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Arzu Okay as
Teen-ager Arzu Okay in a movie publicity photo from the 1970s
a teen-ager...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

Arzu Okay began a promising
movie career in films like these...

Sevgili Hocam
(Dear Teacher)
written and directed by
Hulki Saner in 1972.
A conventional movie starring
Sadri Alışk and Arzu Okay
in which Sadri's love for Arzu is
poignantly unrequited.

Arzu Okay Movie Poster from 1972 for 'Sevgili Hocam' (Dear Teacher) directed by Hulki Saner -- starring Sadri Alışk and Arzu Okay.

But she gained everlasting fame
in movies like these...

Çilli Yavrum Çilli
(Freckled Darling Freckled)
directed by
Nazmi Özer in 1975.
An 'erotik' adventure film
(starring Mine Mutlu and Ali Poyrazoğlu)
in which Arzu Okay 'steals the show'
Note: Did Director Nazmi Özer
exploit the coincidence that
çillik (with a k) means
a woman's love canal
in Turkish slang?
Movie Poster from 1975 for 'Çilli Yavrum Çilli' (Freckled Darling Freckled) directed by Nazmi Özer -- starring Mine Mutlu, Arzu Okay, and Ali Poyrazoğlu.

Scene from the movie --
Arzu Okay gets a lift
from Ali Poyrazoğlu
in Çilli Yavrum Çilli
(Freckled Darling Freckled) 1975

Movie scene from 'Çilli Yavrum Çilli' (Freckled Darling Freckled) -- Arzu Okay gets a lift from Ali Poyrazoğlu.
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Arzu Okay's Life-Story
Conventional and Erotik
Turkish Movie History
Arzu Okay 2/6

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Arzu Okay co-starred with Yılmaz Köksal
in Silahını Çek (Draw Your Gun)
in the mid-1970s.

Arzu Okay acted with Yılmaz Köksal in 'Silahını Çek' (Draw Your Gun).
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Conventional and 'Erotik' Turkish Movies Stars
Arzu Okay Biography 2/6

Okay On Top

As mentioned in Part One, Arzu Okay's movie career took off in 1970 (when she was just sweet 16) like a Maganda's shot -- in the conventional movie Ölünce Kadar (Until Death) opposite Ayhan Işık, the popular classically-trained actor who died tragically just 9 years later of sun-induced cerebral hemorrhage.

And when she followed Ölünce Kadar with a string of other successful, conventional film performances, it was clear that she was bound for movie stardom.

Arzu Okay even enlivened musical movie scenes as a teenager,
like the one she lip-synched for Sevgili Hocam (Dear Teacher) in 1972
in which she butters-up teacher (Sadri Alışik)
with a rousing rendition of Senden Başkı Hiç (No One Like You)...
until Arzu's overbearing daddy (Hulusi Kentmen) shows up
to put a damper on the festivities...
It's a 2.3MB Windows Media Video .WMV file...

Consider this...Although Arzu Okay 'only' made 4 movies in 1970 (when she was just 16), the number of her film performances in 1971 exploded to 20. Among her more memorable movies that year were Rüyü Gibi (Like a Dream) directed by Ömer Lütfi Akad and Kara Gün (Black Day) directed by Bilge Olgaç. In 1972, Okay was featured in another 15 movies -- mainly because beautiful, innocent-looking young girls were very much in vogue that year in the Turkish Cinema.

Arzu Okay, it seemed, was on the way to a phenomenal conventional film career.

But in 1973 (the year following the tremendous financial success of the erotik film Parçala Behçet), something trembled in conventional Turkish cinema production centers. And the number of Arzu Okay's film releases dwindled to 3 -- as if 1973 was a harbinger of what 1974 held in store.

As a teenager, Arzu Okay had been featured in more than 40 conventional films in the 4-year period between 1970-1973. But there were big changes in store for her in 1974, as she left her teenage years behind...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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