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Asena appeared opposite
real-life lover İbrahim Tatlıses
in Cabbar -- a short-lived TV Series
from 2002.

Asena played with real-life lover Ibrahim Tatlıses in Cabbar, a TV series in 2002
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Banu Alkan provides
an 'alternative' source of heat
for Salih Güney in
Kızgın Güneş (The Blazing Sun)
directed by Şahin Gök in 1984.

Banu Alkan is heat, Salih Güney is ice -- in 
'Kızgın Güneş' (The Blazing Sun), directed by Şahin Gök in 1984.

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Zerrin Egeliler
Born Istanbul 1952, real name: Hatice Egeliller
Zerrin Egeliler starred in the 'erotik' comedy classic
Öttür Kuşu Ömer
(Make the Bird Sing, Homer)
with Aydemir Akbaş, Kamer Baba (Sadık), and Ata Saka in 1979.

Zerrin Egeliler starred in the 'erotik' comedy classic 'Öttür Kuşu Ömer' with Aydemir Akbaş, Kamer (Baba) Sadık, and Ata Saka in 1974
Thanks to 'Erotik Türk Sineması'150

A potpourri of Zerrin Egeliler erotic movie factoids:

Zerrin Egeliler's Erotic Turkish Movies:
Ekmekçi Kadın
(The Bread-Seller Woman)
The 1965 B&W version of the movie based on a story La Porteuse De Pain (The Bread-Seller Woman) by Xavier De Montepin (1884) -- with Türkan Şoray in 3 dramatic roles.

Book Cover
Turkish Translation of
La Porteuse De Pain (Ekmekçi Kadın) by Xavier de Montepin,
first published 1884
Book Cover< -- Third Edition Turkish Translation of 'La Porteuse De Pain' (Ekmekçi Kadın - The Bread-Seller Woman) by Xavier de Montepin, first published 1884
Translated from the French in 1972 by Muammer Tuncer for this 284-page first edition (3rd printing) of Anten Yayınevi's Ekmekçi Kadın
With thanks to mobolla at gittigidiyor.com

LFA - Türkan Şoray (as Ayşe/Zehra/Leyla) -- Turkish voice-overs for Türkan Şoray by Nedret Güvenç (a female) and Jeyan Mahfi Tözüm (a male?), LMA - İzzet Günay (as Kemal), MA - Kenan Pars (as Nazmi), MA - Efgan Efekan (as Metin), MA - Kadir Savun (as İsmail Hakkı), MA - Semih Orkan (as Salim), MD - Zafer Daduoğlu, W - Osman F. Seden, C - Kenan Kurt, P - Osman F. Seden, PC - Kemal Film
VCD Movie Cover
Türkan Şoray in
Ekmekçi Kadın
VCD Movie Cover -- Turkan Şoray in 'Ekmekçi Kadın' (1965)

Plot summary: The intertwining stories (spanning decades) of an innocent woman found guilty (and jailed for a long prison term) of a murder she didn't commit -- and the mean-spirited man who put her there. Plot highlights: Ayşe (Türkan Şoray) is a poor working widow and mother of two children -- a son and a daughter. When the boss and chief engineer of the factory where she works are killed in a fire, Ayşe is blamed -- and after a speedy trial, she ends up in prison with a life-term for double homicide. (The separation from her children drives her temporarily insane, but in time she recovers -- despite a lingering forlornness.) The real killer is Nazmi (Kenan Pars), who, at the same time as he wants to rob the factory boss, also wants to take revenge on Ayşe for refusing his marriage proposal. After Ayşe's trial, Nazmi leaves the country and makes a fortune in Europe as a businessman -- while Ayşe rots in jail. Many years later Nazmi returns home because of the illness of his daughter, for whom he cares deeply. Ayşe, even at her advanced age, escapes prison and manages to sustain herself as a door-to-door Bread-Seller -- while she tries to locate her long lost (now adult) children. In the process. Ayşe's path crosses Nazmi's again -- with surprising results.
Movie Trivia: The original language of Ekmekçi Kadın (1965) was English, dubbed afterwards into Turkish.

Ekmekçi Kadın
(The Bread-Seller Woman)
The 1972 remake in Color of the 1965 film (which starred Türkan Şoray) -- this time starring Fatma Girik in multiple dramatic roles. Based on the novel La Porteuse De Pain (The Bread-Seller Woman) by Xavier De Montepin (1884).
Fatma Girik plays the roles of young Fatma, the aged Fatma (who becomes 'The Bread-Seller Woman' after her prison escape), and Fatma's own grown daughter, Gül.

Movie Photo
Young Fatma warns husband Osman
about Kenan's evil nature in Ekmekçi Kadın
Movie Photo -- Fatma Girik (as Young Fatma) warns her husband about Kenan's evil intent in 'Ekmekçi Kadın' (1972)
Thanks to TurkMax
and Digiturk

Movie Photo
After years in prison,
Fatma becomes the aged Ekmekçi Kadın
Movie Photo -- After years in prison, Fatma Girik becomes the 'Ekmekçi Kadın' (1972)
Thanks to TurkMax
and Digiturk

Movie Photo
Fatma's grown daughter Gül (in red) and Kenan's grown daughter Jale (Hülya Tuğlu) in Ekmekçi Kadın
Movie Photo -- Fatma Girik (in red) and Hülya Tuğlu in 'Ekmekçi Kadın' (1972)
Click for large!

Thanks to TurkMax
and Digiturk

LFA - Fatma Girik (as Fatma and, also, as her own grown daughter Gül), LMA - Orçun Sonat (as the evil Kenan), MA - Yalçın Gülhan (as Yalçın - grown son of murdered factory owner, Hüseyin Bey), MA - Aytaç Arman (as Murat, Fatma's grown son), FA - Hülya Tuğlu (as Jale, pretty-but-sickly grown-daughter of Kenan), MA - Hulusi Kentmen (as Fatma's family friend, Arif), MA - Hamit Yıldırım (as Fatma's husband, Osman), MA - Renan Fosforoğlu (as Hüseyin Bey, the original factory owner), MA - Nubar Terziyan (as Salih Bey, Kenan's benefactor and father in law), MD - Zafer Daduoğlu, W - Osman F. Seden, C - Kenan Kurt, P - Osman F. Seden, PC - Kemal Film

Movie Poster
Fatma Girik in
Ekmekçi Kadın
Movie Poster -- Fatma Girik in 'Ekmekçi Kadın' (1972)
Click for large!
Plot Highlights: Fatma (played by Fatma Girik) is young, beautiful, and a happily married mother of two children -- when her husband Osman (Hamit Yıldırım), an inventive engineer, is killed in a suspicious 'accidental' electrocution at the factory where he works. [The electrical 'accident' has actually been the murderous work of the evil Kenan (Orçun Sonat) who covets Fatma, for himself.] In sympathy with Fatma's predicament, the factory owner Hüseyin Bey (Renan Fosforoğlu) provides security-guard work to the widow, to help her make ends meet. Life goes on sadly, though routinely....except that Fatma's husband's killer, Kenan, keeps pestering her with a marriage proposal -- despite her constant rejection. One day, Kenan delivers a 'secret letter' to Fatma's door, which tells of his plan to get rich quick and take Fatma off with him that night, from a rendezvous point near the factory. When she reads the letter, she discards it disgustedly on the floor -- from where her adolescent son Murat retrieves it, and tucks it away in his toy car. [Ed. Note: Fatma's adolescent daughter Gül, who 'is staying with a relative', is never seen in this movie. We first see Gül (also acted by Fatma Girik) as an adult, much later in the film.] When Fatma doesn't show-up at the rendezvous point according to Kenan's wish that night, he proceeds with his plan anyway... to rob the factory safe and make off with all the cash. When factory-owner Hüseyin Bey catches Kenan in the robbery process, Kenan shoots him dead. Kenan's partner voices squeamishness about Hüseyin Bey's murder, so Kenan murders his partner too -- and then sets fire to the factory with the two dead bodies inside, to cover all his dirty work. Fatma, awakened to her watchman's duty by the gun-shots that killed Hüseyin Bey, runs to the factory where she discovers all that Kenan has done. Kenan tries to persuade her to take flight with him, but when she refuses (and runs off to rescue her son from the fire), Kenan first plants the murder-weapon pistol under Fatma's bed-pillow, then fakes his own death by fire in front of the growing crowd of spectators -- and escapes into the night with a briefcase full of money. Because she can't find Kenan's 'secret letter' (which would corroborate her claims of innocence) Fatma is left in an inexplicable mess -- that leads (over decades) to imprisonment, insanity, recovery, and finally... escape, to a humble life as Bread-Seller Woman (in search of her long lost children). Throughout Fatma's decades-long ordeal, Kenan has lived a life of ever-increasing wealth, style, and influence. But that begins to change when his and Fatma's paths cross once again... The following film clip picks up the action early in the movie, at the moment when Kenan is caught robbing the factory safe by factory owner Hüseyin Bey... It's a 1.9 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file.

A 16 mm Erotic Movie/Film, made in 1979.
Length: 43 minutes

Dilber Ay
does the disco boogie
in 16mm resolution
Movie Photo -- Dilber Ay gots to do the disco boogie!
Click for enlargement!

Zafir Seba
has a sultry
laid-back boogie style

in 16mm resolution
Movie Photo -- Zafir Seba is not to be outdone on the disco floor...

Müge Güler
is no disco slouch either.
in 16mm resolution
Movie Photo -- Müge Güler can also trip the light fantastic on the disco floor...

LFA - Dilber Ay, LMA - Kazım Kartal, FA - Müge Güler, FA - Zafir Seba, MA - Mehmet Ezici (comedic relief), MD and W - Savaş Eşici, C - Erhan Canan, PC - Bariş Film (Savaş Eşici)
The unworldly
Kazım Kartal
in 16mm resolution
Movie Photo -- The unworldly Kazım Kartal character in Erotic Movie/Film 'Enişte'

Peeping Tom
Mehmet Ezici
in 16mm resolution
Movie Photo -- The randy Mehmet Ezici character peeps on the big city girls,  in Erotic Movie/Film 'Enişte'
Plot summary: The story of an odd and unworldly sort of man who encounters three big-city girls at a Black Sea beach resort (near Şile) where they are all vacationing. Plot Highlights: In this bizarre sex-comedy of the late 70's, three metropolitan girlfriends go to Şile for vacation and settle into a motel overlooking the beach. When the motel baggage-boy (Mehmet Ezici) begins pestering them, the girls send him packing...though not before he gets an eyeful through the open curtain while the girls strip to change into their holiday duds. On a walk around, the girls find a deserted cove -- and suddenly decide to get naked and enjoy a frolicking skinny-dip. Afterwards, while sunning themselves on the rocks above, they see a strange man (Kazım Kartal) riding a horse along the sandy beach below. Dilber Ay follows the man and persuades him to join up with her friends at the local disco. The unworldly Kazım becomes the girls center of attention. Dilber seduces him, but finds out that he has much to teach her in the art of love-making. Subsequently, like a breeding animal, he sequentially satisfies the other two girls in separate bedroom scenes. Three notable aspects of the film: 1) It contains lengthy disco dance scenes that demonstrate the dance style of 70's, 2) the simulated carnal acts are carried out in a variety of innovative love-making positions (for that era), 3) Ten minutes of this short forty-three minute film are a reprise (near the film's end) of earlier lovemaking scenes. The Kazım Kartal character hardly speaks an intelligible word during the entire film -- and in the final scene we learn that all of the movie's previous action has been a dream of his unworldly imagination.
Muhsin Ertuğrul
Seminal Turkish Movie director during the 1920s and 30s.
From the left,
Director Muhsin Ertuğrul with
actress Azize Emir and
cinematograher Cezmi Ar --
on the set of İstanbul Sokaklarında
(On The Streets Of Istanbul) 1931

Muhsin Ertuğrul (at left), Turkish movie director with actress Azize Emir and cinematographer Cezmi Ar on the set of 'İstanbul Sokaklarında' (On The Streets Of Istanbul) in 1931.
Thanks to Rekin Teksoy152
See Turkish Cinematic Roots - One Man Show. 
Mehmet Ezici
Born 1950 - Gaziantep
Young Mehmet Ezici
providing comic
relief in '
'Enişte' (1979)
Movie Photo -- Young Mehmet Ezici waits 
tables in erotic comedy 'Enişte' (1979)
Actor in 27 mostly 'conventional' movies between 1979 and 2006. Director of 12 films between 1984 and 2001. Producer, 4 films, 1984 to 2001. Screenwriter, 14 Films, 1984 to 2001. His movie-making directorial style and themes are reminiscent of Atıf Yılmaz and Metin Erksan.Also see:

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