız Evliya' (Blonde Girl/Girl Saint) -- written and directed by Nuri Akncı in 1973.

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Turkish movies with a religious motif
Turkish Movies and Films
for English Speakers
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Religious-Theme Turkish Filmstar
Nilüfer Koçyiğit played the lead role in
Sarı Kız/Kız Evliya (Blonde Girl/Girl Saint) --
written and directed by Nuri Akıncı in 1973.
Plot: Sari Kiz (Nilüfer Koçyiğit) is young and
hauntingly beautiful -- and all the young
men of the village covet her.
But, she turns a blind eye to their
advances, because of
her all-consuming love for Allah.

Nilüfer Koçyiğit is the center of attraction in 'Sarı Kız/Kız 
Evliya' (Blonde Girl/Girl Saint) -- written and directed by Nuri Akıncı in 1973.
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For English-speaking Turkish movie-fans of Aliye Rona, Fatma Girik,
Nilüfer Koçyiğit (Nilufer Kocyigit), Hülya Koçyiğit (Hulya Kocyigit)
who've wanted to know more about them --
but didn't know where to look.

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Religious-Theme Turkish Films
(Dinli Motifli Filmleri)
Fatma Girik
gives Saint Rabia credibility
by portraying her as a
multi-dimensional human being.

Fatma Girik makes Saint Rabia real by portraying her as a 
multi-dimensional human being.

Hülya Koçyiğit
is too pious and long-suffering
to be true as
Rabia - İlk Kadın Evliya
(Rabia - The First Female Saint)
directed by Süreyya Duru
in 1973.

Hülya Koçyiğit bores as 'Rabia - İlk Kadın Evliya' (Rabia - The First Female Saint) directed by Süreyya Duru in 1973.
There was a dini filmler furyası (religious-movie boom) that arose at nearly the same time as the seks filmler furyası in the 1970s. The dini filmler camp didn't produce as many films as did the seks filmler camp but, nonetheless, religious films enjoyed a very successful box office success. And, more than one famous director (e.g. Osman F. Seden, Çetin 'Çiko' İnanç) made blockbuster hit-movies on both sides of the fence! Actors, techicians, and producers too switched between the seks and dini film-genres without a second thought. In those days, Yeşilçam filmakers weren't particular where they made money.
Fatma Girik
is full of life in the role of Saint Rabia --
directed by Osman F. Seden in 1973.

Fatma Girik is extremely lively in the role of Saint Rabia -- directed by Osman F. Seden in 1973.

During the religious-film boom era these movies were extremely popular in the Anatolian regions of Turkey with 'innocent', rural audiences -- who got emotional comfort from them.
Muhammad's Call To Prayer
in Bilal-i Habeşi (Black-skinned Bilal) --
directed by Çetin Inanç in 1973.

Muhammad's call to prayer in 'Bilal-i Habeşi' (Black-skinned Bilal) -- directed by Çetin Inanç in 1973.
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Filmography of Turkish Religious Films
  • Rabia (The Story of Rabia) 1973 - directed by Osman F. Seden (who soon became a successful erotik-film director), starring Fatma Girik and Tugay Toksöz, who soon became a popular erotik film-star, appearing in films like Günah (Sin) with Arzu Okay in 1976. Plot: The film tells the story of Rabia al-Adawiyya, a real person -- the 4th (rabia) daughter, born between 95 and 99 (according to the Islamic Hijri calander) in Basra, Irak.
  • Rabia - İlk Kadın Evliya (Rabia - The First Female Saint) 1973 -
    Hülya Koçyiğit is
    insipid as Saint Rabia

    Hülya Koçyiğit is one-dimensional in her portrayal of Saint Rabia.
    Thanks to askileedep at:
    directed by Süreyya Duru, starring Hülya Koçyiğit and Orçun Sonat, who soon became a popular erotik film-star, appearing in such films as Islak Dudaklar (Wet Lips) with Mine Mutlu and Ceyda Karahan in 1975. Plot: The life of the legendary Rabia al-Adawiyya is viewed through a pious glass darkly.
  • Sarı Kızi/Evliya Kızi (Blonde Girl/Girl Saint) - written and directed by Nuri Akıncı in 1973 [see movie-poster at page-top, right]. The film starred Nilüfer Koçyiğit [see photo at page-top, left] and Yaşar Yağmur, who soon became a popular erotik film-star, appearing in such films as Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate) with Dilber Ay and in Yataktan Yatağa (From Bed To Bed) with Zerrin Egeliler. Plot: Sari Kiz (Nilüfer Koçyiğit) owns the hearts of all the young men in her village. but she is uninterested in men and all things worldly -- just deeply devoted to God.
  • Bilal-i Habeşi (Black-skinned Bilal) 1973 - directed by Çetin İnanç (who soon became a successful erotik-film director), starring Türker Tekin and Nalan Çöl (a close friend of Melek Görgün). Çöl's erotik film career included such films as A'dan Z'ye Kadar (From A to Zed). In 2008, Bilal-i Habeşi was also re-made as a TV Film, directed by Nazif Tunç, starring Ali Tinaz in the title role. Plot: The film tells the story of Bilal-i Habeşi (Bilal bin Rebah), a real person -- the son of Habeşistanlı slaves born in Mekke in 581.

Aliye Rona
Stage and cinema actress... born Aliye Dilligil in Daraa (Dara/Der'a), Ottoman Empire (in today's southwestern Süriye) in 1921 --
Aliye Rona
a devilish dame

Aliye Rona acted a devilish character in Turkish films.
two years before the Turkish Republic emerged from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. Aliye Rona was the sister of Avni Dilligil, actor, screenwriter and film director.
On-screen, Rona is best remembered for her stern, even scary, presence -- often in the role of a cruel Anatolian mother...
Aliye Rona attended Beyoğlu Akşam Kız Sanat Okulu (The Beyoğlu Night School of the Arts for Women). At the end of the 1930s she started amateur theater acting at Kadıköy Halkevi. During that time, she acted at the Ulvi Uraz, Avni Dilligil ve Arena theaters.

While performing at Izmir Sehir Tiyatrosu, she met and married fellow actor Zihni Rona.

She made her film debut in 1947 in Kerim'in Çilesi (Kerim's Ordeal) -- in a musical comedy directed by Ferdi Tayfur (who also acted in the film). For many years thereafter, she performed countless Anatolian-woman character-roles.
Theater and cinema actor Aliya Rona spent the last days of her life in a rest home. Because of high blood pressure she suffered a stroke on her right side. And, after receiving treatment at Bakırköy Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi (The Bakirkoy Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center), Rona settled into a private rest home, the Sevgi Yuvası Huzurevi (The Love Nest Rest-Home), in the Pendik municipality of Istanbul. She died at 2:30 in the morning on 29 August 1996 due to a blood clot on the brain. There are claims that she was medically mistreated during her stay at Sevgi Yuvası Huzurevi, and, further,...that when she was found by authorities investigating her death, her body showed signs of physical abuse.
When she passed away, Aliye Rona had 204 film credits to her name.
Especially during the 1960s and '70s, Aliye Rona was one of Yeşilcam's notorious group of 'Bad Girls' which also included: Mine Soley, Neriman Köksal, Suzan Avcı, and Sevda Ferdağ.
Rona earned a tidy sum being typecast in roles as a hardnosed (and rather spooky) Anatolian woman. And won awards in the process...the Golden Orange Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1965 for Hepimiz Kardeşiz (We're All Brothers and Sisters), the Golden Orange Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1967 for Zalimler (The Cruel Ones) and in 1968 for Son Gece (The Last Night).
During the seks furyası years, Aliye Rona was a non-erotik 'anchor' in erotik films like
Aliye Rona as the
gynecologist's mother
in Yedi Kocalı
(Woman with 7 Husbands)

Aliye Rona in 'Yedi Kocalı' (The Woman with 7 Husbands) which starred Zerrin Egeliler in 1979.
Çalkala Yavrum Çalkala (Shake Baby Shake) with Arzu Okay in 1975, Yedi Kocalı (The Woman with Seven Husbands), Skandal (Scandal), Uçurumdaki Kadın (Woman on the Brink), Günahkâr Kadın (Sinner Woman), Lekeli Kadın (Stained Woman) -- all with Zerrin Egeliler in 1979, the year Egeliler set the unbreakable record of 37 different erotik films in release, at the same time!
Aliye Rona's Filmography
Rona appeared in:
  • Poyraz Osman (North-wind Osman) A story of love between a farm-stableman and the daughter of the farm's owner. The film starred Hüseyin Peyda (as Osman, the stableman), Evrim Fer (as Fatma, the farmer's daughter) and Aliye Rona (as the surprizingly pretty, but mean-spirited wife of the farm-owner). Directed by Sırrı Gültekin either in 1959 or 1964. [Note: Other movie-websites favor the 1964 release date, but our copy of the film indicates the earlier 1959 release date. If you, dear reader, know the true release date, please drop us a line.] Plot Details: The farmer's daughter (played by Evrim Fer) and the stableman (played by Hüseyin Peyda) are in love. But when the farmer's wife (played by the surprizingly shapely Aliye Rona) catches wind of it, she's appalled -- and, in an angry exchange with her husband (played by Ibrahim Delideniz), she adamantly refuses to give her blessing. So, the young lovers run away to Istanbul, where Osman yearns to become a professional jockey (despite the fact that that he's too tall and heavy).
    Poyraz Osman is just
    crazy about the farmer's daughter,
    and the feeling is mutual!

    Evrim Fer starred with Aliye Rona and Hüseyin Peyda in 'Poyraz Osman' -- directed by Sırrı Gültekin.
    Thanks to
    D-Smart and BeyazPerde.
    When Fatma becomes pregnant, Osman lowers his sights and takes work as a stableman at the race track, to help make ends meet. But his yearning to race horses persists. In her 7th month of pregnancy, Fatma becomes ill and a free health-care doctor informs her that she undernourished -- and needs to enrich her diet. She survives the crisis, barely, and gives birth to a bouncing baby boy -- but it takes a lot out of her, and her health continues to fail. One day, Osman's boss at the racetrack announces that he'll give Osman a chance, as a jockey. Osman can't wait to tell Fatma, but when he runs to tell her, he finds that she's gone. In a note, Fatma explains that she's returning to her parent's farm -- leaving their baby boy in the care of his süt annesi. Fatma arrives home, her remorseful mother (Aliye Rona) takes her in -- but Fatma's health declines further. Delirious, she constantly calls out Osman's name. In Istanbul, Osman wins his first horse race -- and in the following seven years, Osman becomes a sucessful jockey and trainer. During that time, father and son establish an unbreakable bond. One day, a representative of Fatma's family appears and, despite resistance, the rep convinces Osman to allow his son to visit his mother at the farm for a weekend. When the son arrives at the farm, he is quickly won over by his mother and his süt annesi... but, the boy and his grandmother (Aliye Rona) strike an immediate discord. Back in Istanbul, Osman's boss makes a deal with a crooked gambler (played by Öztürk Seringil) to throw a race, involving Osman's best horse. But, when the gambler approaches Osman with his propositon, Osman gives him a thorough whipping and sends him packing -- until a situation arises, in which Osman needs the money for... continued
  • Kuma (Bigamy) as Ali's mother in 1973.
  • Yedi Kocalı (The Woman With Seven Husbands) as the gynecologist's mother in 1979.
  • Berlin in Berlin as Hülya Avşar's grandmother in 1993.

Aliye Rona in
Berlin in Berlin

Aliye Rona is typecast again in 'Berlin in Berlin' 1993.

Aliye Rona in
Azap Yolları (Tormented Roads)

Aliye Rona is typecast again in 'Azap Yolları' (Tormented Roads) in 1967.
Thanks to

Aliye Rona (masked)
attends to Fatma Girik in
Kuma (Bigamy)

Aliye Rona is typecast again in 'Kuma' (Bigamy) in 1973.
Thanks to
Ağah Özgüç

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