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Sevda Nur -- Turkish movie photo from 'Sürtüğn Kızı' (The Trollop's Daughter) with Fatma Girik -- directed by Savaş, Eşici
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Turkish Movie Poster
(Türk Filmi Afis)
Sevda Nur played
Fatma Girik's daughter in Sürtüğün Kızı
(The Trollop's Daughter), directed by
Ertem Eğilmez in 1967.

Sevda Nur, Turkish Movie (Türk Film) Actress - acted in 'Sürtüğün Kızı' (Surtugun Kizi - The Trollop's Daughter) with Fatma Girik in 1967.

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Sevda Nur

Turkish movie actress - Real name Nevval Köroglu, born 5 January 1944, in Istanbul, Turkey.
Sevda Nur appeared in a few of the Dandik Turkish films (Türk Filmi) of the 1960's and 1970's. Among such Salaş Türk Filmleri (Trashy-but-nice Turkish Movies), Nur acted in Kolsuz Kahramanın Kolu (1973), Süper Adam (1971), Killing Canilere Karşı (1967), Caniler Kralı Killing (1967).

Those beautiful eyes...

Born near the end of WW II (in 1944), Sevda Nur began her film career in 1960, when she was sweet 16. Her first film was the comedy 'Ve Allah Aptallari Yarattı' (And God Created Simpletons) in which she played a minor role.
Sevda Nur's
beautiful eyes

Sevda Nur (Turkish Film Star) shows off her beautiful eyes.
After that, Nur generally played secondary supporting roles, though she was the lead actress in Altın Çocuk (Golden Boy - 1966) and in Kanlı Oba (Bloody Nomads - 1968)
A dark-haired beauty with lush, appealing eyes... Sevda Nur made 52 films before retiring in 1973 after appearing in Dağlar Kurbanı (Martyr of the Mountains).

Sevda Nur's Filmography:

Turkish "Stella Dallas"
Sürtüğün Kızı (The Trollop's Daughter)

How many of you movie-buffs remember Bette Midler playing Stella Claire, the lead in
Sevda Nur
played Fatma Girik's daughter
in Sürtüğün Kızı
(The Trollop's Daughter) in 1967.

Sevda Nur played Fatma Girik's daughter in Sürtüğün Kızı (Surtugun Kizi) 1967.
'Stella' (1990) - with John Goodman as Ed Munn (the usually good-hearted drunk), Stephen Collins as Stephen Dallas (Stella's socialite paramour, for a while), and Trini Alvarado as Jenny (Stella's illegitimate but still effervescent daughter, by Stephen). Or perhaps you go back, to 1937, when Barbara Stanwyck played the lead in King Vidor's Stella Dallas - for which Stanwyck received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress. Or, perhaps you go even further back to silent-film days in 1925, when Belle Bennett was Stella Dallas in Sam Goldwyn's production, with Ronald Coleman as the unbearable socialite husband - in the first film adaptation of Olive Higgins Prouty's sentimental novel by the same name. If you remember any of those film versions, you won't have any trouble following the Turkish adaptation of 'Stella Dallas' called Sürtüğün Kızı (The Trollop's Daughter) -- starring Fatma Girik as the good-hearted but slatternly mother and Sevda Nur as the devoted daughter trying to find her way in the world...

Sevda Nur Quits Film-Making --
in 1973, at age 29

One likely reason for her 'early' retirement was that 1972-1973 marked the beginning of the Seks Furyası era, and Nur wasn't prepared to take part in it. Several of her sister actresses followed the same course of action. Some of them reappeared in films in the 1980's - once the Seks Furyası era had played itself out. But Sevda Nur was one of the actresses who stayed retired.
Still... one of the scenes for which Sevda Nur is most famous occurred in İki Gemi Yanyana (Two Ships, Side by Side - 1963) - in which she had a mouth to mouth lesbian encounter with Suzan Avcı. So she wasn't exactly a prude, now was she...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri


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