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Famous Turks Series -- Fatma Girik (award-winning actress in 192 films since 1957, in addition to 5 TV mini-series since 1988) dances in 'Ben Bir Sokak Kadınıyım' (I'm a Street Walker Woman, aka, I'm a Whore), 1966
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Melek Görgün
mistakes Hadi Çaman for her real husband
in Fırçana Bayıldım Boyaca
(I Like The Way You Brush, Shoeshine Boy)

Movie photo from 'Kadersizler' (The Unfortunate Ones) starring Zerrin Egeliler and Oktar Durukan, 1979
Learn from Turkish Films,
Türk Filmleri, Türk Filmi

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Kamer Baba
Kamer Baba's eyes pop
when Zerrin Egeliler
displays her assets for him on their wedding night --
in the 'erotik' comedy-hit
Yedi Kocalı
(The Woman With Seven Husbands)
in 1979.

Zerrin Egeliler entices Kamer Baba (Kamer Sadık) on their wedding night in the 'erotik' comedy-hit 'Yedi Kocalı' (The Woman With Seven Husbands) in 1979.

An actor who played 'old codger' roles in numerous 'erotik' Turkish movies. Real name: Kamer Sadık
Kamer Baba wears his heart on his sleeve
in the raucous and 'erotik' Turkish movie
Yedi Kocalı
(The Woman With Seven Husbands)

See his movie roles in:
  • Yedi Kocalı (The Woman With Seven Husbands)
  • Oooh Oh! (Oooh Oh!)
  • Öttür Kuşu Ömer (Make the Bird Sing, Homer)

  • Also see the movie commentaries at the entry for Aylin Berkay, further below on this page.

    The 'Bad Girls of the 1970s Turkish Cinema' the group of Turkish actresses who are (mostly) famous for their 'Vamp' movie roles in the 1970s... The group includes: Suzan Avcı, Mine Soley, Aliye Rona, Neriman Köksal, and Sevda Ferdağ.
    Neriman Köksal
    mature woman at large
    Mature woman Neriman Köksal, Turkish movie actress.
    Neriman Köksal
    in her prime of life

    Neriman Köksal, Turkish movie actress in her prime of life.

    Aliye Rona
    Scary in Berlin

    Aliye Rona, Turkish Movie Star -- was scary in 'Berlin in Berlin' (Berlin's Berlin).

    Suzan Avcı
    vamping virtuoso
    Suzan Avcı publicity photo - in a typical vamping pose.
    Mine Soley
    if looks could kill

    Mine Soley sings 'Ankara Ruzgara' and gives her competitor the evil-eye.

    Sevda Ferdağ
    starred in
    'Foolish Conversation'
    an erotic adventure film
    directed by
    feminist Bilge Olgaç
    in 1975

    Sevda Ferdağ starred in 'Şohret Budalasi' (Foolish Conversation) -- directed by Bilge Olgaç in 1975. It's the story of a postman who wants to make conversation with a beautiful woman.

    Çetin Başaran
    Nickname in cinema circles: Tarzan Çetin ('Tarzan'...due to his wide manly chest).
    Yeşilçam Publicity Photo of Çetin Başaran (Tarzan Cetin)
    Click large
    Thanks to
    Actor (74 films between 1958-2002). Film Genres: Adventure, Murder Mystery, and 'Erotik' movies. Most always played a 'villain' in his movie roles...
    Movie Trivia: Çetin Başaran plays the serial-killer role in a
    Çetin Başaran woos
    Dilber Ay, his third and
    final victim...

    Çetin Başaran Woos Dilber Ay, his third and final victim...
    'gloves-off erotik' psycho-horror film (probably titled Doyumsuzlar, circa 1979) that we stumbled upon recently -- with none other than Dilber Ay as Çetin Başaran's third (and final) murder victim. [Note: Our poor copy of this old 16mm film is without any titles at all -- they've disappeared over time, cut out somewhere along the way... We come to the 'Doyumsuzlar' title-name by the process of elimination -- because only a few 'erotik' films were made (5 by our count) in which Dilber Ay and Çetin Başaran are even listed in the same cast. And, of those 5, only this horror-movie lists Çetin Başaran in the leading-role. On a point also related to our poor movie-copy...either the first or second of Çetin Başaran's murder-after-seks victims is probably Sabahan -- but the film is so scratchy that we aren't 100% sure.]
    Çetin Başaran
    Dilber Ay,
    his third victim...

    Çetin Başaran with Dilber Ay, his third and final victim...
    The film's [unnamed] Turkish director may have gotten the idea for his movie after hearing about (or actually viewing) the American movie Snuff made in 1976 (and directed by the Horror and Sex-Ploitation film maker Michael Findlay, who was decapitated by a helicopter on the roof of the Pan Am Building in New York City, the following year).
    Dilber Ay,
    Çetin Başaran's
    final victim...

    Dilber Ay, Çetin Başaran's third and final victim...
    This 16mm Turkish movie-loop leaves nothing to the imagination insofar as the whoopie is concerned, but, we are pleased to report that your pussycat could survive Çetin Başaran's murders (by strangulation) -- which are as fake as fake can be.
    How Çetin Başaran was discovered -- in his own words: "I was 13 years old and working as a street-vendor in Eminönü (İstanbul). But because I didn't comply with municipal vendoring rules, the police confiscated my display-stand. They weren't able to nab me though, I was too elusive. They followed me around for a month, but I always managed to dodge them. Finally, they established a special municipal investigative team to deal with renegade vendors (like me). At that time I was selling jersey-cloth shirts for 5 lira a piece. One morning... I saw the police approaching, and I started running, but this time they were ready and they grabbed me -- by both my arms. Terrified at what they'd do to me, I threw myself off the Galata Bridge. Lucky for me, I fell into a truck full of soft mown wheat stalks. Yeşilçam Director Osman Seden happened to be passing-by at that very moment, and (amazed by my bravery) he made me an offer on the spot -- and he left me his friend's business card. I didn't give movie-making much thought at first, until the economy began to fail -- so I went to Yeşilçam to visit him. We stuck a deal the same day and my first film was Iftira (Slander) which starred Sadri Alişik in the leading-male role."151
    Çetin Bey has done
    TV commercials since 2000
    (eg. Tofita Candy for Kent Gıda).

    Çetin Başaran (Tarzan Cetin) did a Tofita candy TV-commercial for Kent Gıda in 2000
    Click large
    Thanks to
    Milliyet Gazetesi

  • Çetin Başaran in The Turkish Who's Who
  • Dilber Ay in the Turkish Movies, TV, etc. Catalog
  • Dilber Ay in The Turkish Who's Who
  • Dilber Ay in Enişte
  • Benimle Sevişir Misin?
    (Will you make love with me?)
    An Erotic, Murder Mystery Movie/Film, made in 1972.
    Approximate length: 68 minutes

    Salih Güney and
    Sayyal Taner in the classic kissing scene from
    Benimle Sevişir Misin? Salih Güney and Sayyal Taner in the classic kissing scene from 'Benimle Sevişir Misin?'

    LMA - Salih Güney (as Erol, handsome ne'er-do-well who turns good at film end), LFA - Feri Cansel (as Elif, daughter of Erol's Uncle [the murder victim]), LFA -- Seyyal Taner (as Sibel, Erol's jealous lover, a devil woman who arranges the murder of Erol's uncle. Later after Erol falls for Elif, Sibel tries to frame Erol for his own uncle's killing), Dan - Anuşka [real name: Elif Ozangil, born 1953 in Russia] - as a nude non-speaking belly-dancer, MD - Nazmi Özer, PC - Star Film, Burç Film
    A non-speaking
    (real name: Elif Ozangil)
    can still generate heat
    Non-speaking Arzu Okay in 'Benimle sevişir misin?'
    Plot summary: Erol's lover Sibel wants Erol to seduce his own uncle's daughter, Elif, in order to wangle inheritance money from his uncle's estate. Erol agrees, and Sibel promptly has Erol's uncle murdered by a professional assassin -- which causes the estate to pass to the distraught daughter. Erol begins wooing Elif... In this movie-clip (a 900KB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file) the false-hearted Erol and the moony-eyed Elif romp revealingly on the beach. Then, after some complicated goings-on (including Elif's temporary blindness due to a car crash), Erol realizes he loves Elif. Erol takes Elif to a country home to recover from her blindness. Sibel silently accompanies them, but stays noiselessly in the background -- constantly tempting Erol with her silent sexy gestures. At one point Sibel tiptoes into the bedroom where Erol has just bedded Elif and she makes a 'love sandwich' -- of Erol between the two women. In this movie-clip (a 1.4MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file), the now ambivalent Erol, is reluctant at first but can't resist temptation -- as he 'caters to' both women on the same bed, unbeknownst to the unseeing Elif. But when Sibel finally can't stand Erol's attention to Elif any longer, she pushes Elif down the stairs (while Erol is away) -- which restores Elif's sight, though Elif keeps the fact to herself. When Erol returns, she sees Erol and Sibel together arguing -- and, in the process, details of their original dirty inheritance 'con' (which Erol now wants to abandon) are disclosed. Elif confronts the pair, Erol tries to apologize and to explain his love for her, but Elif is too upset to accept his apology -- though she admits to herself that she loves him. Then, a wristwatch found at the scene of his Uncle's murder is traced to Erol by the Police - and Erol is arrested. It's a wristwatch that Erol had bought and lost the same day. By pure bad luck, the watch had come into the hands of Sibel's 'hired' murderer via a pawnbroker. Thankfully, the whole truth comes out at the trial, when the murderer confesses all. Elif runs out of the courthouse in tears. Erol follows her to the beach where they once made love. Erol confesses his true love -- this time persuasively. The lovers embrace, and it's THE END. But, the movie-viewing audience is left to ponder the unspoken question... Should two first-cousins make babies?
    Aylin Berkay

    Aylin Berkay
    exhibits her
    long golden tresses
    in this scene with
    Kudret Şandra from
    Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı
    Erkeklik Öldü Mü Abiler?
    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay in a movie scene with Kudret Şandra in 'Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı' aka 'Erkeklik Öldü Mü Abiler' 1978
    Click for enlargement!

    Aylin Berkay is
    'Astonished Innocence' personified
    in Oooh oh!
    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay is 'Astonished Innocence' personified, in 'Oooh oh!' 1978
    Click for enlargement!

    'Erotik' Turkish Movie Star 1978-1979.

    Aylin Berkay exhibited three distinguishing physical characteristics in each of the 12 films she made -- no matter whether she was acting in a comedic role (as in Oooh Oh! opposite Aydemir Akbaş and Kamer Baba [See his entry on this page, further above]) or in a more serious role (as in Esmerin Adı Sarışının Tadı with Tarik Şimşek and Zerrin Doğan).

    The first thing to strike your eye when Aylin Berkay appears on screen is her great long mane of bright blond hair -- which (as a budding poet once wrote) was "not to match what mats there down."
    Aylin Berkay
    displays her
    boyish upper body
    in this comedic scene
    with Aydemir Akbaş
    from Oooh Oh!
    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay in a movie scene with Aydemir Akbaş from 'Oooh Oh!' 1978

    Later, when the plot requires a less fully clothed Aylin, you notice her second physical characteristic -- a boyish upper torso.

    Aylin Berkay
    astonished again in this comedic scene with Kamer Baba
    (Kamer Sadık)
    from Ooo Oh!
    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay in a movie scene with Kamer Baba (Kamer Sadık) from 'Oooh Oh!' 1978
    Click large!

    And when Aylin Berkay flashes her trademark look of "Astonished Innocence" on-screen, thereby exhibiting her third physical characteristic, you might think you were in the presence of the original Dumb Blonde female.

    But you'd be wrong.

    Because Aylin was originally a man, named Ali -- who served his mandatory military duty honorably, as a member in good standing of the Turkish Army's Military Marching Band.

    Exactly when Ali Berkay (or more likely Ali Saraç) had 'the op' and changed to Aylin Berkay is not recorded.

    Aylin Berkay's
    boyish figure in this
    serious scene from
    Esmerin Adı
    Sarışının Tadı

    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay in a movie scene with Tarik Şimşek from 'Esmerin Adı Sarışının Tadı' 1979
    But after making films like Oooh Oh! and Beyoğlu Piliçleri as a woman, she quit making movies entirely after 1979 -- and reinvented herself as a stage singer and recording artist, under the name Serbülent Sultan...
    Serbülent Sultan
    made music
    after 1979
    Movie Photo -- Aylin Berkay in a movie scene with Tarik Şimşek from 'Esmerin Adı Sarışının Tadı' 1979
    Click large!

    Thanks to snaeco
    at gittigidiyor.com

    And here you thought, dear reader, that Bülent Ersoy 'wrote the book' on transsexual Turkish performers...

    Comedic Movie/Film Clip from Oooh oh! (a 1 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file): In the previous scene to this movie clip, senior citizen Kamer Baba (Kamer Sadık) was injected with a love potion (to good effect) by a wandering Mad Scientist. Aylin Berkay makes reference to the potion as she begins her Arousal Dance for the old codger, saying, "Watch me, my man. I'm better than that medicine/potion, aren't I?"
    Aylin Berkay's Filmography
    (12 Movies)
  • Ahlaksız (Immoral) aka Utanç (Shame) - 1979
  • Aşkımla Oynama (Playing with Love) - 1979
  • Kaldırım Dilberi (I'll Do Away with Beauty) - 1979
  • Bacanak (Brother in Law) - 1979
  • Binlik Nail (Someone Gains Big Money) - 1979
  • Esmerin Adı Sarışının Tadı (A Reputation for Brunettes, A Taste for Blondes) - 1979
  • Handan aka Beyoğlu Piliçleri (The Chicks from Beyoğlu) - 1979
  • Kenarın Kızları (Girls on the Borderline) - 1979
  • Yaz Deftere (Write it down, in a Notebook) - 1979
  • Fırçana Bayıldım Boyacı (I'm Crazy about your Brush, Shoeshine Man) aka Erkeklik Öldü Mü Abiler (Has Manhood Died, Guys?) - 1978
  • Oooh Oh! (1978)
  • Kadınlar Hamamı (The Women's Turkish Bath) - 1978
    - Movie Poster -
    Aylin Berkay (at right)
    abed wth Kamer Baba
    in a movie scene from 'Oooh oh!'
    Movie Poster -- Aylin Berkay (at right) abed with Kamer Baba in a movie scene from 'Oooh oh!' 1978
    Click for enlargement!

    Other notable Transsexual Turkish Performers of stage and screen include: Bülent Ersoy, Emel Aydan (whose male name was Erdoğan Kaşif -- and who once had a nightclub striptease act in Milan, performing under the name of Rita Santiago), Tijen Erman (aka Christian Carol), Derya Sonay, and Ahenk Dalgalıdeniz. Click following to learn a lot more than you'll ever need to know about these transsexual gals.

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