Dilber Ay Erotik Film İzle
Dilber Ay - Erotic Turkish Film Star
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Dilber Ay Erotik Film İzle
Dilber Ay as she appeared in
Erotic Dilber Ay is ready to ride... her exercise bike in -Sokak Kızları- (Street Girls) aka -Cemile'nin Kaderi- (Cemile's Fate) 1979
Sokak Kızları (Street Girls) aka
Cemile'nin Kaderi (Cemile's Fate) 1979

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Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

Which Dilber Ay?

The Dilber Ay
of this series of articles
is not to be confused with
the portly arabesque singer
of the same name Dilber Ay
who appeared in the 2006
Turkish movie hit, Beynelmilel.

Not Erotic Dilber Ay, the arabesque singer, appeared in 'Beynelmilel' 2006.

'Our' Dilber Ay gained everlasting fame
in movies like these...

Büyük Kumar
(The Big Gamble)
starring Dilber Ay, Zeynep Şahin,
and Levent Günsel, directed by
Fikret Tınaz in 1979
The adventure story of two brothers
who attempt an unusual robbery.

Dilber Ay Erotik Film Movie Poster -- 'Büyük Kumar' (The Big Gamble) directed by Fikret Tınaz -- an erotic adventure story of two brothers who pull off an unusual robbery

Dilberim Kıyma Bana
(Make Mince-Meat Of Me, Beautiful)
aka Püsküllü Bela (A Peck Of Trouble)
starring Dilber Ay, Gülden Gül,
Turgut Özatay, Tevfik Şen, and
Kazım Kartal - directed by
Çetin İnanç in 1979.
The story of an eye-witness to murder.

Erotik Dilber Ay Movie Poster 'Dilberim Kıyma Bana' directed by Çetin İnanç

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Dilber Ay'ın Erotik Türk Filmleri - Dilber Ay Erotic Turkish Movies/Films
The 'Erotik' Turkish Films Archive
for English-Speakers
Dilber Ay

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Erotic Turkish Movies
Dilber Ay played the female lead with
leading-man Behçet Nacar in
Karpuzcu (Watermelon Man)
directed by Yılmaz Atadeniz in 1979 --
which was based on Mr. Majestyk,
Charles Bronson's 1974 classic.
Dilber Ay starred with Behçet Nacar in 'Karpuzcu' (Watermelon Man) 1979, the Turkish movie version of 'Mr. Majestyk' starring Charles Bronson in 1974

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Erotik Turkish Films History
Dilber Ay

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Dilber Ay wasn't the only female erotik Turkish movie star to perform real-seks on camera during the seks furyası years. She wasn't even the first to do so.

But, Dilber Ay was undoubtedly the most audacious of the group of Turkish female erotik stars known as The Damned Women -- abandoning the 'accepted rules' of erotik Turkish moving-making, one right after the other. From our observation point, nothing appeared to be too extreme for this young beauty, who never said 'no' to the increasingly salacious scripts she received -- as long as the price was right.

She's perhaps most famous for introducing grup seks to Turkish audiences in Takma Kafana (Don't Bother Yourself) 1979 -- though the movie starts out innocently enough... A naive young girl (Dilber Ay as Ayşen) is pursued by a worldly young man (Hakan Özer as Bülent) and receives her first kiss - which takes her breath away. But, by film's end, she's experienced everything from water-faucet self-gratification to countless bizarre boy-girl physical entanglments -- including a movie ending scene that lasts for 20 minutes, and that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Take, for instance, the example from Takma Kafana (Don't Bother Yourself - 1979) of
soulful Turkish-kissing in which Dilber Ay reminds us of
the alien played by Natasha Henstridge (Species - 1995) who dispatched inferior suitors by thrusting her tongue not just into their mouths but all the way through the backs of their heads...

Besides Dilber Ay, the movie Takma Kafana (Don't Bother Yourself) starred an erotik cast of 'usual suspects' including Hakan Özer, Ata Saka, Harika Öncü, Turgut Özatay, Çetin Başaran, and Cem Eser. And... as film historian Agâh Özgüç says... the cast's combined efforts resulted in "the most brazen seks orji scenes in the history of the Turkish cinema."148

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    Erotik Film Dilber Ay

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    Erotic Turkish Movies

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