Zerrin Egeliler, Zerrin Egeliler's Erotic Turkish Movies for English-speakers
Zerrin Egeliler'in Erotik Filmleri: Yedi Kocalı (Woman With Seven Husabands), Onsuz Olamam (I'm Nothing Without Him/Her/It), Dila Hanım (Ms. Dila)
Erotic Turkish Filmstars: Zerrin Egeliler, Zerrin Egeliler's Erotik Turkish Movies

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Zerrin Egeliler in a scene
from the erotic Turkish movie
Yedi Kocalı
(Woman With Seven Husabands)
Movies History... Zerrin Egeliler, 'erotik' movie actress (who made the most of her short career) -- a snapshot from 'Yedi Kocalı' (Woman with Seven Husabands), 1979.

Turkish Movie Poster --
Onsuz Olamam
(I'm Nothing Without Him/Her/It)
written and directed by
Savaş Eşici in 1978.
Two 'close' sisters
(Zerrin Egeliler and Müge Güler)
are in love with
the same man (Salih Güney).

Movie Poster from 1978 for 
'Onsuz Olamam' (I'm Nothing Without Him/Her/It) directed by Savaş Eşici -- starring Salih Güney, Müge Güler, and Zerrin Egeliler.

Zerrin Egeliler's only minor role --
'Dila Hanım' (1977),
a conventional movie,
which starred
Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır,
in which Zerrin Egeliler
played a supporting role

Movie Poster -- 'Dila Hanım' (1979), an early Zerrin Egeliler film, which starred Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır

Turkish Movie Scene --
Zerrin Egeliler is a psycho...
in Çıldırtan Kadın
(Woman Driven Mad) 1978

Movie photo from 'Çıldırtan Kadın -- Sevmek mi Ölmek mi?' (Woman Driven Mad -- Will it be love or death?) starring Zerrin Egeliler and Tarık Şimşek, 1978

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Zerrin Egeliler
The Erotik Turkish Cinema

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Zerrin Egeliler -- the most important
'erotik' female movie star
in Turkish cinematic history...

A movie poll conducted in February 2008 by
Sinematik - Alternatif Sinema Kültürü Blogu
identified Zerrin Egeliler as the clear winner --
raking in 46% of poll-takers votes.

'Erotik' Movie History of Turkey 
-- Movie Poll to determine most important female Erotic Film Star in Turkish Movie History was won hands down by Zerrin Egeliler.
Thanks to:
Sinematik - Alternative Turkish Movie Culture Blog

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Turkish 'Erotik' Movies History --
The Players: Zerrin Egeliler

The Undisputed Queen of
'erotik' Turkish Movies
- Zerrin Egeliler -
Born Istanbul 1952, real name:
Hatice Egeliller

(hah-tee-jeh eh-gheh-lee-lehr)

A movie poll conducted in February 2008 by Sinematik - Alternatif Sinema Kültürü Blogu (the respected Turkish-language Turkish-movies blog) posed its members the question: "Who is the most important 'erotik' female film star in the cinematic history of Turkey?" And, the results weren't even close -- with Zerrin Egeliler attracting a whopping 46% of movie poll-takers votes. Trailing far behind Zerrin Egeliler came Arzu Okay (31%) and Feri Cansel (19%)... with famous names like Mine Mutlu, Alev Altın, Melek Görgün, Zerrin Doğan, Seyya l Taner, Figen Han, Gönül Hancı, Mine Soley, Sehe r Şeniz, and Ceyda Karahan -- all being left in the cinematic dust. (See the movie poll chart, above right, for details.)

Legendary Star of the 'erotik' Turkish Cinema

Zerrin Egeliler sported turgid half-inch-long mammilla -- which became her cinematic trademark and caused audiences to give her the nickname, Zerrin Memeliler). She set a couple of Turkish erotik movie records that are unlikely to be broken, ever -- and left her mark on Turkish sexuality forever.

One of the records she didn't break in her abbreviated film-making career was the one for most erotik film-appearances. That 'honor' belongs to Feri Cansel with 136 films to her credit -- compared to only 64 films for Egeliler. But, Egeliler made the vast majority of her erotik movie appearances in just 2-years time -- with a record-setting 21 films in 1978, and a self-record-breaking 37 films in 1979. The latter record still stands.

In only one respect, really, might Zerrin Egeliler be faulted as an erotik 'artiste' (if we may use the term) -- and if we can believe the truth of her claims. What she claims is that... she never had real-seks on camera -- that all of her erotik movie-scenes were 'simulated'.

Well maybe... but let's discuss that claim further in Erotik Movies, Part 2 - Zerrin Zaps Zonguldak.

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