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Turkish films database featuring Müjde Ar (Mujde Ar), Alev Altın (Alev Altin), Dilber Ay, Banu Alkan,
Nur Ay (Nur-Ay) [Nuray], Emel Aydan, Suzan Avcı (Suzan Avci), Nuray Özpınar (Nuray Ozpinar),
Aytaç Arman (Aytac Arman), Cüneyt Arkın (Cuneyt Arkin)

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Türk Filmleri - Turkish Movies
Turkish Singer/Dancer/Actress
Nur Ay
sings and dances
for her supper in
Sansar (The Weasel)

Turkish Nur Ay (Nur-Ay) [Nuray] sings and dances for her supper in 'Sansar' (The Weasel) -- directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1975
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Müjde Ar, Erotizm Filmleri (Erotik Filmler), Türk Filmler (Turk Filmler), Türk filmi (Turk filmi),
Türkçe Film (Türkçe Filmler), Filmler (Filmleri), Türk Filmi (Turk Filmi), Turkish Movies

Database of Turkish Movies, Films
and TV
for English Speakers
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Movie Scenes
Rus Nobelwoman Sevinç Pekin
throws herself at her captive,
Kafkasyalı Cüneyt Arkın (as Hacı Murat)
in the historical Turkish adventure film
Hacı Murat, directed by Natuk Baytan in 1967.

Sevinç Pekin wants Cüneyt Arkın carnally in the historical adventure film 'Hacı Murat' directed by Natuk Baytan in 1967.
Learn from Turkish Films,
Türk Filmleri, Türk Filmi

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish Movies (Türk Filmleri) Abbreviations:
MA - Turkish Film Male Actor/Player, FA - Türk Filmler Female Actor/Player, LMA - Lead Male Actor/Player,
LFA - Lead Female Actor/Player, MD - Main Türk Filmleri Director, P - Producer(s),
C - Türk Cinematographer, Dan - Dancer, M- Music by, AD - Art Director,
W - Türk Screenplay Writer,PC - Production Company
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Aydemir Akbaş
Born Kars, Turkey
25 Feb 1936

Aydemir Akbaş
disrobes Aylin Berkay in
Oooh Oh! (1978)

Movie Photo: Aydemir Akbaş (Aydemir Akbas) and Aylin Berkay in the erotik-comedy classic 'Oooh Oh!' (1978)

Famed Erotic Turkish Movie Personality
Veteran of conventional films (and TV) - as well as being a huge erotik-comedy movie personality as an actor (100 films), Director (5), screenplay Writer (28) -- in a career spanning 45+ years (1964-2011)
Aydemir Akbaş
seen in 1984, when he co-wrote
the Turkish screen-play for and acted in Üşütük (We Went Nuts!)...
Seen also in 2005, when he acted in
the TV Series Naciye'yi Kim Sevmez
(Who Doesn't Love Naciye?)...
Turkish Time Tunnel

Aydemir Akbaş (Aydemir Akbas) - Turkish Comedic Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, and Movie Director - Turkish  Time Turnnel 1984-2005

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
31 May 2005
Also see Turkish movie references:
Alev Altın
Alev Altın -- during her 'erotik' movie career, 1975-1977

See more of Alev Altın at:

Nuri Altınok
Nuri Altınok
as he appeared in
Zambaklar Açarken
(When The Lilies Open) 1973
with Kartal Tibet and Filiz Akın

Nuri Altınok in 'Zambaklar Açarken' (When The Lilies Open) -- written snd directed by Nejat Saydam in 1973.

Veteran of 23 films between 1953 and 1973.
Young Nuri Altınok
studying a script

Nuri Altınok studying a script.
Thanks to

Müjde Ar
An iconic, hugely-popular Turkish film-star and (sometimes) TV actress.
Born out of wedlock on 21 June 1954 in Istanbul; real name Kâmile Suat Ebrem.
Müjde Ar
Time Tunnel
1981 and 2005

Müjde Ar in a 'then and now' photo comparison -- between 1981 and 2005
Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
7 April 2005

Müjde Ar
glistened as the ingénue Bihter
in the conventional film
Aşk-ı Memnu
(In Search Of Love) 1975.
The film was an adaptation of
Halıt Zıya Uşaklıgil's novel by
the same name, published 1900.

Müjde Ar starred with Salih Güney and Itır Esen in the Turkish movie 'Aşk-ı Memnu' (In Search Of Love), based upon the novel by Halıt Zıya Uşaklıgil -- screenplay written and film directed by Halit Refiğ 1975

In his book Türk Sinemasında Cinselliğin Tarih (History of Sexuality in the Turkish Cinema)148 film historian Agâh Özgüç 'awards' Müjde Ar the dubious title of En Çok Irzına Geçilen Kadın (The Most-Raped Woman In Turkish Movie History). As exemplary evidence of his claim, Özgüç cites a vicious assault scene from Müjde Ar's Iffet (in which Ar plays a duped innocent in the title-role) and another such scene from Aile Kadın (Family Woman) in which Ar plays Pınar, a happily married woman whose past returns to haunt her with a vengeance. Both films were directed by Kartal Tibet in 1982 and 1983 respectively.

Learn more about Ar at:
In her mother's footsteps...
"A chip off the old block"
Müjde Ar
the budding wannabe starlet

Ingenue Müjde Ar -- before she made Turkish movie history.

Müjde Ar is the oldest daughter
of Aysel Gürel -- a 'rebellious feminist'
of enormous song-writing and dramatic ability. The much-revered Gürel (herself a show-biz icon, now deceased) greatly influenced daughter Müjde Ar -- the two were extremely close, as indicated by the mother/daughter photo at right.

Müjde Ar (as Naciye Arnamus) starred opposite Kadır İnanır (as Hasan Terbasan)
in the smash-hit, Baldız (Sister-in-law) directed by Temel Gürsu in 1975... Müjde Ar's first year as an actress.
Three Müjde Ar poster/covers
for the same movie...
Müjde Ar and Kadir İnanır starred in 'Baldiz' (Sister-in-Law) in 1975 - Poster 1 of 3.

Müjde Ar's Filmography:
'Borderline' R+ Films --
Seks-farce Films --

Müjde Ar
the iconic actress in full-bloom
Müjde Ar (Mujde Ar), Film and TV Actress

Müjde Ar
with gadabout mother Aysel Gürel
Müjde Ar (Mujde Ar) with gadabout mother Aysel Gürel.

Cüneyt Arkın
Cüneyt Arkın
Turkish Time-Tunnel


Cüneyt Arkın time-tunnel publicity photos from 1966 and 2005.
Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
6 March 2005

Did Cüneyt Arkın
make Elif Pektaş
'an offer she couldn't refuse'
in the romantic crime movie
(The Degenerates)
Movie Photo: Cüneyt Arkın always wanted to bathe like this -- from 'Soysuzlar' (The Degenerates) 1975
Thanks to Tuncay Sinema

Did Elif Pektaş accept
such an offer?
Movie Photo: Elif Pektaş's heart flutters at the sight of Cüneyt Arkın's soapy body -- from 'Soysuzlar' (The Degenerates) 1975
Thanks to Tuncay Sinema

Cüneyt Arkın
gets revenge
and finds romance
with Elif Pektaş
(The Degenerates) 1975

Movie poster for the romantic crime film 'Soysuzlar' (The Degenerates) starring Cüneyt Arkın and Elif Pektaş in 1979

Thanks to
Cüneyt Arkın (real name: Fahrettin Cüretlibatur, b. 1937) made his professional film debut in 1964, as the prize for winning a contest sponsored by Artist Magazine. He acted in 15 movies that year, filling increasingly important roles -- and he hasn't looked back since... In a sort of left-handed compliment, Arkın has been called the Alain Delon (b. 1935) of Turkey. But if you compare the range and depth of their movie careers, it's Delon who should take the back seat to Arkın. Consider the career comparisons of these two, still active, film stars -- Appearances as an Actor: Arkın (310) Delon (89); Director: Arkın (38) Delon (3); Screenplay Writer: Arkın (28) Delon (10). Only in the category of 'Producer' does Delon surpass Arkın as a movie maker -- Delon (21), Arkın (9).
Arkın Filmography:
Also see Arkın at:
Aytaç Arman
Aytaç Arman in
'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım'
Movie Photo -- Poor-man (Not!) Aytaç Arman fiddles his way into Türkan Şoray's heart in 'Yalancı/Çok Yalnızım (1973)
To the movie page!

Aytaç Arman
in middle age

Actor Aytaç Arman in middle age

Aytaç Arman in the Turkish Who's Who. Also see Aytaç Arman in:
Arzu (Desire)
Tells the terrifying tale of a celebrity stalker (played by Tolga Savacı) and his celebrity victim (played by Banu Alkan). Made in 1985, the film is approximately 77 minutes long.
Movie Poster -- Banu Alkan is Arzu (Desire), 1985

Arzu is
a glamorous 'working girl'
Arzu (Banu Alkan) blows a kiss for a TV Commercial...
Arzu (Banu Alkan) blows a kiss for a TV Commercial...
Arzu (Banu Alkan) blows a kiss for a TV Commercial...
Arzu (Banu Alkan) struts for a TV Commercial...
Arzu (Banu Alkan) mimes for a TV Commercial...

Arzu (Banu Alkan) exposed for a TV Commercial...
Arzu (Banu Alkan) in animal fur for a TV Commercial...

Seduction of a School Girl
Sevda believes every lie that Tolga tells her.
Seduction of a School -- Arzu (Songül Gündüz)
Seduction of a School -- Tolga (Tolga Savacı)
LFA - Banu Alkan (as Arzu); LMA - Tolga Savacı in his 2nd film (as Cezmi); MA - Yusuf Sezgin (as Arzu's agent/manager/lover Tan); FA - Songül Gündüz (as Sevda -- Arzu's little sister); MD - Şahin Gök; W - Macit Koper; C - Orhan Oğuz; P - Ferit Turgut; PC - Uzman Film
Tolga Savacı is an obsessed
celebrity stalker in "Desire".
Actor Tolga Savacı bears an eerie resemblence to serial-killer Ted Bundy.

In flagrante delicto
Sevda catches Cezmi brutally violating sister Arzu
Cezmi (Tolga Savacı) caught brutally violating Arzu (Banu Alkan)
Sevda (Songül Gündüz) watches the violation with unbelieving eyes

Erotic Fantasies
Arzu is haunted by uncontrollable
unholy-dreams of her attacker Cezmi
Arzu (Banu Alkan) can't control her erotic dreams of Cezmi (Tolga Savacı)
Arzu has a recurring erotic dream of Cezmi
Arzu has erotic dreams of Cezmi
Arzu is haunted by erotic dreams of Cezmi

'Twas a very good year...
Famous Turks Series -- Banu Alkan reveals for Bravo Magazine, 1982
Banu Alkan, 1982
Thanks to Bravo Magazine

The best and worst of Banu Alkan...
Plot Summary: Arzu (played by Banu Alkan) is a rising young movie-starlet who makes glamorous TV commercials for cosmetics on the side, to support herself and her live-in school-girl sister Sevda (played by Songül Gündüz). And, Arzu is being stalked Cezmi (played by Tolga Savacı), a handsome young drifter (who's the spitting image of Ted Bundy) posing as a free-lance photographer. Cezmi seduces younger sister Sevda and through her he wangles his way to an on-set meeting with Arzu -- and to a very tentative appointment for a free-lance photo-shoot. Waiting until Sevda is off to school one day, Cezmi shows up at Arzu's doorstep unannounced, talks his way inside -- and viciously rapes her. To make matters worse, the public prosecutor deems the evidence of the rape to be problematic -- so Cezmi remains free, and able to strike again... When Cezmi reads that Arzu will be vacationing in Datça before she begins her next movie role, he boards a bus that's Datça-bound...
Movie clips of Alkan in 'Arzu'
  • Bringin' home the bacon
    Arzu (Banu Alkan), giving her best Marilyn Monroe impression, mimes and struts her stuff through a TV Commercial as manager/lover Tan (Yusuf Sezgin) looks on admiringly. Thumping along infectiously in the background, Modern Talking's "Do you wanna..." gets you in the mood to 'take what you need'. (Turkish language-learning students should try to understand the commercial voice-over. It's spoken very clearly and slowly.) A 1.6MB Windows Media Video .WMV file
  • Seduction of a School Girl While Arzu works to make a living, Cezmi seduces her little sister Sevda...A 1MB Windows Media Video .WMV file

Aşk ve Ceza
(Love and Punishment - 2010)
Turkish TV Drama

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
The TV Series Plot: The story follows the fate of a modern İstanbul'lu women (played by Nurgül Yeşilçay (as Yasemin) -- on the rebound from a broken marital engagement) and an eastern Turkish tribal lord (played by Murat Yıldırım [as Savaş Baldar] -- whose family (led by his beloved, but conniving Hanım Ağa mother (played by Tomris İncer [as Şahnur Baldar], live off the eastern drug trade). While visiting Istanbul, Yılıdırım and Yeşilçay hook up for a 'meaningful' one-night stand that leaves her pregnant, and drives her into seclusion. The lord himself is honorable and after he tracks her down, the two become full time lovers -- in a complicated relationship from which marriage must be excluded...for tribal reasons. Eventually though, events lead to a happy ending, in which Yılıdırım restores his family-name to respectability (by helping police with their enquiries, in the prosecution of his most criminal kin), after which he marries Yeşilçay, who besides his son, has also delivered him a daughter to boot. The final symbolic tree-watering scene involving the now-prepubescent siblings informs the audience that all is well with the world.
Ata Saka See Ata Saka under 'S'.

Suzan Avcı
Born 1935 in Bursa, real name Suzan Bizavcı.
Between 1965 and 1967, Avcı also produced 6 films in which she appeared.
Suzan Avcı has murder in mind
for Fatma Girik

Suzan Avcı wants to take Fatma Girik's life.

Bağdat Hırsızı
(The Thief of Baghdad)
starred Kartal Tibet
and Suzan Avcı (as Gülnaz)
in 1968.

Suzan Avcı appeared with Kartal Tibet in 'Bağdat Hırsızı' (The Thief of Baghdad) 1968.

Especially during the 1960s and '70s, Suzan Avcı was one of Ye&# 351;ilcam's notorious group of 'Bad Girls' which also included: Mine Soley, Aliye Rona, Neriman Köksal, and Sevda Ferdağ.

Born To Be Bad
Actress in more than 200 films between 1956 and 2008.
Suzan Avcı
as usual

Suzan Avcı publicity photo - in a typical vamping pose.
Most famous for her portrayals of seksi vamps, blond troublemakers, and wicked jezabels. In the 1960s, she appeared frequently in the fantastik and macera adventure genres of Turkish films -- some of which are considered Dandık Films... films like Kilink Uçan Adam'a Karşı (The Anti-Hero 'Killing' vs. 'Flying Man') 1967, Bağdat Hırsızı (The Thief of Baghdad) 1968, and Kızıl Maske (Red Mask) 1968.

A Rough Start...Avcı's mother was a Kırımlı Tatar and her father was a Tatar from Kazanlı, near Mersin (İçel), Turkey. Father Yusuf died at age 40 of cirrhosis (which also afflicted Atatürk), when Suzan was just 6 years old. Life became a struggle. But when, at age 9, Suzan saw the silent film Edison'un Hayatı (The Life of Edison), it lit a spark in her imagination and, from that moment, she set her sights on becoming a film-star. After Suzan completed elementary school, her mother (Behiye) moved the family (with 2 younger sisters) to Istanbul, where Behiye and Suzan (aged 12) began work as seamstresses in a textile workshop. When Suzan began making more money than her mother, Behiye quit work to look after her younger daughters full time. Suzan's best friend in the workshop, Ayşe Abla, was also a film buff and told Suzan a wonderful story about the time she saw Rüzgar Gibi Geçti (Gone With The Wind) -- which further inspired young Suzan. In 1948, when Suzan was 13, she saw an advert in Yıldız Mecmuası (Star Magazine)...Director Metin Erksan was looking for a 14-15 year-old brunette to act in his next film. When she went on her own to the screen-test, Suzan got the part -- but her mother withheld permission, putting a wet-blanket on Suzan's dream. Suzan Avcı at 15... One day on the beach at Samatya (a favorite place for movie directors, in the Fatih district of Istanbul), a young man brazenly remarked, "You've got beautiful legs." To be continued...

Suzan Avcı
as she appeared in
Zambaklar Açarken
(When The Lilies Open) 1973
with Filiz Akın and Kartal Tibet

Suzan Avcı in 'Zambaklar Açarken' (When The Lilies Open) -- written snd directed by Nejat Saydam in 1973.

Kilink Uçan Adam Karşı
('Killing' vs. Flying Man)
starred İrfan Atasoy and Pervin Par
along with Suzan Avcı
and Mine Soley
in a 1969 'dandik' Turkish film

Suzan Avcı appeared in 'Kilink Uçan Adam Karşı' ('Killing' vs. Flying Man) -- a 'dandik' Turkish film, starring İrfan Atasoy and Pervin Par in a 1969.

Dilber Ay
Erotik Turkish movie star
Born 12 July 1958 in Kayseri.
Dilber Ay or Dilberay
in Püsküllü Bela
(A Peck Of Trouble)
Dilber Ay or Dilberay in opening credits for 'Püsküllü Bela' (A Peck Of Trouble, 1979)
Dilber Ay choose, on occasion, for her name to be shown as Dilberay (with no spaces) on movie marquees and in film titles. That was the case, for instance, in Püsküllü Bela (A Peck Of Trouble) -- aka Dilberim Kıyma Bana (Make Mince-Meat Of Me, Beautiful) directed by Çetin İnanç in 1979.
Storyline: When Dilber Ay is the accidental eyewitness at the scene of a double homocide, she becomes entangled in a dangerous chain of events.

Dilber Ay is lookin' for love
in the 'erotik' movie
'Sevginin Bedeli'
written and directed by
Naki Yurter
Movie Photo: Kesbah (Dilber Ay) and her mother (Emel Canser) explore the boundaries of physical love in 'Sevginin Bedeli' written and directed by Naki Yurter
Inside Dilber Ay
All in the Family
Dilber Ay and her step-mother explore
the boundaries of physical love in
Sevginin Bedeli (1979)

'Erotik' Movie poster for 'Sevginin Bedeli' starring Dilber Ay, Emel Canser, Yılmaz Şahin, and Zafer Doğan (1979)

Thanks to
It was Zerrin Doğan and Zafir Seba who first brought 'reel seks' to Turkish films in 1979 -- with their performances in Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (A Woman Like That). But, according to humorist and 'Erotik' Movie Historian, Cihan Demirci, another female actor followed close on their heels... in some ways one-upping Doğan/Seba with her enthusiastic 'reel seks' love scenes -- and her taste for the bizarre. In Sevginin Bedeli (The Equivalent of Love), for example, Ay (in the role of Kezban) fantasizes that her dance partner, Zafer Doğan, is a Catholic Priest to whom she confesses her sins. And the sensual penance she accepts from him is straight out of Alex Comfort's Joy of Sex. She pushed the envelope even further in Gece Yaşayan Kadın (Woman Who Lives at Night), Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate) aka Sokak Kızları (Street Girls), and Takma Kafanı (Don't Get Upset or Trouble Yourself) with Harika Öncü, Hakan Özer, Cem Eser, and Çetin Başaran (all films directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1979)... when she introduced Turkish 'erotik' movie audiences to gloves-off grup seks for the first time in their cinematic history.

See more of Ay at:
Dilber Ay's 'Erotik' films with Yılmaz Şahin:
  • 1979 - Anasına Bak Kızını Al 16mm (Look to the Mother, Take the Daughter)
  • 1979 - Yudum Yudum Sev (Love, In Small Swallows)
  • 1979 - Sevginin Bedeli (The Equivalent of Love)

Nur Ay
Born 1940, real name Nuray Özpınar.
Internationally well-known Turkish stripper during the 1960s who altered her career-path towards Yeşilçam in the 1970s -- becoming one of the most popular erotik Turkish film stars of the seks furyası era. With 35 films to her credit between 1971 and 1979, Nur Ay (also seen as Nur-Ay and Nuray) didn't hang up her dancing shoes until 1999 (when she was 59 years young) -- in a manner similar to her American 'idol' Candy Barr.

Nur Ay
sings and dances
in the erotic thriller film
Sansar (The Weasel)

Turkish actress Nur Ay (Nur-Ay) [Nuray] performs in the erotic-thriller film 'Sansar' (The Weasel) -- directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1975

Nur Ay
does the 'oriental'
to the delight of the audience in
Handan / Beyoğlu Piliçleri 1979.

Nur Ay does an oriental dance in Handan 1979.

Nur Ay
struts and flashes her popo for nite-club patrons
in Kalleş Adam (Treacherous, Back-stabbing Man) --
written and directed by Işık Toraman in 1979.

Nur Ay shakes her bootie in 'Kalleş Adam' (Treacherous, Back-stabbing Man) 1979.

Dirty Dancing Diva At the height of her fame, Nur Ay married theater-owner and director Hüseyin Kaşif who was the father of Emel Aydan (see further below), one of Turkey's most famous transsexual stage-show headliners and movie actresses. So, Nur Ay became Emel Aydan's stepmother! The two became fast friends, and they continued appearing together in erotic films and provocative magazine photo-shoots even after Nur Ay's marriage with Hüseyin Kaşif fell apart.

Nur Ay (L)
shared female star-billing with
her step-daughter Emel Aydan (R)
in Sansar (The Weasel) 1975.

Nur Ay (The Turkish 'Dirty Dancing Diva') and Emel Aydan in  'Sansur' (The Weasel) 1975.

As usual...
Nur Ay and Emel Aydan
attracted the audiences but they
got short-changed on the movie poster
for Sansar (The Weasel) 1975.
See their miniscule film-credits mid-poster left.

Nur Ay and Emel Aydan got short-changed on the movie poster for  'Sansur' (The Weasel) 1975.

Nur Ay's Filmography:

Conventional Films --
  • Maskeli Üçler (The Masked Threesome) 1971

'Erotik' Films --
  • Tokmak Nuri (Solidly Built Nuri) 1975...starred Nur Ay (as Pakize), Sermet Serdengeçti (as 'Solidly Built' Nuri, Pakize's lover), Yüksel Gözen (as Pakize's older cuckold husband), Ceyhan Cem (as a motor-cycle girl of easy virtue), Ülkü Ülker (as a hospital nurse who helps Nuri recover his lost manhood), Muzaffer Hepgüler (as a foolish father who resorts to chicanery in order to marry-off his pregnent daughter), and Yeşim Yükselen (who is named in the film's opening credits and on the movie's poster, but whose scenes are missing from our copies of the movie -- probably left on the cutting room floor) -- written and directed by Aykut Düz
  • Handan / Beyoğlu Piliçleri (Handan / The Beyoğlu Babes), starring Müge Güler (as Handan), Nur Ay (as an exotic dancer), Hadi Çaman (as the attractive womanizer Faruk, who beds young and gullible Müge Güler), Aylin Berkay (one of Hadi Çaman's numerous conquests), Ahmet Servidal (as Mete, who weds and beds Müge Güler in the end), Yüksel Gözen (a white-slaver) -- written, produced, and directed by Semih Servidal 1979. Plot:The disjointed tale of a naif Handan (Müge Güler) -- who falls for and is deflowered by the charming neer-do-well Faruk (Hadi Çaman). Just in time, however, Mete (Ahmet Servidal) rescues Handan from Faruk's spell -- and, on their wedding night, Mete rings Handan's bell for the first time, as she discovers the real joy of physical fulfillment.
  • Kalleş Adam (Treacherous Back-Stabbing Man), starring Karaca Kaan (as Aysel), Emel Can (actually Emel Canser as Melek, Karaca Kaan's licentious room-mate), Nur Ay (as İsabella, Karaca Kaan's seksi nightclub dance-act partner), Kazım Kartal (as Orhan, who wears a neck-brace because of a knife wound received early in the film), Begüm Bahar (as Kazım's daughter), Oktar Durukan (as Abdül), and Alpay Özdoğan (as Doctor Alpay) -- written and directed by Işık Toraman in 1979.
  • Sansar (The Weasel), a crime-story about theives and smugglers of historical artifacts. Starring Emel Aydan (as the rich and sensual 'woman of a certain age'), Nur Ay (as a crowd pleasing singer-dancer), Behçer Nacar (as Murat, the womanizing motor-cycle repairman), and Kazım Kartal (as a strong arm henchman) -- directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1975.

Emel Aydan
Emel Aydan made aproximately 20 films in total between 1975 and 1979 -- most of them erotik in nature. The exceptions were Kader Bu (This Is Fate) a drama with Yalçın Gülhan and Lüküs Hayat (Luxury Life) a musical with Halit Akçatepe -- made back-to-back in 1976.
Emel Aydan --
publicity photo from the late 1970s

Emel Aydan publicity photo from the 1970s
Sensual Transsexual
Before her sex-change operation, Emel Aydan's male-name was Erdoğan Kaşif.
Emel Aydan
(in her very first film)
sets her sights on underaged prey in
Hızlım Benim (My Fast Learner)
written and directed by
Oksal Pekmezoğlu 1975

Rich-girl Emel Aydan loses her heart to
a simple oarsman (Ali Poyrazoğlu), but
plans to marry him go terribly wrong at the end
of Kayıkçının Küreği (The Oarsman's Palette)
written and directed by
Çetin İnanç 1976

Emel Aydan's Filmography:

Erotik Films --

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    We extend our thanks to the following Turkish movie scholars
    for their source material on which parts
    of our Turkish cinema database sections are based:
    Giovanni Scognamillo, Ağah Özgüç, Cihan Demirci, Metin Demirhan, and Yalçın Özgül.
    We also appreciate the content providers
    and webmasters at the following Turkish websites:,,,,, and,

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