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The 2007 Turkish National Election
- Results Charts -


In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

2007 National Election Charts
Click the top blue part of the combined chart below
to see a Summary of the 2007 Election Results.

Click the bottom white part
to see the Detailed Election Results for
every participating political party --
and for candidates running as 'Independents'.

Thanks to:
Yeni Şafak Gazetesi and secim.mynet.com
for the charts.
23 July 2007
Turkish National Election Results


The 'blue' top part of the combined chart above was provided by Yeni Şafak Gazetesi (a supporter of the Religious-Right AKP) and it depicts the 2007 National Election Results Summary. The bottom 'white' part of the combined chart was provided my secim.mynet.com (an impartial independent website) and it depicts Election Result Details (for every party that received votes in 2007 -- plus 'Independents').

Reading the 'blue' 2007 National Election Results Summary...

The chart indicates the actual vote-count percentage achieved by each of the major parties -- and summary information about the 'also rans'. We translate the accompanying text figuratively, as follows:

Turkey answers one more time with a democratic majority at the ballot box despite interference from non-political elements. (Ed. Read the 'Constitutional Supreme Court', 'Turkish Armed Forces', etc.). The AK Parti will direct the government for 5 more years.

The AKP has become "Turkey's Party"
The AK Parti made good it's vow to be 'one party that represents all Turkey' -- sweeping 81 voting provinces from Edirne to Hakkari, from Samsun to Mersin.

MHP takes votes from the CHP base constituency
CHP got votes from its traditional constituency in the Aegean and Thrace regions, just as it did in 2002. But the MHP  'stole' votes in many places that usually support CHP and GP (Genç Partesi).

The [pro-Kurdish] DTP 'Independents' didn't get what they were hoping for
The DTP 'Independent' candidates got a smaller vote count than they'd expected. The AK Parti maintained its position as the top nationwide vote-getting party -- even in the Eastern and the South-Eastern provinces of Turkey.
(Ed. The pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) had been tipped to win 35 'Independent' seats in 2007, but managed only 22. The reason for the DTP shortfall was the surprisingly good showing of the AKP in traditionally Turkish-Kurdish population centers. For example, in Diyarbakir (the center for Turkish-Kurdish political affairs) the AKP took 41 percent of the vote in the 2007 election (compared with just 16 percent in 2002) -- besting the DTP in its own backyard.

More than one way to skin a cat... The DTP knew in advance that it couldn't achieve the 10% vote count minimum (enabling Parliamentary participation for its party's candidates) in 2007. So it circumvented Turkish election rules -- by running individual DTP candidates as 'non-affiliated' Independents, for which no 10% election barrier exists. And, though DTP candidates didn't do as well as they'd hoped (especially in the East and SouthEast of Turkey, where Turkish-Kurds are concentrated), 22 of its candidates were elected in this cagey election maneuver. These 'cagey' Members-Elect plan to resurface in Parliament as DTP party reps -- unless, of course, the DTP election-rule circumvention is challenged and deemed illegal by a jurisdictional Turkish Court.]

Reading the 'white' Detailed Results Chart...

The 'white' chart shows the logos and acronyms of the Turkish political parties at left -- for example, the light-bulb logo for AKP, the arrows-on-flag logo for the CHP, and the three half-moons-encircled for MHP, etc. In the next column to the right is the vote-count percentage that each of the political parties won. For example, the AKP party won 46.49% of the national vote-count, while the CHP and MHP parties won 20.89% and 14.28% respectively. [Click here to compare these election results with the pre-election polls.]

In the far-right column is the number of party representatives who will serve in the post-election government. For example, there'll be 340 AKP, 112 CHP, 71 MHP party representatives [and 27 so-called non-affiliated Independent representatives] serving in the post-election government. (See previous Editor's Note concerning the DTP party's election rule circumvention.)

Special Note: Any party that did not achieve at least 10% of the national vote-count will not be represented in the post-election government . Thus, only the majority AKP and minority CHP and MHP parties (who received 81.66% of the national vote-count among them) can participate in the post-election government (along with Independent candidates, representing 5.26% of the population).
A sad fact: More than 13% of Turkish voters come up 'empty handed' again this election -- because they voted for candidates of parties that didn't achieve the 10% national minimum. Those voters will have no representation of their own choice in the post-election government.

Weirdest Turkish Election Fact of 2007:  Despite winning 12% more votes in 2007 than it did in 2003, the AKP will have lost more than 20 seats when the new Turkish Parliament convenes. AKP won 34% of the vote and 362 seats in the 2002 election. It increased its victory percentage to 46% in 2007, which was only good enough to earn 340 Parliamentary seats, though it still retains its clear-cut majority...

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