Figen Han - Figen Han'ın Erotik Türk Filmleri
Figen Hanın Erotik Filmler (Erotik Filmleri), Figen Hanın Filmler (Filmleri), Figen Han'ın Türk Filmi (Turk Filmi),
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Figen Han starred in
Figen Han - Movie photo from 'Son Söz' (The Last Word) 1979
'Son Söz' (The Last Word) 1979
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Figen Han began a promising
movie career in films like these...

Bicirik İş Peşinde
(A Little Guy Doing His Best)
written and directed by
Yılmaz Atadeniz in 1971.
A conventional movie
starring Uğur Güçlü, Figen Han,
and the dwarf-actor Aydın Babaoğlu.

Figen Han -- movie poster from 1971 for 'Bicirik İş Peşinde' (A Little Guy Doing His Best) directed by Yılmaz Atadeniz -- which also starred Uğur Güçlü and the dwarf Aydın Babaoğlu.
Thanks to Medy at

But she gained everlasting fame
in movies like these...

Bir Baba Hindi
(Big-Daddy Turkey)
starring Figen Han, Senar Seven,
and Ali Poyrazoğlu, directed by
Yavuz Figenli in 1975
The story of a dolmuş driver --
and two beautiful smuggler-girls.

Movie Poster 'Bir Baba Hindi' (Big-Daddy Turkey) directed by Yavuz Figenli -- story of two beautiful smugglers and a dolmuş driver

Son Söz
(The Last Word)
starring Figen Han, Tevfik Şen,
and Harika Öncü, directed by
Yavuz Figenli in 1979
The story of a thief of thieves --
and his gorgeous accomplice.

Figen Han, Movie Poster 'Son Söz' (The Last Word) directed by Yavuz Figenli -- story of a thief of thieves, and his gorgeous accomplice

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Figen Han'ın Erotik Türk Filmi 'Son Söz'
The Erotik Turkish Cinema
Figen Han

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Who's the most important
'erotik' female movie star
in Turkish cinematic history?

Figen Han finished (respectably)
in 4th place behind Zerrin Egeliler
in the movie poll conducted February 2008 by
Sinematik - Alternatif Sinema Kültürü Blogu

Figen Han placed 4th in a Movie Poll to determine rhe most important female Erotic Film Star in Turkish Movie History.
Thanks to:
Sinematik - Alternative Movie Culture Blog

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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'Erotik' Movies History --
The Players: Figen Han

Fire down below
- Figen Han -
Born 1950 in Bursa
Real name: Nevval Karpuz

Though Zerrin Egeliler won the movie poll conducted in February 2008 to determine "The Most Important 'Erotik' Female Film Star In Turkish Cinematic History", Figen Han was the fourth place finisher -- attracting a respectable 14% of the votes cast. (See the movie poll chart, above right, for details.)

But, how a sultry 16-year-old wannabee ever got herself into the running for such a seksi title race in the first place -- is the stuff of page-turning pulp-fiction. Yet, apart from Figen Han's ubiquitous filmography, Turkish film history sources are weak on personal background material about her...

We suppose that's because Figen did some things, both on and off camera, that Turkish film-historians are too squeamish to document. Such as the sapphic scene with Harika Öncü in Son Söz (The Last Word) -- in which butch dyke Harika drills femme dyke Figen for real (with a strap-on you-know-what) until your toes tingle.

Son Söz (The Last Word) -- Commented Plot Summary
Based on LPT's private database of conventional and erotik Turkish films

Son Söz was directed in 1979 by Yavuz Figenli and, besides leading-lady Figen Han, it starred Tevfik Şen and Harika Öncü -- and it included a lengthy real-seks segment featuring Cem Eser and 'friend'. Curiously, Harika Öncü got no screen credit (on our original film copy) for her major role in the film -- though she is credited on the movie-poster at left (and on our D-Smart Yeşilçam XXX film-copy). Further, Cem Eser and friend are also not given screen credits (nor even poster credits) -- though that's less curious than the Harika Öncü screen-credit omission (on our original film-copy) because... the Cem Eser real-seks segment isn't integral to the plot.

As for the story line of Son Söz, it goes something like this...

Tevfik Şen is a professional thief who targets other 'thieves' -- which naturally mitigates/eliminates any police involvement. "I steal from the stealers," he says. Figen Han is his AC-DC lover and accomplice. In the opening scene, Tevfik returns from Ankara, where he's been on a successful 'business trip'. To celebrate the success, Tevfik and Figen toast each other with whiskey before 'doing it' in the loo. Unbeknownst to Tevfik (at this early juncture of the film), Figen also works for Harika Öncü, the leader of a small band of criminals. Harika summons Figen and orders her to pick-up an Italian bag-man (Alberto) at his hotel later that afternoon -- and return. With nothing to do until Figen's return, Harika heads for the bedroom for a self-pleasuring session -- involving a pleasuring device the size of her forearm. And from the looks of things, she's an 'experienced user'...[Continued in Part 2.]

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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