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Publisher's Full Editorial Review
"Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen"
by Angie Mitchell
illustrated by Susan Carter
Learn Turkish Food Secrets of the Turkish Food Kitchen
"Not just a cook book, but a journey through the domestic life of the Turkish home and the Ottoman palace."

As she unlocks the door to the Turkish kitchen, Angie Mitchell also reveals a unique insight into Turkish domestic life, while her recipe endnotes make for fun reading packed with small bites of fascinating information.

Featuring 111 recipes, and written in a contemporary, straight forward, easy to understand and user-friendly manner, 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' is a culinary breakthrough for lovers of Turkish food.

Readable and highly enjoyable, 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' is more than just a conventional cook book and reveals the cultural importance of food in Turkey following a journey through the development of Turkey's rich, historical culinary past. Starting with the distant nomadic shift through Asia, the settlement of various Turkic tribes throughout the Anatolian peninsula, their integration with Anatolia's indigenous population and the resulting Ottoman Empire, Angie highlights the contributions made to Turkish cuisine through time by many varying cultures.

'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' features a mouth-watering selection of meze, hearty nomadic soups, delightfully healthy vegetable dishes, delicious kebabs, köfte, seafood dishes, pilavs and Ottoman specialities, rounded off with desserts to make your toes curl.

Learn how to make dolma, the Turkish generic term for anything stuffed with a filling, and become a master in the art of making börek - savoury pastries, an intrinsic part of Turkish home cooking. Delight your friends with an Ottoman feast of specialities including classic dishes such as Hünkar Beğendi - Sultan's Delight - lamb ragout on a bed of pureed aubergine and Bülbül Yuvası - Nightingales' nests of walnuts and syrup. Constantly throughout the book, emphasis is focused on the use of varied fresh, natural and seasonal produce, the cornerstones of genuine Turkish cuisine. Care has also been taken that ingredients within the recipes included in 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' are easily available throughout the world.

Exquisitely illustrated, Sarah Carter's strong and colourful artwork create a visual feast of Turkish elements taking the book out of the realm of ordinary cook books. 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' is a book to be treasured.

About the author-
Angie Mitchell first came to Turkey in 1988 to pursue a career in the yachting industry. The beauty of the country and friendliness of its people were enough to convince her she would eventually make Turkey her home. Great breaks offered her many adventures to explore the world under sail and working as chef provided excellent opportunities to discover various cultures and new cuisines. Returning to Turkey in 1996, she has spent time broadening her knowledge of Turkish cuisine and in compiling 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' gives the English speaking world a chance to share her newly found knowledge. She claims not to be a professionally trained chef, just a passionate cook and feels strongly that unjustifiably Turkish cuisine is one of the least documented in the world. Her book is a tribute to the country that has made her feel so much at home.

Angie hopes that within the year the book can be made available in other languages. She would also very much like to travel more intensively throughout Turkey and research the more hidden secrets of the Turkish kitchen, before in this constantly developing world, they are forgotten forever.

About the illustrator-
A native of Norfolk, Sarah Carter studied printmaking at the Norwich School of Art, receiving her BA honours degree in Fine Art in 1990. With the recognition and acceptance of her work at the Royal Academy Summer show in 1991, her art has gained widespread acclaim for its striking vibrancy and composition.

Sarah Carter now lives in Turkey and her latest works focus upon and exude the rich colours and sunlit brilliance of the Aegean and Mediterranean. It was instinctive to ask Sarah to illustrate 'Secrets of the Turkish Kitchen' as she very much enjoys interpreting the vibrancy of colours, ethnic themes and nature in her work.

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