Zerrin Egeliler
Star of the erotic Turkish movie comedy, 'Şıllık'

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A Zerrin Egeliler
publicity photo from the 1970s

Zerrin Egeliler, 'erotik' Turkish movie star of the 1970's - Movie Publicity Photo
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Zerrin Egeliler's only minor role --
'Dila Hanım' (1977),
a conventional film,
which starred
Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır,
in which Zerrin Egeliler
played a secondary role

An early Zerrin Egeliler film 'Dila Hanım' (1979), which starred Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır

A Zerrin Egeliler film --
Hadi Çaman's Portrait
persuades Bülent Kayabaş
to marry Zerrin Egeliler in
Şıllık (Painted Jezebel) 1979

A Zerrin Egeliler Film, 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- the Magical Portrait of Hadi Çaman persuades Bülent Kayabaş to marry Zerrin Egeliler.

A Zerrin Egeliler film --
Egeliler and Kayabaş
get married in
Painted Jezebel 1979

A Zerrin Egeliler Film, 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Egeliler and Kayabaş get married.

A Zerrin Egeliler film --
Egeliler introduces Kayabaş
to the pleasures of matrimony
in Painted Jezebel 1979

A Zerrin Egeliler Film, 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Egeliler introduces Kayabaş to marital bliss.

A Zerrin Egeliler film --
Hey, everybody...
I'm back from Europe.
Aren't you glad to see me?!

Painted Jezebel 1979

A Zerrin Egeliler Film, 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Hadi Çaman returns very unexpectedly, from his European business trip.

A Zerrin Egeliler film --
Caught in the act!!
Kayabaş and Egeliler
are interrupted in the throes
of marriage consummation
in Painted Jezebel 1979

A Zerrin Egeliler Film, 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979 -- Kayabaş and Egeliler are interrupted in the throes of their marriage consummation.

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Turkish movie plot of 'Şıllık' - starring Zerrin Egeliler
The Erotik Turkish Cinema
Zerrin Egeliler's Turkish Movies

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish Movie Photo
Zerrin Egeliler starred with Hadi Çaman,
Bülent Kayabaş, and Mürvet Sim
in Şıllık (Painted Jezebel) 1979

Zerrin Egeliler starred in 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel) 1979, with Hadi Çaman, Bülent Kayabaş, and Mürvet Sim
Zerrin Egeliler Erotik Türk Filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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'Erotik' Turkish Movies History --
The Players: Zerrin Egeliler

(Painted Jezebel)
When Dalliance is in flower,
what's a girl to do?

'Erotik' Turkish Movie Comedy of the 1970s

Previously, in Part 7 we learned that Movie Director Ülkü Erakalın had used Hadi Çaman's Portrait as a 'magical' cinematic device -- that allowed Hadi's ghost to communicate with and influence the actions of other members of the movie's cast. But, how did Hadi get in-the-frame in the first place? Well...If you can 'suspend your disbelief' for the moment, here's how it happened...

From the movie's unfolding story we learn that Hadi had been away on a European business trip...And on the day he was to fly home, the airplane (on which he was booked) developed engine trouble in mid-flight and took a nosedive into the sea. There had been no survivors of the tragic accident -- not even a way to retrieve the cadavers for burial.

So, when the airline confirmed that Hadi's name was on the passenger manifest, the grieving Zerrin (with help from family and friends) arranged for Hadi's next-day funeral, in accordance with Muslim tradition.

And, that's how Hadi's Magical Portrait came to be placed on the fire-place mantle -- as the family lawyer (Kamer [Baba] Sadık) began the 'Reading of the Will'...

The Magical Portrait opens 'its mouth'
for the first time

In a pivotal scene from the movie, the lawyer reads aloud from Hadi's will, telling those assembled that they are the ones that Hadi held most dear to him: his wife Zerrin Egeliler; his mother-in-law, Mürvet Sim (Mürüvvet Sim); and his business partner and close friend Bülent Kayabaş.

Doggedly, the lawyer continues reading ..."As the first provision of my will, I want Bülent Kayabaş, the person who knows most about my financial accounts and business interests...to marry my widow Zerrin!"

These final words come not from the lawyer's mouth but from the animated mouth of Hadi Çaman whose upper body has come alive in the frame of the Magical Photo-Portrait, there on the mantle.

Naturally, this miraculous 'utterance' from Hadi's portrait sends all of the characters into a startled swoon, initially...

It especially affects Bülent Kayabaş -- who has always been 100% loyal to his friend Hadi and 1,000% respectful of Zerrin as Hadi's wife. "I couldn't, it's out of the question," he decries. "It just wouldn't be right. I've always known Zerrin Egeliler as yenge."

Zerrin's mother is first to regain her composure, and to lend support to the portrait's wish. But Zerrin remains pensive, neither accepting nor rejecting the idea.

In a wise move (dripping with her own self interest), Zerrin's mother ushers Zerrin and the lawyer out to the courtyard so that Çaman's portrait may 'speak privately' with Kayabaş, in order that he may be more easily persuaded to marry the grieving Egeliler.

Though Kayabaş remains resistant to the idea for a while, he is finally persuaded by the portrait's arguments that: 1) Kayabaş is uniquely 'qualified' (as Çaman's business partner) to protect Egeliler's newly-inherited financial interests and 2) if Kayabaş doesn't marry Egeliler, someone else will -- someone who might mistreat or rob her.

What's a girl to do?

Zerrin (who sees that her good options are few in this situation) is far easier to persuade. And before you can count to ten, the pair are seated in front of the marriage magistrate (Ali Demir) in the family parlor.

There, with the magistrate conducting the ceremony (under the watchful approving eye of Hadi Çaman's portrait), Kayabaş and Egeliler tie the knot.

And that leads the newlyweds, later that evening, to the bridal chamber -- where Kayabaş proves to be a nervous and reluctant bridegroom, at first.

But Egeliler calms him saying, "My deceased husband was skittish like you on our wedding night, so I performed a nightclub striptiz act for him. Would you like me to perform it for you too?" Bülent sheepishly replies, "umm, well, if you like, as you wish, it's up to you."

So, Egeliler pours him a glass of Johnnie Walker Red and then proceeds to heat up the joint -- as Kayabaş's bridegroom jitters slowly subside... We've had to doctor portions of the following movie clip rather severely -- for the sake of propriety... Undoctored, it's pretty explicit. But we're sure you'll get the idea of what happened in the bridal chamber the night Zerrin and Bülent got married -- a 2.5MB Windows Media Video .WMV file.

But, despite the speed with which the newlyweds 'cure' Bülent's case of bridal chamber jitters, there's a major complication looming just ahead... And, just as Bülent and Zerrin reach the peak moment of their marriage consummation, guess who returns from the dead, and bursts into the bridal chamber... (See movie-photo at upper left.)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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