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Sevda Ferdag (Sevda Ferdağ)
had a brief singing career in the 1970s...

Sevda Ferdağ (Sevda Ferdag) 45 record single cover,  had a brief singing career in the 1970s...
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Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish Movie Poster
(Türk Filmi Afis)
Necla Fide (Nejla Fide) starred with
Feri Cansel in Leyla, Necla, Mücella,
directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1979.

Sevinç Pekin wants Cüneyt Arkın carnally in the historical adventure film 'Hacı Murat' directed by Natuk Baytan in 1967.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Fantastik FilmleriTurkish film-genre that includes Turkish Superhero, Science-Fiction, Horror, etc. movies -- also known as 'dandik' movies. See the Dandik TÜrk Filmleri entry for much more on this 'fantastik' Turkish movie subject.
Sevda Ferdağ
Turkish movies and TV series actress -- and stage singer. Born Lütfiye Dumrul, 15 August 1942, in Edremit, Turkey. Still a performing actress in 2009 -- in the TV series, Ömre Bedel (Very Valuable).
During the 1960s and '70s, Sevda Ferdağ was part of Yeşilcam's notorious gang of 'Bad Girls' which also included: Mine Soley, Aliye Rona, Neriman Köksal, and Suzan Avcı.
Sevda Ferdağ was a close friend of Sadri Alışık (a heavy smoker who passed away at the age of 70, in 1995). Their 'friendly' relationship began when they were cast together for the first time in the Türk filmi, Helal Olsun Ali Abi (It's All Yours Mr. Ali) [a Turkish comedy-adventure movie made in 1963] - when she played Fettan opposite Alışık as Turist Ömer. Ferdağ still treasures a photograph of the two of them taken in 1977 at the Playboy Club in Harbiye (near the Syrian border in far southern Turkey close to Hatay [Antakya]).

Best-Looking Bad-Girl -- Sevda Ferdağ made her first Turkish film (filmi Türk) in 1958... O Günden Sonra (After That Day) -- which employs the time-honored (read, 'hackneyed') Turkish movie plot of two poor boys in love with the same girl. When the film failed to win an audience, Ferdağ 'retired' to live in Germany. But, in 1963, at the insistence of her older sister, she returned to Turkey -- and was hired for the role of Fettan in Helal Olsun Ali Abi (It's All Yours Mr. Ali, a comedic adventure story) opposite Ayhan Işık and Sadri Alışık. Also in 1963, Ferdağ appeared in Beyoglu Piliçleri (Beyoğlu Babes), in the role of Çiçek (along with Eşref Kolçak as Süleyman, Filiz Akın as Oya, and Yılmaz Duru as Ahmet). Still in 1963, she played in Adanalı Tayfur (Tayfur From Adana -- with Türkan Şoray and Öztürk Serengil, as Tayfur). But, it wasn't until her role the same year as Hemşire Rita [Nurse Rita] in Azrailin Habercisi (Messenger of Death -- a police adventure film directed by Atif Yılmaz) that audiences began to sit up and take notice. Ferdağ's successful performance in that film resulted in a string of back to back roles as a vamp and a Kötü Kadın (Bad Girl). She soon became a fixture in 'salon comedies' and 'soap bubble' farces of the day -- appearing in 21 films in 1967, a Turkish film-making record that stood until 1979 when Zerrin Egeliler set the so-far-still-unbroken record of 37 'erotik' films in one year! But in 'quality' Turkish films (Türk Filmleri), Ferdağ was usually relegated to secondary supporting roles. In 1968, when interest in Turkish films waned (due to the rise of Turkish TV), she took to the stage as a successful singer -- to help make ends meet. Still... she also kept making films without a break, through 1978. After a 5 year haitus (during the seks furyası era), she resumed film-making in 1983 (in Seni Seviyorum with Türkan Şoray [who played the dual-role of Aygül/Selma] and Cihan Ünal as Murat -- another film directed by Atif Yılmaz)... and has been employed in show-business virtually non-stop since then. Fedağ; has more than 150 movie (and TV series) credits to her name.
Awards: 35. Antalya Film Senliği (35th Antalya Film Festival) - 1998, En Iyi Yardimci Kadin Oyuncu (Best Supporting Actress), for her performance in Ağır Roman (Heavy Novel)

Outtake from modern-day 'Adam and Eve' Turkish film-story

Türk Filmi
Adem ile Havva
L-R, Fikret Hakan,

Turkish Movie - 'Adem ile Havva' (Adam and Eve), starred Fikret Hakkan, Sevda Ferdağ, Suzan Avcı in 1967.
Sevda Ferdağ,
and Suzan Avcı
During a break in the filming of Adem ile Havva (Adam and Eve) in 1967 (in which Sevda Ferdağ starred with Fikret Hakan and Suzan Avcı), Avcı was photographed darning Ferdağ's stockings. When she saw the photo, Ferdağ remarked, "Look at Suzan will you... she's a good-hearted easygoing woman. She doesn't care what anybody thinks. She just sits there darning my stockings!"

Sevda Ferdağ visits Yılmaz Güney,
in prison

Ferdağ led show-business friends to visit actor, director, screen-writer Yılmaz Güney in 1977 -- while he was imprisoned on Imralı Adası ((Imrali Island), in the Sea of Marmara). Before the celebrity friends departed the prison-island, they also put on a show for the inmates. In the process, Ferdağ told Güney's story on stage - which caused some of the hardened convicts to be overcome with emotion.

Sevda Ferdağ's Filmography:
'Soap Bubble'
Film Farces:
  • Bir Damat Aranıyor (In Search of a Bridegroom) 1968. Starring: Erol Büyükburç, Sevda Ferdağ, Esen Püsküllü, Aynur Akarsu, Tarup, Vahi Öz, Behçet Nacar, Asım Nipton, Süheyl Eğriboz, Oktay Yavuz, Silvana Panpani, Ferit Sevki - written and directed by Hulki Saner. Plot Summary: The comedic story of a nutty Syrian, and love in bloom. To plot details and commentary -- with pics and film clips. Coming soon...
Movie Dramas:
  • Yalan Dünya (Lying World) 1972. Plot Summary: The dramatic police adventure story of two brothers, forcibly separated as youngsters... one follows a straight, the other a crooked path. To plot details and commentary -- with pics and a film clip, in which Ferdağ demonstrates her singing ability. Coming soon...

Turkish Movie [Filmi Türk] Title: Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı (I Like The Way You Brush, Shoeshine Boy) aka Erkeklik Öldü Mü Abiler? (Is Masculinity Dead, Guys?)
Turkish Movie Poster
(Türk Filmi Afis)
Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı

'Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı' (Your Brush Makes Me Faint, Shoeshine Man)-- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

Starring Hadi Çaman, Karaca Kaan, Enver Çokgör, Esra Sayın, Sami Hazinses, Kudret Şandra, Yüksel Gözen, Aylin Berkay, Kamer Baba/Kamer Sadık, and Melek Görgün. Plot: The leader (Enver Çokgör) of a gang of con-artists hatches a plan to dupe a lowly shoe-shine-boy (Hadi Çaman) who closely resembles Melek Görgün's wealthy husband. The gang leader makes short work of the husband and then lures the honest Hadi Çaman (who believes he is returning a 'lost' briefcase full of cash) to the deceased's mansion. When wife Melek Görgün spots the husband-look-alike shoe-shine boy she is overjoyed -- believing it's her real husband, who has been missing for days. And, to celebrate his return Melek Görgün treats the bewildered Hadi Çaman to a very special bubble bath -- as seen in this 1.5 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) file that we've had to 'doctor' a little to stay within the bounds of decorum.

Necla Fide (Nejla Fide)
Turkish Movie Poster
(Türk Filmi Afis)
Necla Fide
in Yengen (Your Lady)
directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1978.
Necla Fide movie poster -- with Bülent Kayabaş in the erotik film classic 'Yengen' (Your Lady) directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1978.

Traci Lords II? Necla Fide (Nejla Fide) wasn't underaged (as Lords was in her first 'blue' movie in 1974) when Fide began making Turkish erotik films in 1975 when she was 27. But like Lords, Fide reversed career-directions after the seks furyası era (1972-1979) had run its course, graduating to conventional movies where she is still performing in 2008. That reversal makes Necla Fide somewhat unusual among her contemporaries, many of whom had successful conventional film careers before switching to erotik movies -- but who couldn't recapture their former conventional film audiences, once the seks furyası era had passed.
Necla Fide (Nejla Fide)
as she appeared opposite Bülent Kayabaş
and Kazım Kartal in Yengen (Your Lady)
directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1978.
Necla Fide starred opposite Bülent Kayabaş in the erotik film classic 'Yengen' (Your Lady) directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1978.
To be continued...
A few of Necla Fide's contemporaries:

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