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Feri Cansel at the moment
she realizes she's blind
in the erotic murder-mystery
Benimle Sevişir Misin? 1972
Actor Salih Güney tries to comfort actress Feri Cansel, at the moment she understands that she is blind...in the erotic murder-mystery 'Benimle Sevişir misin?'

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Türkçe Filmleri, Türkçe Filmler, Türkçe Film
featuring Emel Canser, Canan Candan, Emel Can, Can Sel, Feri Cansel

Turkish Movies and Films
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Emel Canser steamed
our eye-glasses in Kalleş Adam
(Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man) 1979

Emel Canser was in great form in 'Kalleş Adam' (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man) 1979.
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Canan Candan
canan candan - erotic turkish films, bazilari cakik sever, 1975

Canan Candan was a popular erotik Turkish movie actress (who was the sister of yet another [though lesser-known] Turkish erotic actress Arzu Candan) in the 1970's.

Seductive Köylü Kızı
(Not-Very Innocent Young Villager)
Canan Candan starred in erotik Türk filmleri (erotic Turkish movies) between 1975 and 1979 -- often in sweet-faced köylü kızı roles. She was one of the most sought-after erotic actresses of the seks furyası age -- partially because she was believed by audiences to be a natural blonde... until, of course, she disrobed on camera.
The Sisters Candan got equal billing in the 1976 Playboy knock-off film Tavşan Kızlar (Bunny Girls - Rabbit Girls) -- for which lead-actor Orçun Sonat appears to hoist them both on his shoulders (Canan Candan, at left) in this poster-publicity photo...
Canan Candan, Arzu Candan uplifted by Orcun Sonat in 'Tavsan Kizlar' (1976)
Thanks to Oncu.com

Canan Candan Filmography:
Canan Candan - seductive 'koylu kizi', Turkish movie poster for 'Bazilari Cacik Sever' (Some like It with Yogurt Sauce -1975)
Canan Candan,
at right...
As Ayşe, Canan Candan plays opposite Aydemir Akbaş (as Apti), her bird-brained enamorata -- in the popular erotic Turkish comedy Bazıları Cacık Sever (Some Like It With Yogurt Sauce - 1975). But when a mafia tough-guy named Apo (also played by Akbaş, in a dual-role) comes on the scene... matters become complicated -- and a çırılçıplak Candan winds up in bed, though not with whom you'd expect...
Feri Cansel
Turkish conventional and erotik movie actress

Born, Feriha Cansel, on 7 July 1944 in Lefkoşa, Kıbrıs. Knifed to death on 2 September 1983 in Izmir by her businessman lover/fiancé -- in the presence of her horrified teen-aged daughter Zümrut Cansel (née İlter Özcan).

Feri Cansel shared
top-billing with Arzu Okay
in the 'erotik' comedy movie
Ayıbettin/Ayıpettin Şemsettin
(Behave Shamefully, Şemsettin)
in 1971.

Movie Poster -- Feri Cansel shared top-billing with Arzu Okay in the 'erotik' adventure classic 'Ayıbettin/Ayıpettin Şemsettin' (Behave Shamefully, Şemsettin) in 1971.
Feri Cansel played a
significant secondary role in
the 'erotik' smash-hit movie
Ah Deme Oh De
(Don't Say Ah, Say Oh!)
starring Sermet Serdengeçti,
Mine Mutlu, Arzu Okay,
and Ilhan Daner in 1974.

Movie Poster -- Feri Cansel played a significant but secondary role in the 'erotik' comedy classic 'Ah Deme Oh De' (Don't Say Ah, Say Oh!) -- with Sermet Serdengeçti, Mine Mutlu, Arzu Okay, and Ilhan Daner in 1974.
Thanks to 'Erotik Türk Sineması'150

Turkish Movie Snapshot --
Feri Cansel in
Benimle Sevişir Misin?
(Will You Make Love With Me?)


Movie photo from 'Benimle Sevişir Misin?' (Will You Make Love With Me?) starring Feri Cansel, Sayyal Taner, and Salih Güney in 1972
  • Compare the careers of Feri Cansel and Juanita Dale Slusher (Candy Barr)
  • Feri Cansel's rise to stardom, in her own words

  • There are more pics and gossip about Feri Cansel in the Turkish Who's Who...
    Feri Cansel movie-poster
    Kendin Pişie Kendin Ye
    (Cook It Yourself, Eat It Yourself) --
    directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1978.

    Feri Cansel in 'Kendin Pişie Kendin Ye' (Cook It Yourself, Eat It Yourself) -- directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1978.
    According to the Sinematürk movies database, Feri Cansel's career spanned 18 years during which she acted in 136 films -- 120 of them listed as belonging in the 'erotik'-films category. So, any way you slice it, Cansel easily wins the career-long title for Most Erotic Turkish Movies Made By An Actor/Actress.

    But Cansel herself claimed in 1978 that she had already appeared in 350 'erotik' movies by then. So who's right?

    Erotik movie historian Cihan Demirci149 thinks both numbers can be explained as follows...

    In too many cases, Demirci says, 'erotik'-genre movie makers didn't respect individual films as single works of art. To these men, each single movie was merely source material for cut-and-paste multiple movie production. Such movies were too often cut-and-pasted together from various other movie parts and released in as many as three different versions. (The most obvious example [that pops to our mind] of this cut-and-paste film-production method is seen in Zerrin Egeliler's films...Take for instance, Şıllık [Painted Jezebel] and its streamlined cousin, Iki Kocalı [The Woman With Two Husbands] -- which both star Egeliler, Hadi Çaman, and Bülent Kayabaş. The former is the fully-plotted version of the movie [made from the original full-featured script], the latter is a shortened cut-and-paste job [that contains but one original scene, involving Hadi Çaman.])

    So... Demirci reckons that when Cansel claimed to have appeared in 350 erotik films, she was probably referring to the cut-and-paste versions of those movies in addition to the originals. Therefore, if Cansel originally made 120 'erotik'-genre movies, when you multiply that number by 3 (approximately)... the total count of her 'erotik' movie appearances might easily reach 350.

    About Cansel's Movies:
  • Benimle Sevişir Misin? (Will you make love with me?)
    An erotik, murder mystery movie made in 1972.
    Seyyal Taner, Feri Cansel,
    and Sali Güney star in
    the erotik Turkish drama film
    Benimle Sevişir Misin? (Do you want to make love with me?)
    Setting up
    the 'con'

    Movie photos -- Seyyal Taner (left) and Salih Güney (right) prepare to 'con' Feri Cansel for her inheritance in the erotic drama-movie 'Benimle Sevişir Misin?' (Do you want to make love with me?), 1972
    Click large
    The 'con game'

    Movie photos -- Feri Cansel (right) catches Seyyal Taner (middle) and Salih Güney in their lover's lie in the erotic drama-movie 'Benimle Sevişir Misin?' (Do you want to make love with me?), 1972
    Click large

  • Kendin Pişir Kendin Ye (Cook It Yourself, Eat It Yourself)
    An erotik, mafia-spoof movie from 1978.
    Feri Cansel and Müge Güler
    play multiple roles in
    the erotik Turkish comedy movie
    Kendin Pişir Kendin Ye
    In the flesh...
    Movie photos -- Feri Cansel and Müge Güler as seen in the comedy-movie 'Kendin Peşir Kandin Ye' (Cook It Yourself, Eat It Yourself), 1978
    Click large
    In disguise...
    Movie photos -- Feri Cansel and Müge Güler as seen in the comedy-movie 'Kendin Peşir Kandin Ye' (Cook It Yourself, Eat It Yourself), 1978
    Click large

  • Emel Canser
    Born 1958 in Istanbul, Emel Canser made erotik films (and only erotik films) for just two years -- 1979 and 1980. But, during those 2 years... oh my...what films she made!
    For some of her films (such as Kalleş Adam), Canser shortened her name in the film-credits to Emel Can -- in a manner similar to Dilber Ay (who appeared as Dilberay in Püsküllü Bela) and Feri Cansel (who performed as Can Sel on occasion -- see above).
    Liberated and
    Licentious Lady

    In her brief 2-year film-career,
    Emel Canser peeps
    Emel Canser watches while Karaca Kaan and Kazım Kartal do the horozontal hula in 'Kalleş Adam' (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man)-- written and directed directed by Işık Toraman in 1979.
    Emel Canser gave 16 erotik and real-seks performances that still draw oohs and ahhs from audiences of both genders.

    Emel Canser is
    Kalleş Adam 1979

    Emel Canser makes all the right moves in 'Kalleş Adam' (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man) -- directed by Kadir Akgün in 2000.

    Emel Canser Filmography:
  • Paylaşılmayan Kadın (Unshareable Woman) directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1980 -- starred Emel Canser (as Gül), Hakan Özer (as Naim), Oya Başak (as Naciye), Tevhit Bilge (as Yusuf Ağa), and Çetin Başaran.
  • Sevginin Bedeli (The Equivalent of Love), starring Dilber Ay, Zafer Doğan, Emel Canser, Yılmaz Şahin, Tevhit Bilge -- written and directed by Naki Yurter in 1979.
  • Kalleş Adam (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man), starring Karaca Kaan (as Aysel), Emel Can (actually Emel Canser as Melek, Karaca Kaan's licentious room-mate), Nur Ay (as İsabella, Karaca Kaan's seksi nightclub dance-act partner), Kazım Kartal (as Kazım, who wears a neck-brace because of a knife wound received early in the film), Begüm Bahar (as Kazım's daughter), Oktar Durukan (as Abdül), and Alpay Özdoğan (as Doctor Alpay) -- written and directed by Işık Toraman in 1979.
  • Emel Canser
    starred with Karaca Kaan and
    Kazım Kartal in Kalleş Adam
    (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man) 1979.

    Emel Canser starred with Karaca Kaan and Kazım Kartal in 'Kalleş Adam' (Back-Stabbing Man) -- directed by Işık Toraman in 1979.

  • Askımla Oynama (Don't Play With My Love), starring Meltem Işık, Emel Canser, Funda Gürkan, Recep Filiz, Tarık Şimşek, Cesur Barut, and Yılmaz Kurt -- written by Recep Filiz and directed by Naki Yurter in 1979.
  • Emel Canser does 'the mess around' --
    in Askımla Oynama
    (Don't Play With My Love) 1979

    Emel Canser stars with Meltem Işık in 'Askımla Oynama' (Don't Play With My Love)) -- directed by Naki Yurter in 1979.

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