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Arzu Okay -
Turkish cinema star of
Cover-girl Arzu Okay uncovered in the 1970s by 'Modern Gazete'
conventional and erotic
Turkish movies

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Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

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Arzu Okay began a promising
movie career in films like these...

Okay's first movie,
Ölünceye Kadar
(Until Death)
written and directed by
Safa Önal in 1970.
A conventional movie in which
Arzu Okay got second-billing
behind Ayhan Işık --
when she was still 'sweet sixteen'.

Arzu Okay's first movie poster from 1970 for 'Ölünceye Kadar' (Until Death) directed by Safa Önal -- which starred Ayhan Işık.

Sevgili Hocam
(Dear Teacher)
written and directed by
Hulki Saner in 1972.
Another conventional Arzu Okay movie
starring Sadri Alışk and Arzu Okay
in which Sadri's love for Arzu is
poignantly unrequited.

Movie Poster from 1972 for 'Sevgili Hocam' (Dear Teacher) directed by Hulki Saner -- starring Sadri Alışk and Arzu Okay.

But she gained everlasting fame
in movies like these...

Sokak Kadını
(Street Woman)
written and directed by
Çetin İnanç in 1976.
An 'erotik' film drama starring
Hadi Çaman and Arzu Okay
in which Arzu finds temporary
happiness in the arms of the köylü Hadi,
after being deceived and abused
by her first lover Cemil Yağmur.
But, with Arzu's full salvation in sight,
life deals more cruel blows
and she ends up
a drunken 'street woman'.

Movie Poster from 1976 for 'Sokak Kadını' (Street Woman) directed by Çetin İnanç -- starring Hadi Çaman and Arzu Okay.

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Arzu Okay's Life-Story
Conventional and Erotik Turkish Movies
Turkish Film Stars
for English-speakers
Arzu Okay 1/6

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Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Who's the most important
'erotik' female movie star
in Turkish cinematic history?

Arzu Okay finished (respectably)
in 2nd place behind Zerrin Egeliler
in the movie poll conducted February 2008 by
Sinematik - Alternatif Sinema Kültürü Blogu

Arzu Okay placed second in a Movie Poll to determine rhe most important female Erotic Film Star in Turkish Movie History.
Thanks to:
Sinematik - Alternative Movie Culture Blog
and the Turkish e-Bay website at

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Gittigidiyor, an ebay affiliate

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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'Erotik' Turkish Movies History --
The Players: Arzu Okay

Brainy Queen of
'Erotik' Turkish Movies
- Arzu Okay -
Born 1954
in the Şişli-Bomonti district of İstanbul

Though Zerrin Egeliler won the movie poll conducted in February 2008 to determine "The Most Important 'Erotik' Female Film Star In Turkish Cinematic History", Arzu Okay was the second place finisher -- attracting a respectable 31% of the votes cast. (See the movie poll chart, above right, for details.)

But, how a sweet-faced 16-year-old beauty ever got herself into the running for such a seksi title race in the first place -- is a pretty amazing story.

Arzu Okay at
'sweet 16'...

Movie scene from 'Sokak Kadını' (Street 
Woman) -- Arzu Okay (betrayed by her lover) can't resist his friend.
Life under the spotlights started with a bang for Arzu Okay when she won a contest to determine the next Queen Of The Turkish Cinema, organized by Saklambaç, a popular Life Magazine-style photo-magazine, in 1970 -- when she was barely 'sweet 16'. Shortly thereafter, in a similar contest organized for all of Europe, the unknown Turkish teenager blew by her more 'mature' European competition to earn a surprising 4th place finish.

Such 'worldly' attention could have bowled over most 16-year-olds. And when it was followed by an offer of a movie-role (in Ölünceye Kadar; Until death) opposite popular actor Ayhan Işık, Arzu Okay might have gone all wobbly in the knees.

But she didn't.

And during the span of her career (1970-1978), Arzu Okay showed a perky resilience that set her apart from her contemporaries (though Okay and the others were all known collectively as 'The Damned Women').

According to Cihan Demirci149 (the Turkish 'erotik'-film historian), Okay always managed to scrape through, overcoming obstacles of every description. He says, "Those in the know say that Arzu Okay was the most extraordinary of all the Turkish actresses of her era."

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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