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A Zerrin Egeliler
VCD Movie Cover for
Lekeli Kadın (Stained Woman) 1979
Zerrin Egeliler poses with and without wig -- and with Mesut Engin abed in 'Lekeli Kadın' (Stained Woman), directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1979
Famous Turks...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Zerrin Egeliler
played a secondary role in
'Dila Hanım' (1977),
a conventional film,
which starred
Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır
in 1979.
An early Zerrin Egeliler film, 'Dila Hanım' (1979), which starred Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır

Naughty Zerrin Egeliler
Husband Hadi Çaman:
"What's this I find
upon my return?
My best friend and
my wife (Zerrin Egeliler)
abed together?"

Şıllık (Painted Jezebel) 1979

Naughty Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979...Upon his return from a European business trip, Hadi Çaman discovers his wife (Zerrin Egeliler) abed with his best friend (Bülent Kayabaş).

Racy Zerrin Egeliler --
What's that you say?!
You two got married
while I was in Europe?!

Painted Jezebel 1979

Racy Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Hadi Çaman learns that his wife (Zerrin Egeliler) and best friend (Bülent Kayabaş) have married in his absence.

Unruly Zerrin Egeliler --
Even the judge can't decide,
so he decrees in favor of no one
in Painted Jezebel 1979.

Unruly Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Judge Yüksel Gözen decrees in no one's favor.

Desperately Seeking
Zerrin Egeliler
The guys in this
'Odd Couple'
don't trust each other
unless it's at the end of a rope
in Painted Jezebel 1979.

Desperately Seeking Zerrin Egeliler -- Hadi Çaman and his former friend Bülent Kayabaş both want Zerrin Egeliler in the movie 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979.

Renouncing Zerrin Egeliler --
Bülent Kayabaş hollers out,
"I'd rather die than hurt
my old pal Hadi!
" --
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Renouncing Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979. Bülent Kayabaş claims he'd rather die than hurt his friend Hadi Çaman.

Winning Zerrin Egeliler --
Hadi Çaman peeps out
from behind the loo door...
"You won't change your mind,
will you
," he asks --
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Winning Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979. Hadi Çaman peeps out from behind the door of the WC.

Zerrin Egeliler
out with the new, in with the old
How the tables turn!
Mürvet Sim sympathizes with
Bülent Kayabaş in-the-frame --
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Zerrin Egeliler -- out with the new, in with the old. Movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Mürvet Sim sympathizes with Bülent Kayabaş in-the-frame.

Re-married Zerrin Egeliler --
Hadi Çaman and Zerrin Egeliler
tie the knot again -- as the
Portrait of Bülent Kayabaş
looks on approvingly,
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Hadi Çaman and Zerrin Egeliler are married for the second time.

Ready for Zerrin Egeliler --
Super-confident Hadi Çaman
isn't nervous with Zerrin Egeliler
this time around --
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Ready for Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979. Super-confident Hadi Çaman isn't nervous with Zerrin Egeliler the second time around.

Randy for Zerrin Egeliler --
Haven't we been here before?
Zerrin Egeliler performs her
now-familiar boudoir routine
for her renewed husband
Hadi Çaman --
in Painted Jezebel 1979

Randy for Zerrin Egeliler -- movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979. Zerrin Egeliler performs her now-familiar boudoir stiptiz, for her renewed husband Hadi Çaman.

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Romance, Love, and Sex Matters in Turkey
The Erotik Turkish Cinema
Zerrin Egeliler

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Zerrin Egeliler and Hadi Çaman, reunited at last
in Şıllık (Painted Jezebel), an erotik Turkish film directed by
Ülkü Erakalın in 1979

Zerrin Egeliler and Hadi Çaman starred in the erotik Turkiish movie 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel)... directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1979.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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'Erotik' Movies History --
The Players: Zerrin Egeliler

Painted Jezebel
Final Movie Installment

Movie Comedy for Grownups

In Part 8, the newlyweds Bülent Kayabaş and Zerrin Egeliler were about to reach the peak moment of their marriage consummation, when who should reappear on the scene but husband #1, Hadi Çaman -- apparently returned from the dead!

How could that be?!

Well, if you can suspend your disbelief for another moment...

As Hadi Çaman barges happily into the family home, he is first encountered by his mother-in-law (Mürvet Sim), who is dumbstruck at the sight of him. We soon learn from the film-story that Çaman had been very lucky... he'd missed the departure of the fatal flight that was lost at sea. And he'd only just arrived on a replacement flight. As his mother-in-law faints at the news, Hadi proceeds to the master bedroom... where he confronts his best friend abed with his wife! See what happened the night that Hadi Çaman 'returned from the dead' -- a 1.2MB Windows Media Video .WMV file.

That bedroom confrontation shocks the newlyweds Bülent Kayabaş and Zerrin Egeliler as much as it disappoints Hadi Çaman -- and it leads to a family showdown in which Hadi learns everything that has happened since his supposed demise. (See movie-photos at upper left.)

Subsequently, some testosterone-driven shenanigans ensue, with both men trying to win Egeliler's favor... until even she gets fed up -- and decides to leave the dilemma up to the judgement of the marriage court.

The judge (Yüksel Gözen) tries patiently to listen fairly to all sides of the case. But, finally, he's unable to decide in favor of one petitioner over another. So he decrees that Egeliler be divorced... from both men!

With that decree, both former husbands are forced to vacate the family home -- and they go to live in a hotel, in the same room together. There, they make a very odd couple, bickering and tossing 'obscenities' at each other -- both still very much determined to compete for and win back Egeliler's affections.

To insure that one rival can't get the jump on the other (and run back to Egeliler), they tie each other to the ends of the same piece of rope. When Çaman declares that he needs to visit the loo, Kayabaş lets him go... but only after securing the rope to the WC doorframe.

The minutes pass and Hadi doesn't emerge from the loo -- and Bülent becomes worried for his old friend's well-being. Suddenly realizing that his love for his dear friend is greater by far than his attraction to Zerrin, Bülent becomes frantic at the thought that Hadi may have died on the other side of the locked door. Bülent begins to animatedly shout and bang the door, begging Hadi to come out -- but not even a whisper can be heard on the loo side.

Finally, in a state of panicked desperation, Bülent yells, "I'd rather die before letting anything hurt my old pal Hadi."

With those 'dramatic' words still ringing in the air...the loo door cracks open and Hadi peeps out, saying, "Is that a promise? You won't change your mind, will you?"

With that bit of pithy dialog, the movie whisks us back to the family parlor, where we first see Bülent's Photo Portrait on the fireplace mantle! (See movie photo, left.) He's kept his unselfish sacrificial-promise to Hadi, it seems. And as the movie-camera-angle widens, it's Bülent's turn now, to look on animatedly from his own framed portait, lending encouragement and giving his blessing to the proceedings... as Hadi and Zerrin are remarried by the magistrate.

And that leads the newlyweds, later that evening, to the bridal chamber -- where new bridegroom Hadi Çaman proves to be a lot less nervous and reluctant than he was the first time around.

As this super-confident new Hadi Çaman (sipping a glass of Johnnie Walker Red) watches Zerrin Egeliler's now-familiar striptiz performance, the curtain falls on director Ülkü Erakalın's Painted Jezebel...

But let's not leave Zerrin Egeliler quite yet...
for we still have a few more
provocative observations about her --
along with some pics, and even one last video.
So please join us in...
Part 10 for a
'Summing Up'
of Zerrin Egeliler's amazing movie career

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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