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Romina Terry, Mine Mutlu, Neriman Köksal, Cüneyt Arkın, and Hadi Çaman

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Sibel Kekillinin Erotik Filmleri
Sibel Kekilli and
Birol Ünel are suicidal in
Duvara Karşı (Head-On)
Actress Figen Han abed with actor Unsal Emre in the erotic movie/film 'İntikam' (Revenge)

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Türk Erotik (Turk Erotik) Filmi
Ceyda Karahan (2nd from right)
and her girlfriends get the better of Alev Sezer (bottom)
in a Turkish erotizm filmi,
Kimin Eli Kimin Cebinde (In Whose Hand, In Whose Pocket),
directed by Oksal Pekmezoğlu in 1977.

Ceyda Karahan and girlfriends Alev Altın, Yaprak, and Seyda Senem get the better of Alev Sezer (bottom) in 'Kimin Eli Kimin Cebinde' (In Whose Hand, In Whose Pocket) -- directed by Oksal Pekmezoğlu in 1977.
Thanks to
Erotik Türk Sineması

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Karaca Kaan
Karaca Kaan (born Istanbul in 1958) was an erotik film star predominately -- though she did make one conventional film (in 1974) at the beginning of her documented-47-film career and one at the end (in 1982). Note: Kaan's own count of her films differs substantially from the documented count. "I made nearly 200 films, acted the lead role in 60 of them," she says.
Karaca Kaan
was a loving village-wife in
Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı
(I Faint For Your Brush, Shoeshine Man)

Yasemin Ünlü's fame got a boost from her appeareance in 'Köylü Kızı' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

  • Karaca Kaan, True Confessions
  • What made Karaca Kaan so damn mad?!

  • Karaca Kaan reveals in
    Kadınlar Hamamı
    (Women's Turkish Bath)
    <strong>Karaca Kaan</strong> in 'Kadınlar Hamamları' (Innocent Village Girl)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 1978.
    Thanks to
    Erotik Türk Sineması150

    Karaca Kaan Filmography:
  • Kaan's Conventional Films --
    Kelepçe (Handcuffs) starred Cüneyt Arkın, Kazım Kartal, and Karaca Kaan -- directed by Çetin 'Çiko' İnanç in 1982
  • Kaan's Erotik Films --
    Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı (Your Brush Makes Me Faint, Shoeshine Man) starred Hadi Çaman, Melek Görgün, and Karaca Kaan -- directed by Çetin 'Çiko' İnanç in 1982

    More coming...

  • Kara Murat Denizler Hakimi
    (Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas)
    Tremendously fun-to-watch, this historical-fiction film (made in 1977) stars Cüneyt Arkın as 'Kara Murat' -- in one of 10 films in the 'Kara Murat' series made between 1972-1978, all with cult-classic status. Movie Length/Duration: 69 minutes.
    Kara Murat (Cüneyt Arkın)
    receives the
    Sultan's Orders

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Murat receives the Sultan's orders
    The pirate's
    heart-throb Maria
    (Sevda Karaca)

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- The pirate heart-throb Maria (Sevda Karaca)
    Pirate Vargos
    (Hüseyin Baradan)
    is shamed by
    pirate girl Maria
    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Pirate Vargos (Hüseyin Baradan) is shamed by Pirate Maria (Sevda Karaca)
    The Black Pirate
    accepts 'Antonio'
    into the pirate corps
    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- The Black Pirate accepts 'Antonio' (Kara Murat) into the pirate corps)
    LMA - Cüneyt Arkın [née: Fahrettin Cüretlibatur] (as Black Murat); MA - Peter Fabian [née: Piero Fabiani] (as The Black Pirate, complete with a left-hand hook); LFA - Sevda Karaca (as the pirate girl, Maria); MA - Kayhan Yıldızoğlu (as Prince Nikolas of Chios); MA - Hüseyin Baradan (as pirate Vargos); MA - Turgut Özatay (as Yunus Paşa); MD - Natuk Baytan; W - Rahmi Turan (Rahmi Muratoğlu), Fuat Özlüer, Erdoğan Tünas
    The Black Pirate
    (Peter Fabian)

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Murat receives the Sultan's orders
    Vargos pillaging
    a Turkish village

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Vargos pillages a Turkish village
    Maria with a
    red dress, red dress,
    red dress...
    Maria with a red dress on!

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Maria in a bright red dress... She's a lady!
    Kara Korsan
    captures and tortures
    Kara Murat.

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Kara Korsan captures and tortures Kara Murat.
    Yunus Paşa
    congratulates Murat
    on a job well done!

    'Kara Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas' -- Murat receives Yunus Paşa's congratulations.

    Plot Summary: In the Ottoman Age of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, the Sultan's Admiral is captured by pirates during the Admiral's return from a tax-collecting mission. The Sultan charges Kara Murat with saving the Admiral, his crew, and the booty. On the way to successfully fulfilling his mission, Kara Murat meets the enchanting pirate girl, Maria...
    Plot Details: It's the Ottoman Age of Sultan Mehmed/Mehmet II (aka Mehmet, The Conqueror or Fatih Mehmet or Sultan Fatih) circa 1460... The Sultan (who not only claims domain over Ottoman lands but also the islands of the Aegean Sea) has sent his Fleet Admiral Yunus Paşa (played by Turgut Özatay) on a 'tax collecting' mission to the islands. Having completed his job, Yunus Paşa heads for home, but his ship (now filled to the brim with loot, spoils, and booty for the Sultan) is hijacked and robbed of all its treasure by Kara Korsan (The Black Pirate, played by Peter Fabian) and his men. [The Black Pirate's patron is Prince Nikolas (Kayhan Yıldızoğlu), ruler of the Aegean Island of Chios, who resents paying tribute to Sultan Mehmet -- and who gives Kara Korsan's pirates free reign to pillage and plunder Turkish villages on his island.] When Sultan Mehmet gets the hijack news, he goes ballistic -- and charges Kara Murat (Cüneyt Arkın) with triple tasks to save his Admiral (and crew) from captivity, bring all the booty back, and ease the plight of the Turkish villagers on Chios. In a classic Ottoman ruse, Kara Murat (posing as 'Antonio', a Spanish brigand) lets himself be imprisoned in the same Ottoman prison cell with 4 of the Black Pirate's men, where he gains their trust. After a fake pre-arranged escape with his prisoner-pals, Kara Murat gets them drunk, learns the whereabouts of the Black Pirate's secret location, and returns with the drunkards to the pirate's den. He is challenged at the entrance by Maria (Sevda Karaca), a female pirate with dangerous appeal... (Another pirate, Vargos (Hüseyin Baradan), covets Maria for himself.) Continuing the original ruse, Kara Murat as Antonio is allowed by Kara Korsan to join the band of pirates -- after the 4 freed (and now sober) pirates vouch for him as their saviour. Kara Murat finds Yunus Paşa and his crew enchained -- now galley slaves on one of Kara Korsan's galley ships -- but our hero has to bide his time. Kara Murat proves his mettle in battle when Kara Korsan's single galley routes 3 enemy ships -- and, in the aftermath of the fighting, Maria's love-interest in Murat is seen to blossom. That night at the victory celebration, The Black Pirate takes Kara Murat as his 'right hand man' -- and Maria shows up in a bright red dress in his honor. Vargos can't take any more humiliation, challenges Murat -- and in the sword play that follows Murat makes a fool of Vargos, much to everyone's drunken delight. Murat slips away from the celebration with Maria -- and rows her back to the galley ship, where he declares his love for her. Then, like a true gentleman, he escorts her to her cabin, and leaves her there in a swoon. He's got work to do...He overpowers the single on-duty guard and releases Yunus Paşa and his crew. Together they surprise/capture the drunken Kara Korsan and his crew upon their return to the galley. The tables turned, Kara Korsan and his crew are placed in chains and made to do the rowing of the galley. Maria is torn between her love for Murat and her feeling that she has been deceived by him. And she is unable to kill him (with a hidden knife) when, in private, he embraces her -- and again declares his love. In a state of confused loyalties, she jumps ship, swims to shore, and informs on Murat to Prince Nikolas. Nikolas sends his naval captain (with Maria by his side) in pursuit of Kara Murat in a convoy of 4 galleons. Outnumbered and out-gunned, Murat wants to make a run for it the rest of the way to Istanbul...But Yunus Paşa's Ottoman pride won't permit it. And when Nikolas' convoy easily defeats the single galley... Murat, the Ottoman crew, and Yunus Paşa are all taken prisoner. The Black Pirate and his crew are released -- and on the voyage back to Chios, the pirates take turns torturing Murat. Maria (realizing the error of her ways) allows Kara Murat to escape in the dead of night, but sends him over the side with a curse... "I hate you. Go now -- I never want to see your face again." Vargos, observing this poignant scene from the shadows, runs to Kara Korsan and informs him of Murat's escape and of Maria's part in it. Kara Korsan takes her into custody, tying her to the mast in Murat's place. Meanwhile, Kara Murat makes it to shore after a long swim, finds his way to an Ottoman ally who provides Murat with a team of mercenaries and a ship. They return to Chios and, in the dark of night, they recapture the galley (with Maria still strapped to the mast). They release Maria and Yunus Paşa's crew again, but Yunus Paşa, himself, is not among the prisoners...having been imprisoned again, in the Prince's castle dungeon. Maria leads Kara Murat back to Prince Nikolas' castle where a celebratory ball is underway. Prince Nikolas proclaims The Black Pirate his new 'Fleet Admiral' to loud cheers from guests at the ball. Meanwhile, below floors in the dungeon, Murat and Maria find and release Yunus Paşa again. Murat sends Yunus Paşa and Maria back to the galley to ready it for sailing and await his return. Murat singlehandedly destroys the Prince's fleet in the harbor (by swimming ship to ship and setting off explosives) -- and kills both Vargos (in a pitifully short sword fight) and Kara Korsan (burying him up to his neck in the seaside sand to drown with the incoming tide, in the same manner as Kara Korsan has executed Turkish villagers earlier in the film). In the final scenes, Murat swims out to the waiting galley ship, receives congratulations from Yunus Paşa, and sets sail for Istanbul. Under heavy but ineffective cannon fire from Nikolas's castle, Murat (with Maria at his side), Yunus Paşa, and his crew all escape unscathed in the galley (which somehow transforms into a galleon) into the sunset -- with the booty!

    The final scenes from the 1977 cult-classic, 'Black Murat, Ruler of the Ottoman Seas'... The film-clip (with thanks to the Erler Films website) is a 1.9MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file...
    Also see Cüneyt Arkın in:
  • Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World) 1982
  • Soysuzlar (The Degenerates) 1977

  • Ceyda Karahan
    Ceyda Karahan, born in 1953, was a crossover film-star (from conventional to erotik films) whose career spanned the years 1971 to 1977 -- during which Karahan appeared in 60 films.
    White-Hot Real Blonde
    Ceyda Karahan --
    exotic 'real blonde' in
    Kayıkçının Küreği
    (The Oarsman's Paddle)

    Ceyda Karahan enjoys 'The Oarsman's Paddle' (Kayıkcının Küreği) 1976

    Ceyda Karahan --
    and Ali Poyrazoğlu on the movie cover of
    Kayıkçının Küreği
    (The Oarsman's Paddle)

    Ceyda Karahan and Ali Poyrazoğlu on the movie-cover of 'Kayıkçının Küreği' (The Oarsman's Paddle) 1976

    Ceyda Karahan's Filmography:

    Conventional Films --
  • Keloğlan Ve Yedi Cüceler (Bald Boy and the Seven Dwarfs) 1971

  • Erotik Films --
  • Kimin Eli Kimin Cebinde (In Whose Hand, In Whose Pocket) 1977 -- see movie scene photo at page-top, right
  • Kayıkçının Küreği (The Oarsman's Paddle) 1976 -- starred Ceyda Karahan (as a köylü kızı), Ali Poyrazoğlu (as Lüfer Ali), Emel Aydan, and Romina Terry (as Eleni) -- and other popular film-stars of that era.
    Ceyda Karahan
    feels coerced to reveal herself
    in Kayıkçının Küreği
    (The Oarsman's Paddle)

    Movie photo from 'Kadersizler' (The Unfortunate Ones) starring Zerrin Egeliler and Oktar Durukan, 1979
  • Civciv Çıkacak Kuş Çıkacak -- (Baby Chick Will Emerge To Become A Full Grown Bird) 1975. The film's main stars were Mine Mutlu and leading man Ünsal Emre. Alev Altın (in a secondary role) played a nightclub singer, who occasionally stripped for special paying customers. And, Ceyda Karahan appeared as a curvaceous miscreant who kept showing up in hot-spots... as in this 1.6 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) film clip from the movie -- in which Ünsal Emre coins the film's famous title-name... with Ceyda Karahan's full cooperation.

  • Kazım Kartal
    Kazım Kartal
    in late Movies/TV career
    Kazım Kartal late in his lengthy Movie and TV career
    Thanks to Kimkimdir.gen.tr
    The Caravansaray Keeper's Daughter
    The Innkeeper's Daughter
    Movie Poster -- Kazım Kartal's first movie, Hancının Kızı

    Thanks to Sinematurk.com

    A prolific Turkish actor of 326 films/movies between 1963 and 2003 -- with two screen writing credits. Began his movie career in 1963 in a production of Hancının Kızı (The Caravansaray Keeper's Daughter aka The Innkeeper's Daughter). After 1963 he acted in upwards of 325 mostly conventional films (though he is well-remembered for his 'erotik' film roles too) -- in large and small roles alike. He died 13 August 2003 at the age of 67. In late career, he found work in TV serials -- the last of which was a starring role in TGRT's production of Kirve. (A 'Kirve' is a kind of godfather at a circumcision ceremony -- who often takes the poor young victim on his lap during the operation, whispering 'encouraging' words until the deed is done.)

    See also:
  • O Benim Kadındı
  • Enişte
  • Sibel Kekilli
    Former Adult Film Star, now award-winning Legitimate Film Actress
    Born of Turkish parents on 16 June 1980 in Heilbronn, Germany.

    Kekilli's experience pays...
    Sibel Kekilli, former adult film star turned legitimate actress -- Who's Who in Turkey
    Minor porn star or cinematic Joan of Arc?
  • Sibel Kekilli played the leading-role in Director Fatih Akın's Duvara Karşı (Head-On) which won the Golden Bear Award at the 54th Berlin Film Festival (2004).
  • After the award was announced, it was learned that the 23-year-old had a previous film 'career' at Magma -- a porn film studio. Magma's Managing Director, Klaus Goldberg, explained that Kekilli had learned her acting skills during her 6 film career at Magma -- and it had paid off for her in Duvara Karşı (Head-On) in which she played in several nude scenes. And he added, "Kekilli was often bored during lulls on the set. The only time she perked up was during filming. She took a lot of pleasure in doing her job." Kekilli is seen at left on the front page of the German newspaper, Bild -- which broke the story. When questioned, Kekilli confirmed the truth of the Bild exposè, adding, "But, that's in the past. For me, winning the Golden Bear Award is the most important thing."
    Death Threat... But these revelations didn't sit well the relatives back home in Turkey...
    Sibel Kekilli
    'Honor' Death Threat

    Sibel Kekilli's father threatens her life, according to Anotolian honor code, after her porn film career is made public.
    Thanks to
    Gözcü Gazetesi
    3 March 2004
    who, according to the ancient but still-extant Anatolian 'honor code', planned a namus cinayeti for her.
    Two-faced Male Viewing-Public... This threat on Kekilli's life was no joke, dear readers -- and, we think what Turkish film historian Cihan Demirci149 had to say on the subject is of much interest...

    On the one hand, we watch Sibel Kekilli's pornographic films like salivating wolves. On the other, we want to bring Kekilli to heel -- to make her pay for her 'sexual deviance'. Even a lot of us want to lynch her. But throughout her death-threat ordeal, Kekilli has held on tightly to her Golden Bear award-winning performance, weathering the storm of her critics. I read Kekilli's interview and she made it clear that, "I didn't naively make these [pornographic] films. I made them quite serious-mindedly. Afterwards, I saved myself from falling into an abyss. I knew what I was doing every step of the way." Demirci continues...Perhaps Kekilli wasn't a pornographic actress at all. Perhaps she was a symbol -- protesting against a [male-dominated Anatolian] 'society' that still turns a blind eye to the rape of its young girls by family members and family friends. A society of brothers, fathers, and uncles who beat them if they don't hide the traces of the rapes...even kills them. All in the name of 'honor'.

    Between takes at her old job
    Sibel Kekilli, between takes...

    Sibel Kekilli
    gets to shakin' in
    Duvarı Karşı
    Sibel Kekilli is shakin' in 'Duvara Karşı' (Head-On) 2004

    Sibel Kekilli and Birol Ünel
    are running against the wind
    in Duvara Karşı (Head-On)
    Sibel Kekilli and Birol Ünel starred in 'Duvara Karşı' (Head-On) in 2004Sibel Kekilli and Birol Ünel starred in 'Duvara Karşı' (Head-On) in 2004
  • Sibel Kekilli Filmography:
  • Kekilli's Mixed-Language Conventional Films -- Fay Grim 2006, Winterreise (Winter Journey) 2006, Eve Dönüş (Home Coming) 2006, Son Tren (German Title: Der Letzte Zug; English Title: The Last Train) 2006, Duvara Karşı (German Title: Gegen die Wand; English Title: Head-On) 2004

  • Kekilli's All-German Erotik XXX Films -- Tierisches Teenie-Reiten (2002) as Dilara, Casa Rosso aka Casa Rosso Amsterdam (2002) as Dilara, Euro Mädchen - Amateure intim 11 (2002) as Dilara, Auf frischer Tat ertappt! (2002) as Kim, Ein Sommertagstraum aka Sommertraum [German Pay-TV title] (2002) as Sarah, Süsse Teeny-Träume (2002) as Dilara, Die Megageile Küken-Farm (2002) as Dilara, Die Verfickte Praxis (2002) as Dilara, Hotel Fickmichgut (2002) as Dilara, Lollipops 16 (2002), Teeny Exzesse 68 - Kesse Bienen (2002) as Sybel, 2002 wilde Sex-Nächte (2002) as Dilara, Junge Debütantinnen 19: Deutsche Debütantinnen - Hart & herzlich (2001) as Kim

  • Sibel Kekilli Conventional Film Plots:
    Duvara Karşı (German Title: Gegen die Wand; English Title: Head-On) with dialogue predominately in Turkish -- but also in German, and English in that order... starring Sibel Kekilli (as Sibel Güner), Birol Ünel (as Cahit Tomruk), and Meltem Cumbul (as Sibel's cousin Selma) -- written and directed by Fatih Akın in 2004. For very different reasons, the two main characters are suicidal when the film opens in Hamburg (after a Turkish-musical story-telling prelude performed along the Bosporus).
    Musical Story-telling Prelude
    Duvara Karşi (Head-On)
    withSibel Kekilli and Birol Ünel

    Musical Story-telling prelude to 'Duvara Karşi (Head-On) starring Sibel Kekilli and Birol Ünelin -- written and directed by Fatih Akın in 2004.
    Sibel Güner (played by Sibel Kekilli) is the daughter of transplanted Turkish parents from Zonguldak, who insist on imposing old-world ways on the vibrant young woman. When she breaks under the strain and attempts suicide (more than once), she ends up in the same sanitarium as Cahit Tomruk (a Turkish transplant from Mersin played by Birol Ünel). Cahit found his way there after purposely smashing his car at high speed, head-on into a solid cement wall -- in an attempt to kill himself after the loss of his beloved wife and his subsequent descent into alcohol and drug addition...Sibel (Kekilli) sees Cahit (Ünel) for the first time in the psychiatrist's waiting room at the sanitarium, likes what she sees, and immediately begins to focus on marrying him as the means of escaping her oppressive family. But, as she explains to Ünel, there'd be no need for sex between them... the marriage would be completely open, with each partner free to indulge his/her passions outside. At first, he wants no part of Kekilli's 'crazy' ideas, but she persists...They'd be like room-mates, she says, and she'd work to cover all their living expenses. After several days, she persuades him to jump the sanitarium wall to join her for a late night beer in a local bar. She proposes marriage again, but he refuses again -- and in an explosion of despair, she smashes his beer bottle and slashes her wrist right there on the spot. That desperate act sets in motion a gradual change of heart in Ünel -- and, after a fake courtship to satisfy her family's conservative ways, the couple 'settle in' to a very unorthodox marriage. Slowly, Ünel begins to appreciate Kekilli's company (and vice versa). But 'a deal is a deal' and they each go separate ways in satisfying carnal needs. Then one night, Kekilli entices Ünel to join her for a boogie. In this film clip (a 2.4 MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file), Kekilli begins by playfully teasing and taunting Ünel about her good looks and nice body. Then, jump-dancing and chanting 'Punk Is Not Dead!' in unison to the infectious beat of Temple of Love (by Sisters of Mercy Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza),
    Sibel Kekilli
    Brazen Pickup

    Sibel Kekilli makes a brazen pickup in 'Duvara Karşı' (Head-On) -- directed by Fatih Akın in 2004.
    the couple push off to a night club. But when Kekilli brazenly picks up a night-club patron, and quickly arranges to meet him outside for a 'quickie' (announcing her intention to Ünel on her way out), we see the first signs of Ünel's growing feelings for her.
    Ray Charles had Sibel Kekilli in mind
    when he wrote...
    'She knows how to shake that thing!'

    Neriman Köksal
    Conventional Film and TV actress -- though she did appear in (at least) one erotik film in 1978 (see 'filmography' in column 3).
    Born Hatice Kökçü on 17 March 1928 in Istanbul.
    Neriman Köksal
    in 1961, age 33

    Neriman Köksal in her prime on the cover of Sinema Magazine 1961.
    Thanks to

    Köksal retired in 1995 after starring as Fikriye in a recurring role for the TV series Evdekiler (The Ones At Home). When she passed away in 1999, she had more than 180 film credits to her name.
    Neriman Köksal
    in a boozy movie scene from the 1960s

    Neriman Köksal in a boozy movie scene from the 1970s.

    In 1999 Köksal adopted Nazli Buse Öylek, the 9-year-old daughter of Mustafa Volkan Öylek (though we don't know the background to the story). That same year, on 24 October, she passed away at the age of 71. During her final days, she was often heard to say, "Ölmek istiyorum, dayanamıyorum artik" (I want to die, I can't take it anymore).
    Neriman Köksal
    established star
    Mature woman Neriman Köksal, Turkish movie actress.
    Neriman Köksal
    getting started

    Neriman Köksal, Turkish movie actress in her prime of life.
    Especially during the 1960s and '70s, Neriman Köksal was one of Yeşilcam's notorious group of 'Bad Girls' which also included: Mine Soley, Aliye Rona, Suzan Avcı, and Sevda Ferdağ.
    Köksal began her film career as the Russian princess Nina in Çete (The Gang) in 1950. She was steadily employed thereafter in movies and, later, on TV... for the next 45 years.
    Köksal was known by the nickname 'Fosforlu' because of her hugely successful portrayal of Fosforlu Cevriye Necla (Phosphorescent Cevriye Necla) in the film Fosforlu Cevriye (The Phosphorescent Cevriye). [Note: Cevriye and Necla are both female Turkish personal names.] That film spawned two sequels starring the same lead actors -- which were also written and directed by Aydın Arakon...Kıtıpiyoz'a Tuzak / Fosforlu'nun Oyunu (Kitipiyoz's Trap / The Phosphorescent One's Game - 1959) and Fosforlu Oyuna Gelmez (You Can't Fool The Phosphorescent One - 1962) -- the latter film in which 20-year-old Fatma Girik appeared. Tanju Gürsu also appeared in the latter film... and he undoubtedly 'took notes' on lead actor Orhan Girşaray's performance, because 8 years later Gürsu starred in the remake of Fosforlu Cevriye (with its slightly different name [Fosforlu Cevriyem] and plot) -- surplanting Girşaray in the role of Kıtıbiyoz Çetin (Good-for-nothing Çetin).
    The 'Fosforlu' Sequels
    Neriman Köksal in
    Kıtıpiyoz'a Tuzak /
    Fosforlu'nun Oyunu

    Neriman Köksal played opposite Orhan Günşiray in 'Kitipiyoz'a Tuzak' (Kitipiyoz's Trap / The Phosphorescent One's Game) -- written and directed by Aydın Arakon in 1959.
    Neriman Köksal in
    Fosforlu Oyuna Gelmez

    Neriman Köksal played opposite Orhan Günşiray again in 'Fosforlu Oyuna Gelmez' (You Can't Fool The Phosphorescent One) -- written and directed by Aydın Arakon in 1962.

    Neriman Köksal's Filmography:
    Conventional Films --
  • Fosforlu Cevriye (Phosphorescent Cevriye)...starring Neriman Köksal (as pistol-packin' Fosforlu Cevriye Necla), Orhan Günşiray (as Kitibiyoz Çetin), and Şukran Sabuncu (as wicked stepmother Nüveyre) written and directed by Aydın Arakon in 1959.
    Plot Summary:
    Neriman Köksal is
    Fosforlu Cevriye

    Neriman Köksal establishes a new genre of Turkish film in 'Fosforlu Cevriye' (The Phosphorescent Cevriye).
    Necla (Neriman Köksal) lives on her family's farm together with her father, her stepmother, and younger sister Perihan. (Necla is known as Fosforlu Cevriye by the farmhands because she can handle guns and knives as well as any man.) The stepmother, Nüveyre (Şukran Sabuncu), does her best to make the sisters' lives miserable. When Nüveyre forces young Perihan's engagement to a man she doesn't love, Perihan turns to drink -- becoming an alcoholic. Necla's growing hate for her stepmother drives her to be increasingly suspicious of Nüveyre's actions. Then one night, the father is killed in Perihan's room under mysterious circumstances -- and Perihan is blamed for it. To save drunken and distraught sister Perihan, Fosforlu Cevriye confesses to the crime -- but on the way to the jailhouse by police boat, the boat's motor conks out. Fosforlu Cevriye seizes the chance (while displaying her ample bosom) to escape by jumping overboard and swiming to shore. As she flees through the streets of town with police in hot pursuit, she stumbles upon Kıtıpiyoz Çetin (Good-for-Nothing Çetin played by Orhan Günşiray) [as you'll see in this film-clip, a 1.9MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file]... and joins forces with him to track down the real killer. Note1: Fosforlu Cevriye established a new genre of Turkish films, in which lead female actors took on roles as heroic tough-talking she-males. The 'manly woman' image that Köksal created with Fosforlu Cevriye set the standard -- and in the following years other female actors (eg. Fatma Girik, Müjde Ar, Nebahat Çehre, and even Bülent Ersoy after her sex change) followed in her footsteps with great success. Note2: In 1969, there was a highly successful remake of the film with the slightly different title of Fosforlu Cevriyem, which starred Türkan Şoray in the title role, Tanju Gürsu (as Kıtıbiyoz Çetin), and Suzan Avcı (as the wicked stepmother Nüveyre), directed by Nejat Saydam.

  • Erotik Films --
  • Mühür Gözlüm / Ali Baba'nin Çiftlığı (My Dark-Eyed Beauty / Ali Baba's Farm)...starring
    Neriman Köksal
    had a significant role in this
    erotik comedy film.

    Nerman Köksal appeared in this <i>erotik</i> film -- directed by Sırrı Gültekin in 1978.

    Salih Güney (as Seder), Serpil Örümcer (as Meral), Zerrin Egeliler (as Fatoş), and Neriman Köksal (in a non-erotik role as the matronly Sabahat), directed by Sırrı Gültekin in 1978.

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