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Zerrin Egeliler in
a Turkish movie scene from
Rezalet (Disgrace) 1979

Zerrin Egeliler -- Movie actress who plays the role of an unsatisfied woman in the erotik film 'Rezalet' (Disgrace) 1979.

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Turkish Movie Scene --
Egeliler and Özatay
can't resist a
'between meal snack'
in Rezalet
(Disgrace) 1979

Movie photo from 'Rezalet' (Disgrace) starring Zerrin Egeliler in this illicit scene with Turgut Özatay, 1979

Turkish Movie Scene --
Zerrin Egeliler reveals
for new husband
Bülent Kayabaş
in Şıllık
(Painted Jezebel) 1979

Movie photo from 'Şıllık' (Painted Jezebel), written and directed by Ülkü Erakalın -- and starring Zerrin Egeliler, Hadi Çaman, Bülent Kayabaş, Mürvet Sim, and Kamer Sadık (Kamer Baba), in 1979

Zerrin Egeliler for English-speakers
Erotik Turkish Cinema History

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Turkish Movie Poster
Zerrin Egeliler and Kazım Kartal
in Seven Sevene
(The Loveable One) 1979

Movie Poster -- Zerrin Egeliler, Kazım Kartal in 'Seven Sevene' (The Loveable One).
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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'Erotik' Turkish Movies History --
The Players: Zerrin Egeliler

The Bare Facts of Movie Life --
According to Zerrin Egeliler

Yes that's right... Zerrin Egeliler asserts that making 'erotik' movies caused her to be disgusted by seks -- as we mentioned in Part 2, Zerrin Zaps Zonguldak...

At the time she made the claim, her interviewer was none other than 'erotik' films historian, Cihan Demirci. And here's how Demirci recalls his conversation with Egeliler...

I asked her, 'Was the movie set on which you performed erotik acts very crowded?'

And Egeliler replied, 'Of course, but it was also easygoing. So much so that, as soon as we finished a movie scene, we'd switch subjects in a heartbeat... 'What's for lunch today?' was a common question at the end of a morning's movie-shoot -- and we'd talk about ordinary off-the-set affairs of our daily life. On a real porn-movie set, I've heard... the only people allowed in the filming-area are the actors, the director, and cameraman.

Even though I never did real-seks porn, I was disgusted by seks after making an erotik film. These movies effected my life a lot. I felt repugnance at the thought of seks in my private-life.

Nakedness, nakedness...Did I have to kiss every man in the movie? As the leading actress, my role called for me to be with all of them. Always naked, always... Since those movie-making days, I've hated love-making in the buff.

In those films, I truly displayed nakedness in all its forms -- and I became a 'seks star'. But I've got my own opinions...Sure, I showed my body in those movies -- but I don't think my body is up to 'seks film star' standards. I never liked my body at all, but apparently movie audiences did..."

Yes, Zerrin Hanım, they certainly did...

And for someone who hated her own naked movie-persona so much, Egeliler certainly looked comfortable in her birthday-suit during that day-dreamy stroll in the park with Bülent Kayabaş, in the 'erotik' film Rezalet (Disgrace) 1979.

In Part 4, Zerrin's Memorable Movies we'll take a detailed look at some of Zerrin Egeliler's unforgettable film performances...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Zerrin Egeliler - Erotic Turkish Movies, Learn Turkish language

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