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Dilber Ay strips for action in
Dilber Ay strips for action in -Sokak Kızları- (Street Girls) aka -Cemile'nin Kaderi- 1979
Sokak Kızları (Street Girls)
aka Cemile'nin Kaderi 1979
In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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Which Dilber Ay?

The Dilber Ay
of this series of articles
is not to be confused with
the portly arabesque singer
of the same name Dilber Ay
who appeared in the 2006
Turkish movie hit, Beynelmilel.
Dilber Ay, the arabesque singer, appeared in 'Beynelmilel' 2006.

'Our' Dilber Ay gained everlasting fame
in movies like these...

Dilber Ay
(in her first starring role, as Seher)
is the only survivor after a
Byzantine Cavalry attack on her
village. She's rescued by a crude
but heroic 4-man band of
Karadağlı gaziler --
led by Behçet Nacar (as Burak),
in Ölüm Savaşı (Fight to the Death)
directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.
Dilber Ay (in her first starring role, as Seher) is comforted by Behçet Nacar (as Burak) in 'Ölüm Savaşı' (Fight to the Death) directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.

Led by Behçet Nacar (foreground),
4 Karadağlı gaziler rescue Dilber Ay
in Ölüm Savaşı (Fight to the Death)
directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.
Background L-R:
Tuncay Şahin (as Çakir),
Kazım Kartal (as Cabbar),
and Menderes Semancı (as Dilsiz)
Behçet Nacar (as Burak) rescues Dilber Ay (in her first starring role, as Seher) in 'Ölüm Savaşı' (Fight to the Death) directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978. Background L-R: Tuncay Şahin (as Çakir), Kazım Kartal (as Cabbar),<br>and Menderes Semancı (as Dilsiz)

Dilber Ay
'rewards' Behçet Nacar for her rescue
in Ölüm Savaşı (Fight to the Death)
directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.
Dilber Ay is 'grateful' to Behçet Nacar for her rescue in 'Ölüm Savaşı' (Fight to the Death) directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.

Gülden Gül plays Katya,
a hot-blooded Byzantine seductress
in Ölüm Savaşı (Fight to the Death)
directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.
Gülden Gül (as Katya) is a tempting Byzantine seductress in 'Ölüm Savaşı' (Fight to the Death) directed by Yavuz Figenli in 1978.

Sevginin Bedeli
(The Equivalent Of Love)
Dilber Ay, Emel Canser,
Yılmaz Şahin, and Zafer Doğan --
directed by Naki Yurter in 1979.
The story of a step-daughter
(played by Dilber Ay as Kezban)
who awakes to cinsellik,
through fantasy.

Dilber Ay, Movie Cover 'Sevginin Bedeli' (The Equivalent Of Love) directed by Naki Yurter -- the story of a step-daughter's fantasies and sexual awakening

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History of the Erotic Turkish Cinema - Türk Sinemasında Cinselliğin Tarihi
The Erotik Films Archive
Dilber Ay

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Dilber Ay played
opposite Kazım Kartal in
Püsküllü Bela (A Peck Of Trouble) --
aka Dilberim Kıyma Bana
(Make Mince-Meat Of Me, Beautiful) directed by
Çetin İnanç in 1979.
Dilber Ay is the accidental eyewitness to...
Dilber Ay and Kazım Kartal in 'Püskllü Bela' (A Peck of Trouble) aka 'Dilberim Kıyma Bana' (Make Mince-Meat Of Me, Beautiful) directed by Çetin İnanç in 1979
...a double homicide...committed, it seems,
by her leading-man Kazım Kartal.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • Erotik Turkish Films History
    Fantastic Dilber Ay

    In Part 3, Provocative Dilber Ay, we had reached the plot-point of Sevginin Bedeli (The Equivalent of Love) where Dilber Ay (as Kezban) began fantasizing erotically about her dance-partner Zafer Doğan (as Kamil)...

    Dilber Ay's Fantasy -- Religion and Seks

    Dilber Ay (as Kezban) dreamily pictures herself back in the Middle Ages...as a Christian Sinner seeking absolution from a Catholic Priest (Zafer Doğan) to whom she confesses her sins. And the sensual penance that the Priest imposes on her is straight out of Alex Comfort's Joy of Sex -- as you'll see in the Dilber Ay fantasy film-clip (a 2.3 MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file available on our 'Downloads Page') that we've had to greatly shorten and 'doctor', for the sake of propriety.

    Editors Note:
    Since the Turkish people are overwhelmingly Muslim, you may think it odd at first that the Turkish director Naki Yurter chose a Christian (not an Islamic) theme for this provocative religo-sexual fantasy. The explanation for Yurter's 'odd' choice is undoubtedly related to the fact that his real surname was Veligradino -- which clearly indicates a Italian-Christian family-background. So, as he grew to young manhood, Yani Veligradino was well acquainted with Christian-based Italian Myth and Fantasy. And since a distinctive characteristic of Italian erotica is its 'obsession' with naughty behavior in the ranks of the Catholic clergy, it was quite natural for Yurter/Veligradino to give an Italian-Christian theme to Dilber Ay's erotik fantasy.

    Kezban's Middle-Ages fantasy concludes satisfyingly for the Catholic Priest and his penitent -- and Kezban (Dilber Ay) returns dreamily to the modern-age dance floor. That's just in time for her dance-partner Kamil (Zafer Doğan) to begin a fantasy of his own. In this one, Dilber Ay is a dominatrix who finds 99 ways to tease her male partner Zafer Doğan, including a remarkable encounter she has with a high-heeled shoe -- as she caters to a myriad of his most private fetishes.

    In the scene that follows the second fantasy, Emel Canser argues with her lover/fiancé Yılmaz Şahin, insisting that her step-daughter Kezban is still a child -- uninterested in carnal love. But, it's clear to see that Kezban and Kamil are more than platonic friends. And after the party breaks up, Kamil pays Kezban an after-hours visit in her bedroom, where the couple make passionate whoopie.

    The next day, Kezban runs into the family dress-maker (Özden/Rezzan) and they return to the dress-maker's shop for a fitting...Kezban disrobes and Özden/Rezzan pours them a stiff drink of Johnnie Walker, Red -- and one thing leads to another.

    But, Kezban's bedroom scene with the dress-maker is uninspired, which leads us to believe that director Naki Yurter only included it to indicate the broad-range of young Kezban's cinsel awakening.

    It's obvious, though, that Kezban's interest in sapphic relations is a passing fancy. She definitely prefers men, especially her new lover, Kamil...So when mother (Emel Canser) suggests (in this 2.7 MB Windows Media Video [.WMV] file) that Kezban (Dilber Ay) ought to marry family-friend and famous-poet Kemal (Çetin Başaran), Kezban rejects the idea, declares her love for Kamil, saying, "I've come of age, mother. I'll make the decisions from now on" -- and storms off the estate grounds in a huff, passing the poet Kemal on his way in...

    She runs into Kamil in the street, he proposes marriage on the spot, and hand-in-hand the pair return to the estate -- where they find Mother in conversation with the poet Kemal (Çetin Başaran), expressing his wish to marry Kezban.

    Kezban and Kamil deliver an ultimatum to Mother..."We want to marry. If you don't give us your permission, we'll elope." The poet Kemal (Çetin Başaran) gets the message and walks off disgustedly. Mother, realizing that step-daughter Kezban has indeed become a woman, gives her blessing with a knowing smile -- and the happy couple dance off merrily through the streets to a happy ending.

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  • In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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